Koolatron KKECMGBSS AZ Kenmore Elite Grind and Brew Burr Coffee Maker - The Integrated Grinding Dream Machine for Serious Coffee Lovers

Published on Jan. 20, 2024, 4:03 p.m.

For coffee aficionados, nothing beats the flavor of beans freshly ground right before brewing. The Koolatron KKECMGBSS AZ Kenmore Elite Grind and Brew Burr Coffee Maker aims to deliver that exceptional experience in one sleek, integrated package. With robust grinding and brewing capabilities, customizable options, and convenient features like a built-in bean hopper and programmable timer, this new offering from Kenmore checks all the boxes for discerning coffee drinkers. Let’s dive in to see if it truly achieves grind-and-brew perfection!


As Kenmore’s new flagship grind-and-brew machine, the Koolatron KKECMGBSS AZ Kenmore Elite Grind and Brew Coffee Maker utilizes state-of-the-art grinding and brewing technology to create a seamless process from fresh beans to final cup. The built-in conical burr grinder has 10 grind size settings for customization, while the 1-pound bean hopper and stainless steel construction help preserve aroma and freshness. The digital control panel enables scheduling timed brews and customizing 2-12 cup amounts to suit preferences. Beyond grinding, it can also brew with pre-ground coffee, offering flexibility for different needs. With its integrated design and performance, the Koolatron KKECMGBSS AZ Kenmore Elite Grind and Brew Coffee Maker aims to be the grind-and-brewer of choice for aspiring home baristas.

 Koolatron KKECMGBSS AZ Kenmore Elite Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

Key Features

  • Integrated Burr Grinder: Ensures consistent, flavorful coffee with 10 grind settings.
  • Programmable Brewing: Schedule your coffee to be ready when you wake up.
  • Customizable Strength: Choose from Mild, Medium, or Strong brew options.
  • Large Capacity: Brews up to 12 cups and holds a 1/2-pound of beans.
  • Easy to Clean: Removable parts are dishwasher-safe.

Design - Stainless Steel for Durability

The Koolatron KKECMGBSS AZ Kenmore Elite Grind and Brew Coffee Maker features a stainless steel exterior that gives it a sleek, durable, and easy-to-clean look that fits well in most modern kitchens. The bean hopper is transparent so you can easily see the amount of beans left. It has a compact footprint at 8” x 10” x 16” while still holding up to 12 cups of water and 0.5 pounds of beans.
 Koolatron KKECMGBSS AZ Kenmore Elite Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

Ease of Use - Fully Programmable for Convenience

With programmable auto-brewing and a built-in burr grinder, the Koolatron KKECMGBSS AZ Kenmore Elite Grind and Brew Coffee Maker takes the work out of getting your morning coffee. Simply fill the water reservoir and bean hopper, program your desired brew time, and wake up to freshly ground and brewed coffee. The grind-off function also allows bypassing grinding to accommodate pre-ground coffee.

Brew Types and Compatibility

This is a drip-style coffee maker that brews using ground coffee beans from the integrated burr grinder or pre-ground coffee. It does not support K-cups or other single-serve pods. The grind-off function provides versatility to use any type of ground coffee.
 Koolatron KKECMGBSS AZ Kenmore Elite Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

Suitable Coffee Types

The Koolatron KKECMGBSS AZ Kenmore Elite Grind and Brew Coffee Maker can brew regular drip coffee or stronger coffee depending on your preferred flavor, roast, and grind size. Finer grinds and longer steeping result in stronger coffee. It excels at providing consistent results once you dial in your desired settings.

Coffee Quality

Users praise the uniform grinding from the stainless steel conical burr grinder that helps extract the best flavors and aromas from the coffee beans. The brewed coffee is described as smooth and full-bodied with customizable strength.

Programmable Timer for Wake-Up Coffee

Imagine waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. The Koolatron Kenmore Elite makes this a reality with its programmable timer. You can set it to grind and brew your coffee at a specific time, so it’s ready when you are. This is perfect for busy mornings when you don’t have time to wait around. Simply fill the machine with water and beans the night before, set the timer, and wake up to a hot cup of coffee.

Convenient LCD Display

The Koolatron Kenmore Elite features an LCD display that shows the time, brew strength, and grind size. This makes it easy to program the machine and monitor the brewing process. The display is clear and easy to read, even in low light conditions.

Temperature Control

The Koolatron KKECMGBSS AZ Kenmore Elite Grind and Brew Coffee Maker uses a powerful 1000W heating system to accurately heat water to the proper brewing temperature between 195-205°F.

Permanent Gold-Tone Filter

A standout feature of the Koolatron Kenmore Elite is its permanent gold-tone filter. This eliminates the need for disposable paper filters, which not only saves you money in the long run but also reduces waste. The gold-tone filter is easy to clean and reusable, making it a more sustainable and cost-effective choice. It’s also designed to allow more of the coffee’s natural oils to pass through, potentially enhancing the flavor of your brew.

Customizable Brewing and Grind-Off Option

One of the standout features of this coffee maker is its customizable brewing. You can choose to brew anywhere from 2 to 12 cups, ensuring you only make as much coffee as you need. This helps to minimize waste and keep your coffee fresh. The “grind-off” option is another convenient feature that allows you to use pre-ground coffee if you prefer. This flexibility means you can enjoy your favorite coffee blend, regardless of whether you have whole beans or pre-ground coffee on hand. The machine also offers three brew strength settings (Mild, Medium, Strong) to cater to individual taste preferences.

Charcoal Water Filter for Pure Flavor

The Koolatron Kenmore Elite comes with a charcoal water filter designed to remove impurities and odors from tap water. This ensures that the water used for brewing is clean and pure, resulting in a better-tasting cup of coffee. The filter is easy to install and replace, and it’s a worthwhile addition for anyone who wants to maximize the flavor of their coffee.

Integrated Burr Grinder with 10 Grind Settings

The heart of the Koolatron Kenmore Elite is its conical burr grinder. Unlike blade grinders that chop beans unevenly, burr grinders crush them consistently, resulting in better flavor extraction. The 10 grind settings allow you to fine-tune the coarseness of your grounds, catering to your brewing method and taste preferences. Whether you prefer a fine grind for espresso or a coarser grind for French press, this machine has you covered. The transparent bean hopper holds a generous 1/2 pound of beans, ensuring you have enough for multiple brews.

Water Tank Capacity

The water reservoir holds 12 cups (60oz) of water. This allows brewing full pots without frequent refilling.

2-Hour Automatic Shut-Off

Safety and energy efficiency are important considerations for any coffee maker. The Koolatron Kenmore Elite addresses this with its 2-hour automatic shut-off feature. This means that if you forget to turn off the machine, it will automatically shut down after two hours, preventing any potential safety hazards and saving energy.


This machine stands out for integrating high-end burr grinding and programmable brewing in one sleek unit. Thebean hopper and grind size/strength control allow custom results.

Additional Features

It has a programmable timer for scheduled brewing, 2-hour automatic shutoff, removeable parts that are dishwasher-safe, and an LED control panel.

Dishwasher-Safe Parts for Easy Cleaning

Cleaning up after brewing coffee can be a hassle, but the Koolatron Kenmore Elite makes it easy with its dishwasher-safe parts. The carafe, filter basket, and other removable components can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher, saving you time and effort. This is a convenient feature that many coffee lovers will appreciate.


Users find it easy to clean with removable, dishwasher-safe parts. A cleaning brush is included for the burr grinder.

Noise Level

The grinding and brewing process generates minimal noise comparable to other drip coffee makers.
 Koolatron KKECMGBSS AZ Kenmore Elite Grind and Brew Coffee Maker


The stainless steel housing and enclosed water heating system with auto shutoff provide safe operation.


It uses a standard 120V, 60Hz, 1000W power rating with a 26-inch power cord.

Maintenance and Cost

No paper filters are needed since a permanent gold-tone filter is included. Users recommend occasional descaling to keep it running cleanly. Beans are the main recurring cost.

Brand and History

Kenmore has over 70 years of experience in home appliances. This model was designed in collaboration with Koolatron, known for quality beverage appliances.

 Koolatron KKECMGBSS AZ Kenmore Elite Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

Use Cases

The Koolatron KKECMGBSS AZ Kenmore Elite is ideal for coffee lovers who want customized fresh ground coffee at home. The programmable timer makes it easy to wake up to a hot pot of your preferred coffee. Frequent hosts will appreciate the large hopper when serving guests. It’s perfect for home kitchens, offices, dorm rooms, or anywhere you want great tasting drip-style coffee on demand.

User Feedback

Overall, customer satisfaction with the Koolatron KKECMGBSS AZ Kenmore Elite Grind and Brew Coffee Maker is quite positive, with the majority of users rating it between 4-5 stars. Looking closer at specific feedback provides valuable insights.

The integrated conical burr grinder earns consistent praise for its performance. Users describe it as grinding beans “quickly and evenly,” allowing the coffee’s full flavor and aromas to shine. Many highlight the uniform grind as a key advantage over blade grinders, noting how it extracts a “smooth and full-bodied” cup of coffee. The ability to customize grind size is also a plus.

Brewing capabilities also rate well, with customers highlighting the machine’s flexibility. Users like having the options of brewing 2-12 cups, programming timed auto-brewing, and selecting mild, medium or strong strength. This customization gets high marks for accommodating personal preferences.

In terms of downsides, longevity of the heating element emerges as the top complaint. Some reviews mention it failing just outside of the 1-year warranty period. This raises some questions on durability, though doesn’t seem to be a universal issue.

The exterior look and buttons also get critiqued by a few users, not meeting their aesthetics tastes. However, most agree the stainless steel finish looks nice and fits with modern or traditional kitchen décor.

Considering the very affordable price point, the majority of customers agree this machine provides tremendous value. For new coffee drinkers on a budget, it earns recommendations as an ideal entry-level grind-and-brew machine thanks to its performance and features.


  • Uniform grind consistency from quality burr grinder
  • Bean hopper preserves freshness
  • Programmable timer enables waking up to fresh brewed coffee
  • Strength control allows customizing to taste preferences
  • Very affordable for features offered


  • Durability concerns over heating element lifespan
  • Exterior aesthetic doesn’t appeal to some


For new coffee enthusiasts, the Koolatron KKECMGBSS AZ Kenmore Elite Grind and Brew Coffee Maker offers tremendous value. The combination of integrated burr grinding and fully programmable brewing provides outstanding features and performance for the price. The ability to freshly grind beans on demand makes it the perfect starter grind & brew machine.

Recommendation - Worthwhile for Enthusiasts

For coffee lovers with some level of discernment, the Koolatron KKECMGBSS AZ Kenmore Elite Grind and Brew Coffee Maker is an excellent choice. Integrating high-quality grinding and brewing capabilities, it enables masterful bean-to-cup control to best extract coffee’s rich aromas and flavors. The 1-pound bean hopper maintains freshness, while programmable features add convenience. Despite some quality concerns, its outstanding configuration and performance make the Koolatron KKECMGBSS AZ Kenmore Elite Grind and Brew Coffee Maker a worthwhile buy for the price. For aspiring home baristas, it’s a savvy starter selection.

 Koolatron KKECMGBSS AZ Kenmore Elite Grind and Brew Coffee Maker


  • Product Dimensions: 8” x 10” x 16”
  • Item Weight: 11.5 pounds
  • Power: 120V, 60Hz, 1000W
  • Bean Hopper Capacity: 0.5 pounds
  • Water Reservoir: 12 cups (60oz)
  • Grind Settings: 10
  • Programmable Brew Sizes: 2-12 cups
  • Housing Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Model Number: KKECMGBSS AZ

Box Contains

  • Koolatron KKECMGBSS AZ Coffee Maker
  • Glass Carafe
  • Gold-Tone Reusable Filter
  • Bean Hopper
  • Measuring Scoop
  • Cleaning Brush
  • User Manual

5-Year Limited Warranty

Kenmore stands behind the quality of its products, and the Koolatron Kenmore Elite is no exception. It comes with a 5-year limited warranty, giving you peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected. This is a testament to Kenmore’s confidence in the durability and performance of this coffee maker.