ireum RG-001 Gourmet Pour Over Coffee Maker: A Sophisticated Manual Brewing Experience

Published on Feb. 29, 2024, 3:57 p.m.

For pour over coffee enthusiasts seeking a sophisticated manual brewing ritual, the ireum RG-001 hits all the marks. This sleek and sturdy stainless steel dripped delivers pure, flavorful coffee worthy of a boutique café. Its reusable filter eliminates waste while enhancing taste. For those who appreciate artisanal coffee brewing, the ireum RG-001 is a clear choice.

 ireum RG-001 Gourmet Pour Over Coffee Maker


Brought to you by ireum, an esteemed Korean brand founded by genuine coffee aficionados, the ireum RG-001 Gourmet Pour Over Coffee Maker displays excellence in design and function. Crafted from durable stainless steel with a dazzling titanium finish, this cone-shaped dripper brings quality brewing into any kitchen.

Key Features

  • Innovative reusable filter for enhanced flavor and sustainability
  • Elegant and durable stainless steel construction
  • Precise hole pattern for optimal extraction
  • Non-slip silicone base for stability
  • Titanium coating for added durability and style

Design: Cone Shape

The cone shape of the ireum RG-001, measuring 4.53 x 4.45 x 3.54 inches, creates an ideal geometry for wetting the grounds uniformly during pouring. This allows thorough contact between water and coffee. The wide aperture also enables brewing directly into your mug or carafe.

Ease of Use

The ireum RG-001 makes manual pour over coffee a breeze. Simply add grounds to the filter, slowly pour hot water in a circular motion, and let gravity do the work. The wide open cone shape enables a consistent, even saturation. Brew time takes just 3-4 minutes for a perfect cup. With no complicated controls, the ireum allows anyone to easily achieve a barista-quality brew.

Suitable Coffee Types

The cone shape and stainless steel filter of the ireum RG-001 are ideal for brewing light to medium roasts. The flat bottom provides thorough wetting for even extraction. Light roasts especially benefit, with their delicate flavors fully revealed. The metal filter permits essential oils to pass through for a smooth yet robust cup.

 ireum RG-001 Gourmet Pour Over Coffee Maker

Materials: Stainless Steel and Silicone

The ireum cone is crafted from durable food-grade stainless steel with a stylish titanium finish. This imparts a refined, modern look. Stainless steel is rust-resistant for longevity and won’t impart metallic taste. The non-slip base is made of heat-resistant silicone, providing a secure grip during brewing.

Hole Size and Distribution

The precisely sized holes across the bottom of the filter, smaller near the tip and larger towards the base, ensure even extraction. The smaller holes at the tip promote optimal saturation of the coffee grounds, while the larger openings towards the base facilitate a faster drip rate. This optimized hole pattern, combined with the stainless steel filter, unlocks the fullest flavor potential of your coffee beans by allowing essential oils to pass through, resulting in a smooth yet robust cup.

Reusable Filter

The ireum RG-001’s innovative reusable filter is a game-changer for coffee enthusiasts. This stainless steel filter eliminates the need for wasteful paper filters, saving you money and reducing environmental impact. But it doesn’t stop there – the metal filter also allows essential coffee oils to pass through, resulting in a richer, more flavorful cup of coffee.

Stainless Steel Construction

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, the ireum RG-001 is built to last. The durable construction ensures that your coffee maker can withstand daily use and maintain its sleek appearance over time. The stainless steel also resists rust and won’t impart any metallic taste to your coffee, ensuring a pure and enjoyable brewing experience.

Precise Hole Pattern

The precisely engineered hole pattern at the bottom of the filter is key to achieving optimal coffee extraction. The smaller holes near the tip ensure even saturation of the coffee grounds, while the larger openings towards the base allow for a faster drip rate. This balanced design helps to extract the full flavor potential of your coffee beans, resulting in a well-rounded and satisfying cup.

Non-Slip Base

The ireum RG-001 features a non-slip silicone base that provides stability and prevents accidental spills during brewing. This thoughtful design element ensures a mess-free experience and allows you to focus on enjoying your coffee ritual.

Titanium Coating

The ireum RG-001’s stainless steel construction is further enhanced with a titanium coating. This not only adds an extra layer of durability to the coffee maker but also gives it a stylish and modern aesthetic. The titanium coating is resistant to scratches and wear, ensuring that your coffee maker looks as good as new for years to come.

Brew Capacity

The ireum RG-001 is designed for single-serve brewing, making it perfect for those who enjoy a fresh cup of coffee without the hassle of brewing a whole pot. The 8oz capacity is ideal for a standard mug, ensuring you get the perfect amount of coffee every time.

Travel-Friendly Design

Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, the ireum RG-001 is an excellent travel companion. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or simply on the go, this portable coffee maker allows you to enjoy a delicious pour-over coffee wherever your adventures take you.

 ireum RG-001 Gourmet Pour Over Coffee Maker

Easy to Clean

The smooth stainless steel construction prevents grounds from sticking. After brewing, the cone filter can be quickly rinsed clean with no scrubbing needed. There are no small parts or crevices to trap residue. Clean up takes seconds for a fuss-free experience.


The all-metal design gives the ireum exceptional durability and longevity. Customers report years of consistent use with proper care. With no fragile components, the ireum stands up well to daily use. Stainless steel imparts much greater sturdiness than ceramic or glass models.


The ireum’s unique flat-bottom stainless steel filter revolutionizes the pour over experience. Engineered hole size and pattern optimize extraction. The metal composition allows essential coffee oils to pass through, enhancing taste. This sets it apart from typical cone drippers.

Maintenance and Cost

The reusable stainless steel filter removes the ongoing cost of paper filters. An occasional gentle soak in vinegar removes mineral buildup from water. With no disposable parts, the ireum provides sustainable long-term use.


Brought to you by ireum, an esteemed Korean brand founded by genuine coffee aficionados. ireum is dedicated to providing high-quality pour over coffee equipment that makes brewing simple and enjoyable.

Use Cases

The ireum RG-001 is perfect for:

  • Pour over coffee enthusiasts who want a refined manual brewing ritual
  • Anyone seeking the full, aromatic flavor of artisanal drip coffee
  • Those who appreciate a sustainable brewing method with no paper waste
  • Travelers and campers who want great coffee on the go

User Feedback

With over 300 ratings and reviews, the ireum RG-001 has earned praise for its ease of use, portability and exceptional taste.

The majority of users find it delivers a refined manual brewing experience that rivals specialty coffee shops. They note the straightforward process and lack of mess as major plusses. Fans say it “elevates my morning routine” and provides “commercial flavor at home.”

Positive aspects frequently highlighted include:

  • Great taste with balanced, complex flavor
  • Durable and elegant stainless steel design
  • No need for wasteful paper filters
  • Lightweight and slim shape for traveling
  • Simple to operate and fast clean up

Regarding downsides, a few users report the filter clogs easily without regular cleaning. Others caution the base can detach if accidentally knocked over. However, most agree occasional maintenance is a small trade-off for great-tasting coffee.

Overall, feedback is overwhelmingly positive, with many calling it an “absolute essential” for pour over aficionados. For those seeking an elevated brewing ritual, the ireum earns its reputation as a top choice.

Pros and Cons


  • Reusable filter enhances flavor and eliminates waste
  • Durable stainless steel cone and silicone base
  • Brews directly into your cup
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Filter may clog if not cleaned regularly
  • Base can detach if tipped over
     ireum RG-001 Gourmet Pour Over Coffee Maker


With its sleek steel design and innovative reusable filter that enhances taste, the ireum RG-001 provides excellent value for pour over enthusiasts. For just $22, it enables artisanal coffee brewing and great flavor at home. The durable materials and precise craftsmanship ensure years of quality use. For those seeking a refined manual brewing ritual, the ireum is a worthwhile investment.


With its durable stainless steel design and innovative reusable filter, the ireum RG-001 Gourmet Pour Over Coffee Maker provides a refined manual brewing experience. For pour over enthusiasts, this sophisticated dripper delivers pure coffeehouse flavor in the comfort of home. Its lightweight portability brings artisanal brewing anywhere you wander. For an elevated coffee ritual, the ireum RG-001 is a clear choice.


  • Product Dimensions: 4.53 x 4.45 x 3.54 inches
  • Item Weight: 4.2 ounces
  • Materials: Stainless steel, silicone
  • Filter Type: Reusable stainless steel mesh
  • Brew Capacity: 8 oz
  • Manufacturer: ireum
  • Item Model Number: RG-001
  • Country of Origin: China

What’s in the Box

The ireum RG-001 Gourmet Pour Over Coffee Maker box includes:

  • 1 x Stainless steel drip coffee cone
  • 1 x Reusable metal filter
  • 1 x Non-slip silicone base
  • Instructions