AGOGO PCM1901 Pour Over Coffeemaker Set Classic Series with Filter 8 Cups: An Easy-Brew, Easy-Clean Option

Published on Feb. 28, 2024, 8:26 a.m.

Pour over coffee is making its way into more and more homes as folks look for a more hands-on, purer brewing experience than drip machines can offer. Today we’re looking at the AGOGO PCM1901 Glass Pour Over Coffeemaker from their Classic series, an 8 cup carafe that promises quality manual brewing.


The AGOGO PCM1901 is a glass pour over coffeemaker with an 8 cup/28 oz capacity, part of AGOGO’s Classic series of manual brewers. It uses thick 3.3mm borosilicate glass that won’t absorb odors or chemical residues. The stainless steel filter means you don’t have to buy paper filters. The elegant design is simple and easy to use.

The Science of Pour-Over Brewing

Pour-over brewing allows for precise control over the brewing time and temperature, factors critical to extracting the coffee’s full spectrum of flavors and aromas. By manually pouring water over the grounds, users can ensure even saturation, promoting optimal extraction and a more balanced and nuanced cup of coffee.

 AGOGO PCM1901 Pour Over Coffeemaker


  • 8 cup capacity
  • Made with thick 3.3mm borosilicate glass
  • Built-in stainless steel filter
  • Wood neck with leather tie
  • Sleek and minimalist design

 AGOGO PCM1901 Pour Over Coffeemaker

Ease of Use

The AGOGO PCM1901 offers effortless manual brewing. Simply add grounds to the filter, slowly pour hot water in a circular motion, and let gravity do the work. The entire process takes 2-4 minutes for a smooth, flavorful cup. The flow control from the stainless steel filter means you can modulate brew times. No electronics or complicated steps - just hot water and fresh grounds for fuss-free brewing.

Coffee Types

The AGOGO is ideal for brewing medium to light roasted single origin beans to highlight subtle flavors and aromas. The thick borosilicate glass and stainless filter accentuate clarity and brightness. It excels at crisply brewed lighter roasts, but can produce quality pots from any bean.
 AGOGO PCM1901 Pour Over Coffeemaker


The 3.3mm borosilicate glass is odor-resistant and durable, contributing clean flavor. The finely woven 304 stainless steel filter offers effective filtration without imparting metallic taste. Durable materials ensure consistency and purity of flavor.

Environmental Impact of Stainless Steel Filters

Using a stainless steel filter, as with the AGOGO PCM1901, not only enhances the coffee’s flavor by allowing more oils to pass through but also significantly reduces waste. Unlike paper filters, which contribute to deforestation and waste, stainless steel filters are reusable and sustainable, aligning with eco-conscious brewing practices.

 AGOGO PCM1901 Pour Over Coffeemaker


The hourglass shape facilitates even water distribution and extraction. The wide base provides stability while the narrow top concentrates aromas. The cone shape and open filter also accelerate draining. The 8 cup capacity prepares enough for 1-2 drinkers.

Filter Pores

The stainless filter has a moderately fine pore size that effectively contains grounds while not slowing water flow. The even pore distribution ensures uniform extraction.

Easy to Clean

The glass carafe and detachable stainless filter are simple to hand wash with minimal soap and water. The materials resist buildup or staining. Quick rinses keep the AGOGO ready for its next use.


The sturdy borosilicate glass and stainless filter stand up well to regular use without cracking or corroding. With proper care, the AGOGO should provide years of reliable service.


The built-in stainless filter eliminates wasteful paper filters for convenience and sustainability. The combination of odor-resistant glass and metal filter also optimizes flavor.


No paper filters or other consumables needed. Just the occasional brushing keeps the filter unclogged. The simple manual design limits potential repairs.
 AGOGO PCM1901 Pour Over Coffeemaker

Value Added

The steel filter provides value by reducing ongoing costs and environmental impact. The elegant design and quality craftsmanship also offer intangible value beyond basic function.

Brand & History

AGOGO is a 21st century kitchenware brand focused on simplified elegance. Their Classic brewers like the PCM1901 accumulate rave reviews through thoughtful design paired with essential functionality.

 AGOGO PCM1901 Pour Over Coffeemaker

Usage Scenarios

The AGOGO PCM1901 pour over coffeemaker is perfect for:

  • Morning coffee at home - brew a fresh pot to jumpstart your day
  • Afternoon pick-me-up - make a smooth, mellow afternoon cuppa
  • Deskside brewing at the office - enjoy pour over coffee without leaving your desk
  • Camping trips and outdoor adventures - easily brew coffee at your campsite
  • Road trips - pack it in your car and make coffee anywhere, anytime

User Feedback

The overwhelming majority of reviews for the AGOGO PCM1901 are positive, citing the simplicity of use, quality of materials, and value for money as major benefits.

In terms of ease of use, users find the process of manual pour over effortless and approachable with this product. The flow control enabled by the stainless steel filter allows modulating brew times and extraction. Cleaning is straightforward by simply rinsing or brushing the glass and filter.

On build quality, users mention the thick borosilicate glass feeling sturdy and durable with proper care. The steel filter also receives praise for being clog-resistant and long-lasting. Some do wish the glass was a bit thicker, but overall consider it satisfactory.

Regarding value, the affordable price paired with quality construction makes this a top choice for frugal coffee enthusiasts wanting great-tasting pour over without breaking the bank.

Possible downsides noted include fragility of the glass, occasional filter clogs, and a smaller batch size. However, these seem to be minor drawbacks for most reviewers compared to the overall functionality.

In summary, the vast majority of users find the AGOGO PCM1901 to be an easy to use, well-constructed, and economical pour over coffeemaker that makes deliciously smooth coffee. Users highlight the straightforward manual brewing, durable materials given the low price point, and paperless convenience as major assets. While no product is perfect, the PCM1901 exceeds expectations for what most reviewers expect at this price level. For shoppers seeking an unfussy but quality entry-level pour over, the AGOGO comes highly recommended by owners.


  • Durable borosilicate glass
  • Built-in stainless steel filter
  • Sleek, elegant design
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Great value for money


  • Glass may seem thin to some users
  • Filter needs regular cleaning
  • Possible filter clogs reported


With its quality borosilicate glass construction and effective stainless steel filter, the AGOGO PCM1901 offers tremendous value for money. At under $30, it’s a fraction of the cost of comparable pour over coffeemakers, while delivering an excellent brewing experience. The elegant design and ease of use add to the outstanding value. It’s an affordable yet quality choice for pour over enthusiasts.


With outstanding value, sleek glass construction, and easy use, the PCM1901 is a budget-friendly pour over coffeemaker. The built-in stainless filter prevents buying paper filters. An excellent economical choice for pour over fans - definitely worth considering!

Box Contains

  • 1 x AGOGO PCM1901 Glass Pour Over Coffeemaker
  • 1 x Stainless steel filter
  • 1 x Wood collar with leather tie
  • 1 x Cleaning brush


  • Capacity: 8 cups / 28 oz
  • Material: Borosilicate glass
  • Glass thickness: 3.3mm
  • Filter material: 304 stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 6” diameter x 9.4” height
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Operation: Manual
  • Special features: N/A
  • Manufacturer: AGOGO
  • Country of origin: China
  • Model number: PCM1901
  • First available: June 18, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the AGOGO PCM1901 Pour Over Coffeemaker Set ensure flavor preservation in coffee brewing?

The AGOGO PCM1901 Pour Over Coffeemaker Set is designed with a 3.3mm thickness non-porous borosilicate glass that does not absorb odors or chemical residues, ensuring that the coffee flavor is pure and unaffected by external factors. This material choice is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the coffee’s taste.

What makes the AGOGO PCM1901 unique in terms of ease of use and cleaning?

The elegance and simplicity of the AGOGO PCM1901’s design facilitate easy usage and cleaning. The coffeemaker comes with a wood neck drip pot, a stainless steel filter, a brush, and cleaning rags, negating the need for additional filters. Its design allows for straightforward dismantling and cleaning, ensuring users can maintain the coffeemaker without hassle.

Can the AGOGO PCM1901 Coffeemaker handle temperature variations, such as reheating or chilling?

Yes, the AGOGO PCM1901 Pour Over Coffeemaker is capable of being chilled and reheated without compromising the drink’s taste or the integrity of the glass. This flexibility allows users to enjoy their coffee at various temperatures while retaining the original flavor profile.

Is the AGOGO PCM1901 Coffeemaker eco-friendly in terms of filter usage?

Absolutely. The coffeemaker includes a stainless steel filter, eliminating the need for disposable paper filters. This not only reduces waste but also ensures a richer coffee flavor as the oils and aromatics from the coffee grounds are not absorbed by paper but pass directly into the brew.

What are the capacity options for the AGOGO PCM1901 Coffeemaker, and how do they cater to different user needs?

The AGOGO PCM1901 is available in several sizes, including 6 Cup/20 oz, 8 Cup/28 oz, and 10 Cup/34 oz variants, catering to various user needs. Whether you’re making coffee for one or serving a small group, there’s a size option that fits the bill, providing flexibility in coffee brewing quantities.


  • Cleaning: To maintain the AGOGO PCM1901’s optimal performance and longevity, clean it immediately after each use. This prevents residual stains and preserves the glass’s clarity and taste neutrality.

  • Brewing: Experiment with different grind sizes and pouring techniques to find your preferred coffee strength and flavor profile. The manual nature of the AGOGO PCM1901 allows for customization in brewing, catering to individual tastes.

  • Filter Care: Regularly clean the stainless steel filter to ensure it remains unclogged and efficient. While the filter is designed to last, proper maintenance will extend its life and maintain coffee quality.

  • Temperature Management: Utilize the coffeemaker’s ability to withstand temperature variations by experimenting with hot and cold brews. The borosilicate glass can handle these changes, offering versatility in coffee preparation.

  • Aesthetics: The elegant design of the AGOGO PCM1901 not only serves a functional purpose but also adds a touch of style to your kitchen or coffee brewing space. Display it proudly as a part of your coffee ritual.

By addressing these FAQs and providing tips, potential users and coffee aficionados can gain a comprehensive understanding of the AGOGO PCM1901 Pour Over Coffeemaker Set’s features, benefits, and usage recommendations, ensuring a superior coffee brewing experience.