CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 20 Bar Espresso Machine

Published on July 15, 2023, 6:02 p.m.

The history of coffee dates back several centuries to the highlands of Eastern Ethiopia. It is said that coffee trees were first discovered by a shepherd named Kaldi, who noticed that his goats became unusually active after eating the fruits of the plant. Coffee then spread to Arabia where it was meticulously cultivated and refined, forming the rich coffee culture we know today. By the 17th century, coffee had made its way to Europe, quickly becoming popular across the continent and evolving into the precursor of today’s café culture. Coffee is not only one of the most popular beverages worldwide but also plays a crucial role in social and business interactions.

The CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 is a semi-automatic espresso machine that allows you to brew cafe-quality espresso drinks like cappuccinos, lattes and macchiatos right at home. With a compact and sleek stainless steel design, integrated milk frother, 20-bar pressure system and easy-to-use controls, this versatile machine aims to deliver excellent espresso while being simple enough for beginners to use.

In tested the CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 20 Bar Espresso Machine extensively for over a month, making all kinds of espresso-based drinks. In this detailed review, I’ll cover the design, features, performance, ease of use, and pros and cons of this espresso maker. Read on to find out if the CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 20 Bar Espresso Machine is the right home espresso machine for you.

 CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 20 Bar Espresso Machine


The CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 20 Bar Espresso Machine sports a beautiful brushed stainless steel exterior that looks great on any countertop. It has a compact footprint, measuring just 12.99” x 8.46” x 12.13”, making it perfect for small kitchens.

The CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 20 Bar Espresso Machine comes with a 49oz removable water tank, a stainless steel portafilter, single and double shot filters, tamper, measuring spoon, and an automatic milk frother. It uses a powerful 1350W heater and a 20-bar Italian pump to extract espresso.

Key Features

  • 20-bar pressure for cafe-quality espresso extraction
  • 1350W heating system with thermoblock
  • Automatic milk frother with one touch operation
  • Customizable shot volumes for single and double shots
  • 49oz removable water tank for easy filling
  • Stainless steel construction for durability
  • Programmable for adjusting default volumes
  • Self-priming operation helps avoid air locks

Design and Build Quality

The exterior is made completely of brushed stainless steel, giving the CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 20 Bar Espresso Machine a sleek, premium look. The metal parts feel solidly constructed with no loose panels or flimsy components. The water tank, drip tray, and reservoir are all plastic but seem durable.

I like that all the exterior surfaces are flat and easy to wipe down. The drip tray can be removed for rinsing. Overall, the build quality is very good for the price.

The CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 features a high-quality stainless steel casing that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable. Stainless steel is widely used in kitchen appliances for its corrosion resistance and easy cleaning properties, making it particularly suitable for environments frequently exposed to water and coffee grounds. Moreover, the compact design of the coffee machine not only saves space but also ensures ease of use, making it a perfect fit for both home kitchens and office settings. The weight of the machine and its sturdy base also ensure stability during operation, preventing vibrations or movements caused by handling.

Ease of Use

Despite its many features, the CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 20 Bar Espresso Machine is simple and intuitive to operate. All the main functions - espresso, cappuccino, latte, steam - have dedicated buttons. The buttons have indicator lights that show when the machine is heating up or ready to brew.

Programming the shot volumes is easy - just hold the button down for 3 seconds until the lights blink, pull your shot, then hit the button again to set. The instructions provide clear directions on how to do this.

Maintenance is straightforward too. The removable water tank allows you to easily refill from the sink. The milk reservoir lifts out for storage in the fridge. And the drip tray can be rinsed clean after use.


With its dual abilities to extract espresso and foam milk, the CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 20 Bar Espresso Machine can produce a wide variety of espresso drinks. Here are some of the beverages I made during testing:

  • Espresso - Rich, bold shots with nice crema
  • Cappuccino - Espresso topped with dense, frothy foam
  • Latte - Silky steamed milk with espresso
  • Americano - Espresso with hot water
  • Macchiato - Espresso marked with foamed milk

The only thing it can’t make is true drip coffee, but it handles all the espresso staples with ease. I was able to craft cafe-quality drinks each morning!

 CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 20 Bar Espresso Machine

Espresso Extraction

With its 1350W heater and 20-bar pressure system, the CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 20 Bar Espresso Machine is capable of extracting rich, flavorful espresso with a nice layer of crema. It uses a classic portafilter and filter basket design, allowing you to dose and tamp the ground coffee yourself before locking it into the group head.

The machine comes with both single and double shot baskets. During testing, I found the default timing for a double shot was a little long and resulted in overextracted espresso. But the good news is you can fully customize the shot volumes, allowing you to dial in the perfect double shot.

Coffee Bean Selection and Roasting

Choosing the right coffee beans is crucial for making high-quality coffee. The most common types found in the market are Arabica and Robusta beans. Arabica beans typically offer more complex flavors and lower caffeine content, making them ideal for those who enjoy a more nuanced taste profile. Robusta beans, known for their strong flavor and higher caffeine content, are used for more intense coffee preparations. Additionally, the roasting process significantly affects the flavor of the coffee; light roasting preserves more acidity and original bean flavors, suitable for those who prefer a tangy taste; medium roasting balances acidity and bitterness, ideal for everyday drinking; while dark roasting enhances bitterness and roasted flavors, suitable for making rich coffee beverages. Properly selecting coffee beans and matching them with the appropriate roasting level can greatly enhance the overall taste and quality of the coffee.

The Science of Coffee Roasting

The roasting of coffee beans is a complex process involving chemical and physical changes that affect the taste and aroma of coffee. During roasting, the temperature of the coffee beans gradually increases, causing sugars and fats within the beans to chemically react and produce complex flavors and aromas. During this process, coffee beans lose about 15% to 20% of their weight but double in volume. Understanding this process can help consumers better choose coffee beans that suit their taste preferences.

 CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 20 Bar Espresso Machine

Milk Frothing

One of the highlights of this machine is the automatic milk frother. With the touch of a button, it can foam milk into a smooth, creamy texture. The froth is dense and velvety, much better than what you’d typically get from a manual frother.

Latte art is certainly possible, though the spout is a bit too high above the cup to make it easy. Still, the frother churns out cappuccino-worthy microfoam consistently.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 20 Bar Espresso Machine requires some periodic maintenance to keep performing its best. The manufacturer recommends backflushing the group head weekly using the included blank filter basket.

Additionally, running a cleaning cycle for the steam wand every few days is needed to prevent milk buildup. Simply activate the steam for a few seconds to flush out milk remnants after frothing.

Descaling is recommended every 2-3 months depending on local water hardness. The instructions provide details on how to descale the machine using citric acid or other descaling solutions.

Overall, while not maintenance-free, the cleaning needs of the CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 20 Bar Espresso Machine are reasonable. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations will help ensure years of consistent performance.

Noise Level:

The noise level is unlisted, but users do not report excessive noise being a problem.


With a 1350 watt motor, this model runs on a standard 120V electrical outlet. No battery is involved.

Detailed Use Cases

The CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 20 Bar Espresso Machine is especially well-suited for home use, particularly in small families or single-person apartments. Its compact design does not occupy much space, while its comprehensive features meet daily coffee needs effortlessly, whether you need a quick espresso in the morning or enjoy a cappuccino during leisure time. Additionally, this coffee machine is also suitable for small office environments, where it can quickly provide high-quality coffee for team members, enhancing both productivity and workplace atmosphere.

User Feedback

With 72 global ratings averaging a 4.3 out of 5 stars, the CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 20 Bar Espresso Machine has brewed up predominantly positive feedback from Amazon customers.

The vast majority of reviews applaud this petite machine’s ability to concoct coffee shop-worthy libations without the outrageous price tag. Owners revel in the convenience of their private at-home cafe, serving up espresso-based treats at the push of a button. Many compare the smooth espresso flavor to the elixirs crafted by seasoned baristas. No longer must they sacrifice extra pillow time or prep time for their caffeinated cravings.

Several self-proclaimed coffee aficionados vouch that the steaming and frothing functionality elevates dairy (or dairy-substitute) into a masterful microfoam topping. Cappuccinos and lattes can be customized to precise preferences for espresso shot volume and milk foam amount. Morning zombies are now afternoon superheroes fueled by their customized brews. Iced variations provide an afternoon pick-me-up or after dinner treat. Even skeptics have been converted into believers by this mighty miniature machine.

Alas, a few owners run into limitations given the appliance’s petite proportions. Taller travel mugs have trouble tucking under the portafilter spout. Some report needing a few trials to properly lock the portafilter into the brew head upon first use. And non-dairy milks like almond or oat milk froth less lusciously than cow varieties.

But overall, owners are exceedingly satisfied with this entry-level semi-automatic espresso machine. For those craving the comforts of a home-based coffeehouse, the CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 20 Bar Espresso Machine delivers on convenience and quality at an accessible price point. One sip is all it takes to be convinced.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent value for a 20-bar espresso machine
  • Makes rich, flavorful espresso shots
  • Microfoam milk frothing for cappuccinos/lattes
  • Customizable shot volumes
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Compact footprint


  • Small clearance limits taller cups
  • Louder vibration pump
  • Default shot time too long
  • No hot water dispenser
  • Milk frothing not always consistent


The CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 espresso machine is very competitively priced at $199.99 on Amazon. This puts it in line with other entry-level semi-automatic espresso machines in the sub $300 range. For the build quality, performance capabilities, and feature set, the CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 20 Bar Espresso Machine provides excellent value for money.

 CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 20 Bar Espresso Machine


The CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 20 Bar Espresso Machine punches above its weight class, offering commercial-grade espresso and milk frothing performance at an accessible price point. It’s simple to use right out of the box, yet keeps advanced features like shot programming for customization.

If you’re seeking an affordable, attractive machine for crafting café-style drinks at home, the CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 20 Bar Espresso Machine is a compelling option. While not perfect, it produces deliciously rich espresso and velvety microfoam worthy of any coffeehouse. For home baristas on a budget, the CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 20 Bar Espresso Machine delivers dependable, high-quality results shot after shot.

Considering the increasing focus on environmental protection and sustainability, the CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 20 Bar Espresso Machine incorporates recyclable materials in its design and manufacturing process, along with an energy-saving mode to reduce power consumption. This not only helps users save on electricity bills but also contributes to environmental conservation.

User Manual

Initial Setup

  1. Water Tank Installation: Ensure the water tank is properly installed and fill it with fresh cold water to the maximum mark.
  2. Preheating: Turn on the power and press the preheat button, wait until the indicator light shows that preheating is complete.
  3. Loading Coffee Beans: Place coffee beans into the bean hopper, making sure the lid is closed.

Daily Operation

  1. Making Espresso: Install the coffee basket and fill it with coffee grounds, press the espresso button to start brewing.
  2. Using the Steam Wand for Milk Frothing: Ensure the steam wand is off, insert the milk jug and slowly adjust the steam valve until the froth is satisfactory.
  3. Cleaning and Maintenance: Perform cleaning routines after use to maintain the machine’s performance. Regularly clean the coffee basket and water tank.


  1. No Coffee Dispensing: Check if the water tank is filled and ensure the coffee basket is not clogged.
  2. Steam Wand Not Working: Check if the steam wand is correctly installed and ensure it is not blocked by milk scale.
  3. Excessive Noise: Make sure all parts are securely installed and check for any loose or damaged internal components.

Customer Support

If you encounter problems that you cannot resolve, please contact CASABREWS customer service. We provide round-the-clock support to ensure your coffee machine operates smoothly.


  • Dimensions: 12.99 x 8.46 x 12.13 inches
  • Weight: 8.59 pounds
  • Pressure System: 20-bar
  • Power: 1350 watts
  • Water Tank Capacity: 49 oz
  • Frother: Automatic milk frother
  • Exterior Material: Stainless steel
  • Warranty: 1 year

What’s Included

The CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 ships with the following in the box:

  • Espresso machine body
  • Portafilter
  • Single shot filter basket
  • Double shot filter basket
  • 49oz removable water tank
  • Milk frothing carafe
  • Coffee tamper
  • Measuring spoon
  • Instruction manual

CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 Espresso Machine: Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

Is the CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 easy to use?

Yes, the CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 is easy to use. It has a user-friendly control panel with intuitive buttons and indicators. The machine also comes with a detailed instruction manual that walks you through the brewing process step-by-step.

What kind of espresso drinks can I make with the CASABREWS 3700Pro-02?

With the CASABREWS 3700Pro-02, you can make a variety of espresso drinks, including espresso, cappuccino, and latte. The machine also has a built-in milk frother, so you can easily create frothed milk for your favorite drinks.

How do I clean the CASABREWS 3700Pro-02?

The CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 is easy to clean. The machine has a removable water tank and drip tray that can be washed in the dishwasher. The portafilter and milk frother can also be easily disassembled and cleaned with warm, soapy water.

What are some tips for using the CASABREWS 3700Pro-02?

Here are a few tips for using the CASABREWS 3700Pro-02:

  • Use fresh, cold water for the best results.
  • Use high-quality espresso beans.
  • Grind your beans to a fine grind.
  • Tamp the ground coffee firmly into the portafilter.
  • Use the correct amount of milk for your desired drink.
  • Clean the machine regularly.

Where can I buy the CASABREWS 3700Pro-02?

The CASABREWS 3700Pro-02 is available for purchase on and other online retailers.


  • Use filtered water to improve the taste of your espresso.
  • Preheat your cup before brewing to keep your espresso hot.
  • Experiment with different coffee beans to find your favorite flavor.
  • Add a flavored syrup to your espresso for a fun twist.
  • Make a batch of espresso ice cubes to add to your cold coffee drinks.