SHARDOR CM1429TD-UL Programmable Coffee Maker: A Must-Have for Coffee Lovers

Published on Aug. 15, 2023, 2:24 p.m.

Elevate Your Coffee Experience: The SHARDOR CM1429TD-UL Programmable Coffee Maker

A cup of aromatic coffee in the morning not only awakens the body but also uplifts the mood for the entire day. Owning a powerful and user-friendly coffee maker is undoubtedly the key to starting a beautiful day. The SHARDOR CM1429TD-UL Programmable Coffee Maker is designed precisely for this purpose.

This coffee maker seamlessly blends modern technology with traditional coffee culture, offering users a brand-new coffee experience through its powerful functions and user-centric design. Whether it’s for an invigorating morning boost or a relaxing afternoon break, the SHARDOR CM1429TD-UL can serve you a cup of coffee with the perfect temperature and rich flavor.

 SHARDOR CM1429TD-UL Programmable Coffee Maker with 10-Cup Thermal Carafe


The SHARDOR CM1429TD-UL Programmable Coffee Maker is a versatile and modern drip coffee machine that features programmable capabilities, allowing users to easily set start times for automatic brewing. Additionally, its adjustable settings are highly user-friendly, offering choices in coffee strength to ensure a personalized coffee experience every time.

The SHARDOR CM1429TD-UL Programmable Coffee Maker has a gorgeous stainless steel and black exterior that looks great on any kitchen countertop. The touchscreen display with digital clock is easy to read and operate. Programming brew times, adjusting strength, and starting the brewing process can all be done with just a few finger taps.

The SHARDOR CM1429TD-UL Programmable Coffee Maker has a 10-cup double walled stainless steel thermal carafe. The vacuum sealed carafe has a wide mouth for easy cleaning and pouring. It keeps coffee piping hot for hours after brewing.


  • Touchscreen display: Intuitive controls for programming, strength adjustment, clock, and brewing.
  • 24-hour programmable brewing: Schedule auto-brew up to 24 hours in advance.
  • Adjustable brew strength: Select regular or bold flavor intensity.
  • Thermal carafe: Vacuum sealed stainless steel carafe keeps coffee hot for hours.
  • Pause & serve: Stops flow temporarily for mid-brew pouring.
  • Permanent filter: Reusable filter for convenience and cost savings.

The History of Coffee and Coffee Makers

Coffee, one of the world’s most beloved beverages, traces its history back to 9th century Ethiopia. However, the invention of the coffee maker didn’t happen until the 19th century. In 1822, Frenchman Louis Bernard invented the first coffee maker, but it didn’t gain widespread popularity. It wasn’t until 1901, when Italian Luigi Bezzera invented the first commercial steam pressure coffee maker, that the new era of coffee machines truly began.

With the advancement of technology, coffee makers have continued to evolve, from the initial steam pressure type to the current drip, capsule, and other various types. The SHARDOR CM1429TD-UL Programmable Coffee Maker stands out in this evolutionary process. It not only inherits the essence of traditional coffee makers but also incorporates modern technological innovations, providing coffee enthusiasts with a more convenient and intelligent coffee experience.

 SHARDOR CM1429TD-UL Programmable Coffee Maker

Design & Build Quality

The SHARDOR CM1429TD-UL Programmable Coffee Maker features metal housing and high-quality plastics that feel sturdy and durable. The touchscreen, while not as premium as a smartphone, is responsive and intuitive. The stainless steel carafe has an insulated double wall that maintains heat effectively. Overall build quality seems reliable for daily use and normal wear and tear.

Material and Capacity

The SHARDOR CM1429TD-UL Programmable Coffee Maker is built with high-quality stainless steel and black plastic, which not only gives it a stylish appearance but also ensures durability. Its 8-cup capacity is ideal for everyday home use and meets the needs of a small office. Additionally, the use of stainless steel not only enhances the look but also aids in heat retention, ensuring that coffee maintains an optimal temperature.

Touchscreen Technology in Home Appliances

The integration of touchscreen technology in home appliances, like the SHARDOR coffee maker, signifies a shift towards more interactive and user-friendly devices. This technology not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also simplifies the operation, allowing users to access features with just a tap. The inclusion of a touchscreen in this coffee maker underscores its modernity and user-centric design.

Ease of Use

With just a few taps on the screen, users can program brew times, select regular or bold strength, and start the brewing process. The well-designed touchscreen interface and clearly labeled buttons make the coffee maker very intuitive and easy to operate. Additionally, the touchscreen panel is easy to clean, requiring just a simple wipe to maintain its cleanliness, which is another advantage of touchscreen technology.

How to Brew a Great Cup of Coffee

Brewing an excellent cup of coffee is not just about the choice of coffee maker. The following key points are crucial for improving coffee quality:
- Choice of Coffee Beans: Freshly roasted coffee beans bring the best flavor. Choose high-quality beans and pay attention to the expiration date.
- Correct Grinding: Different brewing methods require different grind sizes. For drip coffee makers, a medium grind is usually recommended.
- Use Pure Water: The quality of water greatly affects the taste of coffee. Using filtered or bottled water can avoid impurities in the water affecting the taste of the coffee.
- Right Ratio: A general recommendation is a 1:15 coffee-to-water ratio, but you can adjust according to your taste preferences.
- Keep Your Coffee Maker Clean: Regularly cleaning your coffee maker ensures that no residues affect the taste of your coffee.

Coffee Taste

The SHARDOR CM1429TD-UL coffee maker quickly brews a high-quality pot of drip coffee. Regular brews come out well-balanced, while the bold setting produces a stronger, richer coffee. The permanent filter allows all the coffee oils and subtle flavors to come through, resulting in a more full-bodied coffee experience.

How It Works

The SHARDOR CM1429TD-UL coffee maker operates on a relatively simple principle. First, water is added to the reservoir, and coffee grounds are placed in the filter. When the “Start” button is pressed, the coffee maker heats the water in the reservoir. Once the water reaches the ideal temperature, hot water is showered over the coffee grounds through a spray head. The coffee grounds absorb the hot water, and the coffee liquid slowly drips into the carafe. The coffee maker also has a keep-warm function to maintain the coffee’s temperature after brewing.

How Different Coffee Brewing Methods Affect Flavor

Different coffee brewing methods have a significant impact on the flavor of coffee. For instance, espresso is rich in aroma and taste due to its high-pressure extraction process; French press coffee retains more coffee oils, offering a richer texture. A drip coffee machine like the SHARDOR CM1429TD-UL Programmable Coffee Maker, with its precise control over water temperature and brewing time, can extract the delicate flavors of coffee, maintaining its complexity while adding smoothness.

Brew Performance

The SHARDOR CM1429TD-UL Programmable Coffee Maker quickly brews a high-quality pot of drip coffee. Regular brews come out well-balanced while the bold setting produces a stronger, richer coffee. The thermal carafe does an impressive job keeping 10 cups of coffee hot - even after a few hours, coffee is still pleasantly warm with good flavor. The permanent filter allows all the coffee oils and subtle flavors to come through.

Thermal Performance

The SHARDOR CM1429TD-UL Programmable Coffee Maker utilizes advanced thermal retention technology to maintain coffee at the ideal temperature range of 176°F to 185°F, ensuring every cup stays hot and flavorful. This temperature control capability is a key feature that sets it apart from other coffee makers and is crucial for ensuring coffee quality.

Thermal Retention Technology

The SHARDOR coffee maker employs advanced thermal retention technology, featuring a double-walled stainless steel carafe and vacuum insulation. This design effectively maintains the coffee’s temperature for several hours without using additional energy, ensuring your last cup is just as hot as the first. Understanding this technology helps highlight the product’s commitment to energy efficiency and sustained quality.

Excellent Heat Retention

The SHARDOR CM1429TD-UL coffee maker utilizes double-walled stainless steel and vacuum insulation technology to effectively maintain coffee temperature for extended periods. Even after several hours, the coffee remains warm and flavorful. This means you can brew a pot of coffee in the morning and enjoy it throughout the day without worrying about it getting cold.

Quiet Operation

Users commented that the SHARDOR CM1429TD-UL Programmable Coffee Maker brews quietly without excessive drips, gurgles or other disruptive noises. This makes it great for early morning coffee without waking the household. The brew cycle produces normal sounds you’d expect from a drip coffee machine, but nothing obnoxious or loud.

More Features

The SHARDOR CM1429TD-UL coffee maker offers more than just a touchscreen:

  • Adjustable Brew Strength: Users can choose between regular or bold coffee according to their taste preferences.
  • Thermal Carafe: The vacuum-sealed stainless steel carafe keeps coffee hot for extended periods, allowing you to enjoy hot coffee whenever you want.
  • Pause and Serve Function: You can pause the brewing process at any time to pour a cup of coffee without worrying about spills or messes.
  • Permanent Filter: The reusable filter is both convenient and environmentally friendly, eliminating the need for paper filters.
  • Auto Shut-Off Function: The coffee maker automatically shuts off after brewing, ensuring safety and energy efficiency.

Noise Level

The SHARDOR CM1429TD-UL Programmable Coffee Maker operates at less than 60dB, making it quieter than many drip coffee machines. The brewing process itself is relatively unobtrusive.


It has a 900 watt power rating and uses a standard 120V electrical outlet. There is no battery or portable operation.

 SHARDOR CM1429TD-UL Programmable Coffee Maker

Easy to Clean

Reviewers found the SHARDOR CM1429TD-UL Programmable Coffee Maker very easy to clean thanks to the removable, dishwasher-safe parts. The stainless steel construction makes it durable and stain-resistant. The lack of paper filters also cuts down on mess and waste. A quick wipe down of the thermal carafe and control panel is all that’s needed to keep it looking new.

Who It’s For

The SHARDOR CM1429TD-UL Programmable Coffee Maker is ideal for anyone seeking a programmable thermal carafe coffee maker with modern conveniences at an affordable price point. It’s perfect for households that go through several pots of coffee per day. The combination of thermal carafe and programmable timer ensures you always have hot, fresh coffee ready when you want it. It makes an excellent housewarming or wedding gift.

User Feedback Analysis

With over 450 customer ratings on Amazon, the SHARDOR CM1429TD-UL Programmable Coffee Maker has plenty of user feedback to analyze. The average rating stands at a solid 4.4 out of 5 stars, indicating most customers are highly satisfied with their purchase.

Digging into the written reviews, there are a few common pros and cons mentioned repeatedly. Starting with the positives, a frequent compliment is the machine’s intuitive touchscreen interface. Customers describe it as “easy to use,” “user-friendly,” and “high-tech looking but simple to operate.”

Many also specifically praise the 24-hour programmable function for allowing them to wake up to freshly brewed coffee. Comments like “love having hot coffee waiting for me when I get up” and “the auto-brew is a game changer” showcase the appeal of this handy feature.

When it comes to brew performance, users say the SHARDOR makes “strong, flavorful coffee” that stays piping hot thanks to the well-insulated, vacuum-sealed thermal carafe. The strength adjustment feature earns kudos for allowing customization of each batch.

In terms of downsides, the most common complaint regards the carafe dripping while pouring, making it a bit messy. Some note that the opening of the carafe should be redesigned to prevent splashing and leakage.

A few customers also report minor issues with the touchscreen responsiveness, though not to the extent of being highly bothersome. Suggestions for improvement include increasing the touch sensitivity and processing speed.

Overall though, the vast majority of reviews indicate users are thrilled with the SHARDOR’s brew quality, ease of use, and reliability. For an affordable programmable coffee maker, it seems to exceed expectations on core functionality while looking sleek on the counter. Aside from some small tweaks to the carafe and interface, most feel it’s a great value purchase.

Pros and Cons

- User-friendly touchscreen interface
- Customizable brew strength
- Keeps coffee hot for hours
- Programmable up to 24 hours
- Includes a permanent filter

- Carafe may drip while pouring
- Touchscreen could be more responsive

 SHARDOR CM1429TD-UL Programmable Coffee Maker with 10-Cup Thermal Carafe


Considering its features and performance, the SHARDOR CM1429TD-UL Programmable Coffee Maker offers exceptional value for money. Comparable models from leading brands with similar features easily cost over $150. This coffee maker delivers comparable quality and convenient features for under $100. It’s an excellent choice for budget-conscious buyers who still seek the latest innovations like a touchscreen and programmability.


For its affordable price, the SHARDOR CM1429TD-UL Programmable Coffee Maker delivers premium features like a programmable timer, thermal carafe, intuitive touchscreen, and adjustable brew strengths. It produces hot, flavorful pot after pot of drip coffee. The thermal carafe is excellent at maintaining heat and coffee taste. A few small downsides exist, but overall this SHARDOR coffee machine is an impressive value packed with usefulness for any home kitchen.


  • Brew capacity: 10 cups
  • Material: Stainless steel and black plastic
  • Dimensions: 15 x 10.94 x 7.83 inches
  • Weight: 5.85 lbs
  • Power: 900 watts
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Model number: CM1429TD-UL
  • Carafe material: Stainless steel, vacuum insulated
  • Filter type: Reusable permanent filter included
  • Programming: 24-hour

Box Contains

  • SHARDOR CM1429TD-UL coffee maker
  • 10-cup thermal carafe
  • Removable permanent filter
  • User manual