IHOMEKEE CM6822 15 Bar Espresso Coffee Machine: A Budget-Friendly Option for Delicious Espresso at Home

Published on July 16, 2023, 5:45 p.m.

For espresso aficionados who want café-quality drinks at home without breaking the bank, the Ihomekee CM6822 is an ideal choice. This semi-automatic espresso machine delivers authentic espresso flavor and allows you to craft favorites like cappuccinos and lattes. Keep reading this review for an in-depth look at what makes the Ihomekee CM6822 espresso machine a reliable, user-friendly and wallet-friendly option.

Brand Introduction:
Ihomekee is renowned for its commitment to delivering high-quality, affordable coffee machines, offering coffee aficionados the convenience of enjoying barista-level coffee drinks in the comfort of their homes. Their dedication to innovation and quality ensures each espresso machine, including the Ihomekee CM6822, is designed to deliver a superior coffee experience.

Mission Statement:
Ihomekee’s mission is to enhance your coffee experience by providing user-friendly, high-quality coffee machines at an accessible price point. Whether you’re a seasoned barista or a coffee enthusiast exploring espresso art, Ihomekee is dedicated to bringing the richness of authentic coffee into your home.

Ihomekee CM6822 15 bar espresso coffee machine


  • Brand: Ihomekee
  • Model: CM6822
  • Type: Semi-automatic espresso machine
  • Pressure: 15 bars
  • Material: Stainless steel and plastic
  • Dimensions: 12.99” x 14.37” x 7.48”
  • Wattage: 1350W

The Ihomekee CM6822 15 bar espresso coffee machine sports a sleek, contemporary design with stainless steel accents that will look sharp in any kitchen. Its compact footprint doesn’t take up much counter space but still houses handy features like a cup warming tray up top and a removable 1.5 liter water tank.

This Ihomekee CM6822 15 bar espresso coffee machine can brew one or two shots at a time with its adjustable portafilter. The powerful steam wand froths milk quickly for making creamy cappuccinos and lattes. Other highlights include push-button controls, fast heating and dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleanup.

S53Ihomekee CM6822 15 bar espresso coffee machine


  • 15 bar pressure extracts rich espresso flavor
  • Fast heating time allows for quick brewing
  • Removable water tank for easy filling
  • Cup warming tray on top keeps cups hot
  • Steam wand froths milk for cappuccinos and lattes
  • 3-in-1 filter holder for single or double shots
  • Easy to use push button controls


The Ihomekee CM6822 15 bar espresso coffee machine has an elegant yet functional design that looks great in any kitchen. The exterior combines stainless steel panels with black accents for a modern, sophisticated look.

The control panel is cleanly laid out with backlit buttons for the 1-cup and 2-cup espresso pulls, along with the steam wand control. The buttons have a soft touch and click softly when pressed. White indicator lights let you know when the machine is heating up or ready for use.

The steam wand is made of stainless steel and swivels 360 degrees for flexible milk frothing directly into cups or pitchers. It produces hot steam consistently for silky smooth foam.

The portafilter handles have an ergonomic shape and spring-loaded operation for secure locking. The pressurized filter baskets come in single and double shot sizes.

On top, the cup warming tray provides convenient heating for espresso cups or mugs. The removable 57oz water tank allows you to easily fill it at the sink.

At just 12.5” wide, the compact footprint doesn’t hog counter space. The contemporary styling coordinates nicely with a wide range of kitchen decor. Overall, the Ihomekee CM6822 15 bar espresso coffee machine combines attractive aesthetics with thoughtful design details for brewing espresso at home.

 Ihomekee CM6822 15 bar espresso coffee machine

Ease of Use

This Ihomekee CM6822 15 bar espresso coffee machine is very easy to operate. Simply fill the water tank, let it preheat, insert ground coffee into the filter, lock it into the group head, and press the button. The brewing stops automatically when done. The steam wand is easy to use for frothing milk. Cleaning is straightforward by following the included instructions.

Build Quality

The Ihomekee CM6822 15 bar espresso coffee machine has a sleek stainless steel exterior that looks great on any kitchen countertop. The sides are made of plastic which helps keep the price down but feels slightly flimsy. The drip tray and cup warming tray are thin metal. Overall build quality is decent for the price point.

The Importance of 15 Bar Pressure

The 15 bar pressure in espresso machines like Ihomekee CM6822 is crucial for extracting the rich flavors and creating the perfect crema on top of your espresso. It ensures that the water is pushed through the coffee grounds at the right speed, optimizing the extraction of flavors and aromas. This pressure is considered ideal for achieving the golden standard of espresso.

Coffee Quality and Versatility

Reviewers are impressed with the robust espresso and versatile coffee drink preparation capabilities of the IHOMEKEE CM6822. Its ability to deliver rich, crema-topped espresso shots and a variety of milk-based beverages speaks volumes about its performance. While it might not rival commercial machines, it stands out in its category for its consistent shot quality and reliable steaming wand, essential for those who appreciate the subtleties of coffee flavors and textures.

Coffee Making Quality

The Ihomekee CM6822 is praised for its ability to produce rich and aromatic espresso shots, characterized by a robust flavor profile and a smooth, velvety crema. The machine’s 15 bar pressure ensures optimal extraction, which is critical for achieving the depth of flavor and aroma that espresso enthusiasts cherish. Whether you’re crafting a simple espresso or a more complex latte, the CM6822 delivers quality that consistently impresses.

The machine’s versatile steam wand also allows for the creation of a variety of milk-based drinks, providing users with the flexibility to experiment with different coffee recipes. From the dense foam required for a traditional cappuccino to the silky microfoam for a latte, the steam wand caters to a broad range of preferences.

Impact of Coffee Grind Size on Flavor

The grind size of coffee beans significantly impacts the taste of your espresso. A finer grind can lead to over-extraction, giving the coffee a bitter taste, while a coarser grind might result in under-extraction, making the coffee taste weak. Finding the perfect grind size for your Ihomekee CM6822 can dramatically enhance your coffee experience.

Milk Frothing Performance

The steam wand on this IHOMEKEE CM6822 Espresso Machine is quite effective at frothing and steaming milk for cappuccinos or lattes. It may take some practice to master the technique, but once you get it down you can create foamy, lightly textured milk with decent microfoam. The wand is powerful enough to steam milk quickly after pulling your shots.


To keep the Ihomekee CM6822 15 bar espresso coffee machine running in top condition, regular cleaning is a must. The manufacturer recommends flushing the machine with plain water after each use. After cooling, wipe down the exterior with a damp cloth.

For more thorough cleaning, backflush the group head weekly using the included blank filter basket and espresso machine cleaner. De-scale the machine monthly depending on local water hardness. The removable drip tray, water tank, portafilter and steam wand can be hand washed as needed.

Following the cleaning instructions will help prevent scale buildup and keep the machine functioning properly. Takes just a few minutes and ensures you get great tasting coffee every time.

Overall, the Ihomekee CM6822 espresso coffee machine punches above its weight for an affordable home espresso machine. With proper care and maintenance, it can produce cafe-quality espresso for years.

Noise Level

The Ihomekee CM6822 15 bar espresso coffee machine operates at about 70 dB according to the manufacturer. Most users describe it as relatively quiet, especially compared to some louder pump-driven espresso machines. You’ll hear some noise from the brewing process and steam wand, but it shouldn’t be disruptive.


The Ihomekee CM6822 espresso machine uses a 120V, 60Hz power supply and consumes 1350 watts during operation. This wattage provides adequate power for quick heating and espresso extraction.

Ideal Usage Scenarios

The Ihomekee CM6822 espresso machine is perfect for:

  • Espresso lovers who want high-quality drinks at home
  • Those new to making specialty coffee drinks
  • Households that occasionally make espresso-based drinks
  • Smaller kitchens with limited counter space
  • People seeking an affordable, entry-level espresso machine

Ihomekee CM6822 15 bar espresso coffee machine

User Feedback

With 22 customer reviews on Amazon, the Ihomekee CM6822 espresso machine earns a strong overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

The vast majority of users are delighted with the performance and value provided by this budget-friendly espresso machine. They describe it as an ideal entry-level model for those new to home espresso brewing. Many love its fast heat-up time, ability to pull consistent, rich-tasting shots, and quick, thorough milk frothing using the steam wand. The modern, compact styling and push-button controls also receive positive feedback for being user-friendly.

According to users, the Ihomekee CM6822 espresso machine punches above its weight class in terms of brewing authentic, café-quality espresso with thick, long-lasting crema. They note it can craft restaurant-level drinks once you find the right grind size and shot volume. The steam wand in particular draws praise for its power and ease of use when foaming milk for creamy cappuccinos.

When it comes to downsides, a handful of buyers report issues with uneven extraction and coffee splattering. This suggests dialing in the proper grind size and dose is imperative. A few mention plastic parts that feel flimsy or cheap. One user complains about the lack of an automatic milk frothing carafe. Some say the short power cord is inconvenient.

Critical reviewers point out that this affordable machine understandably lacks certain features of pricier models like a double boiler or built-in grinder. However, most agree the Ihomekee CM6822 espresso machine delivers solid performance that belies its budget price tag. For an entry-level, semi-automatic espresso maker, it receives high marks across the board.


  • Affordable price under $100
  • Quick brewing with fast heating
  • Makes cafe-quality espresso drinks
  • Compact size good for small kitchens
  • Modern and stylish look
  • Easy to use and clean
  • 2 year warranty for peace of mind


  • Build quality is average with some plastic parts
  • Accessories like tamper not included
  • Cup warming tray is on the small side
  • Instruction manual missing from box
  • Steam wand could be more powerful


Given its affordable price point, many reviewers find the Ihomekee CM6822 15 bar espresso coffee machine offers impressive value for money. It can deliver quality espresso and milk-based drinks without an expensive price tag. Keep in mind it may lack the premium build quality, performance, and durability of high-end machines. But for beginners on a budget, it’s a solid starter machine that punches above its weight class.

Customization and Smart Features

While the Ihomekee CM6822 may not come with advanced smart features like app connectivity or voice control, its user-friendly design does offer some level of customization. The machine provides users with the flexibility to adjust shot sizes and steam wand pressure, allowing for a personalized coffee experience. These features, coupled with the machine’s consistent performance, make it a standout option for those who value simplicity with a touch of customization in their coffee brewing process.


For its affordable price, the Ihomekee CM6822 15 bar espresso coffee machine punches above its weight in terms of features and performance. While not as well built or versatile as pricier models, it produces delicious espresso drinks and milk froth with ease. The 2 year warranty provides great peace of mind. Overall an excellent entry-level semi-automatic espresso machine.

Final Verdict

The Ihomekee CM6822 stands as a testament to what an affordable espresso machine can achieve. Balancing cost with performance, it offers an inviting entry point for coffee enthusiasts to explore the art of espresso making at home. If you’re seeking a machine that marries simplicity with the ability to produce a range of coffee drinks, the CM6822 is a compelling choice. Dive into the world of espresso with Ihomekee and savor the rich, nuanced flavors of your favorite coffee beverages crafted in your own kitchen.

homekee CM6822 espresso machine


  • Brand: Ihomekee
  • Model Number: CM6822
  • Product Dimensions: 12.99 x 14.37 x 7.48 inches
  • Weight: 8.29 pounds
  • Color: Black and silver
  • Material: Stainless steel, ABS plastic
  • Wattage: 1350 watts
  • Voltage: 110 volts
  • Pressure: 15 bars
  • Water Tank Capacity: 1.5 liters (This ensures you can brew multiple cups before needing a refill, adding to the machine’s convenience and user-friendliness.)
  • Milk Frothing Wand: Yes
  • Cup Warming Tray: Yes
  • Portafilter: Adjustable with 1 and 2 shot filters
  • Control Interface: Push button

What’s Included

The box contains the Ihomekee CM6822 15 bar espresso coffee machine, single and double shot filter baskets, filter holder, scoop/tamper, and instruction manual. The only notable exclusion is a milk frothing pitcher.

How To Use

  • Fill water tank
  • Turn power on and let machine preheat
  • Grind coffee beans to espresso fineness
  • Put ground coffee in filter and tamp down
  • Insert filter holder into group head
  • Place cup under portafilter spouts
  • Press button to start brewing
  • Steam milk with wand for lattes/cappuccinos

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Ihomekee CM6822 come with instructions?

No, some customers have reported that the Ihomekee CM6822 did not come with an instruction manual in the box. You can download the instruction manual from the manufacturer’s website or reach out to their customer service for a copy.

What is the recommended coffee grind for the Ihomekee CM6822?

The Ihomekee CM6822 works best with a medium grind coffee, which is suitable for espresso preparation. Do not use finely ground coffee like turkish grind. Stick to a medium grind for optimal flavor extraction.

How do you prime the Ihomekee CM6822 before first use?

Before using the Ihomekee CM6822 for the first time, follow these steps to prime the machine:

  1. Remove the water reservoir and fill it with water.

  2. Ensure the shipping plug under the water reservoir connection is removed.

  3. Insert the water reservoir back into the machine.

  4. Press the power button to turn on the machine.

  5. Allow the machine to run a full heat up and steaming cycle without any coffee.

  6. Flush fresh water through the steam wand.

  7. Your machine is now primed and ready for coffee brewing.

What is the recommended milk frothing temperature?

For optimal milk frothing, steam the milk until it reaches 150-155°F. This helps create silky, rich froth. Do not exceed 160°F as the milk will start to scald.

What maintenance is required for the Ihomekee CM6822?

  • Backflush the machine every 2 weeks using plain water.

  • Descale the machine every 2-3 months using a commercial descaling solution.

  • Wipe down exterior using a soft, damp cloth. Do not immerse in water.

  • Disassemble and rinse portafilter, baskets, and steam wand after each use.

How can I obtain the user manual for the Ihomekee CM6822 15 Bar Espresso Machine?

To obtain the user manual for the Ihomekee CM6822 15 Bar Espresso Machine, you can download it directly from the provided link: https://storage.maomihezi.com/file/2024-04-05/B1Bew6unIZL.pdf. This link directs you to a PDF file that contains detailed instructions on how to operate and maintain the espresso machine, ensuring you can enjoy a versatile coffee experience at home.

Ihomekee CM6822 Espresso Machine Instruction Manual

Important Safeguards

  1. Ensure the voltage of your outlet corresponds with the rating plate on the coffee maker.
  2. The appliance must be properly grounded.
  3. Close supervision is necessary when used near children.
  4. Do not place the coffee maker on or near hot surfaces or flames.
  5. Unplug the appliance when not in use and before cleaning. Allow it to cool before cleaning or storing.
  6. Do not use the appliance if the cord or plug is damaged, or if it malfunctions or is dropped.
  7. Use only accessories recommended by the manufacturer.
  8. Place the appliance on a flat, stable surface.
  9. Keep the power cord away from hot surfaces.
  10. Be aware that parts of the appliance may be hot during operation.
  11. Never immerse the appliance or its cord in water or any other liquid.
  12. This appliance is for indoor use only.

Know Your Espresso Machine

  1. One Cup Button
  2. Two Cup Button
  3. Power Button
  4. Steam Button
  5. Drip Tray
  6. Water Tank Lid
  7. Water Tank
  8. Steam Knob
  9. Steam Wand
  10. One Cup Filter Basket
  11. Two Cup Filter Basket
  12. Filter Holder
  13. Portafilter
  14. Measuring Scoop/Tamper

Before First Use

  1. Remove the stopper from the bottom of the water tank and fill it to the MAX marking. Replace the water tank.
  2. Plug in and press the power button. If the indicator light does not illuminate, ensure the steam knob is in the OFF position and try again.
  3. To remove any air blockages, place a cup under the steam wand, slowly turn the steam knob to the maximum position, and wait for water to flow consistently.

Brewing Espresso

  1. Fill the water tank and press the power button to preheat.
  2. Insert the appropriate filter into the filter holder, add coffee grounds, and gently tamp. Ensure not to overfill or tamp too tightly.
  3. Attach the portafilter to the brew head, aligning it correctly.
  4. Once the machine is ready (solid indicator light), place a cup under the portafilter and press the one or two cup button to start brewing.

Steaming Milk

  1. Fill the water tank and place your desired amount of milk in a pitcher.
  2. Press the steam button; the machine will preheat. Once ready (solid indicator light), insert the steam wand into the milk.
  3. Slowly open the steam valve to start frothing. Swirl the milk until you achieve the desired froth.
  4. Turn the steam knob to the OFF position and press the steam button to cease steam function.


  1. Add descaling agent to the water tank and fill to the max line.
  2. Preheat the water.
  3. When ready, open the steam valve to allow the mixture to flow through the system.
  4. Repeat the process until the tank is empty. Refill with clean water and flush the system to complete the descaling.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  1. Unplug and allow the machine to cool before cleaning.
  2. Regularly clean the housing, water tank, drip tray, and shelf with a damp cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals.
  3. Remove coffee residues from the metal funnel and clean thoroughly.
  4. Wash all detachable parts with water and dry thoroughly.


  • No Water Comes Out: Check if the water tank is filled and the machine is powered on. Ensure the coffee is not tamped too firmly.
  • No Steam: Verify the water tank is filled and the appliance is on. If the steam wand is blocked, refer to the cleaning section.
  • Coffee Brews Slowly: Use a medium coffee grind and avoid over-tamping.

For additional assistance, please contact [email protected] or visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ihomekee.

Thank you for choosing the Ihomekee CM6822 Espresso Machine. Enjoy your brewing journey!