BUNN 13300.0001 VP17-1SS Pourover Coffee Brewer with 1-Warmer - The Reliable Workhorse

Published on Dec. 23, 2023, 2:26 p.m.

For over 60 years, BUNN has been serving up delicious cups of diner-style coffee to commercial establishments across America. Now, the trusted brand brings their commercial brewing expertise into your home kitchen with the BUNN VP17-1 pourover coffee maker. This stainless steel workhorse delivers quick, hot batches of coffee just like your local diner. Read on to see if the VP17-1 is the coffee maker for you.


As a leader in commercial coffee equipment, BUNN is renowned for making indestructible and easy-to-operate machines built to meet the high demands of restaurants and cafes. The VP17-1 embodies these qualities in a countertop machine perfect for home use. With simple pourover operation, portable design, and durable stainless steel body, this coffee maker aims to please.

 BUNN 13300.0001 VP17-1SS Pourover Coffee Brewer

Key Features:

  • Stainless Steel Durability: Built to withstand the demands of daily use, this coffee maker boasts an all-metal exterior and internal components. This ensures it resists corrosion and wear, promising years of reliable service.
  • Effortless Pour-Over Brewing: Simplicity is key with this brewer. Just pour cold water into the top, and hot, delicious coffee flows directly into your decanter. The 1600W heating system and internal hot water tank guarantee fast brewing and consistently hot coffee.
  • Portable and Versatile: No plumbing required means you can brew anywhere there’s an outlet. Whether it’s your kitchen, office, or even a campsite, this portable coffee maker is ready to go wherever you need it.


With its utilitarian stainless steel construction, the BUNN 13300.0001 VP17-1SS Pourover Coffee Brewer has an iconic commercial look. The metal pourover top provides easy access for water filling. The simple on/off warmer switch gives it a clean, minimalist profile. Weighing 24 pounds, the sturdy metal build gives it a robust, durable feel.

Durable Stainless Steel Construction:

The BUNN VP17-1 is not your average coffee maker. Its robust, all-stainless steel construction is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use in even the busiest environments. From the exterior housing to the internal components, this machine is built to last. Unlike many consumer models that rely on plastic parts, the VP17-1’s metal build resists corrosion, wear and tear, and accidental bumps. This not only adds to its longevity but also ensures that your coffee comes in contact with only high-quality materials, preserving its pure flavor.

Ease of Use

The BUNN 13300.0001 VP17-1SS Pourover Coffee Brewer earns top marks for simplicity. Without complex settings or programs, operating it is as easy as pouring water and flipping a switch. It can brew a full batch in just minutes with no wait time for heating up, making it the fastest cup of coffee you’ll find. The always-hot tank eliminates annoying start-up delays.

Brewing Capabilities

This pourover machine can brew anything from a single cup to high-volume batches using any type of ground coffee. With the right grind and coffee-to-water ratio, it can produce delicious drip coffee, pour over, cold brew concentrate, and more. It does not support K-cups or other single-serve pods.

Coffee Quality

The quick brewing delivers a robust, full-bodied coffee with smooth flavor. The shower head evenly saturates grounds for thorough extraction. The optimal 200°F water temperature maximizes the flavor. The flat-bottomed decanter allows sediment to settle for a cleaner cup.

1600W Heating System:

At the heart of the BUNN VP17-1 is a powerful 1600W heating system. This robust heating element ensures rapid water heating and maintains the optimal brewing temperature of 200°F (93°C) throughout the brewing cycle. This means you won’t have to wait around for your coffee to brew, and every cup will be piping hot and flavorful.


The BUNN 13300.0001 VP17-1SS Pourover Coffee Brewer is not a pressure-based espresso machine. It uses a simple gravity-fed pourover design.

Spray Head Design:

The BUNN VP17-1 features a unique spray head design that ensures even water distribution over your coffee grounds. This showerhead-like mechanism evenly saturates the grounds, promoting optimal extraction of flavors and aromas. The result is a well-balanced and flavorful cup of coffee with every brew.

SplashGard Funnel:

Safety is a priority with the BUNN VP17-1. The innovative SplashGard funnel is designed to deflect hot liquids away from your hand during the brewing process. This thoughtful feature ensures that you can brew coffee without the risk of accidental burns, making it a safer choice for both home and commercial use.

Simple Pour-Over Operation:

The BUNN VP17-1 embraces the art of pour-over coffee brewing while keeping things incredibly simple. There are no complicated buttons, settings, or programming to worry about. Simply pour cold, filtered water into the top reservoir, and the machine does the rest. The internal tank maintains the water at the ideal brewing temperature, ensuring consistent results every time. This streamlined process makes it perfect for anyone who wants delicious coffee without the fuss.

 BUNN 13300.0001 VP17-1SS Pourover Coffee Brewer

Internal Hot Water Tank:

Unlike traditional coffee makers that heat water on demand, the BUNN VP17-1 features an internal hot water tank. This tank keeps a reservoir of water at the perfect brewing temperature, ready to be dispensed as soon as you pour in fresh water. This eliminates the waiting time for heating, allowing you to brew cup after cup without delay. The tank is also well-insulated, helping to maintain the temperature even when the machine is not actively brewing.

1 Warmer Plate:

The BUNN VP17-1 comes equipped with a single warmer plate designed to keep a full carafe of coffee hot and ready to serve. This is especially useful in busy settings where you need to brew multiple batches or keep coffee warm for extended periods. The warmer plate is conveniently located at the base of the machine, making it easy to access and place your carafe. While simple in design, it effectively maintains the coffee’s temperature without scorching or altering the flavor.


The durable stainless steel construction and industrial style reflect the quality and simplicity valued by Bunn. The portable, pour-over design provides an innovative brewing solution requiring no fixed plumbing.

Additional Features

The BUNN 13300.0001 VP17-1SS Pourover Coffee Brewer focuses on flawless basics rather than superfluous functions. It lacks bells and whistles like a programmable timer.


The stainless steel body cleans up easily by wiping down. Internal components should be de-scaled regularly. All parts are dishwasher safe for convenience.


The brewing operation generates some noise similar to a single-serve brewer, but not overly intrusive. The periodic heating element activation produces minimal hum.


The commercial-grade metal housing contains no plastic parts in contact with hot water. The ventilation prevents temperature build-up. It meets North American electrical standards.


Its 120V 1600W power draw enables fast heating. The 30 inch cord length provides flexibility in placement while avoiding cumbersome excess cord.


Aside from occasional descaling, the durable construction requires little maintenance. Unlike most consumer machines, it’s built to last decades with minimal upkeep required.

 BUNN 13300.0001 VP17-1SS Pourover Coffee Brewer


BUNN is a trusted American brand that has been making quality commercial coffee equipment since 1957. Their dedication to simple, durable machines makes them a leader in the restaurant and cafe coffee industry. The VP17-1 brings their commercial expertise into the home kitchen.

Suitable Use Cases:

The BUNN 13300.0001 VP17-1SS Pourover Coffee Brewer is ideal for use in busy settings that require brewing large volumes of coffee quickly and consistently, such as:

  • Restaurants and diners
  • Cafes and coffee shops
  • Office or church kitchens
  • Community centers
  • Family homes with high coffee consumption

User Feedback Analysis:

Overall, customer reviews for the BUNN VP17-1 are very positive. Many users rave about its commercial-grade durability, simple operation, and reliably delicious coffee.

The most commonly praised features include:

  • Durable stainless steel construction - Users say the metal housing feels indestructible and built to last decades of daily use. They love that it lacks plastic parts prone to breaking.

  • Fast brew speed - Owners are impressed by how quickly it brews each batch. They appreciate not having to wait for it to heat up. It provides coffee on demand.

  • Great tasting coffee - Users say it brews flavorful coffee equal to or better than high-end consumer models. The optimal water temperature extracts maximum flavor.

  • Simple pourover function - Owners love the straightforward, no-frills pourover operation. It makes brewing easy with no complex programming.

  • Commercial-grade quality - Reviewers say it equals the performance and durability of Bunn models used in restaurants and cafes. They are amazed by its ruggedness.

Less common complaints mention:

  • Lack of a power switch - Some users find it inconvenient to unplug the unit when not in use since it lacks an on/off switch.

  • Excessive warming plate heat - A few owners warn the non-adjustable hot plate can burn coffee if left on too long unattended.

  • Large footprint - Its substantial size may overwhelm some kitchens. The tall height requires checking cabinet clearances.

  • No automatic features - Users wanting programmable timers or other “smart” functions won’t find them on this simplified brewer.

However, most agree the VP17-1’s minor flaws are outweighed by its phenomenal performance and extreme durability. Owners say any shortcomings are a reasonable trade-off for a coffeemaker built to last a lifetime.


  • Durable stainless steel build
  • Fast 3.8 gallon/hour brew speed
  • Great for high volume coffee demands
  • Simple, reliable pourover operation
  • Makes coffee with superb full flavor
  • Keeps water hot for quick brewing anytime
  • 1 warming plate keeps pots ready for serving
  • Easy to use with no complex programming


  • Lacks power switch
  • Large size requires counter space
  • Warming plate gets excessively hot
  • Requires separate purchase of decanter
  • Higher price than typical consumer models


Despite the higher price point, the VP17-1’s commercial-grade durability and performance make it worthwhile for serious coffee lovers and busy households. With reliability that lasts decades rather than a few years like typical consumer brands, the VP17-1 may be the last coffee maker you ever have to buy. Its quality and simplicity justify the investment for those wanting cafe-caliber coffee every morning.


With fast brew speeds, durability, and fuss-free functionality, the BUNN VP17-1 Coffee Brewer delivers on diner-style performance. Its commercial credentials promise cafe-quality coffee and long-lasting dependability. For those craving an indestructible stainless steel coffee maker that produces batch after batch of delicious coffee, the VP17-1 is sure to satisfy.


  • Capacity: 3.8 gallons/hour
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 17.7 x 8 x 17.8 inches
  • Weight: 24 pounds
  • Wattage: 1600 watts
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Brewer Type: Pourover

Box Includes:

  • VP17-1 Coffee Brewer
  • Funnel
  • Coffee Filters
  • Water Pitcher