Wallon EM3105 Espresso Machine : A Budget-Friendly Espresso Machine That Delivers Quality Brews

Published on July 15, 2023, 5:20 p.m.

The Wallon EM3105 is a powerful yet affordable espresso machine that allows you to make cafe-quality espresso drinks at home. With a 20 bar pressure system and fast heating Thermoblock, this machine can brew rich, aromatic espresso shots and steam milk to perfection. Keep reading for a full review of the features, performance, and value of the Wallon EM3105.

 Wallon EM3105 20 Bar Espresso Machine


The Wallon EM3105 20 Bar Espresso Machine has a sleek, compact design with stainless steel accents that will look great on any countertop. It comes with a 48oz removable water tank, a cup warmer, and Pressure Gauge to monitor extraction. The machine can brew one or two shots at a time with its 2-in-1 filter basket. It also has a steam wand for frothing milk.

Key Features

  • 20 bar pressure pump
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 48 oz removable water tank
  • Thermoblock heating system
  • 15 bar steam wand
  • 2-in-1 filter basket
  • Cup warming tray
  • Easy push button controls
  • Built-in pressure gauge


The Wallon EM3105 20 Bar Espresso Machine has an elegant, minimalist design with a slim profile. Its black exterior with stainless steel accents gives it a classy, vintage aesthetic. The compact footprint takes up minimal counter space. All controls are conveniently located on the front panel. The water tank is easily accessible and has clear water level markings. Overall, the machine looks far more expensive than its budget price tag.

Ease of Use

Despite its professional features, the Wallon EM3105 20 Bar Espresso Machine is simple to operate. Buttons allow you to start and stop brewing or steaming with one touch. The portafilter locks into place securely, and the included tamper helps you tamp grounds evenly.

 Wallon EM3105 20 Bar Espresso Machine


The 20 bar pressure pump provides excellent extraction and brings out the aromatic oils and flavors of the espresso. The fast-heating Thermoblock system ensures consistent temperatures, while the flow meter helps dial in the perfect pour. The frothing wand makes microfoam for cappuccinos and lattes.

Choosing the Right Coffee Beans

The quality of your espresso largely depends on the coffee beans you use. It’s essential to choose freshly roasted beans and store them properly to preserve their flavor. Opt for whole beans over pre-ground ones, as they retain their freshness and flavor longer. Look for beans labeled for espresso or with tasting notes that match your preferences, whether you prefer a bold, fruity, or nutty flavor profile. Experiment with different blends and origins to find your perfect cup.

 Wallon EM3105 20 Bar Espresso Machine

Coffee Quality

Thanks to its 20 bars of pressure and fast heating system, the Wallon EM3105 20 Bar Espresso Machine pulls rich, flavorful espresso shots with a nice crema layer. Users report the aroma and taste rival expensive commercial machines. The pressure gauge helps optimize extraction. Once dialed in, it consistently delivers cafe-quality espresso.

Choosing and Heating Milk

The type of milk you use can significantly impact the texture and flavor of your espresso-based drinks. Opt for whole milk for the creamiest foam, but you can also use 2% or non-dairy alternatives like oat or almond milk. When steaming milk, ensure the steam wand is fully submerged and positioned correctly to create microfoam. Heat the milk to around 150-160°F (65-70°C) for the best results, being careful not to scald it.

 Wallon EM3105 20 Bar Espresso Machine

Milk Frothing

The powerful steam wand on the Wallon EM3105 20 Bar Espresso Machine froths and steams milk quickly for topped drinks. It produces silky microfoam that rivals a pro barista’s. Latte art is easy to achieve with the right technique. The steam knob allows fine control over foam texture too.

Noise Level

Operation is quieter than most affordable pump-driven espresso machines. The brewing process results in some expected noise that is not distracting.


With a 1350W power rating, the Wallon EM3105 20 Bar Espresso Machine has ample steam power and fast heat up times while remaining energy efficient. It uses a standard 120V plug.


The Wallon EM3105 20 Bar Espresso Machine is made of stainless steel and high-quality components. The boiler and internal parts are built to last through years of daily use. Wallon provides a 1 year warranty for added peace of mind.

Maintenance and Cleaning

To ensure your Wallon EM3105 Espresso Machine stays in top condition, it’s crucial to perform regular maintenance and cleaning. Clean the portafilter, filter baskets, and steam wand after each use to prevent coffee residue buildup. Descale the machine every few months to remove mineral deposits and maintain optimal performance. Refer to the instruction manual for specific cleaning instructions and frequency recommendations.

Use Cases

The Wallon EM3105 20 Bar Espresso Machine is perfect for home baristas who want to create delicious espresso-based drinks like cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites. It’s compact enough to fit on a kitchen counter or office space, making it easy to enjoy barista-quality coffee anytime. The powerful steaming wand lets you froth milk for everything from a morning latte to an after-dinner cappuccino for guests. It’s also great for small offices looking to offer employees quality espresso without the hassle or cost of a full-size commercial machine.

In-Depth User Feedback Analysis

Overall, customer reviews for the Wallon EM3105 espresso machine are very positive. The vast majority of users are delighted with its performance and quality for the price. Here is a deeper look at what drinkers had to say:

Ease of Use

Many reviewers say the Wallon EM3105 20 Bar Espresso Machine is surprisingly easy to operate for a beginner home barista. The simple interface and clear buttons make pulling shots “practically foolproof” per one user. While mastering advanced techniques like latte art takes practice, anyone can produce good espresso with a little trial and error. Some do wish the manual included more troubleshooting tips.

Espresso Quality

Myriad customers praise the “heavenly” espresso produced by the Wallon EM3105 20 Bar Espresso Machine. They say the flavor is smooth, robust, and packed with crema. Users find the pressure consistently extracts bold, aromatic shots on par with expensive café equipment. Several were amazed such a budget device could rival a professional machine.

Milk Frothing

Users consider milk frothing a highlight of the Wallon EM3105 20 Bar Espresso Machine. The steam wand reportedly heats and foams milk quickly for “feathery” microfoam. Latte fans in particular love using it to create gorgeous latte art worthy of Instagram. Some felt the learning curve was steep at first but found the results worth it.

Design & Build

Fans call the Wallon EM3105 20 Bar Espresso Machine’s slim silhouette and retro styling “simply gorgeous” on the counter. They appreciate the smaller footprint. However, a few users think the plastic exterior seems a bit flimsy or cheap. Some note the short power cord limits placement.


Nearly every reviewer gushes over the unbelievable performance versus the sub-$200 price point. Many say it’s astonishing such an affordable, entry-level device delivers shots equaling $600+ machines. Overall, they feel the Wallon EM3105 20 Bar Espresso Machine provides outstanding value few others can match.

So in summary, the Wallon EM3105 20 Bar Espresso Machine earns high marks for brewing cafe-quality espresso and frothing milk on a budget. It proves you don’t need to spend a fortune for delicious homemade drinks.


  • Powerful 20 bar pressure for optimal extraction
  • Fast heat up time with Thermoblock heating
  • Easy to use controls and buttons
  • Makes single and double shots
  • Steams and froths milk for cappuccinos
  • Sleek, compact design
  • Reasonable price under $200


  • Smaller 48oz water tank may require frequent refilling
  • Steam wand could be more powerful
  • No programmable options


The Wallon EM3105 20 Bar Espresso Machine offers an impressive array of commercial-grade features for under $200. With most comparably equipped models starting around $400, this machine is a steal.

While it may lack some bells and whistles found on pricier models, the Wallon EM3105 20 Bar Espresso Machine delivers where it counts - excellent pressure, temperature control, and steaming power. For home baristas on a budget, it’s hard to beat.

 Wallon EM3105 20 Bar Espresso Machine


If you’re seeking an easy-to-use, durable espresso machine that makes cafe-style drinks at a fraction of the price of professional models, the Wallon EM3105 20 Bar Espresso Machine is a great option. With consistently great extraction, easy milk frothing, and simple controls, this machine can elevate your daily coffee routine.


  • Brand: Wallon
  • Model Number: EM3105
  • Dimensions: 7.6” x 10.6” x 11.21”
  • Weight: 8.98 lbs
  • Pressure: 20 bars
  • Power: 1350W
  • Water Tank Capacity: 1.4L
  • Color: Black
  • Body Material: unknown
  • Frothing Wand: Yes
  • Cup Warmer: Yes

Warranty and Support

Wallon offers a 1-year warranty for the EM3105 Espresso Machine, providing peace of mind and assurance of quality. In the event of any issues or malfunctions, customers can contact Wallon’s customer support for troubleshooting assistance or to initiate a repair or replacement process. For additional support, users can consult the instruction manual or visit Wallon’s official website for FAQs, user guides, and other resources.

What’s in the Box

The Wallon EM3105 comes with the espresso machine, tamper/spoon combo, portafilter, single shot filter basket, double shot filter basket, and instruction manual.

How to Use

  • Fill water tank
  • Turn on machine and allow to preheat
  • Grind espresso beans
  • Attach portafilter securely and insert filter basket
  • Add ground coffee and distribute evenly
  • Tamp grounds to compress
  • Lock portafilter into the group head
  • Place cup under portafilter spouts
  • Press button to start extraction
  • Steam milk by inserting wand and turning steam knob

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of the Wallon EM3105 20 Bar Espresso Machine?

The Wallon EM3105 20 Bar Espresso Machine is a budget-friendly option that offers a variety of features to make delicious espresso drinks at home. Some of its key features include:

  • 20-bar pump: This provides the pressure needed to extract rich, flavorful espresso.
  • Thermoblock heating system: This ensures consistent water temperature for optimal extraction.
  • Milk frother: This allows you to create cappuccinos, lattes, and other frothed milk drinks.
  • Removable water tank: This makes it easy to refill and clean the machine.
  • Compact design: This makes it a good choice for small kitchens.

What are some tips for using the Wallon EM3105 20 Bar Espresso Machine?

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your Wallon EM3105 20 Bar Espresso Machine :

  • Use fresh, high-quality coffee beans.
  • Grind your beans just before brewing.
  • Use filtered water.
  • Tamp the coffee grounds firmly into the portafilter.
  • Extract the espresso for 25-30 seconds.
  • Clean the machine regularly.

How do I clean the Wallon EM3105 20 Bar Espresso Machine?

To clean the Wallon EM3105 20 Bar Espresso Machine :

  1. Unplug the machine and allow it to cool completely.
  2. Remove the water tank and empty it.
  3. Rinse the water tank with warm water and mild soap.
  4. Wipe down the exterior of the machine with a damp cloth.
  5. To clean the steam wand, remove the tip and soak it in warm water and mild soap.
  6. Rinse the steam wand with warm water.
  7. To clean the portafilter, remove the filter basket and rinse it with warm water and mild soap.
  8. Wipe down the portafilter with a damp cloth.
  9. Reassemble the machine and plug it back in.


  • For best results, use filtered water.
  • Descale the machine every 3-4 months.
  • Clean the machine regularly to prevent build-up of coffee oils and residue.
  • If you are not using the machine for an extended period of time, empty the water tank and unplug the machine.