Cafe Du Chateau Espresso Maker: Your At-Home Barista

Published on July 12, 2023, 6:10 p.m.

The Cafe Du Chateau Espresso Maker is an elegant and easy-to-use stovetop espresso maker that allows you to brew delicious espresso from the comfort of your home. I tested this 6-cup model over several weeks and overall was impressed with the quality, durability, and value that this little moka pot provides.


This Cafe Du Chateau Espresso Maker is made of durable aluminum with a glossy silver finish. It has a transparent plastic top lid so you can see when your coffee is ready. The handle is designed to bend away from the pot to avoid burns. It comes with a stainless steel coffee scoop that clips onto the side.

 Cafe Du Chateau Espresso Maker (6 cup)

Key Features

The Cafe Du Chateau Espresso Maker stands out with the following features:

  • Transparent Lid: Witness the magic of espresso brewing unfold as the rich liquid bubbles up through the clear top. This innovative design also helps prevent messy spills and burns.
  • Cool-Touch Handle: The ergonomically designed handle ensures a safe and comfortable grip, even when the pot is piping hot.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Whether you have a gas, electric, or induction stove, this espresso maker is ready to brew.
  • Generous Capacity: With a 6-cup capacity, this model is ideal for sharing with friends and family or enjoying multiple servings throughout the day.


The sleek, mirror-like exterior gives this model a modern look that would suit any kitchen decor. I like that the top lid is transparent so I don’t have to open it repeatedly to check if the coffee is ready. The handle also seems thoughtfully designed to prevent accidental burning.

 Cafe Du Chateau Espresso Maker (6 cup)

Ease of Use

Using this Cafe Du Chateau Espresso Maker is straightforward. Simply fill the base with water, put ground coffee in the filter, assemble the parts, and place on the stove. I appreciate that it works with any heat source. One downside is the plastic lid doesn’t seal perfectly so some steam escapes.

Coffee Quality

This little pot can brew a seriously good cup of espresso! The coffee comes out with a thick, concentrated texture and robust flavor. It’s perfect for making espresso-based drinks. I was able to make cafe-quality lattes and cappuccinos.

Easy-Grip Handle

The espresso maker features an easy-grip handle designed for comfort and safety. The handle is ergonomically shaped and positioned at an angle that keeps your hand away from the hot pot, minimizing the risk of burns. This design also allows for a secure grip when pouring your freshly brewed espresso.

Transparent Lid

One of the standout features of this model is the transparent lid, which allows you to observe the brewing process in real-time. This not only adds a touch of visual appeal but also serves a practical purpose. By monitoring the coffee as it rises into the upper chamber, you can prevent over-extraction and ensure that your espresso is brewed to perfection. Additionally, the transparent lid helps prevent spills and burns that can occur when checking the coffee’s progress with a traditional espresso maker.

6-Cup Capacity

This espresso maker is designed for brewing up to six cups of espresso, making it ideal for households with multiple coffee drinkers or those who enjoy multiple cups throughout the day. The 60ml per cup is a standard espresso serving size, ensuring that you get a concentrated and flavorful shot.

Safety Valve

Safety is a priority with the Cafe Du Chateau Espresso Maker, as evidenced by the inclusion of a safety valve. This valve is designed to release excess steam if the pressure inside the pot becomes too high. This not only prevents potential accidents but also ensures that your espresso is brewed at the optimal pressure for the best flavor and crema.

High-Gloss Finish

The espresso maker’s exterior is coated with a high-gloss finish that serves both aesthetic and practical purposes. The mirror-like shine adds a touch of elegance to the pot, making it a stylish addition to your kitchen. But this finish isn’t just about looks; it also provides a protective layer that helps prevent pitting and rust, ensuring that your espresso maker stays in top condition for years to come.

Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop

The included stainless steel coffee scoop is a handy addition to the espresso maker. Made from 100% 304 food-grade stainless steel, it is durable and safe for contact with food. The scoop features a clip that allows you to attach it to the side of the espresso maker, keeping it within easy reach and preventing it from getting lost. This thoughtful inclusion adds to the overall convenience of the brewing process.


The Cafe Du Chateau Espresso Maker is designed to work with a variety of stovetops, including gas, electric, and most induction models. This versatility makes it a great choice for any kitchen setup. However, it’s important to note that some induction stovetops may require an adapter or diffuser plate for optimal performance. This is due to the size of the espresso maker’s base, which may not meet the minimum size requirements of certain induction models.


After several weeks of frequent use, it is still in perfect condition other than some minor coffee staining. The aluminum seems durable and the glossy finish resists scratches. The one weak point may be the plastic lid which could crack over time.


The pot disassembles easily for cleaning. I just rinse out the grounds and wash with warm soapy water. One annoying issue - the plastic lid frequently pops off when I try to wash it.


This Cafe Du Chateau Espresso Maker operates silently. There is no electric motor or pump noise associated with traditional espresso machines.

 Cafe Du Chateau Espresso Maker (6 cup)

Use Cases

This Cafe Du Chateau Espresso Maker is ideal for anyone who wants to brew small batches of high-quality espresso at home. It’s perfect for making espresso drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos. The 6-cup capacity can serve 3-4 people. It’s compact enough for dorm rooms or RVs. The aluminum construction makes it suitable for camping trips too.

Customer Feedback

With over 2,400 customer reviews, the Cafe Du Chateau Espresso Maker has brewed up quite the fan base. This diminutive moka pot has earned an average rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars, speaking to its overall quality and performance.

The vast majority of feedback is positively glowing. Reviewers rave about the velvety crema topping each shot, the rich espresso oozing with aromatic oils, and the utter convenience of brewing cafe-caliber coffee at home. They praise the thoughtful design touches like the transparent lid and cool-to-the-touch handle that make the process “foolproof.” Many call it the perfect hybrid of an Italian nonna’s stovetop maker and a modern appliance.

Of course, a few imperfections bubble up among thousands of reviews. Some users report flimsiness in the plastic lid, though many encounter no issues. Others note scratches out of the box or bemoan the handwash-only cleaning. However, most agree these are minor quibbles given the unmatched performance and value.

In the competitive home espresso market, the Cafe Du Chateau maker stands out for its simplicity and authentic results. For novice home baristas seeking their morning ritual without the bells and whistles, this humble moka pot delivers. It earns kudos for demystifying the art of espresso in a tidy, budget-friendly package. As one reviewer summed up: “This little pot packs some serious punch.”


  • Makes high-quality espresso
  • Easy to use
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Stylish design
  • Transparent lid is convenient
  • Handle prevents burns
  • Comes with a stainless steel coffee scoop
  • Works with any stove top
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Excellent value for the price


  • Plastic lid doesn’t seal perfectly
  • Lid frequently pops off during washing
  • Need to buy ground espresso separately


With a price tag under $20, this model offers excellent value. It makes espresso comparable to fancy coffee shops at a fraction of the cost. The only downside is having to buy ground espresso, but it’s a worthwhile tradeoff.

 Cafe Du Chateau Espresso Maker (6 cup)


Overall, I highly recommend the Cafe Du Chateau Stovetop Espresso Maker to anyone looking for an inexpensive way to make delicious espresso drinks at home. It’s easy to use, makes great-tasting coffee, and seems durable for the price. Just be gentle with the plastic lid and it should last for years of quality espresso brewing.

 Cafe Du Chateau Espresso Maker (6 cup)


  • Brand: Cafe Du Chateau
  • Model Name: Espresso Maker
  • Product Dimensions: 3.94” x 6.69” x 7.68”
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Capacity: 6 cups (60 ml)
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs
  • Operation: Manual
  • Compatibility: All stove types
  • Special Features: Transparent lid, ergonomic handle, stainless steel scoop
  • Finish: Mirror finish protective coating
  • Filter Type: Reusable
  • Item Model Number: unknown
  • ASIN: B078B12NYX

What’s Included

The Cafe Du Chateau Espresso Maker comes with:

  • Brewing pot
  • Filter basket
  • Collection chamber
  • Transparent viewing lid
  • Stay-cool handle
  • Stainless steel coffee scoop with bag clip