Capresso Steam Espresso Machine 4335463595: The Ideal Choice for No-Fuss Espresso Lovers

Published on Jan. 24, 2024, 8:08 p.m.

The Capresso Steam Espresso Machine 4335463595 is an outstanding home espresso maker that keeps it simple for users who just want good espresso without the fuss of dialing in. This review covers the machine’s design, function, coffee taste, and user experience to provide a comprehensive evaluation and purchase recommendation.


With fast heat up time, one-switch operation, and a swiveling steam frother, the Capresso 4335463595 is built for no-nonsense espresso making. The utilitarian design and compact size make it an ideal choice for kitchens short on space.

Key Features

  • Fast heating and one-touch brewing
  • Powerful steam wand for milk frothing
  • Dishwasher-safe carafe for easy cleanup

 Capresso Steam Espresso Machine

Design - Simple and Streamlined

The Capresso espresso machine features a sleek black exterior housing with minimalist lines. The mid-century modern aesthetic looks sharp on the countertop. The main body is constructed of heat-resistant glass, while the removable filter holder offers a stainless steel option. The handle and knobs are elegantly contoured for an artisan feel.

Coffee Taste - Rich, Smooth Espresso

With a 9 bar pump and stainless steel heating element, the Capresso 4335463595 brews full-bodied shots with rich espresso flavor. Properly dialed in coffee produces espresso with a thick crema layer and smooth mouthfeel.

Fast Heating and One-Touch Brewing

The Capresso 4335463595 boasts an impressive 15-second heat-up time, made possible by its stainless steel heating element. This rapid heating capability sets it apart from many competitors, allowing you to enjoy your espresso in a fraction of the time. Combined with the simple one-touch operation, brewing your favorite espresso beverage becomes a swift and effortless process.

9 Bar Pump for Optimal Extraction

The Capresso 4335463595’s 9 bar pump delivers the ideal pressure for extracting rich, flavorful espresso. This pressure level ensures that water is forced through the coffee grounds at the optimal rate, maximizing flavor extraction and crema formation. While some high-end espresso machines offer adjustable pressure, the Capresso’s fixed 9 bar pump provides a consistent and reliable brewing experience, eliminating the need for complex adjustments.

Filter Holder with Thumb Guard for Safe and Easy Disposal

The filter holder in the Capresso 4335463595 is designed with a thumb guard to protect your fingers from the heat when removing the used coffee grounds. This thoughtful feature enhances safety and convenience during the cleaning process. The filter holder itself is easy to remove and clean, ensuring a hygienic brewing environment for your next espresso.

Indicator Lights and Safety Features for User Convenience and Peace of Mind

The Capresso 4335463595 features indicator lights that signal when the machine is powered on and when it has reached the optimal brewing temperature. This visual feedback eliminates guesswork and ensures that you start brewing at the right time. Additionally, the machine is equipped with automatic shut-off and overheat protection features, providing peace of mind and preventing potential accidents.

Powerful Steam Wand for Milk Frothing

Equipped with a swiveling steam wand, the Capresso 4335463595 empowers you to create velvety microfoam for cappuccinos and lattes. While some users have reported inconsistencies in frothing performance, with practice and proper technique, you can achieve cafe-quality results. The steam wand’s power and swivel action offer flexibility and control during the frothing process, making it easier to achieve your desired texture.

Removable Water Tank and Drip Tray for Easy Refilling and Cleaning

The Capresso 4335463595 features a removable water tank with a generous capacity, allowing you to brew multiple espresso shots without frequent refills. The removable drip tray simplifies cleanup by collecting excess water and coffee drips. Both the water tank and drip tray are designed for easy removal and cleaning, ensuring your espresso machine remains hygienic and performs optimally.

Dishwasher-safe Carafe for Easy Cleanup

The Capresso 4335463595 features a removable glass carafe that can hold up to 4 cups of espresso. This dishwasher-safe carafe simplifies the cleaning process, allowing you to effortlessly maintain the hygiene of your espresso machine. The clear glass also enables you to monitor the brewing process, ensuring you achieve your desired espresso volume.


Capresso - a reputable small appliance brand known for high-quality coffee makers and espresso machines.

Usage Scenarios

The Capresso Steam Espresso Machine is ideal for brewing café-style espresso drinks at home. Its compact size makes it perfect for small kitchens, apartments, offices, and dorm rooms. Use it to start your morning with a rich shot of espresso or to impress guests with professional cappuccinos and lattes. The quick heat-up enables making multiple drinks in succession.

User Feedback Analysis

Overall, reviews indicate the Capresso steam espresso maker delivers satisfying performance and value for the price point. The predominant praise centers around the machine’s space-saving footprint, simplicity of use, and ability to produce genuine espresso complete with rich crema. A common theme is that it takes up very little counter real estate yet mimics shots from high-end cafes. The one-button operation wins points for ease of use with beginners remarking they were making great espresso immediately with no learning curve. When it comes to beverage quality, users consistently comment on the full-bodied and intense espresso flavor. Many remark on the thickness and velvety texture of the crema produced.

On the downside, a number of owners report inconsistent results with the steam wand, particularly when frothing milk for cappuccinos or lattes. Some describe the frother as only adequate and mention issues creating the finely textured foam required for certain drinks. There are also scattered comments about the wand sputtering and spewing droplets of hot milk during steaming. Additionally, several users mention the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance of the frother to prevent clogs from dried milk buildup.

In summary, the consensus indicates the Capresso machine nails the basics of brewing rich espresso shots quickly and easily. While the frother seems a weak point for those looking to regularly make specialized milk drinks, owners seem satisfied with its performance for the price. For those seeking an affordable, compact machine focused on fuss-free espresso, the Capresso 4335463595 earns high marks.

Pros & Cons

Pros: Fast heat up, simple operation, rich espresso flavor, small size, good value

Cons: Frother requires frequent cleaning, frothing can be inconsistent, plastic smells noted

Cost Performance

Priced affordably for a home espresso machine, the Capresso 4335463595 provides solid value given its quality construction and solid espresso-making abilities. With few comparable alternatives at this price point, it’s a good budget buy for espresso lovers.

Recommendation - Great Home Espresso Value

With its streamlined industrial design and small footprint, the reasonably priced Capresso 4335463595 is a great home espresso maker. The simple operation means no barista skills required to produce delicious espresso shots. Recommended for anyone wanting counter-top convenience to enjoy café-style drinks at home.


  • Capacity: 1000 ml
  • Material: Glass, stainless steel
  • Power: 110V, unknown wattage
  • Weight: 4.2 pounds
  • Color: Black

Box Contents

  • Capresso espresso machine unit
  • Filter
  • Glass carafe