Nespresso EN560B Lattissima Touch: A Must-Have for Creamy Espresso Drinks

Published on Sept. 19, 2023, 5:50 a.m.

As a coffee lover, I was eagerly awaiting the release of the Nespresso Lattissima Touch EN560B espresso machine. This sleek and stylish machine promises to deliver delicious espresso-based drinks with automatic milk frothing at the touch of a button. After testing it out extensively over the past few weeks, I’m excited to share my full review on why the Lattissima Touch is a must-have for any espresso aficionado.


The Nespresso EN560B Lattissima Touch Espresso Machine is an intuitive, single-serve espresso machine made by Italian manufacturer De’Longhi in partnership with Nespresso. Available in three colors - White, Washed Black, and Frosted Silver - it features a compact footprint perfect for small kitchens.

With six pre-programmed one-touch beverage recipes, the Lattissima Touch takes the guesswork out of making everything from a simple espresso to a creamy cappuccino. The sliding drip tray and automatic milk frother allow for a wide variety of cup sizes. Plus, with fast heat up and energy-saving auto shutoff, this little machine packs in functionality without compromising style.

 Nespresso EN560B Lattissima Touch Espresso Machine

Key Features:

  • 6 One-Touch Recipes: Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Latte, and Warm Milk Foam
  • 19 Bar Pressure System: Delivers optimal flavor extraction and crema
  • Automatic Milk Frothing: Creates rich, creamy froth at the touch of a button
  • Fast Heat-Up Time: Ready to brew in under 40 seconds
  • Detachable Milk Carafe: Convenient for storage and cleaning
  • Sliding Drip Tray: Accommodates various cup sizes
  • Energy-Saving Mode: Auto shut-off after 9 minutes
  • Intuitive Descaling System: Alerts and guides you through the descaling process
  • Water Hardness Settings: Customizable to match your water source

 Nespresso EN560B Lattissima Touch Espresso Machine


Nespresso nails the design with the Nespresso EN560B Lattissima Touch Espresso Machine’s sleek Italian-crafted body. It looks elegant and modern on the counter in any of its three color options. The illuminated touch buttons add to its sophisticated style.

The milk frother attaches seamlessly when needed. And when detached, the machine maintains a compact 6.8” x 12.6” footprint. While made mostly of plastic, it doesn’t feel flimsy or cheap.

Ease of Use

Between the pre-programmed buttons and intuitive setup, the Nespresso EN560B Lattissima Touch Espresso Machine couldn’t be easier to operate. The included user manual provides clear instructions on initial setup steps like priming the machine and cleaning the frother.

On a daily basis, just fill the water reservoir, attach milk if needed, insert a Nespresso capsule, and press one of the recipe buttons. Used capsules are automatically ejected into an internal bin that is simple to empty.

Overall, it provides the speed and convenience of a pod brewer with the delicious taste of an espresso bar.

 Nespresso EN560B Lattissima Touch Espresso Machine

6 One-Touch Recipes

For those who crave variety and convenience, the Nespresso Lattissima Touch offers six pre-programmed one-touch recipes: Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Latte, and Warm Milk Foam. Each recipe is expertly crafted to deliver a perfectly balanced and delicious beverage. Whether you prefer a short, intense espresso or a tall, creamy latte, the Lattissima Touch has you covered. The one-touch operation eliminates the guesswork and ensures consistent results every time, even for beginners.

19 Bar Pressure System

The Nespresso Lattissima Touch utilizes a 19-bar pressure pump, the gold standard for espresso machines. This high pressure ensures optimal extraction of flavor and aroma compounds from the Nespresso capsule, resulting in a rich, full-bodied espresso with a thick, velvety crema. The crema, that delicate layer of foam on top of the espresso, is a hallmark of a well-made espresso and contributes significantly to the overall taste experience.

Fast Heat-Up Time

Time is of the essence, especially in the morning rush. The Nespresso Lattissima Touch understands this, boasting a rapid heat-up time of fewer than 40 seconds. This is achieved through its innovative thermoblock heating system, which efficiently heats water on demand, ensuring your espresso is ready in a flash. Say goodbye to long waits and hello to instant gratification, all while saving energy.

Water Hardness Settings

Every water source is different, and the Nespresso Lattissima Touch acknowledges this with its customizable water hardness settings. You can adjust the settings to match the hardness of your water, ensuring optimal performance and preventing limescale buildup. This feature not only protects your machine but also contributes to the quality of your espresso, as water hardness can affect the taste and extraction process.

Sliding Drip Tray

The adjustable sliding drip tray accommodates everything from a small espresso cup to a tall milk frothing glass. I loved having the flexibility to brew directly into my favorite mug.

Automatic Milk Frother

The built-in automatic milk frother is a game changer for making creamy cappuccinos and lattes. Simply fill the detachable milk reservoir, attach to the machine, and select your recipe. The frother consistently made silky smooth foam without the hassle of a manual frother.

Energy-Saving Mode

In an era of growing environmental consciousness, the Nespresso Lattissima Touch contributes its part by incorporating an energy-saving mode. The machine automatically powers down after 9 minutes of inactivity, conserving energy and reducing your carbon footprint. This feature not only benefits the environment but also helps you save on your electricity bill, making it a win-win situation.

Intuitive Descaling System

The Nespresso Lattissima Touch takes the hassle out of descaling with its intuitive system. It alerts you when it’s time to descale based on your programmed water hardness setting. The machine comes with a descaling pipe, making the process even easier. Regular descaling ensures optimal performance and longevity of your espresso machine, so you can continue enjoying your favorite beverages for years to come.


While brewing a perfect cappuccino takes only seconds, cleanup is equally swift and painless. The milk reservoir detaches with the press of a button for storage in the fridge or cleaning in the dishwasher. The used capsule bin catches spent capsules neatly and is simple to empty. An integrated cleaning mode for the milk frother helps keep the system spotless with little effort. With its smooth surfaces and removable parts, the Nespresso EN560B Lattissima Touch Espresso Machine makes it a joy, not a chore, to preserve the machine’s sleek aesthetic.

Noise Level

Incredibly, for all its pressure-driven extraction power, the Nespresso EN560B Lattissima Touch Espresso Machine brews with whisper quiet operation. Besides a soothing whirring while texturing milk to silky perfection, the brewing process emits little more than a low hum. You can brew your early morning espresso while the whole household remains undisturbed.

Use Cases:

The Nespresso EN560B Lattissima Touch Espresso Machine is ideal for espresso drinkers who want the speed and convenience of single-serve pod brewing but crave the cafe-style experience of milk-based espresso drinks like cappuccinos and lattes. It’s perfect for the morning rush when you need a quick quality coffee as well as evenings when you want to leisurely enjoy a creamy cappuccino.

User Feedback Analysis

Reviews of the Nespresso EN560B Lattissima Touch Espresso Machine read like love letters, brimming with effusive praise for this “game-changing” machine. A dominant theme is the unbridled joy customers feel indulging in café-caliber drinks in the comfort of home. Many characterize it as an awakening of their senses - the crema’s alluring aroma, the satiny milk foam melting on the tongue, flavors dancing across the palate. The Touch earns rapturous approval for sparing users the tiresome chore of frothing milk manually. Its simplistic one-touch operation draws acclaim from novice and expert users alike.

Satisfied customers extol the Touch’s virtues for democratizing “the perfect latte” - finally liberating them from the shackles of subpar brews and long coffeehouse queues. For many, the convenience proves addictive as they find excuses to enjoy bonus cappuccinos between meals. However, a vocal minority report reliability issues, typically with the milk frother failing after a period of use. Others acknowledge the steep upfront investment but compute long-term savings over daily coffee shop trips. All seem to agree - when functioning properly, the machine delivers utterly transformative drinking pleasure.

In summary, feedback on the Nespresso EN560B Lattissima Touch Espresso Machine verges on euphoric thanks to its seamless automation, versatile beverage menu, and bliss-inducing indulgence it unlocks in each cup. For those seeking a hassle-free portal to artisanal flavors at home, the Touch earns top marks for simplifying the journey.


  • Programmable one-touch simplicity
  • Automatic milk frothing convenience
  • Fast heat up time
  • Energy savings features
  • High 19 bars of pressure
  • Makes consistent high-quality drinks
  • More affordable long-term than coffee shops


  • High upfront investment
  • Milk frother prone to issues
  • Limited to Nespresso capsule system


At a premium price point, the Nespresso EN560B Lattissima Touch Espresso Machine is certainly an investment. However, its ingenious combination of one-touch beverage preparation, automatic milk texturing, and Nespresso’s unparalleled extraction technology makes each cup a luxurious, velvety treat. Factor in the cost savings from skipping the coffee shop line, and the Lattissima pays dividends in convenience and quality with every aromatic cup.

 Nespresso EN560B Lattissima Touch Espresso Machine


For espresso lovers who want the convenience of single-serve with the versatility of milk-based drinks, the Nespresso EN560B Lattissima Touch Espresso Machine is a must-have machine. The simplicity of pre-programmed buttons paired with its fast heat up, energy savings, and slide-out drip tray make this a functional yet beautiful addition to your kitchen. While pricey upfront, it can easily pay for itself over time compared to the daily cost of coffee shops.


  • Dimensions: 6.81”D x 12.59”W x 10.15”H
  • Weight: 9.9 lbs
  • Reservoir Capacity: 37 oz
  • Milk Container Capacity: 17 oz
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color Options: White, Washed Black, Frosted Silver
  • Beverage Sizes: Espresso (1.35 oz), Lungo (5 oz), Cappuccino (7.77 oz), Latte Macchiato (7.77 oz), Milk (11.83 oz)
  • Power: 1400 watts
  • Pressure: 19 bars
  • Heat Up Time: 40 seconds
  • Automatic Shut Off: After 9 minutes of inactivity
  • Milk Frothing: Automatic built-in frother
  • Milk Froth Settings: Adjustable texture regulator knob
  • Used Capsule Capacity: 14
  • Water Hardness Settings: 5 levels
  • Descaling Alert: Yes
  • Cup Clearance: 4.33” to 6.89”
  • Voltage: 120V, 60Hz

What’s Included:

The box contains the Nespresso Lattissima Touch espresso machine, welcome set with Nespresso capsule samples, user manual, descaling pipe, cleaning brush, and milk container lid.