Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder: Your Key to Café-Quality Brews at Home

Published on Sept. 1, 2023, 11:03 a.m.

For coffee aficionados, a burr grinder is an essential tool for extracting the richest flavor from coffee beans. Freshly grinding beans right before brewing preserves the aromatic oils and allows you to customize the grind size for different brew methods. The Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder aims to deliver high-end grinding performance at an affordable price point. With 17 grind settings, a gear reduction motor for uniform grinding, and convenient features like a removable burr for easy cleaning, it seems well-equipped to help make deliciously flavorful coffee at home.

Brand Background

Mueller is a relatively new brand known for producing affordable kitchen appliances and home goods. While being a newcomer in the industry, Mueller has established a commendable reputation for offering products with great value for money. The SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder is Mueller’s significant foray into the coffee equipment sector, aiming to deliver a high-performance grinding experience to home coffee enthusiasts.

 Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder


The Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder is an electric burr coffee grinder with a sleek and compact design. It has a durable plastic housing available in black or white, with a 5.8 oz hopper capacity and a grounds container that can hold up to 12 cups of ground coffee. The burrs are made of stainless steel and the grinder has 17 adjustable grind settings ranging from fine for espresso to coarse for French press. It uses a gear reduction motor which grinds slowly but consistently to preserve flavor and aroma. The Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder is easy to use with user-friendly buttons and dials, and convenient to clean thanks to the removable burr and grounds bin. It’s backed by Mueller’s quality guarantee and customer service.

 Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder

Key Features

  • 17 adjustable grind settings
  • Gear reduction motor grinds slow and evenly
  • Durable stainless steel burrs
  • Removable burr for easy cleaning
  • Compact size

Design and Build Quality

Despite its budget-friendly price tag, the Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder feels sturdy and well-built. The plastic housing has a smooth matte finish that resists fingerprints, and the grounds bin, hopper, and lid fit neatly into place with smartly designed chutes. The burrs are made from durable stainless steel. While mostly plastic, the construction feels solid and made to last. The burr is effortless to remove for cleaning by simply twisting off. All parts that touch coffee can be taken out and rinsed. While not as sleekly designed as higher end grinders, the Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder has an understated look that won’t clash with any kitchen decor.

Grind Performance

When it comes to grind performance, the Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder delivers very uniform grinds across its 17 settings. The stainless steel burrs combined with the low speed gear reduction motor result in an even, consistent texture that makes for optimal flavor extraction. It excels at medium to fine grinds, producing the ultra-fine powder perfect for espresso and Turkish coffee. Even at coarser French press settings, the grind remains uniform with hardly any powder or large chunks. The slow grind helps maintain cool temperatures to protect the beans’ essential oils.

Most users have reported that the Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder provides consistent grinding across various settings, particularly excelling in medium to fine settings. Feedback indicates that even on coarser settings, the grinder maintains a good level of consistency, maximizing the retention of natural oils in the coffee beans, thereby enhancing the coffee’s flavor.

Ease of Use

Using the Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder is very straightforward. To grind, you simply add beans to the hopper, choose your grind setting, and press the start button. A convenient dial on the front lets you select the number of cups to grind, portioning out the right amount automatically. The start button also serves as stop, so you can halt grinding at any time. There are no complicated controls or programming - just simple, tactile buttons that make the Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder accessible to any user. Cleaning is also hassle-free with the removable burr and bin.

 Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder

Grind Settings

A major advantage of the Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder is the wide range of grind settings, which lend it versatility for brewing different coffee types. The 17 options allow you to fine-tune the grind size precisely for espresso, filter, pour-over, French press, and beyond. Helpful icons indicate the best settings for common brew methods. The grind settings produce noticeable differences that impact flavor extraction and body. It’s easy to switch between them by turning the clearly marked dial on the base. The chosen setting is locked in place reliably.

Noise Level

The Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder produces about the same noise level as other affordable burr grinders, operating at around 76 dB. It has a muffled hum that is not jarringly loud, especially for short grinding durations. While not whisper-quiet, the sound is consistent and unobtrusive enough for early morning brewing without disturbing the household. For comparison, it is quieter than an average blender or food processor. The gear reduction motor contributes to smoother, less shrill grinding noise.


The removable burr makes cleaning the Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder very convenient. The burr and housing can be rinsed under running water. A included brush helps brush away any leftover grounds.

Users widely applaud the ease of cleaning the Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder. The removable grinding components, in particular, make cleaning straightforward, allowing users to easily remove any residual coffee grounds and ensure a fresh coffee flavor with every grind.

Best Use Scenarios

  • Brewing drip coffee
  • Making espresso
  • Grinding for pour over or Aeropress
  • Coarse grind for French press
  • Turkish coffee requiring ultra-fine powder

User Feedback

With over 2,500 customer reviews, the Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder has amassed a devoted following of home baristas who swear by its grind quality and performance. This burr grinder has won over the hearts of novices and experts alike.

The vast majority of reviews glow with praise for the Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder’s exceptionally consistent grinds across all settings. Users remark on the precise calibration and range of granularity, allowing “infinite tweaking” to achieve that sweet spot for every brew. According to customers, the Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder churns out professional-grade grounds from fluffy powder for espresso to chunky grit for French press with precision and ease.

Many reviewers applaud the marked upgrade in flavor and body compared to their old bladed grinders. They report richer, fuller tasting brews that highlight subtle notes in light roasted beans and tame bitterness in dark roasts. Some say the Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder “changed my morning coffee forever” or was a “total game changer” for their home routine.

Numerous users are equally impressed by the quiet, low-friction performance of the gear reduction motor. They love the instant grinding stop at the press of a button, preventing accidental over-grinding. Fans praise the durability and longevity of the burrs and motor after years of daily use.

For maintenance, customers call out the convenience of the removable burr chamber and brush for easy, thorough cleaning between grind sessions. Many appreciate the modern styling of the black plastic housing that looks sleek on countertops without taking up much space.

Not all feedback is glowing, however. Some users report the bean hopper capacity to be smaller than ideal. A number wish the grounds bin was a touch larger as well. Certain French press aficionados complain the coarsest setting still does not produce chunks large enough for their taste. These shortcomings aside, most agree the Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder punches far above its weight at a very wallet-friendly price point.

Overall, the depth of positive experiences around grind quality, ease of use, and value have cemented the Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder’s status as a beloved appliance for coffee purists who demand café-caliber results from the comfort of home.

Pros and Cons

- Uniform grind texture enhances flavor
- 17 versatile settings for different brews
- Easy to operate and clean
- Affordable price but good quality
- 1 year warranty

- Bean hopper is small
- Static buildup can be an issue
- Struggles with very coarse grinds
- Mostly plastic construction


With a reasonable price tag under $50, the Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder offers tremendous value. It delivers commercial-grade burr grinding at a fraction of the cost of premium grinders. Despite the low price, it grinds with precision and consistency rivaling more expensive models. The versatile grind settings, convenient operation, durable build, and easy maintenance also make it a bargain buy. For home brewers who want high performance without overspending, the Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder hits a sweet spot of affordability and quality.

 Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder


For home brewers looking to upgrade from pre-ground coffee or a blade grinder, the Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder offers outstanding performance and value. It produces uniform grinds that enhance the flavor of your coffee, with 17 settings to cater to any brew method. Despite some plastic parts, it has a solid build and intuitive design. While not totally silent, it grinds quietly and consistently. Minor downsides like static and hopper size are forgivable at this price point. For delicious daily coffee with robust aroma and taste, the Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder is a bargain buy that outperforms many pricier models. Just be sure to pair it with quality beans for cafe-caliber results at home.

Brand and Customer Service

Mueller is a relatively new brand that manufacturers affordable kitchen appliances and home goods. They are known primarily for their veggie choppers and juicers. While a newcomer, they have built a reputation for good quality products at budget prices. The SuperGrind burr grinder adds an appealing option to their catalog. Their customer service team is very responsive by email or phone, promptly assisting with any product issues or replacements. The 1 year warranty provides decent protection in case of defects.

What’s Included

The Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder box contains:

  • Main grinder unit
  • Removable burr/grinding chamber
  • Ground coffee bin
  • Cleaning brush
  • User manual

How to Use

  1. Fill hopper with whole coffee beans
  2. Secure hopper lid and ground bin
  3. Rotate grind size dial to desired setting
  4. Press button to start grinding
  5. Grinding will stop automatically when complete
  6. Carefully remove bin of grounds and enjoy your fresh coffee!


  • Burr material: Stainless steel
  • Bean hopper capacity: 164g
  • Grind settings: 17
  • Motor: Gear reduction, lower noise
  • Body material: Durable plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 7”L x 4.7”W x 9.8”H
  • Weight: 5.8 oz
  • Warranty: 1 year

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder consistently create uniform grounds?

A: Yes, the Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder excels at creating a consistent grind. It uses premium stainless steel burrs that precisely grind the beans while retaining their natural flavor and aroma. This helps you achieve a flavorful and robust cup of coffee every time.

Q: Can the Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder accommodate various brewing methods?

A: Absolutely! With 17 different grind settings, it offers remarkable flexibility. You can effortlessly adjust the grind from extra-fine for espresso to coarse for French press, and everything in-between. This makes it a versatile choice for diverse brewing preferences.

Q: Is the Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder easy to clean?

A: Yes! Mueller understands the importance of easy maintenance. The burr grinder features a removable burr system, allowing you to effortlessly clean the grinding chamber and burr itself with the included brush. This ensures your coffee tastes fresh with every use.

Q: Is the Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder noisy?

A: The Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder is designed with a gear reduction motor for reduced noise during the grinding process. While it won’t be silent, it offers quieter operation compared to many other grinders.

Q: How much coffee does the Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder hold?

A: The bean hopper on the Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder has a capacity of 5.8 ounces (164g). This is generally enough to make several cups of coffee without needing a refill.


  • Experiment to find your perfect grind: Each coffee bean and brewing method has its ideal grind size. Start with the recommended settings and adjust as needed for optimal flavor extraction.
  • Store coffee beans properly: To preserve freshness, store coffee beans in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.
  • Clean the grinder regularly: Along with the easily removable burr, cleaning the housing and bean hopper regularly will keep your grinder in top shape and ensure optimal coffee flavor.