SAKI Luna 1.75L Electric Kettle - A Must-Have for Tea and Coffee Lovers

Published on Nov. 24, 2023, 4:23 p.m.

As an avid tea and coffee drinker, having the right kettle makes all the difference in my daily ritual. I was eager to test out the SAKI Luna Electric Kettle which promises faster boiling, precise temperature control, and a stylish look. After a month of putting it through its paces, I’m happy to report it delivers on all counts! Read on for my full review of this modern kitchen must-have.

 SAKI Luna 1.75L Electric Kettle


The SAKI Luna 1.75L Electric Kettle impresses from the moment of unboxing with its sophisticated stainless steel exterior and the elegant LED light ring that indicates heating progress. This kettle is packed with features designed to deliver the ultimate brewing experience for tea and coffee enthusiasts. With a 1.75L capacity combined with 1500W rapid heating and seven preset temperature options, it offers a perfect blend of convenience and customization.

Key Features

  • 100% Plastic-Free Stainless Steel Interior
  • Rapid Boil in Under 3 Minutes
  • Precise Temperature Control (104°F - 212°F)
  • 7 One-Touch Presets for Various Beverages
  • 60-Minute Keep Warm Function
  • Auto Shut-Off and Boil-Dry Protection
  • Intuitive LED Light Ring Indicator

Why Choose SAKI Luna?

The SAKI Luna Electric Kettle isn’t just another appliance; it’s a commitment to your well-being and the environment. Unlike many kettles on the market, the Luna is crafted with a 100% plastic-free stainless steel interior. This means no harmful plastic residues leaching into your drinks, ensuring the purest, most flavorful experience with every sip. It’s a choice that prioritizes health, taste, and sustainability.


The SAKI Luna 1.75L Electric Kettle blends modern aesthetics with practicality, featuring a classic space gray color and a streamlined shape that makes it not just a kitchen appliance but a piece of art. Additionally, its ergonomic design includes a non-slip handle that ensures a comfortable and safe grip, making it easy to pour even when the kettle is full of hot water. The LED light ring indicator not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides real-time heating status, making it intuitive and easy to operate.

Intuitive LED Light Ring Indicator

One of the standout features of the SAKI Luna is its LED light ring indicator. This isn’t just for show; it serves a practical purpose by illuminating in different colors to indicate the kettle’s current status. A soft glow lets you know it’s heating up, while a change in color signals that your water has reached the perfect temperature. It’s a stylish and functional addition that enhances the overall user experience.

 SAKI Luna 1.75L Electric Kettle

Build Quality

Constructed from food-grade stainless steel, the SAKI Luna 1.75L Electric Kettle feels sturdy and durable. The handle has a rubber grip that stays cool. Reviewers mention good longevity with proper care.

100% Plastic-Free Stainless Steel Interior

The SAKI Luna Electric Kettle prioritizes your health and the environment with its 100% plastic-free stainless steel interior. This thoughtful design ensures that no harmful plastic residues leach into your water, guaranteeing a pure and unadulterated taste with every sip. It’s a commitment to quality and safety that sets the Luna apart from kettles with plastic components.

 SAKI Luna 1.75L Electric Kettle

Ease of Use

With preset temperature buttons and an intuitive interface, the SAKI Luna 1.75L Electric Kettle is very easy to operate. The buttons click nicely and the spout and handle are designed for smooth, drip-free pouring.

Functionality - Precision Control for Brewing Perfection

The SAKI Luna Electric Kettle is designed to elevate your brewing experience to new heights. Its rapid boil function, powered by 1500W, ensures your water reaches the desired temperature quickly, saving you precious time. The generous 1.75L capacity is perfect for those who love to share or need multiple cups throughout the day.

But what truly sets the Luna apart is its precision temperature control. With seven one-touch presets, you can effortlessly achieve the ideal temperature for various types of tea and coffee. Whether you prefer delicate green tea at 176°F or a robust French press coffee at 200°F, the Luna has you covered.

For those who crave even more control, the manual temperature adjustment feature allows you to fine-tune the water temperature in 1°F increments, ranging from 104°F to 212°F. This level of precision ensures that you extract the full flavor and aroma potential from your chosen beverage, every single time. And with the 60-minute keep warm function, your perfectly brewed drink will stay at the optimal temperature, ready to enjoy whenever you are.

Convenience - User-Friendly Features Simplify Your Routine

The SAKI Luna Electric Kettle is designed with your convenience in mind. Its intuitive buttons and clear LED display make operation a breeze, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy. The 360° rotating base allows you to easily lift and place the kettle from any angle, adding a touch of flexibility to your kitchen routine.

The thoughtfully designed drip-free spout ensures a smooth and precise pour, preventing spills and splashes. This is particularly useful when pouring hot water into delicate teacups or coffee mugs.

One of the standout features is the memory function, which remembers the last used preset. This means you don’t have to re-select your preferred temperature every time you use the kettle, saving you time and effort.

And for added safety and peace of mind, the Luna comes equipped with automatic shut-off and boil-dry protection. These features ensure that the kettle powers down automatically when the water reaches the desired temperature or if it runs out of water, preventing accidents and prolonging the lifespan of the appliance.

7 One-Touch Presets for Various Beverages

The SAKI Luna Electric Kettle simplifies your brewing routine with seven convenient one-touch presets. These presets are tailored for different types of beverages, including black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, herbal tea, and even French press coffee. With a single touch, you can select the optimal temperature for your chosen drink, ensuring that you extract the best flavors and aromas every time.

Performance - Fast and Consistent Results

In my testing, the SAKI Luna 1.75L Electric Kettle consistently brought water to a rolling boil in under 3 minutes. The preset temperatures were precise when measured with a thermometer. It’s been a delight to brew tea and coffee with the optimal water temperature at the touch of a button.

Heating Technology and Temperature Control Principles

The SAKI Luna 1.75L Electric Kettle’s rapid heating isn’t magic; it’s science. The kettle’s interior is crafted from 304 stainless steel, a material renowned for its exceptional thermal conductivity. This means it transfers heat from the heating element to the water incredibly efficiently, resulting in a boiling time of under 3 minutes.

But speed isn’t the only advantage. The Luna’s temperature control system is equally impressive. It utilizes advanced sensors to monitor the water temperature in real-time, ensuring accuracy and consistency. This is crucial for brewing the perfect cup of tea or coffee, as different beverages require specific temperatures to extract their optimal flavors and aromas.

The Luna’s precise temperature control isn’t just about convenience; it’s about unlocking the full potential of your favorite drinks. By maintaining the ideal water temperature throughout the brewing process, you can ensure that every cup is brewed to perfection.

The Impact of Water Temperature on Brewing

Water temperature isn’t just a number; it’s a key factor in unlocking the full potential of your coffee or tea. Different temperatures extract different compounds from the leaves or beans, resulting in varying flavors, aromas, and mouthfeels.

For coffee, using water that’s too hot can lead to over-extraction, resulting in a bitter, burnt taste. Conversely, water that’s too cold can lead to under-extraction, leaving your coffee weak and lacking in flavor. The ideal temperature range for most coffee brewing methods is between 195°F and 205°F.

Tea is even more sensitive to water temperature. Green tea, for instance, should be brewed at a lower temperature (around 175°F) to avoid a bitter taste, while black tea can handle hotter water (around 212°F) to release its full flavor.

The SAKI Luna Electric Kettle’s precise temperature control empowers you to experiment and discover the perfect water temperature for your favorite beverages. It’s not just about making a hot drink; it’s about crafting a sensory experience.

Rapid Boil in Under 3 Minutes

Time is precious, especially in the morning rush. The SAKI Luna Electric Kettle understands this, boasting a powerful 1500W heating element that brings water to a rolling boil in under 3 minutes. Whether you’re craving a quick cup of tea or need hot water for instant oatmeal, the Luna’s speed and efficiency will not disappoint.

Precise Temperature Control (104\u00b0F - 212\u00b0F)

Not all beverages are created equal, and the SAKI Luna Electric Kettle recognizes this. It offers precise temperature control, allowing you to select the ideal temperature for your specific drink. Whether you need 160\u00b0F for delicate green tea or 212\u00b0F for a robust black tea, the Luna’s intuitive controls and clear LED display make it easy to achieve brewing perfection.

Live Temperature Display

The SAKI Luna Electric Kettle features a live temperature display that provides real-time updates on the water temperature. This allows you to monitor the heating process and ensure that your water reaches the precise temperature required for your chosen beverage. It’s a feature that gives you complete control over your brewing experience.


The SAKI Luna’s 1.75-liter capacity is a major advantage for households or offices where multiple people enjoy hot beverages. It can hold enough water to make approximately 7-8 standard cups of tea or coffee, eliminating the need for frequent refills. Whether you’re hosting a gathering or simply want to ensure you have enough hot water throughout the day, the Luna’s generous capacity has you covered.

60-Minute Keep Warm Function

Life can get busy, and sometimes you don’t have time to enjoy your hot beverage right away. The SAKI Luna Electric Kettle’s 60-minute keep warm function ensures that your drink stays at the perfect temperature for up to an hour. Whether you’re juggling work, chores, or simply want to savor your beverage later, the Luna’s keep warm feature has you covered.

Auto Shut-Off and Boil-Dry Protection

Safety is a top priority with the SAKI Luna Electric Kettle. It’s equipped with auto shut-off and boil-dry protection features for your peace of mind. The auto shut-off function automatically turns off the kettle when the water reaches the desired temperature or boils, preventing overheating and saving energy. The boil-dry protection feature prevents the kettle from operating if there’s not enough water, protecting the appliance from damage.

360\u00b0 Swivel Cordless Connector

The SAKI Luna Electric Kettle features a 360\u00b0 swivel cordless connector, adding another layer of convenience to your brewing routine. This allows you to place the kettle on its base from any angle, making it easier to grab and go. It’s a small detail that makes a big difference in everyday use.

Stay-Cool Non-Slip Handle

Safety and comfort are paramount when handling hot water. The SAKI Luna Electric Kettle features a stay-cool non-slip handle that ensures a secure grip even when the kettle is full. The handle remains cool to the touch, preventing accidental burns, while the non-slip texture provides added confidence during pouring.

Noise Level

While the SAKI Luna Electric Kettle is not silent, its noise level during operation is comparable to other electric kettles on the market. It produces a gentle humming sound as it heats the water, which is not overly disruptive. The beep alert that sounds when the water reaches the desired temperature is clear and audible without being jarring. If you’re sensitive to noise, you have the option to disable the beep sound altogether.

Advanced Safety Features

The SAKI Luna 1.75L Electric Kettle comes equipped with safety features like auto shut-off and boil-dry protection. The auto shut-off mechanism ensures that the kettle automatically powers down once the desired temperature is reached, preventing overheating. Boil-dry protection is a safety measure that stops the heating when there is insufficient water in the kettle, preventing the unit from operating empty, thus extending the lifespan of the device and preventing fire hazards.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Friendliness

The SAKI Luna 1.75L Electric Kettle is designed with energy conservation and environmental protection in mind. Its 1500W power rating ensures rapid heating of water while maximizing efficient use of energy to minimize wastage. Additionally, the use of 100% plastic-free stainless steel not only ensures the safety of drinking water but also demonstrates a commitment to environmental protection.

 SAKI Luna 1.75L Electric Kettle

Power and Cord

1500 watts provides rapid heating. The 360° swivel power base allows easy cordless pouring. Cord length is not specified but appears adequate.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning the SAKI Luna Electric Kettle is a breeze. The stainless steel interior is resistant to mineral buildup, but regular descaling is recommended to maintain optimal performance. You can easily descale the kettle using a mixture of water and vinegar or a descaling solution. Simply fill the kettle with the solution, boil it, and let it sit for a few hours before rinsing thoroughly.

For daily cleaning, wipe the exterior with a damp cloth and dry it thoroughly. The kettle is not dishwasher safe, so hand washing is recommended. With proper care and maintenance, your SAKI Luna Electric Kettle will continue to deliver perfect brews for years to come.

Warranty and Support

SAKI offers a 1 year limited warranty. Customer service is available by email and phone.

Use Cases

The SAKI Luna 1.75L Electric Kettle is perfect for:
- Brewing loose leaf tea, herbal tea, green tea, etc.
- Making pour over, French press, or cold brew coffee
- Heating water for cooking, hot cereal, instant meals
- Preparing baby formula or sterilizing baby bottles

User Feedback Analysis

With over 700 customer reviews on Amazon, the SAKI Luna 1.75L Electric Kettle has garnered largely positive feedback but also some mixed critiques.

Satisfied Customers

The vast majority of reviews award 4 or 5 stars. These customers enthusiastically recommend the SAKI Luna 1.75L Electric Kettle for its sleek aesthetics, rapid boiling, and precise temperature control. They find it very convenient to achieve the optimal water temperature for tea, coffee, instant meals, and more at the push of a button.

Many praise the kettle’s quality craftsmanship and durability, mentioning it feels solidly built and heats up quickly even after years of daily use. Fans appreciate the plastic-free stainless steel interior, modern cordless design, and useful safety features. Some mention the kettle has become an indispensable part of their morning routine.

Lukewarm Responses

A small portion of customers give 3 star reviews. Some are disappointed the temperature presets are fixed and can’t be customized. Others report plastic odors when first using the kettle that eventually disappear. Some find the beep alert loud and wish it could be disabled. A few complain of minor leaking from the spout or lid after prolonged use.

Critical Feedback

Around 12% of customers give just 1 or 2 stars. The main complaints focus on product defects and durability issues. Some units stopped working properly within a few months, indicating potential quality control problems. Other reviewers report rust spots forming inside the kettle after a year or so. A handful mention the kettle doesn’t fully shut off and continues heating after reaching the target temp.

In summary, the large majority of customers are highly enthusiastic about the SAKI Luna 1.75L Electric Kettle’s performance and features. But minor design flaws and isolated quality control issues lead to some negative experiences as well. Overall, customer satisfaction remains high for this premium electric kettle.

Pros and Cons

- Boils water rapidly
- Allows perfect temperature customization for all brews
- Keep warm feature maintains temperature for over an hour
- Safety features like auto shut-off provide peace of mind

- Higher price than basic electric kettles
- Large capacity makes small amounts of water tricky
- Occasional reports of product defects


While pricier than basic models, the SAKI Luna 1.75L Electric Kettle offers great value for tea and coffee lovers who want boiling speed and brewing precision. For those who appreciate optimized extraction, it’s well worth the investment.

 SAKI Luna 1.75L Electric Kettle

Verdict - An Exceptional Addition for Serious Brewers

With quick heating, exceptional temperature control, and useful presets, the SAKI Luna Electric Kettle elevates my daily tea and coffee rituals. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to level up their brewing game. The precision and convenience it offers are well worth the investment.


  • Capacity: 1.75 Liters
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Wattage: 1500 Watts
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Dimensions: 8.5” L x 7” W x 10.5” H
  • Weight: 2.13 kg / 4.69 pounds
  • Cord Length: Unknown
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

Box Contains

  • SAKI Luna Electric Kettle
  • Power Base
  • User Manual