Moss & Stone Mini Drip Coffee Maker: A Portable and Compact Single Cup Brew

Published on July 25, 2023, 4:51 p.m.

The Moss & Stone Mini Drip Coffee Maker is a compact and portable single serve coffee maker perfect for travelers or those with limited counter space. This mini coffee machine allows you to brew a fresh cup of coffee in minutes. Read on for the full review covering design, features, ease of use, quality, price and more.

Evolution of Coffee Makers

Coffee makers have undergone centuries of evolution and improvement, from the earliest manual brewing methods to the development of modern automatic coffee machines. The earliest coffee makers can be traced back to the 15th century when people used simple boiling methods to make coffee. Over time, steam and pressure technologies were introduced, making the coffee-making process more efficient and convenient. Today, as people’s pursuit of coffee quality and personalized flavors continues to grow, a variety of coffee makers have emerged, catering to the needs and preferences of different demographics.

 Moss & Stone Mini Drip Coffee Maker


The Moss & Stone Mini Drip Coffee Maker’s compact design, measuring 7.1 x 4.9 x 4.1 inches, and lightweight build (0.25 lbs) make it an ideal travel companion. Its black plastic exterior is robust, and it includes a 4oz matching mug, ensuring a seamless brewing experience in any compact space.

The mini coffee machine has an 800 watt heating plate and a no-frills design with a single button for on/off operation.

Key Features

  • Compact and portable design for easy travel and storage
  • Single-serve brewing for quick and convenient coffee preparation
  • Permanent filter eliminates the need for disposable paper filters
  • 800W heating element ensures optimal brewing temperature
  • One-touch operation for simplicity and ease of use
  • Includes a 4oz mug for immediate enjoyment of your freshly brewed coffee

 Moss & Stone Mini Drip Coffee Maker


Form follows function in the Moss & Stone’s pared down aesthetic. Its sleek black plastic shell projects an air of understated modernity. The sparse profile focuses all attention on the brewing basics rather than superfluous embellishments. A single dial provides push-button control for no-fuss operation. The inclusion of both a reusable filter and paper inserts caters to personal preferences. While compact, the Moss & Stone Mini Drip Coffee Maker’s larger base and short stature give it a stable, grounded footprint. For those who fancy a petite powerhouse that packs a caffeinated punch without hogging precious counter real estate, the Moss & Stone single cup model proves a prudent choice.

This Moss & Stone Mini Drip Coffee Maker is made of plastic so likely won’t have the longevity of pricier metal models. But it appears decently constructed and made to be portable for travel use. The heating plate provides sufficient warmth to brew coffee without getting too hot.

Understanding the importance of a good coffee maker requires some basic coffee knowledge. The coffee’s flavor is primarily influenced by the type and roast of the beans, as well as the brewing technique. The Moss & Stone Mini Drip Coffee Maker, with its 800W heating element, ensures a proper brewing temperature, enabling the extraction of coffee flavors to deliver a fresh and aromatic cup of coffee​​.

 Moss & Stone Mini Drip Coffee Maker

Ease of Use

This Moss & Stone Mini Drip Coffee Maker is designed for hassle-free operation. Simply fill the filter basket with ground coffee, pour water into the reservoir, place the mug, and press the one-touch button. The permanent filter eliminates the need to buy and change paper filters. The removable filter basket and mug are also dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. The straightforward controls and functions make brewing a quick cup of coffee easy and intuitive.

Flavor Profile

Despite its compact size, the Moss & Stone Mini Drip Coffee Maker delivers a surprisingly flavorful cup of coffee. The 800-watt heating element ensures that water reaches the ideal brewing temperature, while the drip design evenly saturates the coffee grounds for optimal extraction. Users frequently commend the coffee’s smooth and well-rounded taste, noting the absence of bitterness. The permanent filter allows flavorful coffee oils to pass through, contributing to a richer taste experience.

Coffee Extraction Principle

Coffee makers extract coffee by drawing hot water from the reservoir into the filter basket above the coffee grounds, gradually soaking the coffee grounds, and finally dripping the soaked coffee liquid into the cup. During this process, the hot water slowly passes through the coffee grounds, extracting the aroma and flavor from the coffee grounds, creating the unique flavor of coffee. The coffee extraction process is influenced by various factors, including water temperature, pressure, fineness of coffee grounds, and soaking time of coffee grounds. Proper control of these factors can affect the taste and mouthfeel of coffee, making the coffee quality superior.

Health Benefits and Consumption Trends of Coffee

In addition to providing a refreshing wake-up effect, coffee is believed to have multiple health benefits. Studies have shown that moderate coffee consumption is associated with reduced risks of heart disease, stroke, and certain types of cancer. Furthermore, coffee is rich in antioxidants, helping to protect the body from free radical damage. With the increasing health consciousness among consumers and the global spread of coffee culture, coffee consumption trends continue to rise. From traditional espresso to specialty pour-over coffee, there is a growing demand for diverse and personalized coffee experiences, driving continuous innovation and development in the coffee machine market.

One-Touch Operation

The Moss & Stone Mini Drip Coffee Maker features a simple one-touch operation. Just add your coffee grounds and water, press the button, and let the machine do the rest. This straightforward design makes it incredibly easy to use, even for those who are not familiar with coffee makers.

Single-Serve Brewing

This coffee maker is designed for single-serve brewing, meaning it brews one cup of coffee at a time. This is a convenient feature for individuals who live alone or those who prefer different types of coffee at different times. It eliminates the need to brew a whole pot of coffee, reducing waste and ensuring that you always have a fresh cup.

Permanent Filter

One of the standout features of the Moss & Stone Mini Drip Coffee Maker is its permanent filter. This eliminates the need for disposable paper filters, which not only saves you money in the long run but also reduces waste and is more environmentally friendly. The permanent filter is easy to clean and reusable, adding to the convenience of this coffee maker.

800W Heating Element

Equipped with an 800-watt heating element, this coffee maker ensures that water reaches the optimal brewing temperature quickly and efficiently. This is crucial for extracting the full flavor and aroma of your coffee grounds, resulting in a more satisfying cup of coffee. The fast heating time also means you won’t have to wait long for your coffee to be ready.

Simple ON/OFF Button

The Moss & Stone Mini Drip Coffee Maker is designed with simplicity in mind. It features a single ON/OFF button, making it incredibly easy to operate. This is a great feature for those who prefer a straightforward and hassle-free brewing experience. There are no complicated settings or timers to worry about; simply press the button to start brewing and press it again to stop.

Easy-to-Remove Filter Basket

The filter basket of this coffee maker is designed for easy removal. This makes it simple to add your coffee grounds and to clean the basket after brewing. The removable filter basket is a convenient feature that enhances the overall user experience and makes maintenance of the coffee maker hassle-free.

Included Mug

The coffee maker comes with a 4oz mug that fits perfectly under the dripper. This means you don’t have to find a separate cup to brew your coffee into. The mug is made of the same durable plastic as the coffee maker and is designed to keep your coffee warm for a short period.


With a weight of only 0.25 pounds and measuring less than 8 inches tall, the Moss & Stone Mini Drip Coffee Maker fits seamlessly in small spaces like dorm rooms or travel bags. Its portability and minimalist design make it suitable for anyone needing a quick caffeine boost in confined spaces or while on the move.
The compact footprint takes up little space in bags, suitcases, cars, desks, and more. It’s fantastic for traveling, camping, offices, dorms, or small kitchens.

Noise Level

The Moss & Stone Mini Drip Coffee Maker operates at a moderate noise level, comparable to other small drip coffee makers. The primary sound comes from the gentle hum of the water heating element, which is not loud enough to be disruptive in most environments.

How to Clean and Maintain the Moss & Stone Mini Drip Coffee Maker?

To keep your Moss & Stone Mini Drip Coffee Maker performing and looking its best, regular cleaning and maintenance are recommended. You can use a mild cleaner and soft cloth to clean the exterior surfaces. The filter basket and mug are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, but be sure to follow the cleaning instructions in the product manual. Additionally, every few months, you should descale the coffee maker to remove mineral deposits and buildup.

Suitable Uses and Scenarios:

The diminutive proportions of the Moss & Stone single cup coffee maker belie its versatility and utility for caffeine aficionados across a spectrum of locales. Beyond its evident aptness for confined residential spaces like studios or dorms, the unit’s compact footprint and meager heft render it eminently portable. It would integrate seamlessly into one’s cubicle, delivering freshly brewed reinforcements in the midst of a marathon work session. Frequent fliers will appreciate the ability to concoct a personalized brew despite the limitations of hotel rooms or Airbnbs. Outdoor enthusiasts can easily stash this miniature maker in their camping gear or RV, a small sacrifice for the comforts of morning coffee off the grid.

More Usage Scenarios and Advantages

The portability and simplicity of single cup coffee makers make them versatile for various scenarios. They are suitable not only for travel, offices, and dorms, but also for outdoor camping, picnics, and RV trips. Their compact size makes them an ideal choice for saving space, fitting even in the smallest of kitchen spaces. Additionally, single cup coffee makers can be an ideal choice for gifts or giveaways, especially for coffee enthusiasts and frequent travelers. Whether at home or on the go, you can enjoy a fresh and delicious cup of coffee anytime, anywhere.

Analysis of Customer Feedback

The Moss & Stone Mini Drip Coffee Maker, with over 1,200 global ratings and an average score of 3.2 out of 5 stars, has a mixed reception among customers. This small coffee maker receives a range of reviews highlighting both its strengths and weaknesses.

Positive Reviews

Satisfied customers appreciate the product’s compact size, affordability, and portability. They find it useful for quick, single-cup coffee brewing, particularly in spaces with limited room, such as dorms, offices, or during travel. The included 4-ounce mug is praised for fitting perfectly with the device, and the reusable filter is seen as a cost-effective feature. Despite its size, many customers enjoy the coffee it produces, noting its smoothness and lack of bitterness.

Negative Reviews

Critical reviews emphasize the coffee maker’s small cup size, which they found to be insufficient for a decent serving. Some customers feel the product description was misleading, expecting larger servings. Others report issues with durability and build quality, with several units not functioning properly from the start. The plastic construction also raised concerns about longevity.

Feature Ratings

Analyzing ratings for specific features reveals that the coffee maker performs moderately in terms of ease of use, flavor, and value for money. It scores higher on ease of cleaning, suggesting that while convenient, the device might compromise on taste and cost efficiency.

Key Takeaways

The Moss & Stone Mini Drip Coffee Maker is best suited for individuals seeking a budget-friendly, portable coffee solution for small spaces. People who desire fuller cups or higher build quality may be disappointed. Reading both positive and negative reviews provides a balanced perspective on this budget-friendly, single-cup brewer before making a purchase.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Fast brew time
  • Good flavor for a small machine
  • Simple to operate
  • Portable
  • Inexpensive
  • Reusable filter included


  • Small 4oz serving size
  • Only fits included mug
  • made of cheap plastic
  • No temperature control
  • Not ideal for everyday use


The Moss & Stone Mini Drip Coffee Maker, while not without its flaws, offers an undeniable value proposition for its target audience. Its budget-friendly price, coupled with its compact size and portability, make it a compelling choice for those seeking a no-frills coffee solution for travel, small spaces, or occasional use. The inclusion of a permanent filter further enhances its value by eliminating the need for disposable paper filters.

However, it’s important to acknowledge the limitations of this mini coffee maker. The small serving size and plastic construction might not appeal to everyone, especially those who prioritize larger servings or a more durable build. Additionally, the lack of advanced features like temperature control might be a drawback for coffee enthusiasts seeking a more customizable brewing experience.

Ultimately, the decision to purchase the Moss & Stone Mini Drip Coffee Maker depends on individual needs and priorities. If convenience, affordability, and portability are paramount, then this coffee maker is a worthy contender. However, if you crave larger servings, premium materials, or advanced features, you might want to explore other options on the market.


In conclusion, the Moss & Stone Mini Drip Coffee Maker is a budget-friendly and compact single cup coffee maker suitable for consumers seeking affordability and portability. Despite its small cup capacity and plastic construction, it offers convenience and quick coffee brewing experience for travel or limited space situations. It’s an ideal choice for those needing a cup of coffee in a short amount of time. Additionally, the included permanent filter eliminates the ongoing cost of paper filters, adding to its cost-effectiveness. Overall, the Moss & Stone Mini Drip Coffee Maker provides good coffee quality and convenience at an affordable price, thanks to its portability and simplicity.


  • Dimensions: 7.1 x 4.9 x 4.1 inches
  • Weight: 0.25 pounds
  • Power: 800 watts
  • Reservoir Capacity: 4 oz
  • Brews Size: 4 oz cup (included)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 1 year

Box Includes:

  • Mini coffee maker
  • 4oz mug
  • Permanent filter
  • Instructions

Moss & Stone Mini Drip Coffee Maker User Manual

Safety Instructions

  • Important: Read all instructions before using the coffee maker.
  • Do not immerse the base unit in water or any other liquid.
  • Unplug the coffee maker when not in use and before cleaning.
  • Do not operate the coffee maker with a damaged cord or plug.
  • Do not use outdoors.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Before First Use

  1. Unpack the coffee maker and remove all packaging materials.
  2. Wash the filter basket, mug, and lid with warm soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

Brewing Instructions

  1. Fill the reservoir with cold, filtered water up to the max fill line.
  2. Add desired amount of ground coffee to the filter basket.
  3. Place the filter basket into the coffee maker.
  4. Place the mug onto the warming plate.
  5. Press the ON/OFF button to start brewing.
  6. The coffee maker will automatically shut off when brewing is complete.
  7. Enjoy your freshly brewed coffee!

Cleaning and Maintenance

  1. Unplug the coffee maker and allow it to cool completely.
  2. Remove the filter basket and discard the used coffee grounds.
  3. Wash the filter basket, mug, and lid with warm soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and dry.
  4. Wipe the exterior of the coffee maker with a damp cloth.

Tips for Best Results

  • Use fresh, cold, filtered water for the best-tasting coffee.
  • Use medium-fine ground coffee for optimal extraction.
  • Experiment with different amounts of coffee to find your preferred strength.
  • Clean the coffee maker regularly to prevent buildup and ensure optimal performance.


  • If the coffee maker does not turn on: Check that it is plugged in and that the outlet is working.
  • If the coffee is not brewing: Make sure there is enough water in the reservoir and that the filter basket is properly inserted.
  • If the coffee is too weak: Use more coffee grounds or a finer grind.
  • If the coffee is too strong: Use less coffee grounds or a coarser grind.


The Moss & Stone Mini Drip Coffee Maker is covered by a 1-year limited warranty. Please refer to the warranty card included in the box for details.