Gevi I406B-B Burr Coffee Grinder: A Must-Have for Coffee Enthusiasts

Published on Oct. 2, 2023, 6:17 p.m.

The aroma of freshly ground coffee wafting through the kitchen is a sensory experience that awakens the senses and promises a delightful brew. For coffee aficionados, the journey from bean to cup is a ritual, and at the heart of this ritual lies the coffee grinder. The choice of grinder can significantly impact the flavor and aroma of your coffee, making it a crucial tool for any home barista.

In the world of coffee grinders, burr grinders are celebrated for their ability to produce consistent, uniform grinds, which are essential for optimal flavor extraction. The Gevi I406B-B Burr Coffee Grinder has emerged as a popular choice among coffee enthusiasts, offering a blend of performance, precision, and affordability.

The Gevi I406B-B Burr Coffee Grinder is a popular choice among home baristas and coffee lovers. With its versatile grinding capabilities and precise grind settings, it helps make brewing coffee an enjoyable experience.

The Importance of Coffee Grinders

In contemporary life, coffee has become an essential part of many people’s daily routines. A coffee grinder, as a key tool for making fresh, high-quality coffee, allows coffee enthusiasts to enjoy a café-level coffee experience at home. A good grinder ensures the uniformity of coffee grounds, which in turn influences the final flavor of the coffee.

 Gevi I406B-B Burr Coffee Grinder


The Gevi I406B-B Burr Coffee Grinder sports a sleek and compact design with sturdy construction. It’s equipped with 35 grind settings to cater to different brew methods. The large 240g bean hopper and 130g ground coffee container allow you to grind sufficient coffee in one go.

Key Features

  • 35 precise grind settings for various brewing methods
  • Large capacity bean hopper (240g) and grounds container (130g)
  • Safety features including automatic shut-off
  • Low noise operation for a peaceful brewing experience

 Gevi I406B-B Burr Coffee Grinder

Design and Build Quality

The Gevi I406B-B boasts a sleek, compact, and modern design that complements any kitchen. Its black plastic exterior is not just about aesthetics; the bean hopper features a UV-blocking tint to shield your precious coffee beans from harmful rays, preserving their freshness and flavor for longer. The stainless steel conical burrs are built to last, ensuring consistent grinding performance over time.

 Gevi I406B-B Burr Coffee Grinder

Ease of Use and Convenience

The Gevi I406B-B is designed for user-friendliness. Simply add your beans, select your desired grind size and number of cups using the intuitive LED screen, and press start. The grinder automatically dispenses the ground coffee into the container, ready for brewing. Before your first use, it’s recommended to run an idling test to ensure smooth operation. To keep your coffee fresh, store any unused ground coffee in an airtight container.

 Gevi I406B-B Burr Coffee Grinder

Grind Size and Coffee Quality

The Gevi I406B-B’s 35 grind settings give you precise control over the size of your coffee grounds, which is crucial for brewing a delicious cup. Different brewing methods require different grind sizes to achieve optimal extraction and flavor. For example, espresso requires a fine grind, while French press coffee calls for a coarse grind. With the Gevi I406B-B, you can easily dial in the perfect grind size for your preferred brewing method, ensuring that you get the most out of your coffee beans.

The grinder’s conical burrs ensure that the coffee grounds are uniform in size, which is essential for even extraction and a balanced flavor profile. Inconsistent grinds can lead to over-extraction of some particles and under-extraction of others, resulting in a bitter or sour taste. The Gevi I406B-B’s consistent grinding helps you avoid these issues and brew a delicious cup of coffee every time.

How Burr Grinders Work

Burr grinders use two revolving abrasive surfaces (burrs) to crush coffee beans into uniform particles. The distance between the burrs determines the grind size, which can be adjusted to suit various brewing methods. Unlike blade grinders that chop beans unevenly, burr grinders ensure consistent grinding, leading to better flavor extraction during brewing. This makes them a preferred choice for coffee enthusiasts seeking optimal taste.

 Gevi I406B-B Burr Coffee Grinder

Performance and Technical Features

The Gevi I406B-B’s powerful 200W motor and hardened conical burrs work together to deliver a fast and efficient grinding experience. The burrs are designed to minimize heat buildup during grinding, preserving the delicate flavors and aromas of your coffee beans. The grinder also features a low RPM (rotations per minute) to reduce noise and static, making it a quieter and cleaner option compared to blade grinders.

The grinder’s bean hopper can hold up to 240g of beans, and the grounds container has a capacity of 130g. This is sufficient for most home brewing needs, allowing you to grind enough coffee for multiple cups at once. The grinder also features a convenient portafilter holder for those who use espresso machines.

35 Precise Grind Settings

The Gevi I406B-B offers an impressive 35 grind settings, allowing you to precisely adjust the coarseness of your coffee grounds. This wide range of settings caters to various brewing methods, from the fine grind required for espresso to the coarse grind needed for French press. Whether you prefer a bold, concentrated espresso or a smooth, mellow French press, the Gevi I406B-B has you covered.

Large Capacity

The grinder’s generous capacity is a standout feature. The bean hopper can hold up to 240g of coffee beans, ensuring you have enough grounds for multiple cups without the need for constant refilling. The ground coffee container can hold up to 130g of ground coffee, making it convenient for brewing larger batches or storing excess grounds for later use.

Safety Features

Safety is a priority with the Gevi I406B-B. The grinder is equipped with an automatic shut-off feature that activates after 3 minutes of continuous use. This prevents the motor from overheating and extends the lifespan of the appliance. After a 30-minute rest period, the grinder is ready to use again.

 Gevi I406B-B Burr Coffee Grinder

Low Noise Operation

Unlike noisy blade grinders, the Gevi I406B-B operates quietly due to its low-speed motor and conical burr design. This means you can grind your beans early in the morning without disturbing others in your household.

 Gevi I406B-B Burr Coffee Grinder

Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular cleaning is crucial for maintaining the grinder’s performance and the flavor of your coffee.

  • Daily Cleaning: After each use, empty the grounds container and brush away any residual coffee grounds from the burrs and chamber.

  • Weekly Cleaning: For regular use, a deeper clean is recommended every 15 days or after 100 uses. This involves disassembling the upper burr and cleaning it with the included brush.

  • Deep Cleaning: If you frequently use oily dark roast beans or notice a decline in performance, a deep clean with a descaling solution may be necessary. This helps remove built-up coffee oils and residues that can affect grind consistency.

Refer to the included manual or online resources for detailed step-by-step cleaning instructions.

 Gevi I406B-B Burr Coffee Grinder

Ideal Uses

The Gevi I406B-B Burr Coffee Grinder is great for home and commercial use. It can handle all types of coffee beans - light or dark roasts, oily or dry beans. Use it to grind coffee for espresso, drip coffee, cold brew, French press, percolator, mocha and more. The precise grind size control allows optimizing extraction for tastier coffees.

User Feedback

The Gevi I406B-B Burr Coffee Grinder receives mostly positive reviews from customers praising its grind quality, value for money, and ease of use.

Grind Quality

Many users mention the grinder produces incredibly consistent grinds perfect for brewing flavorful coffee. The 35 settings allow fine-tuning particle size for different methods. Customers report it handles oily or dry beans well and brings out the nuanced tastes of light or dark roasts. Overall, great grind uniformity for rich extraction.


A common sentiment is the Gevi I406B-B Burr Coffee Grinder punches above its weight at this price point. For under $80, it rivals more expensive brands in delivering commercial-level grounds. The sturdy build quality and durable burrs also make it a worthwhile investment that can handle years of daily use.

Ease of Use

Numerous reviewers state the grinder is very easy to operate. Simply loading beans, selecting grind size and pressing start delivers fresh grounds straight into the container. The settings are intuitive to adjust and it’s fast grinding a large batch of coffee.

Noise Level

Many like that it operates quietly thanks to the precision machined burrs. It’s much quieter than cheaper blade grinders. The noise is low enough for early morning brewing without disturbing others.

Areas for Improvement

While the Gevi I406B-B has received largely positive feedback, some users have noted that the plastic construction may feel less premium compared to metal grinders. Additionally, the non-removable lower burr can make deep cleaning slightly more challenging. Some users have also expressed a desire for a larger grounds container for those who brew coffee for larger groups.

However, these minor drawbacks are often outweighed by the grinder’s affordability, performance, and ease of use. Gevi has actively addressed user feedback and continues to improve the product based on customer suggestions.

In summary, analysis of customer feedback reveals the Gevi I406B-B Burr Coffee Grinder is a hugely popular burr grinder that delivers commercial-grade results at an affordable price point. Most are highly satisfied with its grind quality, ease of use and quiet operation. It’s a great choice for coffee aficionados.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Precise grind settings, low noise, large capacity, durable, easy cleaning

Cons: May produce inconsistent grinds if not cleaned properly

Cost Efficiency

At just $79.99, the Gevi I406B-B Burr Coffee Grinder delivers exceptional performance and durability. With proper maintenance, it can serve all your coffee grinding needs for years. The price is very reasonable for a burr grinder of such quality.


With its consistent grinds, versatile settings, large capacity and durability, the Gevi I406B-B Burr Coffee Grinder is great value for money. It’s a must-have tool for coffee aficionados looking to craft cafe-style drinks at home.

 Gevi I406B-B Burr Coffee Grinder

What’s in the Box

The package includes:

  • Main unit
  • Ground coffee container
  • Cleaning brush
  • User manual


  • Grind Settings: 35
  • Bean Hopper Capacity: 240g
  • Grounds Container Capacity: 130g
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 15.16 x 9.21 x 6.22 inches
  • Weight: 6.32 pounds
  • Power: 120V, 200W
  • Safety Feature: Auto shutoff after 3 mins continuous use
  • Origin: China

Why Choose Gevi I406B-B?

The reason to choose Gevi I406B-B is straightforward: it combines precise grinding settings, low noise design, large capacity, and ease of cleaning to deliver an unmatched user experience. Whether you are a coffee novice or a seasoned enthusiast, this grinder meets your pursuit of coffee quality.

Gevi I406B-B Burr Coffee Grinder: Simplified User Manual

Welcome to the world of freshly ground coffee! Your Gevi I406B-B grinder is designed to elevate your brewing experience. Let’s get started.

1. Getting Started:

  • Unboxing: Remove all packaging and protective films.
  • Placement: Find a stable, flat surface with ample space around the grinder.
  • Accessories: Wash the bean hopper lid, grinds container, lids, portafilter bracket, spoon, and cleaning brush with warm water. Dry thoroughly.
  • Assembly:
    • Insert the upper burr, aligning the white dot with the marker.
    • Attach the spoon and brush to the lid.
    • Secure the lid onto the bean hopper.
  • Idling Test: Plug in the grinder and briefly press the Start/Stop icon to ensure it runs smoothly.

2. Grinding Your Beans:

  • Choose Your Grind:
    • Espresso: Settings 1-15
    • Drip/Pour-Over: Settings 15-25
    • French Press: Settings 25-35
  • Add Beans: Lift the hopper lid, add your desired amount of beans, and secure the lid.
  • Select Mode:
    • By Cup: Choose the number of cups (1-14) by tapping the Cup Selection icon.
    • By Time: Choose the grinding time (1-60 seconds) by tapping the Time Selection icon.
  • Start Grinding: Press the Start/Stop icon. The grinder will automatically stop when finished.
  • Dispensing:
    • Grinds Container: Open the round cap and gently tap to dispense.
    • Portafilter: Insert the portafilter into the bracket and grind directly.

3. Cleaning and Maintenance:

  • Daily: Empty the grinds container and brush away any coffee residue.
  • Every 15 Days/100 Uses: Disassemble and clean the upper burr.
  • Deep Cleaning: If using oily beans or noticing reduced performance, clean with a descaling solution. Refer to the detailed instructions for this process.

Important Tips:

  • Use only dry beans.
  • Do not grind for more than 3 minutes continuously.
  • Adjust grind size gradually, especially when beans are in the hopper.
  • Clean regularly to maintain optimal performance and flavor.


  • If the grinder doesn’t turn on, check the power connection and ensure the hopper is correctly installed.
  • If no coffee comes out, check for beans, foreign objects, or clogs.
  • For other issues, refer to the troubleshooting guide or contact Gevi customer support.

Enjoy your freshly ground coffee!