KIDISLE CM9429D-UL Coffee Maker: Your All-in-One Brewing Solution

Published on Nov. 16, 2023, 10:24 a.m.

Looking for an all-in-one coffee solution that can satisfy your various caffeine cravings throughout the day? Look no further than the KIDISLE CM9429D-UL 3 in 1 Single Serve Coffee Maker! This versatile machine can brew K-Cups, ground coffee, and tea, eliminating the need for multiple appliances. Its compact size takes up minimal counter space while still offering handy features like self-cleaning. Read on to learn why the KIDISLE CM9429D-UL 3 in 1 Single Serve Coffee Maker should be your new go-to caffeine dealer!

 KIDISLE CM9429D-UL 3 in 1 Single Serve Coffee Maker


The KIDISLE CM9429D-UL coffee maker features a 3-in-1 design that is compatible with K-Cups of any brand, pre-ground coffee, and tea. It has a slim profile that’s less than 5 inches wide, allowing it to fit neatly on counters. Choose from 5 different brew sizes ranging from 6-14 oz. The removable 40 oz water reservoir facilitates easy cleaning and filling. An automatic self-cleaning function ensures longevity and flavor.


The KIDISLE CM9429D-UL 3 in 1 Single Serve Coffee Maker represents a significant step forward in kitchen appliance innovation. Designed to meet the diverse needs of modern coffee enthusiasts, this machine reflects KIDISLE’s commitment to quality, versatility, and user-friendly design. Whether you’re a fan of traditional ground coffee, convenient K-Cups, or soothing tea, this machine is crafted to provide the perfect brew every time.


  • Multi-Beverage Compatibility: No need for multiple brewers! The included adapters let you use any K-Cup, your favorite pre-ground coffee, or loose tea.

  • 5 Cup Sizes: Cater your brew to the occasion with cup size options from 6-14 oz.

  • Travel Mug Friendly: The removable drip tray can fit mugs up to 7.2” tall.

  • Self-Cleaning Function: Simply hold the SIZE and BREW buttons to activate the self-cleaning cycle every 2 months.

  • Removable Reservoir & Drip Tray: The 40 oz reservoir and drip tray come out for easy cleaning and filling.

  • Auto Shut-Off: For added safety and energy efficiency, the coffee maker automatically shuts off after 2 hours of inactivity, ensuring peace of mind and reduced energy consumption.

 KIDISLE CM9429D-UL 3 in 1 Single Serve Coffee Maker


Embodying KIDISLE’s sleek and minimalist design ethos, the CM9429D-UL 3 in 1 Single Serve Coffee Maker boasts a clean, white finish that integrates seamlessly into any kitchen decor. The user interface, characterized by an intuitive LCD screen and responsive touch buttons, exemplifies the blend of modern aesthetics and functionality. Despite its compact size, the machine makes a significant statement, merging style with practicality.

 KIDISLE CM9429D-UL 3 in 1 Single Serve Coffee Maker

Ease of Use

Operating the KIDISLE CM9429D-UL 3 in 1 Single Serve Coffee Maker is wonderfully straightforward. The touchscreen buttons respond reliably to select your desired brew size and start the brewing process. Programming the clock and auto-brew time is intuitive. Maintaining the machine is also simple thanks to the self-cleaning function and removable parts. First-time users will have no trouble figuring things out.

Performance & Taste

Reviewers praise the KIDISLE CM9429D-UL 3 in 1 Single Serve Coffee Maker for quickly delivering hot, flavorful coffee and tea. The permanent filter allows for good extraction compared to paper filters. Noise is minimal once brewing starts. From bold morning coffee to soothing afternoon tea, this machine reliably produces delicious results cup after cup.


The self-cleaning mode and removable parts make cleaning easy. Users just press a button to start the automated cleaning cycle every 2 months. The reservoir and drip tray can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher.


The coffee maker operates quietly with minimal noise even during the brewing process. Users mention the machine makes soft hums and beeps but no irritating loud sounds.

Safety Features

The auto shut-off feature turns the coffee maker off after 2 hours for safety and energy savings. The exterior does not get hot to the touch during operation. All parts that contact water or coffee are BPA-free.


It has a 1000 watt power rating and uses a standard 120 volt electrical outlet. The machine does not have a battery or portable power option.

 KIDISLE CM9429D-UL 3 in 1 Single Serve Coffee Maker

Use Cases

The KIDISLE CM9429D-UL 3 in 1 Single Serve Coffee Maker is ideal for households and offices. Its versatility allows anyone to brew their hot beverage of choice. The compact design is perfect for kitchens with limited space. Users will enjoy the convenience of single-serve pods combined with the freedom to use pre-ground coffee or tea. It’s great for families with varying caffeine preferences. The self-cleaning function enhances ease of use. With its modern style, it makes a lovely addition to any countertop.

User Feedback Analysis

Reviews for the KIDISLE CM9429D-UL 3 in 1 Single Serve Coffee Maker are overwhelmingly positive, with 71% of ratings being 5-stars on Amazon. Users consistently praise the machine’s simplicity, convenience, and performance.

The 3-in-1 design that accommodates K-Cups, ground coffee, and tea seems to be a major highlight. Customers love the freedom to brew different hot beverages from one compact machine. As one user raved, “Being able to use my favorite pre-ground coffee or tea in addition to K-Cups makes this machine so versatile - it’s the only coffee maker I need!”

Many reviewers compliment the flavor of the coffee. One customer said the KIDISLE CM9429D-UL 3 in 1 Single Serve Coffee Maker brews “the smoothest, richest coffee ever! Way better than my old drip coffee maker.” Users mention the coffee comes out piping hot and robust-tasting every time.

Ease of use is another commonly-praised feature. Customers find programming the settings straightforward with the tactile buttons. The self-cleaning function earns particular favor as it eliminates the hassle of descaling. Emptying and refilling the removable water tank is appreciated for its convenience.

Several customers remarked on the machine’s fast brew times. One said their morning coffee was ready “in just a few stress-free minutes.” The speed and simplicity has made many reviewers very happy with their purchase.

There are some critical feedback mentions as well. A handful of users experienced malfunctions after 2-3 months of ownership. However, KIDISLE rapidly provided replacements or refunds with responsive customer service. A few people felt the “coffee strength” button didn’t make a noticeable difference. Some wanted easier drying of the water reservoir area. But these complaints were minor compared to the abundant positive experiences.

In summary, feedback highlights exceptional versatility, simplicity, speed, and performance - cementing this as a top-choice single-serve coffee maker for households. Consumers find excellent value in its 3-in-1 design and self-cleaning capabilities. Any disadvantages around durability and settings are vastly outweighed by its convenience and brew quality. For an all-in-one solution, the KIDISLE CM9429D-UL 3 in 1 Single Serve Coffee Maker delivers on ease, taste, and reliability.


  • Compatible with 3 types of beverages
  • Compact size saves counter space
  • Programmable auto-brew time
  • Self-cleaning for easy maintenance
  • Modern, sleek aesthetic
  • Fast brewing speed
  • Good value for the price


  • Water tank collects moisture
  • Strength setting not very effective
  • Some reliability concerns long-term

Cost Effectiveness

For only $69.99, the KIDISLE CM9429D-UL 3 in 1 Single Serve Coffee Maker combines the functionality of 3 separate appliances into one convenient machine. With its ability to brew K-Cups, ground coffee, and tea, there’s no need to purchase additional brewers to accommodate different drinks. The permanent filter will save money compared to buying disposable paper filters. Given its versatility, useful features, and quality performance, this coffee maker provides excellent value for money.


In summary, the KIDISLE CM9429D-UL 3 in 1 Single Serve Coffee Maker stands out as a superior choice for coffee lovers seeking versatility, style, and convenience. Its intelligent design and robust features cater to a range of preferences, ensuring every cup is brewed to perfection. Embrace the future of home brewing with KIDISLE and experience the art of coffee making at its finest.

Technical Specifications and Functionality

The KIDISLE CM9429D-UL coffee maker is engineered with precision, offering a 1000-watt power system for efficient brewing. It boasts a generous 2.5-pound capacity, accommodating various brewing sizes. Key features include a programmable auto-start function, an innovative self-cleaning mechanism, and adjustable coffee strength settings, providing an unparalleled user experience. With its fully automatic operation mode, the CM9429D-UL epitomizes the fusion of advanced technology and user-centric design.


  • Product Dimensions: 10.79”D x 4.93”W x 12.6”H
  • Capacity: 2.5 lbs
  • Wattage: 1000 watts
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Special Features: Auto shut-off, self-cleaning mode
  • Coffee Maker Type: Drip coffee machine
  • Filter Type: Reusable permanent filter
  • Water Reservoir Capacity: 40 oz removable
  • Brew Sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 oz
  • Housing Color: White
  • Model Number: CM9429D-UL
  • Compatibility: K-Cup pods, ground coffee, tea
  • Control Interface: LED display with touch buttons
  • Manufacturer: KIDISLE
  • Warranty: 2 years

Box Contents

The box includes:

  • KIDISLE CM9429D-UL coffee maker
  • Reusable filter
  • Removable reservoir
  • Drip tray
  • Pod adapters (2)
  • Manual
  • Troubleshooting guide

How to Use

  1. Fill reservoir with desired amount of water.

  2. Place cup or travel mug on drip tray.

  3. For K-Cup, insert pod in adapter. For ground coffee, place in filter.

  4. Select your brew size on the control panel.

  5. Press the brew button to start brewing.

  6. Enjoy your fresh brewed coffee or tea!

  7. Clean machine regularly by removing parts and running the self-cleaning cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the self-cleaning function?

To use the self-cleaning function, simply press and hold both the ‘SIZE’ and ‘BREW’ buttons at the same time for a few seconds. This helps clean the internal components.

What size travel mugs can I use?

The removable drip tray accommodates travel mugs up to 7.2 inches tall.

What makes this machine 3-in-1?

This coffee maker comes with adapters that allow you to brew K-Cups, ground coffee, and tea. This versatility allows you to enjoy different beverage types.

How often should I descale the machine?

After 300 brew cycles, the “CLEAN” light will start flashing to remind you it’s time to descale and clean the coffee maker. This helps maintain optimal performance.

How do I know when my coffee is ready?

The coffee maker will automatically turn off when brewing is complete. There is no beep alert when this happens. Check to ensure the brewing has stopped.


  • Use filtered water for better tasting coffee.

  • Clean the reusable filter regularly for optimal flavor.

  • Experiment with different brew sizes and coffee amounts to find your preferred strength.

  • Refill the water reservoir when it reaches the “ADD WATER” mark to keep enough for brewing.

  • Position the coffee maker away from the stove or oven to prevent overheating.

  • Refer to the user manual for descaling instructions and frequency.

  • Press buttons gently for best responsiveness. Ensure hands are dry when using the touchscreen.