Rocket Espresso MILANO Appartamento Nera Espresso Machine - A Compact and Stylish Espresso Maker for Your Kitchen

Published on Jan. 27, 2024, 10:24 a.m.

The Rocket Espresso MILANO Appartamento Nera Espresso Machine is a semi-automatic espresso maker designed for home kitchens. With its stylish black powder coated body and compact footprint, it brings café-quality espresso and milk frothing to your countertop.


The Rocket Espresso MILANO Appartamento Nera Espresso Machine is a semi-automatic espresso machine designed for the home barista who demands professional-grade performance in a compact package. With its sleek black powder-coated body and signature white side panels, it exudes Italian craftsmanship and style. This machine is not just about looks; it’s packed with commercial-grade features like an E61 brew group, heat exchanger boiler, and dual pressure gauges. While it requires a learning curve due to its manual operation, the Appartamento Nera rewards dedication with exceptional espresso and milk drinks, rivaling those from your favorite café.

Key Features

  • E61 Brew Group: Ensures temperature stability and consistent extraction for optimal espresso quality.
  • Heat Exchanger Boiler: Allows simultaneous brewing and steaming, streamlining your workflow.
  • Manual Control: Analog controls empower precise adjustments over brew and steam pressure, putting you in charge of the extraction process.
  • Compact Design: Perfect for smaller kitchens without sacrificing professional-grade performance.

 Rocket Espresso MILANO Appartamento Nera Espresso Machine

Design - Italian Craftsmanship

With its black powder coated body and signature white side panels, the Rocket Espresso MILANO Appartamento Nera Espresso Machine exhibits quintessential Italian styling. The minimalist design language looks elegant while taking up minimal counter space. Packaging showcases the Rocket branding using high-quality printed boxes.

Ease of Use - Manual Craft with a Learning Curve

As an entirely manual machine, the Rocket Espresso MILANO Appartamento Nera Espresso Machine gives full control over the brewing process. But it requires practice to master the art of brewing espresso manually. Novices should expect a learning curve. Experts will enjoy the hands-on workflow and craft involved in extraction.

Brewing Type - Espresso Focus

The Rocket Espresso MILANO Appartamento Nera Espresso Machine is designed for brewing authentic espresso, not other coffee types. It uses a 58mm commercial portafilter with non-pressurized and bottomless baskets. No coffee pods or capsules are supported.

Coffee Quality - Commercial Grade Espresso

With its E61 group head and heat exchanger boiler, the Rocket Espresso MILANO Appartamento Nera Espresso Machine can produce rich, thick crema and balanced espresso with pronounced aromas when mastered. Temperature stability helps ensure consistent results.

Heat Exchanger Boiler - Commercial-Grade Performance

The heart of the Appartamento Nera is its 1.8-liter heat exchanger boiler. This commercial-grade feature allows for simultaneous brewing and steaming, meaning you can pull your espresso shot and froth milk concurrently. This significantly speeds up the drink-making process, a major advantage for busy mornings or when entertaining guests.

E61 Brew Group - Temperature Stability and Consistency

The Rocket Espresso Appartamento Nera features the iconic E61 brew group, renowned for its thermal stability. The group head is heated by the boiler, ensuring a consistent water temperature throughout the extraction process. This stability is crucial for achieving a balanced and flavorful espresso, as temperature fluctuations can significantly impact the taste of your coffee.

Manual Control - The Art of Espresso

The Appartamento Nera embraces the art of manual espresso making. It features analog gauges and controls for both brew and steam pressure, giving you complete control over the extraction process. This hands-on approach allows for customization and experimentation, empowering you to fine-tune your espresso to your exact preferences.

Dual Pressure Gauges - Monitoring for Perfection

Equipped with dual pressure gauges, the Appartamento Nera provides real-time monitoring of both boiler and pump pressure. This allows you to ensure optimal extraction pressure during brewing and steam pressure during milk frothing. This level of control is essential for achieving consistent, high-quality results.

Spring-Loaded Valves - Longevity and Reliability

The Appartamento Nera incorporates spring-loaded valves, a feature that reduces wear and tear on the machine’s internal components. This design choice enhances the longevity and reliability of the machine, ensuring that it continues to deliver exceptional performance over time.

Electronic Water Sensor - Safety First

The Appartamento Nera is equipped with an electronic water sensor that prevents the machine from running dry. This safety feature protects the heating element from damage, extending the lifespan of the machine and providing peace of mind during operation.

Insulated and No-Burn Steam Wand - Safety and Comfort

The steam wand on the Appartamento Nera is both insulated and designed to remain cool to the touch. This ensures safe and comfortable operation, even during extended steaming sessions. The insulation also minimizes heat loss, contributing to efficient milk frothing.

Water Tank - 2.5 Liter Capacity

The 2.5L water tank allows brewing multiple drinks before needing a refill. For daily home use, expect to refill every 1-2 days.

Innovations - Compact Commercial Machine

Rocket engineers managed to fit prosumer components into the Appartamento’s compact footprint. This allows commercial performance with minimal counter space.

Additional Features

No additional smart features like timings or cup warming are included. The Rocket Espresso MILANO Appartamento Nera Espresso Machine focuses on the craft of manual espresso preparation.

Cleaning - Grouphead Backflushing

The E61 grouphead is easy to disassemble for cleaning and backflushing. Other parts are simple to wipe down. No dishwasher safe components.

Noise - Typical Pump Sound

Some pump noise is expected during extraction and steaming. Vibration mounts reduce noise transmission. Overall noise level is reasonable for a home machine.

Safety - Commercial Grade Materials

Made from stainless steel and copper, the Rocket Espresso MILANO Appartamento Nera Espresso Machine is built to commercial safety standards. The power cord length is approximately 3 feet.

Power - 1200 Watts

With a 1200W vibration pump and 120V power supply, the Rocket Espresso Appartamento Nera has ample power for home use. An internal fuse provides overload protection, ensuring the machine’s longevity.

Maintenance - Periodic Backflushing

The E61 grouphead should be backflushed 1-2 times per week to maintain performance. No other regular maintenance is required.

Value - Specialty Espresso Craft

At a $1900 MSRP, the Rocket Espresso MILANO Appartamento Nera Espresso Machine commands a premium for its Italian pedigree and specialty coffee capabilities. It’s priced similarly to comparable prosumer models from other brands.

Brand - Italian Prosumer Leader

Rocket Espresso MILANO has earned a reputation for producing some of the finest prosumer espresso machines since 2008. Their Italian-made products represent superb fit and finish.

Use Cases

The Rocket Espresso MILANO Appartamento Nera Espresso Machine is ideal for home kitchens. Its compact size takes up minimal counter space, yet it packs commercial-level performance. The hands-on manual operation rewards development of barista skills for crafting cafe-quality espresso. It’s perfect for espresso enthusiasts seeking a dose of specialty cafe ambience in their home.

User Feedback Analysis

User experiences with the Rocket Espresso MILANO Appartamento Nera Espresso Machine reveal a polarization between delighted enthusiasts and disappointed critics. Perusing customer reviews exposes the divide between those who revel in the machine’s distinctive charms versus those deterred by its shortcomings.

Satisfied owners describe the Rocket Espresso MILANO Appartamento Nera Espresso Machine as their dawn of delicious home espresso. They gleefully detail their journey mastering its nuanced manual operation. These aficionados adore taming the beast, relishing the hard-won ritual of crafting superb espresso. Steaming milk becomes an art form with the steam wand responding to their refined technique. Each sublime shot and velvety microfoam is a victory, a reminder of human ingenuity and patience.

However, dissatisfied purchasers share tales of woe and lament. Sad stories abound of leaks, breakdowns, andbuyer’s remorse. They report frustration with the Rocket Espresso MILANO Appartamento Nera Espresso Machine’s merciless learning curve and persnickety operation. Far from plug-and-play simplicity, it requires tolerance and persistence bordering on obsession. Without ample dedication, it remains a temperamental lump of Italian engineering. For those seeking hassle-free automation, it is decidedly not the droid they’re looking for.

In between these polarized positions, many owners offer nuanced critiques. They acknowledge the Rocket Espresso MILANO Appartamento Nera Espresso Machine demands compromise. With careful maintenance and realistic expectations, it can produce transcendent coffee intermixed with occasional hassles. At its best, it satisfies the urge to manually craft specialty café drinks at home. At its worst, it requires more TLC than some are willing to invest.

In summary, feedback suggests the Rocket Espresso MILANO Appartamento Nera Espresso Machine inhabits a niche. For those bitten by the hands-on espresso bug willing to lavish it with care and patience, it handsomely rewards the effort. Otherwise, less tolerant palates may find it an over-priced source of heartburn. But espresso connoisseurs seeking intimate engagement with the brew will find it motives their mornings.

Pros and Cons


  • Striking aesthetics and compact size
  • Commercial-grade components and build quality
  • Excellent temperature stability for consistent brewing
  • Simultaneous brewing & steaming for efficient workflow
  • Manual control for a hands-on, customizable experience
  • Wide range of features for optimal performance


  • Premium price point
  • Steep learning curve for manual operation
  • Some users report quality control issues (leaks, etc.)
  • Requires regular maintenance and cleaning


With an MSRP of $1900, the Rocket Espresso MILANO Appartamento Nera Espresso Machine commands a premium price. You’re paying for the Italian-made prosumer level components in a uniquely styled compact chassis. While not cheap, it delivers specialty café-quality espresso when mastered. The price reflects the performance potential.


With its signature Italian styling and excellent internals, the Rocket Espresso MILANO Appartamento Nera Espresso Machine delivers outstanding espresso from a compact frame. If you’re seeking a unique, hands-on machine and don’t mind the learning curve, it’s a stylish and functional addition to any kitchen.


  • Power: 1200 Watts
  • Boiler Capacity: 1.8 L
  • Reservoir Capacity: 2.5 L
  • Dimensions: 17”D x 10.5”W x 14.2”H
  • Weight: 58 lbs
  • Pressure: unknown
  • Materials: Stainless steel, copper, brass

Box Contents

The Rocket Appartamento Nera Espresso Machine box contains:

  • Main espresso machine unit
  • Portafilter
  • Single & double shot baskets
  • Tamper
  • Water reservoir
  • Power cord
  • User manual