ILAVIE CM5180US Fully Automatic 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Maker: Craft Café-Quality Coffee with The Press of a Button

Published on Oct. 2, 2023, 6:02 p.m.

Tired of fussing with manual espresso machines or spending a fortune at coffee shops? The ILAVIE CM5180US makes crafting café-quality espresso drinks easy and convenient. With the press of a button, this fully automatic 6-in-1 espresso maker can deliver authentic espresso, cappuccino, and latte. Read on to see why this machine is ideal for home use.

 ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine


The ILAVIE brand launched the ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine in September 2023. Encased in sleek stainless steel, this espresso machine features a compact footprint that takes up minimal counter space. It comes equipped with a 20-bar pump to extract rich espresso and a 1350W motor to quickly froth silky milk foam. The detachable 1000ml water reservoir and 700ml milk reservoir allow you to brew multiple drinks without refilling. With simple one-touch controls, anyone can craft quality espresso drinks at home.

ILAVIE Brand and Capsule System

The ILAVIE brand has established a solid market presence, known for its innovative and user-friendly designs. Not just offering multifunctional home appliances, ILAVIE has increasingly shown its prowess in the coffee machine segment. The ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine is a premium model designed by the brand to meet diverse coffee demands of consumers. It eschews a capsule system in favor of traditional coffee grinding, allowing users the freedom to choose their coffee beans, making it more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Key Features

The ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine packs excellent features for home use:

  • One-touch control panel - Choose single or double shot espresso, cappuccino or latte with a button press.

  • Automatic milk frother - Froths milk with the touch of a button for indulgent cappuccinos and lattes.

  • Large detachable reservoirs - The 700ml milk reservoir and 1000ml water reservoir provide capacity for multiple servings.

  • 20-bar espresso pump - Extracts rich, bold espresso flavor.

  • 1350W motor - Creates smooth, silky milk foam quickly.

  • Adjustable cup tray - Accommodates various cup sizes.

  • Compact design - Sleek and space-saving for any countertop.

 ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine


With its stainless steel construction and sleek silhouette, the ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine features an attractive, modern design. Its compact footprint takes up minimal counter space while still offering large detachable reservoirs. The intuitive control panel provides straightforward drink selection.


From set up to clean up, using the ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine is refreshingly simple. Just fill the water and milk reservoirs, add ground coffee, and select your drink. The one-touch panel and automatic frother eliminate the guesswork. When finished, the removable parts can be taken apart for easy cleaning. With its straightforward operation and compact size, this machine simplifies the craft of espresso drinks.

 ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine


Thanks to its high-pressure 20-bar pump, the ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine consistently delivers thick, aromatic espresso with a nice crema on top. The milk frother makes smooth, creamy foam that perfectly integrates into the coffee. With each button press, you can expect authentic café-style results. The removable reservoirs and adjustable cup tray provide convenience when making back-to-back drinks.

Understanding the 20-bar Pump

The ILAVIE CM5180US features a powerful 20-bar pump, essential for extracting espresso with rich flavor and a creamy layer of crema. A high-pressure pump forces water through the coffee grounds rapidly, ensuring the coffee’s intense flavor and aromatic compounds are efficiently extracted. This process is vital for achieving the signature espresso taste that coffee enthusiasts adore.

Coffee Quality

The ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine is renowned not only for its high-pressure pump but also for its roasting techniques and precise grinding settings, which are key to making perfect coffee. During roasting, the flavors and aromas of the coffee beans are fully released, while the fineness of the grind directly impacts the texture and aroma extraction in the final beverage. Precise control over the grind size ensures that all the subtle flavor components in the coffee are perfectly extracted, resulting in a rich and layered flavor profile.

Thanks to the 20-bar pump pressure, the ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine consistently delivers cafe-quality espresso with a rich, intense flavor and thick crema on top. The espresso comes out piping hot and aromatic.

The 20-bar pressure pump is a critical feature of the ILAVIE CM5180US, as it significantly influences the espresso’s extraction process. Higher pressure pumps are capable of extracting more flavor and aroma from the coffee grounds, resulting in a richer and more intense espresso shot. This feature is especially appealing to coffee enthusiasts who value a strong and robust espresso.

Choosing the Right Coffee Beans

The choice of coffee beans significantly affects the flavor and quality of your espresso. For the ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine, medium to dark roast beans are typically recommended to achieve a rich and robust flavor profile. Freshly ground beans can also make a noticeable difference in the taste of the espresso, as they retain more flavor and aroma compared to pre-ground coffee. Experimenting with different bean varieties and roasts can help you find the perfect match for your taste preferences.

 ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine

Milk Frothing

The automatic milk frother quickly steams milk into a light, fluffy texture. The foam comes out smooth and silky, integrating beautifully into the coffee drinks. The frother allows you to easily achieve the perfect milk consistency.

The Science Behind Automatic Milk Frothing

The ILAVIE CM5180US’s automatic milk frother is designed to simplify the process of creating rich, creamy froth. By injecting air into the milk and rapidly heating it, the frother creates small, stable bubbles, resulting in a smooth and silky froth. This technology allows users to achieve barista-level milk texture for their lattes and cappuccinos without the need for manual frothing.

 ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine

Maintenance and Cleaning

Proper maintenance and cleaning are crucial for ensuring the longevity and performance of the ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine. Regularly descaling the machine, cleaning the portafilter after each use, and wiping down the machine’s exterior can prevent buildup and ensure that each cup of coffee is as fresh and delicious as the last. The detachable components of the ILAVIE CM5180US make this process straightforward, allowing users to maintain their machine with ease.


The ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine operates at around 70 decibels, comparable to other home espresso machines. The pump and frother make some noise when brewing but won’t disturb household members.

Coffee Culture Around the World

Coffee is more than just a beverage; it’s a global phenomenon that varies widely across different cultures. From the espresso bars of Italy to the specialty coffee shops of Japan, each country has its unique approach to coffee preparation and consumption. Understanding these diverse coffee cultures can enhance your appreciation of the beverage and inspire you to experiment with new coffee-making methods and flavors using your ILAVIE CM5180US.

Ideal Use Cases

With its simple operation and compact size, the ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine is ideal for crafting espresso drinks at home and in the office. The one-touch controls make it easy to prepare a quick espresso before rushing off to work in the morning. The automatic milk frother lets you treat yourself to a creamy cappuccino or latte while taking a break in your home office. It’s also great for entertaining - impress your dinner guests by whipping up restaurant-worthy lattes with ease.

User Feedback Analysis

Reviews for the ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine are overwhelmingly positive, with users raving about the high-quality coffee and milk drinks this compact machine whips up. Many describe being able to craft “delicious,” “rich,” and “smooth” espresso drinks that rival their local coffee shops.

Several users say they are “amazed” by the authentic café-style beverages the ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine produces despite its small size and reasonable price point. Others are “pleasantly surprised” by the thick, aromatic espresso with just the right amount of crema on top. They love the ability to make single or double shots with a simple press of a button.

For milk-based drinks, users are astounded by the “luscious,” “velvety” foam the automatic frother generates. They say the steamed milk integrates perfectly into cappuccinos and lattes for “ideal balance and flavor.” The convenience of being able to create multiple coffee shop staples at the touch of a button is a major highlight.

Intuitive Design Praised

In terms of design, reviewers describe the ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine as “sleek yet functional” with a user-friendly interface. They find the front-facing control panel highly intuitive and love having all operations confined to one spot. Several remark that the machine takes up minimal counterspace while still offering large, removable reservoirs that make continuous beverage creation easy.

Many say the machine is “very simple” to operate even for beginners. They emphasize how the automatic features, like the one-touch drink selection and milk frother, remove the complexity from crafting specialty drinks.

Satisfied Customers

Overall, the vast majority of buyers are extremely satisfied with their purchase. They say the ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine provides fabulous bang for your buck and consistently exceeds expectations. Many conclude it is the ideal compact espresso machine for crafting café favorites from the comfort of home.


  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Intuitive one-touch operation
  • Brews authentic, delicious espresso
  • Automatic milk frother makes creamy foam
  • Large detachable reservoirs
  • Affordable price point


  • Steam arm has limited adjustability
  • Small learning curve to achieve optimal results


Given its excellent espresso extraction, automatic milk frothing, and convenient size, the ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine provides tremendous value. For its affordable price, users agree it punches far above its weight in terms of performance, consistently crafting beverages on par with expensive café machines. The ability to enjoy such quality without leaving your home makes this machine a worthwhile investment.

Ideal for Home Use

With its space-saving design and efficient performance, the ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine proves an ideal addition to any home kitchen. It allows you to enjoy quality espresso, lattes and cappuccinos without leaving the house. The intuitive controls mean any family member can operate it. Plus, the ability to prepare drinks in under a minute makes this perfect for busy mornings. For affordable at-home espresso convenience, this 6-in-1 machine delivers.

So if you desire authentic, café-quality coffee drinks from the comfort of home, the ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine fully automatic espresso maker is sure to satisfy.


ILAVIE has established itself as a reputable brand in the coffee machine market, known for blending functionality with style. Over the years, ILAVIE has expanded its product line to cater to a wide range of coffee preferences, emphasizing innovation and user satisfaction. The ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality, offering users a versatile and enjoyable coffee-making experience.

 ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine


  • Product Dimensions: 12.99” x 9.84” x 14.37”
  • Weight: 11.9 lbs
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Wattage: 1350 watts
  • Water Tank Capacity: 1000ml
  • Milk Reservoir Capacity: 700ml
  • Pump Pressure: 20 bars (espresso), 4 bars (milk)
  • Voltage: 120V, 60Hz

Box Contains

  • 1 x ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine
  • 1 x 700ml detachable milk reservoir
  • 1 x 1000ml removable water tank
  • 1 x Measuring spoon and tamper
  • 1 x Portafilter
  • 1 x Single-cup filter
  • 1 x Double-cup filter
  • 1 x Instruction manual

ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine: A Symphony of Flavor in Every Cup

In the bustling rhythm of daily life, a perfect cup of coffee isn’t just a beverage; it’s a momentary retreat, a ritual that offers solace, inspiration, and sometimes, the sheer gusto to tackle the day ahead. Enter the ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine, a marvel of modern engineering designed to transform your kitchen into a mini-café, serving up barista-quality coffee that dances on your taste buds.

Unboxing the Marvelous Machine

Upon unboxing the ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine, you’re greeted with a sleek stainless steel companion, poised to cater to your every coffee whim. With dimensions of 12.99”D x 9.84”W x 14.37”H, it’s compact yet robust, a perfect fit for any kitchen countertop, without monopolizing space.

A Symphony of Features

This machine is not just an espresso maker; it’s a maestro of multiple coffee styles. The 6-in-1 functionality allows you to switch between espresso, cappuccino, and latte, offering a variety to suit any mood or preference. But what sets the ILAVIE CM5180US apart is its integrated automatic milk frother. Gone are the days of manual frothing – this machine takes the helm, producing silky, frothy milk that melds with your coffee to create a masterpiece in a cup.

The ILAVIE CM5180US boasts a 20-bar professional pump for espresso and a 4-bar pump for the milk frother, ensuring every cup is brewed to perfection. The 1350 watts of power pulse through the machine, extracting every nuanced flavor from your coffee beans.

Designed with You in Mind

Every aspect of the ILAVIE CM5180US is crafted with user-friendliness at its core. The detachable 700ml milk reservoir and 1000ml water tank are not just components; they’re your allies in the quest for the perfect cup, easy to remove, clean, and refill. The machine also comes equipped with a user-friendly control panel, allowing you to choose your desired coffee style with the mere push of a button.

Customer Echoes

The ILAVIE CM5180US doesn’t just impress on paper; it resonates in the hearts of those who’ve welcomed it into their homes. Users rave about the ease of use, the speed of brewing, and, most importantly, the exquisite taste of the coffee it produces. It’s a testament to the machine’s design and functionality that customers are eager to recommend it to family and friends.

Tips for the Perfect Brew

Before diving into your coffee adventure, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the machine. Run a few water-only cycles to cleanse it before your first brew. Remember, the coffee powder should be pressed flat but not overly tight – a delicate balance that ensures the perfect extraction. And while the steam may linger in the portafilter post-brew, a little patience goes a long way in ensuring the perfect cup.

In Conclusion

The ILAVIE CM5180US 6-in-1 Espresso Coffee Machine is not just an appliance; it’s a gateway to exploring the vast, vibrant world of coffee from the comfort of your home. It’s a companion for those early mornings, a catalyst for social gatherings, and a provider of solitary, contemplative moments. So, whether you’re a seasoned coffee aficionado or a curious newcomer to the coffee culture, the ILAVIE CM5180US is poised to elevate your coffee experience, one exquisite cup at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What drinks can I make with the ILAVIE CM5180US espresso machine?

You can make espresso, cappuccino, latte and more with the 6-in-1 functionality. It has presets for single or double shots of espresso, cappuccino and latte.

How do I get thick and creamy froth for milk based drinks?

The ILAVIE CM5180US has an integrated automatic milk frother that creates smooth and creamy froth with a simple press of a button. You can also adjust the knob to customize the froth texture.

What is the pressure of the espresso pump?

It has a 20 bar pressure pump for espresso and a 4 bar pump for the milk frother, which provides excellent pressure to extract rich and bold espresso flavor.

How large are the water and milk reservoirs?

It has a 1L removable water tank and 700mL detachable milk reservoir, which can accommodate making coffee for multiple people without refilling frequently.

How do I clean the milk reservoir?

The milk reservoir is detachable so you can easily clean it under running water or in the dishwasher. The remaining milk can also be stored in the fridge.

What is the warranty period for the ILAVIE espresso machine?

It comes with a 1 year warranty provided by ILAVIE.

Does this espresso machine take up a lot of countertop space?

No, the compact and slim design has a small footprint that takes up minimal counter space in your kitchen or office.