Unbreakable Y-4115 Borosilicate Glass Pour Over Coffee Maker: Quality Brewer for Handcrafted Coffee

Published on March 1, 2024, 2:11 p.m.

The Unbreakable Y-4115 allows coffee lovers to handcraft a fresh cup of pour over coffee anytime, anywhere. With quality borosilicate glass carafe and stainless steel filter, it makes manual drip coffee conveniently and deliciously. Let’s take a closer look at why this pour over coffee maker is a top choice for artisanal coffee brewing.


  • Durable borosilicate glass carafe resistant to heat and temperature shock
  • Stainless steel filter reusable and eco-friendly
  • Sleek transparent design to observe brewing process
  • 800ml capacity perfect for 1-2 servings
  • Easy to use and clean

 Unbreakable Y-4115 Pour Over Coffee Maker

Ease of Use - Convenient Manual Brewing

The Y-4115 offers a straightforward manual brewing process. Simply add ground coffee to the filter, slowly pour hot water in circular motions, and wait for it to drip brew. The flow rate is moderately fast, producing a full carafe in around 4-5 minutes. The open carafe design provides easy access for pouring water. Overall an intuitive and convenient pour over brewing experience.

Coffee Profile - Smooth and Flavorful

This manual dripper can produce a range of coffee styles including black, cold brew, and espresso-based beverages like lattes. The stainless steel filter enables clean and balanced extraction, yielding smooth coffee with bright tasting notes. The flat-bottom design helps evenly saturate the coffee grounds.
 Unbreakable Y-4115 Pour Over Coffee Maker

Design - Glass for Flavor & Function

The Y-4115 features a beehive-shaped borosilicate glass carafe. The cone shape allows water to evenly penetrate the coffee bed for full extraction. Glass also retains heat to keep coffee hot while not absorbing any flavors. The transparency allows watching the blooming process. The curved handle provides grip support.

Material - Durable Heat-Resistant Glass

Borosilicate glass is thermal shock resistant and can withstand rapid heating and cooling. This high durability prevents cracks or breaks during everyday use. Glass also does not absorb residual coffee oils and flavors like plastic can. The stainless steel filter is rust-resistant.
 Unbreakable Y-4115 Pour Over Coffee Maker

Filter Holes - Smaller For Slower Flow

The stainless steel filter on the Y-4115 has small perforation holes. This slows down the water flow rate and increases contact time for thorough flavor extraction. However some customers note the slower drips extend overall brew time slightly.

Capacity - 1-2 Servings

With a 27oz capacity, the Y-4115 can brew enough coffee for 1-2 people. The smaller carafe is quick and easy to clean after use. The compact size also enables convenient storage in cabinets or shelves. Good for personal home use.

Cleaning - Simple Rinsing

The carafe and stainless filter can be hand washed with hot water and mild detergent. Users report the wide open carafe allows easy cleaning access. The steel filter is also seamless so there are no hard to reach areas. Both components are top-rack dishwasher safe as well.

Durability - Built to Last

Customers mention the Y-4115 feels sturdy and well-made. Borosilicate glass is more durable than standard glass. And stainless steel provides excellent longevity with proper care. Overall customers are pleased with its resilience for daily use.
 Unbreakable Y-4115 Pour Over Coffee Maker

Cost - Reusable Filter Saves Money

The reusable stainless steel filter eliminates the need to purchase disposable paper filters. This drives down the long term cost of ownership. The affordable price point also adds value for money.

Innovation - Quality Pour Over Brewer

While not particularly groundbreaking, the Y-4115 delivers solid pour over brewing performance in a compact and durable package. The brand name of “Unbreakable” conveys confidence despite some conflicting customer experiences regarding its break-resistance.

Ideal Use Cases:

  • Early morning pick-me-up: Brew your daily cup of joe before heading out the door
  • Cube mate: Keep colleagues caffeinated by brewing a pot in the office
  • Cafe-style treat: Impress dinner guests with handcrafted pour over coffee
  • Outdoor excursion: Pack it along for camping trips or hikes
  • Gift for coffee connoisseurs: A must-have for pour over aficionados

Customer Feedback Analysis:

Customers praise the Y-4115 for its sleek, durable design and ability to produce smooth and flavorful coffee. The reusable stainless steel filter is appreciated for being eco-friendly. Some note the filter cone could be larger to speed up brew time. There are also comments that the name “unbreakable” is misleading as the borosilicate glass could still shatter if impacted with force.
 Unbreakable Y-4115 Pour Over Coffee Maker


  • Durable borosilicate glass
  • Reusable steel filter
  • Precise flow control
  • Compact 27oz capacity
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Affordable price point


  • Filter size results in longer brew time
  • Name somewhat misleading


For those looking for an everyday pour over coffee maker that doesn’t sacrifice quality or convenience, the Y-4115 offers great value. At an affordable price point, you get a thoughtfully designed manual brewer that makes cafe-style coffee at home. The durable construction and reusable filter also add to its excellent value for money.

So for those seeking an everyday manual brewer that’s simple yet well-made, the Unbreakable Y-4115 hits all the marks. It empowers you to become your own barista and master the perfect pour over - rewarding you with a smooth cup full of flavor.


  • Material: Borosilicate glass
  • Capacity: 800ml/27oz
  • Dimensions: 7.6 in height, 4.9 in base diameter
  • Model number: Y-4115
  • Filter type: Reusable stainless steel
  • Brewer type: Pour over

Box Includes:

  • 1 x Pour over coffee maker
  • 1 x Stainless steel filter