Elite Gourmet EC922 Electric Coffee Percolator - Practical and Easy to Use

Published on Oct. 2, 2023, 5:03 p.m.

Looking for a reliable yet stylish electric percolator for your home? The newly released Elite Gourmet EC922 Electric Coffee Percolator is worth considering with its thoughtful design and practical features that make brewing coffee or tea a breeze. Keep reading to learn what makes this percolator stand out.

 Elite Gourmet EC922 Electric Coffee Percolator


The Elite Gourmet EC922 Electric Coffee Percolator sports a polished stainless steel body paired with a unique glass brewing knob on top that elegantly displays the percolating process. It can brew up to 12 cups of coffee or tea in less than a minute per cup. The touchscreen panel allows easy control with one-touch operation.

Key Features

The Elite Gourmet EC922 Electric Coffee Percolator stands out with its combination of practical features and stylish design. Key highlights include:

  • Visual Brewing: The glass brewing knob offers a captivating view of the percolating process.
  • Cord-Free Serving: The removable cord allows for hassle-free pouring and serving.
  • Extended Warmth: The keep-warm function ensures your coffee stays hot for hours.
  • Classic Elegance: The polished stainless steel body adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen.

 Elite Gourmet EC922 Electric Coffee Percolator


The Elite Gourmet EC922 Electric Coffee Percolator exhibits thoughtful design touches that enhance the user experience. Its speckled stainless steel exterior lends a retro-chic vibe. The cool-touch handle provides a safe, ergonomic grip.

But the true star is the glass knob that elegantly displays the brewing process. Watching the percolating action is both mesmerizing and informs you when coffee is ready. This window into the brew culminates in a showstopping final percolation surge so you know it’s time to pour.
 Elite Gourmet EC922 Electric Coffee Percolator

Ease of Use

Operation couldn’t be simpler with the one-touch button and illuminated indicators. Just add water and grounds, press the button, and brewing commences. The keep warm function automatically engages after brewing completes so your coffee stays hot and ready.

The water level markings inside ensure you nail the right amount every time. In under a minute per cup, you’ll have piping hot coffee with no programming or settings required.

Coffee Quality

The Elite Gourmet EC922 Electric Coffee Percolator yields full-bodied coffee with robust flavor. The flow-through percolating action optimally extracts oils and aromatics from the grounds. The metal filter basket also allows finer grinds for maximizing extraction compared to paper filters.

You can customize strength based on grind size and brew time. But even at the minimum 4-cup brew, it produces smooth, balanced coffee.

Fast Brewing

In a hurry? This percolator brews approximately one cup per minute, so you can enjoy your coffee or tea in no time. The rapid brewing process also helps preserve the delicate flavors and aromas of your beverage.

Illuminated On/Off Switch and Indicator Lights

The one-touch operation with an illuminated switch makes brewing as simple as pressing a button. The green “Power” light indicates that the percolator is on and brewing, while the red “Keep Warm” light lets you know that your coffee is ready and staying hot.

Glass Brewing Knob

This isn’t just a design element; the glass brewing knob serves a practical purpose. It allows you to visually monitor the brewing cycle, so you can see when the percolation process is complete and your coffee is ready to be enjoyed. The mesmerizing sight of the coffee percolating through the glass knob is an added bonus.

Removable Cord and Keep Warm Function

The removable cord provides added convenience and safety, especially when serving. Once brewing is finished, the keep-warm function automatically kicks in, maintaining the optimal temperature for up to two hours.

Cool-Touch Handle and Drip-Free Spout

The cool-touch handle remains cool to the touch even during brewing, ensuring safe and comfortable pouring. The drip-free spout prevents spills and messes, keeping your countertop clean.

Measurement Markings

Achieve the perfect coffee-to-water ratio every time with the measurement markings located both on the coffee basket and inside the percolator. This feature eliminates guesswork and ensures consistent brewing results.

Versatile Brewing

While primarily designed for coffee and tea, this percolator is also versatile enough to boil water for other hot beverages like hot cocoa or instant oatmeal.

Permanent Filter Basket

The permanent stainless steel filter basket eliminates the need for disposable paper filters, saving you money and reducing waste.

12-Cup Capacity

Whether you’re hosting a brunch or simply brewing for a large household, the EC922’s 12-cup capacity ensures everyone gets their caffeine fix. No need for multiple brewing cycles, saving you time and effort.

Dishwasher-Safe Parts

Cleaning up is a breeze thanks to the dishwasher-safe components. Simply remove the lid, filter basket, basket cover, and brewing stem and pop them in the dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning.


The removable parts including filter basket, percolator tube, lid, and power cord facilitate easy cleanup. The stainless steel body is stain resistant and simple to wipe down.

For thorough cleaning, all parts are dishwasher safe except for the base. A periodic descaling is recommended for optimum performance and longevity.


The percolating sounds generate a peaceful pitter-patter that many find soothing. It produces a quiet rumble comparable to a low-volume radio or white noise machine. The audible feedback lets you monitor brewing progress too.

Use Cases

The Elite Gourmet EC922 Electric Coffee Percolator is ideal for:
- Home kitchens - its compact size takes up minimal counter space. Makes brewing coffee for family and guests easy.
- Offices/breakrooms - the 12 cup capacity and keep warm function keep employees caffeinated.
- RVs/campers - makes great tasting coffee in tight spaces thanks to small footprint.

User Feedback

With over 2,500 customer reviews, the Elite Gourmet EC922 Electric Coffee Percolator enjoys a 4.3 out of 5 star overall rating. Most praise its ease of use, brew speed, keep warm ability, and classic aesthetics. Many mention it makes delicious coffee they can’t wait to drink every morning.

Positive highlights in customer reviews include:

  • “Brews coffee so fast, I’m amazed.”
  • “The glass knob showing the perking action is mesmerizing!”
  • “It looks beautiful on my kitchen counter.”
  • “Coffee stays piping hot for hours.”

One common complaint is the occasional breaking of the glass lid knob. Some report theirs cracked or chipped with regular use. While a bummer, Elite Gourmet quickly resolves the issue by shipping replacement knobs upon request.

Other negative feedback includes:

  • “The coffee it makes is too weak for me.”
  • “Cleaning is a hassle.”
  • “It’s loud when brewing.”

The main takeaways from customer reviews seem to be excellent ease of use along with quick, hot coffee. Style-wise most find it highly appealing. Downsides like fragility of the glass knob and noisy operation are present but not dealbreakers for most.

Considering the largely positive feedback and attractive price point, the Elite Gourmet EC922 Electric Coffee Percolator by Elite Gourmet appears to satisfy those seeking a fuss-free stainless steel percolator that adds retro flair to their countertop. For an unfancy yet powerful coffee maker with charm, it hits the mark for functionality and aesthetics.


  • Quickly brews large volumes
  • Glass knob allows brew monitoring
  • Keep warm ability
  • Detachable cord for easy pouring


  • Noise while percolating
  • Potential for glass knob to break
  • Need to descale regularly


With reliable performance, versatile brewing abilities, and handy features like the glass knob and detachable cord, the Elite Gourmet EC922 Electric Coffee Percolator provides excellent value. The durable stainless steel construction ensures years of reliable use. Considering functionality, lifespan, and aesthetics, it’s a great value-for-money electric percolator.

 Elite Gourmet EC922 Electric Coffee Percolator

Final Impressions

With quick brew times, keep warm ability, and clever design accents like the glass knob, the Elite Gourmet EC922 electric percolator simplifies brewing flavorful drinks at home. Its polished steel finish and retro styling allow it to shine in any kitchen décor. For those seeking an unfussy yet powerful coffee maker, the Elite Gourmet EC922 Electric Coffee Percolator hits all the marks.


  • Brewing Capacity: 4-12 cups
  • Material: Stainless steel, glass
  • Dimensions: 8” W x 6” D x 11.75” H
  • Weight: 1.47 kg
  • Power: Electric, AC power only

Box Contains

  • Percolator unit
  • Filter basket
  • Percolating tube
  • Lid
  • Power cord