CRANDDI KF818 Professional Espresso Machine

Published on July 18, 2023, 5:26 p.m.

The History and Culture of Coffee

The origin of coffee dates back centuries to Africa, initially discovered by Ethiopian shepherds. Legend has it that a shepherd noticed his sheep became unusually active after eating certain berries. Through a series of experiments and dissemination, coffee became a globally beloved beverage. Coffee culture has evolved over time, from a luxury royal drink to an essential stimulant in modern daily life, each step reflecting the close relationship between coffee and human society.

Optimal Coffee Bean Selection for CRANDDI KF818

To truly maximize the potential of the CRANDDI KF818 semi-automatic espresso machine, understanding the types of coffee beans it can accommodate is essential. This machine performs exceptionally with both Arabica and Robusta beans due to its robust 15-bar pump, which is capable of extracting the subtle flavors and aromatic oils effectively.

Arabica vs. Robusta Beans

  • Arabica Beans: Known for their sweeter, softer taste and often having hints of fruit and sugar. They typically have higher acidity compared to Robusta, which adds to their unique flavor profile. Arabica beans are ideal for those who prefer a smoother, more aromatic espresso with a less bitter aftertaste.

  • Robusta Beans: These beans generally have a stronger, harsher taste compared to Arabica. They contain a higher caffeine content, which makes the espresso produced from Robusta beans more robust and intense. This is perfect for espresso lovers who appreciate a deep, full-bodied flavor with a creamy consistency, which works perfectly for lattes and cappuccinos made using the CRANDDI KF818.

By choosing the right type of beans, users can enhance their coffee experience, tailoring it to their personal taste preferences while utilizing the advanced capabilities of the CRANDDI KF818.

In this review, we’ll take a close look at the key features and performance of the CRANDDI KF818 to see how it stacks up for home espresso brewing.



  • Compact size and stainless steel design
  • 15-bar pressure pump with 1350W heating system
  • 34oz removable water tank
  • Steam wand for milk frothing
  • Single and double shot filter baskets included
  • Cup warming tray on top

The CRANDDI KF818 is a semi-automatic espresso machine designed for home users, aiming to deliver high-quality coffee experiences. It combines practicality with advanced features to meet the needs of home users. With its 15-bar Italian pump and rapid heating system, the KF818 enables the quick and easy preparation of professional-level coffee at home.

Design Features

The design philosophy of the CRANDDI KF818 integrates modern home aesthetics with user convenience. The body is made from high-quality stainless steel, which is not only sleek and stylish but also highly durable and resistant to corrosion. Its compact size allows it to fit comfortably in various kitchen spaces without taking up too much countertop area. In addition, its straightforward interface enables everyone from beginners to coffee enthusiasts to easily get started without a complex learning curve. Thoughtful design details, such as the addition of a cup warming tray, further enhance comfort and convenience during use.

Build Quality

Constructed of stainless steel and high quality components, the CRANDDI KF818 has a sleek, durable design. The simple interface features clearly marked knobs and buttons. All parts that come in contact with water and coffee are made from food-grade stainless steel.

The compact footprint takes up minimal counter space but still allows for a cup warming area on top. The 34oz removable water tank is easy to access and fill.

The CRANDDI KF818 features a high-quality stainless steel exterior that is not only stylish but also durable and corrosion-resistant. All internal components that come into contact with water and coffee are made from food-grade stainless steel to ensure the safety and health of your coffee. To maintain optimal performance of the machine, it is recommended to perform a deep cleaning monthly and descale regularly as directed in the manual.

Ease of Use

Operating the CRANDDI KF818 is highly intuitive, making it easy for even beginners to get started. Each control knob and switch on the machine is clearly labeled, simplifying daily use. With a heat-up time of less than a minute, you just need to press the switch to start making coffee. Additionally, an indicator light on the device lights up when your coffee is ready, ensuring every step of the operation is straightforward and clear.

Steaming milk takes some practice to master but the strong steam wand makes it manageable after some trial and error. The machine also comes with a single-hole steaming tip for beginners.

How Coffee Machines Work

The fundamental principle of coffee machines involves rapidly passing hot water under high pressure through finely ground coffee to extract the essence of the coffee. Traditional espresso machines use a component called a “group head,” where a high-pressure pump forces hot water through the coffee grounds. Modern coffee machines, like the CRANDDI KF818, employ electronic control systems to precisely manage water temperature and pressure, ensuring each extraction achieves the ideal flavor and aroma.

Types of Coffee Machines and Their Features

Coffee machines on the market are primarily divided into manual, semi-automatic, automatic, and super-automatic types. Manual coffee machines allow users to fully control the brewing process, suitable for coffee experts. Semi-automatic models like the CRANDDI KF818 offer some automation but still require manual tasks such as grinding and tamping. Automatic models automate all steps of coffee making for convenience and speed. Super-automatic coffee machines integrate everything from grinding to extraction, allowing the preparation of various coffee styles at the touch of a button.

Comparison of Coffee Machine Types

When choosing a coffee machine, it is crucial to understand the different types of coffee machines and their features. Manual coffee machines offer complete control, suitable for coffee connoisseurs; semi-automatic machines like the CRANDDI KF818 offer ease of operation with some control freedom, making them ideal for home use; fully automatic and super-automatic machines provide one-touch operation, suitable for busy users.

Technical Specifications Detailed

The heating system of the CRANDDI KF818 utilizes an efficient 1350W heating element, ensuring rapid achievement of the ideal coffee-making temperature. Its water pressure system consistently provides 15-bar of pressure, suitable for high-quality coffee extraction.

Features and Performance

The CRANDDI KF818 delivers excellent pressure and temperature control for pulling high quality espresso shots. Its commercial-grade 15-bar Italian pump is powerful enough to properly extract espresso and produce a beautiful crema. The quick heating system brings water to ideal brewing temperature in just 60 seconds.

The steam wand makes it easy to froth and texture milk for cappuccinos and lattes.

It produces hot, pressurized steam on demand with a simple turn of the knob. The wand can also be rotated 360 degrees for convenience.

This machine comes with both single shot and double shot filter baskets for flexibility. The portafilter locks in securely and has an ergonomic handle.

Pressure System Detailed

The CRANDDI KF818 employs a 15-bar professional pressure pump that delivers the ideal pressure to extract the richest flavors and aromas from the coffee. This level of pressure is designed to mimic the extraction environment of professional coffee shops, allowing for a high-quality coffee experience at home. The design of this pressure pump ensures consistent results with each extraction, whether it’s espresso or other coffee beverages.

Types of Coffee and Drinks You Can Make

The CRANDDI KF818 is not only capable of making basic espresso shots but also facilitates the preparation of various popular coffee beverages. Here are some of the drinks that can be easily crafted with this machine:
- Espresso: Use a single or double shot filter basket to make one or two shots of espresso.
- Americano: Mix espresso with hot water to create a refreshing Americano.
- Cappuccino: Evenly mix espresso, steamed milk, and milk froth to produce a rich cappuccino.
- Latte: Add more steamed milk with a small amount of milk froth to espresso to make a smooth latte.
- Macchiato: A small amount of milk froth added to a shot of espresso makes a classic macchiato.
- Mocha: Mix chocolate syrup with espresso, add steamed milk and froth to create a sweet mocha coffee.

Maintenance and Cleaning

To ensure the CRANDDI KF818 maintains optimal performance, it is recommended to perform a deep cleaning once a month and descale regularly depending on usage. Use mild detergents and a soft cloth to clean the exterior of the machine. Make sure to disconnect power before performing any maintenance or cleaning tasks.


Use Cases

The CRANDDI KF818 is ideal for espresso drinkers who want to brew high-quality shots at home. It has the power and precision to extract espresso, unlike drip coffee makers.

This machine excels at:

  • Brewing 1-2 espresso shots at a time
  • Crafting milk-based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos
  • Quick morning espresso with its fast heat up time

It’s well-suited for use in:

  • Home kitchens
  • Small apartments
  • Office/workplace break rooms
  • RV’s or mobile coffee stations

The CRANDDI KF818 allows you to enjoy espresso house favorites like cappuccinos and lattes without leaving your home. It’s perfect for daily coffee drinkers, couples, and small families.


  • Excellent pressure for rich espresso extraction
  • Quick heating time
  • Steams and froths milk well
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • Reasonable price for features
  • Compact footprint


  • Steam wand lacks automatic frothing feature
  • Learning curve for beginners to dial in shots
  • Small water tank requires frequent refilling

CRANDDI KF818 espresso machine


At a price of $139.99, the CRANDDI KF818 offers very high cost-effectiveness among similar products. Compared to higher-priced competitors, the KF818 matches or even exceeds in functionality and performance, offering many professional-grade features in a semi-automatic model, making it an ideal choice for home and small office use. A long-term cost analysis shows that the durability and low maintenance costs of the KF818 make it an economical investment.


The CRANDDI KF818 is an ideal semi-automatic home espresso machine that combines outstanding performance, quality construction, and an affordable price. Whether you are a coffee enthusiast or a daily drinker, the KF818 meets your needs for making high-quality coffee at home. Given its excellent features and cost-effectiveness, we highly recommend the CRANDDI KF818 as the top choice for upgrading your home coffee experience.

What’s Included

  • CRANDDI KF818 espresso machine
  • Single shot filter basket
  • Double shot filter basket
  • Coffee scoop/tamper
  • Steam wand air pump
  • User manual
  • Quick start guide


  • Power: 1350W
  • Pump Pressure: 15 bar
  • Reservoir Capacity: 34oz
  • Max Cup Height: 4.3”
  • Dimensions: 8” x 14” x 18”
  • Weight: 9.68 lbs

CRANDDI KF818 espresso machine

Usage Instructions

Here is a brief overview of how to use the CRANDDI KF818:

  1. Fill water tank with fresh water up to MAX line
  2. Insert desired filter basket into the portafilter
  3. Grind fresh espresso beans, dose into filter basket
  4. Distribute grounds evenly and tamp firmly
  5. Lock portafilter into the group head
  6. Place cups under portafilter spouts
  7. Turn power dial to ON position
  8. Allow machine to heat up for 60 seconds
  9. Start espresso pull by flipping the brew switch
  10. Steam milk by opening steam knob fully until hissing sound
  11. Close knob once milk is frothed, wipe wand immediately

Be sure to refer to the full manual for step-by-step instructions and safety information. With some practice, you’ll be brewing cafe-quality espresso drinks at home in no time. Enjoy!

Sustainability and Environmental Considerations

The CRANDDI KF818 is committed to sustainability, using recyclable stainless steel materials, while its energy-efficient design helps reduce energy consumption, meeting modern environmental standards.