Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker: A Refreshing Way to Start Your Day

Published on Jan. 8, 2024, 3:50 p.m.

For iced coffee lovers, there’s nothing better than starting your day with a refreshing cold brew. But stopping by the coffee shop every morning can get expensive. That’s where the Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker comes in. This clever machine allows you to quickly and easily brew delicious iced coffee at home, giving you that cold caffeine fix for a fraction of the cost.


The Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker (model BVMC-ICMBL-AM) delivers bold, flavorful iced coffee in minutes. Its simple measuring system ensures the perfect ratio of hot concentrated coffee dripped over ice, so your drink is never watered down. Just add water and grounds, fill the tumbler with ice, and you’ll have refreshing iced coffee ready in no time.

 Mr. Coffee BVMC-ICMBL-AM Iced Coffee Maker


  • Makes refreshing iced coffee at home in minutes
  • Brews bold, concentrated coffee dripped over ice
  • Includes tumbler, scoop, and reusable filter
  • Simple measuring system for perfect flavor
  • Adjustable brew settings to customize strength
  • Convenient for iced coffee anytime

Design - Compact and Portable

With its plastic construction, the Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker has a lightweight and compact design. It takes up minimal counter space with dimensions of just 11.4 x 7.3 x 14.5 inches. The included reusable tumbler fits perfectly under the dispenser and has a travel lid and straw so you can take your iced coffee on the go. The simple button controls add to the streamlined look.

Ease of Use - Quick and Automated

Brewing a batch of iced coffee takes less than 4 minutes with the Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker. Just add water and grounds, fill the tumbler with ice, and press start. The flow rate is adjustable to customize brew times. The automated process does all the work for you with no complicated steps.
 Mr. Coffee BVMC-ICMBL-AM Iced Coffee Maker

Brew Type - Drip Coffee

This Mr. Coffee BVMC-ICMBL-AM Iced Coffee Maker uses a drip brewing method to produce smooth, full-flavored iced coffee. Grounds are placed in a reusable filter basket while hot water passes over them into the tumbler. It does not support K-cups or other pod brewing.

Coffee Types - Robust Bold Brews

The hot concentrated drip of the Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker delivers robust, bold tasting coffee that’s never watered down. It’s great for making intensely flavored iced coffee. The cold brew helps bring out notes like chocolate and caramel. Not ideal for delicate or lightly flavored hot coffees.

Coffee Quality - Smooth and Rich

Users praise the smooth, rich taste produced by the Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker. The coffee comes out a dark brown with a robust, non-bitter flavor. The cold brewing helps reduce acidity for an ultra-smooth iced coffee.

One-Button Operation

The Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker is incredibly easy to use, thanks to its one-button operation. Simply fill the reservoir with water, add coffee grounds to the filter, fill the tumbler with ice, and press the start button. The machine takes care of the rest, brewing your iced coffee automatically. This simplicity makes it a great option for those who want a hassle-free way to enjoy their favorite beverage.

Brews in Under 4 Minutes

One of the standout features of the Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker is its speed. Unlike traditional methods where you brew hot coffee and then have to wait for it to chill in the refrigerator, this machine brews directly over ice. This innovative RapidChill brewing process allows you to enjoy a refreshing iced coffee in under 4 minutes. It’s perfect for those mornings when you’re short on time but still crave that caffeine kick.

Simple Measuring System

The Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker takes the guesswork out of brewing the perfect iced coffee. It features a simple measuring system with clearly marked lines on the tumbler, indicating the precise amount of water and coffee grounds needed. The included scoop ensures you use the correct amount of coffee every time. This eliminates the need for complicated measurements and ensures a consistently delicious iced coffee with the ideal coffee-to-water ratio.

Temperature Control - Preset Heating

An internal heating system quickly brings the water to the optimal 200°F brewing temperature. There are no adjustable temperature controls on this model.

Brewing Pressure - Standard Gravity Drip

The Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker uses a standard low-pressure drip brewing method rather than high-pressure extraction for a smooth flavor.

Reusable Coffee Filter

With the Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker, you can say goodbye to wasteful paper filters. The machine comes with a reusable coffee filter that’s easy to clean and use. Not only is this better for the environment, but it also saves you money in the long run as you won’t need to constantly purchase paper filters.

22-Ounce Tumbler with Lid and Straw

The Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker includes a generous 22-ounce BPA-free Tritan tumbler with a lid and straw. This allows you to brew a large amount of iced coffee and take it with you wherever you go. The tumbler is designed to fit perfectly under the brewer, catching every drop of your delicious iced coffee. The secure lid and reusable straw make it easy to enjoy your drink on the go without worrying about spills.

Water Tank - Single Serve

There is no large refillable water tank. You simply add enough water for each brew using the tumbler markings as a guide. This is a single serve machine.

Innovative Features - Brews Over Ice

The unique tumbler designed to brew hot coffee directly over ice for chilled flavor is the standout innovation of this machine. Most drip coffee makers require cooling the brewed coffee afterward.

Additional Features - Adjustable Drip Rate

A switch on the front controls the coffee dispensing rate - fast for stronger coffee or slow for a mellower brew. No other special features like a programmable timer are included.

Dishwasher-Safe Components

The Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker is designed with convenience in mind. The tumbler, lid, and filter basket are all dishwasher-safe, making cleanup a breeze. Simply rinse the components after brewing and place them on the top rack of your dishwasher for a thorough clean. This saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on enjoying your delicious iced coffee.

Cleaning - Removable Parts

Users note the machine is easy to clean by hand with removable parts like the filter basket and tumbler. The plastic construction is durable enough for dishwasher cleaning on the top rack.

Noise - Average Brewing Sounds

The Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker produces a humming sound during the brew cycle, similar to other drip coffee machines. It’s not overly loud or disruptive.

Safety - BPA Free Materials

All parts are constructed from BPA-free plastic for safe use with foods. The machine meets electrical safety standards. An automatic shutoff prevents overflow.

Power - Short Cord

It has a relatively short 26 inch power cord. The 360 watt power consumption is typical of small appliances. No battery operation.

Maintenance and Cost - Occasional Cleaning

Besides occasional rinses and wipe downs, the only maintenance required is cleaning the reusable filter about once a month. No need for paper filters or other supplies. This makes it very affordable to use long-term.

Brand - Trusted Name

Mr. Coffee is one of the most recognizable and trusted brands in coffee makers, with over 50 years of experience making high-quality, affordable machines for home use. This reputation inspires confidence in the brand.

Perfect for Home, Office, or Travel Use

The Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker isn’t just for home use. Its compact size and included travel lid and straw make it perfect for taking to the office or on the go. Enjoy a refreshing iced coffee at your desk, on your commute, or while traveling. The machine is also easy to clean, making it a practical choice for any environment.

User Feedback Analysis

With over 9,800 customer reviews on Amazon, the Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker has garnered ample feedback from real-world users. The average rating stands at an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction overall.

The vast majority of reviews praise the convenience and customization of the machine. Users love being able to brew fresh iced coffee anytime without having to wait for hot coffee to cool or make time-consuming cold brew. The adjustable brew settings allow customizing strength and flavor precisely to individual tastes. Many call it the perfect solution for iced coffee lovers who want to save money by making it at home versus buying out daily.

When it comes to performance, users say the Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker brews smooth, robust flavored coffee that’s never watered down over ice. They note the flavor is on par with high-end coffee shops. The fast brew time of under 4 minutes earns positive feedback for delivering iced coffee in minutes versus hours.

The simple measuring scoop and clear markings on the tumbler make it easy for users to nail the ideal coffee grounds to water ratio for consistent results. Many reviewers comment on the machine being very straightforward to operate with no complicated programming. The ease of cleaning up by hand or in the dishwasher also receives praise.

In terms of downsides, some users feel the plastic construction makes the machine feel flimsy and lightweight. A few note issues with durability after prolonged heavy use. Some wish the cord was longer for more flexibility in placement. A number of users say the slowest drip rate setting could be slower for maximizing flavor.

Considering its affordable price point and performance producing smooth, delicious iced coffee drinks, the vast majority of feedback indicates the Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker is a great value purchase. For iced coffee devotees, it earns high marks as a convenient single serve solution for daily cold coffee cravings.


  • Fast brew time
  • Great iced coffee flavor
  • Reusable tumbler included
  • Affordable price
  • Small footprint saves counter space
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Lightweight/not very sturdy feel
  • May malfunction over time with heavy use
  • Slow drip rate


With the ability to make delicious iced coffee at a fraction of coffee shop prices, the Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker provides excellent value for money based on its performance and convenient features. It pays for itself very quickly compared to the daily cost of purchased iced coffee.


The Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker is a convenient and affordable way to enjoy delicious iced coffee at home or on the go. Its innovative features, ease of use, and compact design make it a valuable addition to any coffee lover’s kitchen. While it has some minor drawbacks, such as its plastic construction and limited drip rate settings, its overall performance and value for money make it a worthy investment.

Future Improvements

While the Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker is a great product, there’s always room for improvement. Future iterations of the machine could benefit from a more durable construction, additional drip rate settings, and perhaps even a larger tumbler for those who crave an extra-large iced coffee. Despite these potential enhancements, the current model remains an excellent choice for anyone looking to make delicious iced coffee at home without breaking the bank.


  • Brand: Mr. Coffee
  • Model Number: BVMC-ICMBL-AM
  • Dimensions: 11.4 x 7.3 x 14.5 inches
  • Weight: 3.85 lbs
  • Material: Plastic
  • Power: 3.85 watts
  • Capacity: 1.4 lbs
  • Brewer Type: Drip coffee machine
  • Special Features: Programmable
  • Controls: Button interface
  • Tumbler Capacity: Unknown
  • Filter: Reusable filter included

Box Contains

The Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker box includes:

  • Iced coffee brewer machine
  • Reusable plastic tumbler
  • Lid and straw for tumbler
  • Measuring scoop
  • Reusable coffee filter
  • Instruction manual