Aromaster CG204 Burr Coffee Grinder: Precise Grind Control to Preserve Original Flavor

Published on Sept. 1, 2023, 8:26 a.m.


In the world of coffee, the perfection of every cup begins with the meticulous grinding process. A high-quality grinder not only enhances the flavor of the coffee but also makes every brewing experience more precise and enjoyable. This article will delve into the features, performance, and user experience of the Aromaster CG204 Electric Coffee Grinder, exploring how it stands out among the multitude of grinders available.

The Aromaster CG204 is an electric burr coffee grinder that promises excellent grind quality and precise control for brewing fresh coffee. With 24 grind settings, a built-in timer, and durable stainless steel construction, it aims to deliver consistent results for methods like espresso, drip, pour over, cold brew, and French press. In this review, we’ll take a close look at the features, performance, and value of this burr grinder.

 Aromaster CG204 Electric Coffee Grinder


The Aromaster CG204 Electric Coffee Grinder features conical stainless steel burrs that slowly grind coffee beans to preserve flavors and aromas. The 24 grind settings allow you to fine-tune the size for espresso or coarsen it up for French press. The grind timer gives you precise control over the amount, while the large 3.9oz bean hopper has room for multiple brew sessions. It has an upgraded anti-static system to contain grinds, and the container features UV blocking tint.

The Aromaster CG204 Electric Coffee Grinder is a premium grinder designed with coffee enthusiasts in mind. It combines advanced grinding technology with user-friendly design, aimed at delivering precise and consistent grinding results for various brewing methods. Whether it’s espresso, drip coffee, pour-over, or cold brew, the CG204 offers the grind settings to meet your needs.

Advanced Grinding and Anti-static Technologies

Before diving into the specifics of the Aromaster CG204, it’s crucial to understand the advanced grinding technology it employs. The conical stainless steel burrs ensure precise and consistent grinding, crucial for extracting the full flavor of coffee beans. Additionally, the grinder’s innovative anti-static technology plays a pivotal role in minimizing mess and waste, ensuring that every gram of coffee is used efficiently. These technologies not only enhance the grinding process but also contribute to the overall quality and freshness of the coffee.

Key Features:

  • Conical stainless steel burrs for uniform grinding
  • 24 precise grind settings for various brew methods
  • Large 3.9oz bean hopper capacity
  • Built-in grind timer with auto-stop
  • grounds container with UV blocking tint
  • Brush included for easy cleaning

Design and Build Quality

The Aromaster CG204 Electric Coffee Grinder has a sleek and modern stainless steel exterior that looks great on the counter and resists fingerprints. The heavy-duty build quality feels solid and stable during grinding. The burrs are made of durable stainless steel that should remain sharp for consistent grinding. The grounds bin, hopper lid, and included cleaning brush are all made of high-quality materials as well.

Furthermore, the design of the Aromaster CG204 is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical, with an ergonomic design that ensures comfort and convenience for users during use.

Ease of Setup - Simple and Intuitive

Setting up the Aromaster CG204 Electric Coffee Grinder takes just minutes out of the box. The user guide provides clear instructions. The hopper and grounds bin slide neatly into place. Programming the timer is intuitive with just a few button presses.

Convenient Use - Smooth Workflow

Operation is straightforward with user-friendly buttons to select grind setting and timer. The grinding motion feels smooth and consistent. The grounds bin is conveniently located for neat transfer into portafilter or brewer.

 Aromaster CG204 Electric Coffee Grinder

Grind Settings - Dialed In:

With 24 customized grind settings, you can achieve the optimal texture for any brew method - from silky espresso to gritty cold brew and everything between. Precise calibration ensures repeatable results.

Understanding the Importance of Burr Grinding

Compared to blade grinders, burr grinders provide more consistent and precise grinding results. Burr grinders use two grinding plates (burrs) to crush coffee beans, which allows better control over the size of the coffee grounds, thereby influencing the extraction and flavor of the coffee. The Aromaster CG204 uses high-quality stainless steel burrs, ensuring uniform grinding and long-term durability.

Grinding Performance

The Aromaster CG204 Electric Coffee Grinder produce an very consistent grind for optimal flavor extraction. The slow grinding preserves the oils and aromas perfectly. The grounds have an even texture, without too many fines or boulders. The powerful motor powers through beans easily without overheating. It’s also relatively quiet compared to many electric grinders.

The grinding speed of the Aromaster CG204 is meticulously designed to preserve the natural aroma and flavor of the coffee beans. Excessively fast grinding can cause the beans to overheat, which may affect the final taste of the coffee.

The Impact of Grind Size on Flavor

Understanding the importance of grind size is crucial for coffee enthusiasts. The Aromaster CG204’s 24 grind settings allow users to tailor the grind size to their brewing method, which is key to achieving the perfect cup. Finer grinds are ideal for espresso, where pressure extracts the flavor, while coarser grinds are suited for methods like French press, where the coffee is steeped. The ability to precisely control the grind size with the Aromaster CG204 ensures that users can experiment and find their ideal setting for the best flavor extraction.


It takes approximately 10-15 seconds to grind enough beans for 2-3 espresso shots on the finest setting. Speed remains efficient on coarser textures as well.

Grinding Capacity - Family-Sized:

The spacious grinding chamber handles up to 3.9 ounces of beans in one go, enough for multiple cups or family-sized brew batches. No need to grind in tiny inconvenient batches.

Build Quality - Built to Last:

From the stable stainless steel base to the durable burr mechanism, the Aromaster CG204 Electric Coffee Grinder is made of quality materials. Attention to detail in manufacturing ensures longevity.

Durability and Warranty

The heavy stainless steel build inspires confidence in durability. Aromaster provides a 12-month warranty for additional peace of mind.

Value Added Features

The built-in brush keeps the grinding mechanism operating smoothly over time. The timer allows accurate dosing for each brew. The UV tawny bean hopper helps maintain bean freshness and aroma.

Impact on Taste and Quality

The consistency and precision of grinding are crucial for the final taste of coffee. Uneven grinding can lead to inconsistent extraction, affecting the taste balance of the coffee. The 24 grind settings of the Aromaster CG204 allow you to adjust the grind level according to different brewing methods. Whether it’s fine grinding for espresso or coarse grinding for French press, the CG204 helps you achieve the ideal coffee flavor.

Safety - Electrical and Materials

The Aromaster CG204 Electric Coffee Grinder features a grounded electrical plug for safety. All materials contacting coffee and water are BPA-free.

Power and Cord Length

The Aromaster CG204 Electric Coffee Grinder runs on standard 120V household power through a 3-foot cord. This provides flexibility in placement without excessive cord length.

Noise Level:

The Aromaster CG204 Electric Coffee Grinder operates at around 60-65dB, which is quieter than many electric models. The noise is minimal enough for early morning grinding.

Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Proper maintenance and cleaning are essential for keeping the Aromaster CG204 in top condition. Regular cleaning of the burrs and bean hopper will prevent oil buildup and ensure the longevity of the grinder. The removable burr and included cleaning brush simplify this process, making it easy for users to maintain their grinder and enjoy fresh, flavorful coffee every day.

 Aromaster CG204 Electric Coffee Grinder

Ideal For:

  • Espresso and turkish coffee requiring super fine powder
  • Drip coffee using medium grounds
  • Pour over and cold brew with coarse grind
  • French press with very coarse chunks


Aromaster is a leading U.S. based manufacturer of high quality coffee equipment. Founded by coffee aficionados, they are dedicated to helping people brew and enjoy the perfect cup.

User Feedback Analysis:

The Aromaster CG204 Electric Coffee Grinder receives consistently positive feedback for producing an incredibly uniform and consistent grind, which allows users to fully extract the robust, aromatic flavors from their beans. Many reviewers comment that it rivals commercial grade grinders costing twice as much.

Users mention it effortlessly grinds beans into a fine powder perfect for espresso or Turkish coffee. The grind consistency and particle size distribution enhance the body and crema of the espresso. It also excels at coarser grinds for cold brew and French press. The range of settings accommodates all brew methods beautifully.

Several users describe the quiet operation as a major plus that allows early morning grinding without disturbing others. They appreciate the durability and stability of the heavyweight stainless steel build as well.

Potential downsides mentioned include some ground coffee clinging to the static-prone plastic container walls. A few users wish it came with a portafilter holder for hands-free espresso grinding. However, these are minor inconveniences given the overall performance.


  • Excellent grind quality from stainless steel burrs
  • 24 settings for ultimate flexibility
  • Large 3.9oz bean hopper capacity
  • Built-in timer for precise control
  • Quiet operation
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • UV blocking grounds container
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Grounds can cling to smooth plastic container
  • No portafilter holder


Taking into account the commercial grade conical burrs, versatile grind settings, rugged stainless steel build, and convenient features like the timer and cleaning brush, the Aromaster CG204 Electric Coffee Grinder represents an unbeatable value. It truly performs on par with far more expensive grinders according to detailed reviews.

The precise grinding delivers incredibly consistent particle size optimized for any brew method. By maximizing flavor extraction, it elevates every cup to a higher level. The 3.9oz hopper and 12 cup capacity provide abundant grinding power. For those seeking exceptional grinding results without breaking the bank, the Aromaster CG204 Electric Coffee Grinder is an ideal choice. It’s a perfect fit for coffee enthusiasts, homes, and offices.

Customer Service and Support

Aromaster offers a 12-month warranty for the CG204 and is committed to providing exceptional customer service. Should you encounter any issues during use, Aromaster’s customer service team is ready to assist, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

 Aromaster CG204 Electric Coffee Grinder


With its commercial-grade stainless steel burrs, versatile grind settings, and solid build, the Aromaster CG204 Electric Coffee Grinder makes it easy to unlock the full flavor potential of your beans. It delivers incredibly consistent grinds for optimal extraction and flavor. The performance and quality rival more expensive grinders, making this an outstanding value for money. For anyone seeking great tasting coffee through precise grinding, the Aromaster CG204 Electric Coffee Grinder is highly recommended.


  • Dimensions: 9 x 5 x 16 inches
  • Weight: 5.46 pounds
  • Power: 120V, unknown wattage
  • Bean hopper capacity: 400g / 14oz
  • Grind capacity: 3.9oz
  • Burr material: Stainless steel
  • Grind settings: 24
  • Timer type: Electronic with auto shutoff
  • Warranty: 1 year

Box Contains:

  • Aromaster CG204 grinder main unit
  • Bean hopper with lid
  • Ground coffee container
  • Cleaning brush
  • User manual

How To Use:

  1. Place filter in brewer and container under portafilter/carafe.
  2. Add desired amount of beans to hopper.
  3. Adjust grind setting based on brew method.
  4. Program timer if needed.
  5. Press button to start grinding.
  6. Enjoy fresh, flavorful coffee!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the Aromaster CG204?

The Aromaster CG204 has dimensions of 9 x 5 x 16 inches. It has a compact footprint that will not take up too much counter space.

How many grind settings does the Aromaster CG204 have?

The Aromaster CG204 has 24 customizable grind settings ranging from fine for espresso to coarse for French Press. This allows you to grind coffee precisely for any brew method.

What is the grinding capacity?

The Aromaster CG204 has a large 3.9 ounce grinding chamber capacity, perfect for families or office use.

Does the Aromaster CG204 have a timer function?

Yes, the Aromaster CG204 has an adjustable timer that allows you to customize the amount of coffee powder needed for each grind. This gives you precise control over the grind quantity.

What materials is the Aromaster CG204 made from?

The Aromaster CG204 burrs are made from high quality stainless steel. The stainless steel burrs grind coffee beans evenly and slowly to preserve flavors.

Is the Aromaster CG204 easy to clean?

Yes, the Aromaster CG204 has a removable burr ring for easy cleaning. It also comes with a built-in brush to clean out coffee grounds and prevent clogging.

What is Aromaster’s warranty for the CG204?

Aromaster provides a 12-month warranty on the CG204 coffee grinder.

What voltage does the Aromaster CG204 require?

The Aromaster CG204 requires 120V, 60Hz power supply. It is only compatible with standard North American household outlets.