SUMSATY Espresso Coffee Machine A Retro-style Espresso Maker with Good Functionality

Published on July 20, 2023, 5:14 p.m.

The SUMSATY Espresso Coffee Machine is a semi-automatic espresso machine with a vintage retro design that allows you to brew espresso-based drinks at home.


  • Brand: SUMSATY
  • Model: Espresso Coffee Machine
  • Type: Semi-automatic espresso machine
  • Dimensions: 12.6” x 6.02” x 12.9”
  • Capacity: 1.8 L water tank
  • Power: 1350W
  • Pressure: 15-20 bars

The SUMSATY espresso machine has a compact size with dimensions of 12.6” x 6.02” x 12.9” and weighs 9.08 lbs. It comes in two color options - black and white, both featuring a retro style design with chrome accents. The machine has a 1.8L removable water tank and a steam wand for foaming milk. It uses a 15-20 bar pump pressure for extraction.

Technical Specifications and Features

The SUMSATY Espresso Coffee Machine stands out with its 1350W power, ensuring efficient and quick coffee preparation. Its 1.8 L water tank capacity is ample for daily use, and the dimensions of 12.6” x 6.02” x 12.9” make it a compact yet powerful device. The machine operates at a pressure range of 15-20 bars, optimal for extracting rich and flavorful espresso.

While it may not boast advanced features like automatic cleaning or coffee strength adjustments, its semi-automatic nature allows for a hands-on brewing experience, appealing to those who enjoy the art of coffee making. The inclusion of a milk frother adds versatility, enabling users to create a variety of coffee drinks beyond just espresso.

 SUMSATY Espresso Coffee Machine

Design and Build

The design is reminiscent of old-school espresso machines with the charming retro look. The machine is made primarily of plastic but feels sturdy overall. The control knobs, portafilter, and steam wand are made of stainless steel. The water tank is transparent so you can view the water level.

The SUMSATY Espresso Coffee Machine’s retro design is not just about aesthetics; it’s a nod to classic espresso craftsmanship. While the primary construction is plastic, the machine’s durability is reinforced with stainless steel components, including the steam wand and portafilter. This combination of materials ensures longevity while keeping the device lightweight and manageable. Its design harmoniously blends with modern and traditional kitchen decors, making it a versatile choice for various interior styles.

 SUMSATY Espresso Coffee Machine

Ease of Use

Operating the SUMSATY espresso machine is relatively straightforward. After filling the tank and turning on the machine, it heats up in just a few minutes. The pressure gauge helps monitor optimal extraction pressure. The steam wand makes it easy to foam milk for lattes and cappuccinos. The single and double shot filters allow you to pull one or two shots at a time.


The 15-20 bar pressure produces good espresso. The machine doesn’t make true café-quality espresso but delivers decent shots for the price. The steam wand foams milk well for making specialty drinks. However, temperature could be hotter for brewing espresso.

Coffee Quality

The machine’s 15-20 bar pressure is a key factor in its ability to produce espresso with a rich crema and deep flavor, mirroring the quality found in many cafes. This pressure ensures optimal extraction, pulling the full range of flavors from the coffee grounds. While the espresso’s temperature might be a point of contention for some users, the overall taste profile is robust, offering a satisfying home-brewed coffee experience. With proper use and maintenance, the SUMSATY machine consistently delivers espresso that meets expectations for its price range.

Milk Frothing Ability

The SUMSATY comes with a stainless steel steam wand that makes frothing milk easy. It can produce silky, microfoam that rivals professional machines. Latte art is achievable after some practice. The steam power is strong enough to froth milk quickly.

Ease of Cleaning

The removable water tank, drip tray, and portafilter make cleaning this espresso machine very simple. All the detachable parts are dishwasher safe. The stainless steel body is easy to wipe down. Many reviewers mentioned how the cleaning process is quick and hassle-free. Overall, it requires minimal effort to keep the SUMSATY machine in tip-top condition.

 SUMSATY Espresso Coffee Machine

Best Uses

The SUMSATY espresso machine is ideal for home use. It’s perfect for espresso beginners who want to start making homemade espresso drinks. The milk frother allows you to make lattes and cappuccinos. It’s also great for retro design enthusiasts.

User Feedback

Based on 150+ customer reviews, the SUMSATY espresso machine has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Here is a breakdown of the positive and negative feedback:

Positive feedback:

  • 77% of customers gave it a 5-star rating, praising its easy operation, quick heat up time, and ability to brew delicious espresso drinks. Many mentioned it makes espresso comparable to their favorite coffee shops.

  • Customers love the retro aesthetics and compact size that saves counter space. Several mentioned it looks great on their countertops.

  • Many reviewers said it consistently delivers hot, flavorful espresso with nice crema. They were impressed by the quality from a budget machine.

  • Customers found it very easy to use, even for beginners. They liked the simple manual button controls.

  • Most said it froths milk easily for making cappuccinos and lattes. The steam wand produces smooth, silky foam.

Negative feedback:

  • A handful of customers complained that the espresso is not hot enough for their preferences, ranging from 160-180F.

  • Some found the portafilter difficult to insert and remove from the group head.

  • A few reviewers said the plastic exterior gets hot to touch after extended use.

  • Some reported issues with leaks and spills while using the steam wand. Proper positioning is required.

  • A small number of customers received defective units that didn’t heat up properly.


  • Retro aesthetics
  • Easy to operate
  • Makes decent espresso shots
  • Large water tank
  • Good steam wand
  • Budget-friendly price


  • Build quality could be better
  • Espresso not hot enough
  • No auto-off function
     SUMSATY Espresso Coffee Machine


At around $160, the SUMSATY espresso machine is very affordably priced compared to similar semi-automatic machines which can cost $400+. You get an efficient 15-20 bar pump, quick heat up times, and well-built steam wand at a fraction of the price of high-end models. Considering the high-quality espresso and froth it can produce, it delivers tremendous value for money. The combination of retro styling and cafe-grade performance make it a budget-friendly powerhouse for homemade specialty drinks.


For its affordable price point, the SUMSATY Espresso Coffee Machine is a good option if you want an easy-to-use espresso maker with charming retro aesthetics. It makes fairly decent espresso and milk-based drinks. The machine offers convenience for brewing espresso at home without breaking the bank. Overall, it’s a recommended product for casual espresso drinkers.

Final Thoughts and Call to Action

The SUMSATY Espresso Coffee Machine is an excellent choice for those seeking a balance between price and performance. It offers a retro aesthetic that appeals to design-conscious individuals while providing the functionality needed to create a range of coffee drinks. While it may not have all the high-end features of more expensive models, it strikes an impressive balance, making it a worthwhile investment for the casual espresso drinker or those new to home brewing.

If you’re looking to elevate your home coffee experience without breaking the bank, the SUMSATY Espresso Coffee Machine offers a compelling mix of style, functionality, and affordability. Consider adding this machine to your kitchen arsenal and start crafting your favorite coffee beverages with ease.

 SUMSATY Espresso Coffee Machine


  • Power: 1350W
  • Pressure: 15-20 bar
  • Tank capacity: 1.8L
  • Dimensions: 12.6” x 6.02” x 12.9”
  • Weight: 9.08 lbs
  • Steam wand
  • Single and double shot filters

Box Includes:

  • Espresso machine
  • Single shot filter
  • Double shot filter
  • Coffee scoop
  • Milk frothing pitcher
  • Cleaning brush

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select one cup or two cups of coffee?

The SUMSATY espresso machine does not have a setting to select one or two cups. To brew a single cup, place your cup under the portafilter and turn on the machine. When the cup is filled to your desired level, simply turn off the machine and your single cup is ready.

What is the size of the portafilter?

The portafilter on the SUMSATY espresso machine is 58mm, which is the standard size for most home espresso machines. This allows you to use standard sized portafilters and baskets.

Why is my espresso watery?

Watery espresso can be caused by the grind being too coarse or not tamping the coffee with enough pressure. Make sure you are using a fine grind for espresso and tamping the coffee firmly before locking the portafilter into the group head. Adjusting the grind and tamp can help improve the extraction.

How do I descale the machine?

Descaling instructions are not provided, but generally for home espresso machines you can descale using a commercial descaling solution. Follow the descaler instructions, run the solution through the machine, and then flush thoroughly with fresh water to rinse out any residual descaler.


  • Let the machine preheat for at least 10 minutes before pulling your first shot. This helps stabilize temperature.

  • Use freshly ground coffee with a fine espresso grind for best results.

  • Tamp the coffee evenly and with 30lbs of pressure for optimal extraction.

  • Adjust the grind finer if coffee is watery or extract faster. Coarser if it extracts too slowly.

  • Clean the machine regularly including backflushing for longevity.

  • Descale every 2-3 months with an espresso machine descaling solution to remove mineral buildup.