MEROL ME-720 Super Automatic Espresso Machine: Enjoy Café-Quality Brews from the Comfort of Home

Published on July 20, 2023, 6:57 p.m.

Coffee Culture and History

The history of coffee dates back several centuries, with a cultural impact that spans the globe. As a beloved beverage, coffee has become an integral part of daily life for many people. Espresso, a significant component of coffee culture, originated in early 20th century Italy, significantly enriching the flavors and experiences of coffee.

The MEROL ME-720 Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine is a sleek and compact machine that allows you to brew barista-quality espresso drinks at home with the touch of a button. With a 19 bar pressure pump and fast heat-up system, it can make espresso, americano, and lungo in under 60 seconds.

 MEROL ME-720 Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine


  • Slim profile - only 8.7 inches wide
  • Its compact design doesn’t take up valuable kitchen space, making it particularly suitable for kitchens with limited space.
  • 19 bar pressure for rich, creamy espresso
  • Easy to use touch screen controls
  • Fully automatic from bean to cup
  • Adjustable grind size, coffee strength, volume
  • Removable 1.8L water tank
  • 250g sealed bean hopper

The MEROL ME-720 Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine features a streamlined design with a width of only 8.7 inches, saving valuable counter space. The 250g sealed bean container automatically roasts fresh coffee beans, and the stainless steel conical burr grinder allows you to adjust the grind fineness to suit personal preference. The 19 bar pressure pump and rapid heating system perfectly extract aromatic espresso in under 60 seconds. The intuitive touch control panel makes it easy to customize parameters like water temperature and coffee volume.

Key Features

  • 19 Bar Pressure Pump: Ensures optimal coffee extraction, unlocking the full flavor and aroma of the coffee beans.
  • Conical Burr Grinder: Precisely grinds coffee beans for optimal flavor in every cup.
  • 60 Second Heat Up: Lets you enjoy your coffee without waiting.
  • Intuitive Touchscreen: Easy drink selection and customization.
  • Adjustable Spout: Accommodates cups of different heights.
  • 1.8L Removable Water Tank: Reduces the need for frequent refills.
  • 250g Sealed Bean Hopper: Maintains coffee bean freshness and aroma.

 MEROL ME-720 Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine


The MEROL ME-720 Super Automatic Espresso Machine exemplifies a perfect blend of modernity and practicality. It features a high-quality black and silver metallic finish that is not only stylish but also versatile enough to fit any home decor. Its compact size ensures that it fits easily in any kitchen space without taking up too much countertop area.

  • Sleek Lines: The streamlined design and sleek lines ensure the machine’s attractiveness and also make it easy to clean and maintain.
  • Touchscreen Operation: Equipped with an advanced touchscreen panel, it simplifies the operating process, making it easy for everyone from beginners to coffee enthusiasts to use.
  • Durable Materials: Made with wear-resistant materials, it ensures that the machine can maintain its novelty appearance over long-term use and minimizes maintenance needs due to wear and tear.

This coffee machine not only meets the technical requirements for producing high-quality coffee but also considers aesthetics and practicality, making it an ideal choice for any modern kitchen.

Ease of Use

Customers find the MEROL ME-720 Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine exceptionally easy to use right out of the box. The touchscreen menus are self-explanatory for selecting coffee drinks. The touchscreen menus are self-explanatory for selecting coffee drinks, and the user manual provides detailed instructions for further assistance. Programming personalized options like strength and volume is straightforward. The machine automates almost everything, from grinding beans to milk frothing, so brewing is practically effortless. The adjustable spout accommodates various cup sizes. Overall, it achieves simplicity without sacrificing customization.

Coffee Quality

Users highlight the cafe-quality coffee produced by the MEROL ME-720 Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine. The 19 bar pressure pump optimally extracts flavor and aromatic oils from fresh whole beans for rich crema and smooth flavor in the cup. The conical burr grinder allows fine-tuning the grind size to balance boldness and bitterness as desired. Many reviewers say the machine brews espresso and americanos equal to or better than high-end coffee shops. For example, one coffee enthusiast wrote in a review, “I can’t believe this machine makes such delicious coffee, even better than what I get at my local coffee shop!”

The adjustable grind size allows users to fine-tune their coffee experience to their taste preferences, achieving different flavor profiles. A finer grind can enhance the strength and flavor of the coffee, while a coarser grind is suitable for those who prefer a milder taste.

Grind size significantly influences the flavor of coffee. A fine grind increases the contact area between coffee and water, enhancing the extraction rate, which is ideal for espresso. A coarse grind reduces the extraction rate, more suitable for drip coffee. MEROL ME-720’s adjustable grind feature allows users to choose the appropriate grind size based on their taste preferences and the type of coffee they want to make.

Intuitive Touchscreen

The MEROL ME-720 features a sleek, intuitive, and responsive touchscreen interface that simplifies the coffee-making process. Users can easily select from various coffee types, such as espresso, Americano, or lungo, and adjust the strength, temperature, and volume of the coffee to their liking. The touchscreen also provides maintenance reminders and troubleshooting guides, ensuring the machine is always in top condition.

Beyond the basics, the touchscreen allows users to save personalized coffee settings, making it easy to select their favorite flavor profile for future brews. This is particularly convenient for those who have specific coffee recipes they enjoy.

Programmable Settings

The MEROL ME-720 offers programmable settings, allowing users to customize the volume, temperature, and strength of their coffee according to personal preferences. You can choose a stronger espresso or a milder Americano, or even adjust the water temperature to suit different coffee beans.

These settings can be saved for future use, ensuring you get your perfect cup of coffee every time. This not only makes your coffee experience more enjoyable but also adds a touch of personalization.

Technical Features Explanation

19 Bar Pressure Pump - How does this high pressure impact coffee extraction? T19 bar pressure effectively extracts oils and aromas from coffee grounds, essential for crafting the perfect espresso. The high pressure also contributes to a richer, fuller-bodied coffee with a more intense flavor experience. This high pressure ensures that the delicate flavors and rich textures in the coffee are fully unleashed, producing top-tier coffee.


With 19 bars of pressure, the MEROL ME-720 Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine extracts the perfect amount of flavor and aroma from the ground coffee. The conical steel burr grinder grinds beans precisely for consistent results, ensuring a consistent flavor profile in every cup.
The machine heats up in under a minute so you can brew shot after shot with no wait time.

19 Bar Pressure Pump

The MEROL ME-720 boasts a 19 bar pressure pump, the gold standard for espresso. This high pressure effectively extracts oils and aromas from coffee grounds, essential for crafting the perfect espresso. It ensures that the delicate flavors and rich textures in the coffee are fully unleashed, producing top-tier coffee. Lower pressure may not fully extract these key components, while too high pressure could result in overly bitter coffee.

The 19 bar pressure pump is a crucial feature for espresso aficionados. But what makes 19 bar pressure so special? It’s all about optimal extraction. This level of pressure forces hot water through finely-ground coffee beans, extracting more flavor, oils, and aromas. The result is a rich, full-bodied shot of espresso with a perfect layer of crema on top. Understanding this can help users appreciate the engineering behind their morning cup of coffee.

The 19 bar pressure can extract oils and aromas from coffee beans more effectively, making the coffee richer and more aromatic. Lower pressures may not achieve this as well, resulting in a coffee that is less concentrated or diluted.

Espresso is not only a pride of Italy but also has a profound influence on global coffee culture. The 19 bar pressure is the gold standard for making this concentrated coffee, ensuring that every drop is filled with rich flavor and aroma. In this way, espresso provides a unique and rich tasting experience for coffee enthusiasts.

60 Second Heat Up

A standout feature of the MEROL ME-720 is its rapid heat-up time of just 60 seconds. This means you can enjoy a fresh, hot cup of coffee in under a minute, without the long wait typical of many other machines. This is especially convenient on busy mornings or when you need a quick caffeine fix.

Fast heat-up isn’t just about convenience; it’s also crucial for optimal coffee extraction. The ideal brewing temperature for espresso is between 195°F and 205°F (90°C to 96°C). The MEROL ME-720’s advanced heating system quickly reaches and maintains this temperature range, ensuring that every cup is brewed to perfection, with the full flavor and aroma of the beans extracted. This rapid heating capability ensures that you can enjoy a delicious and perfectly brewed cup of coffee whenever you desire, without sacrificing quality or taste.

Adjustable Spout

The MEROL ME-720 features an adjustable spout that can accommodate cups of various heights, from small espresso cups to tall latte glasses. With a simple touch, you can adjust the spout’s height to ensure the coffee is dispensed at the optimal angle, minimizing splashes and maintaining the coffee’s temperature and flavor.

This thoughtful design not only adds convenience for users but also reduces coffee waste, ensuring you get the perfect coffee experience every time.

Dual Cup Function

The MEROL ME-720’s dual cup function allows you to brew two coffees simultaneously. This is incredibly convenient for busy mornings or when you have guests over. With a single operation, you can make two cups of coffee, either the same flavor or different, saving you time and effort.

Powder Bowl

In addition to using coffee beans, the MEROL ME-720 also comes equipped with a powder bowl, allowing you to use pre-ground coffee powder directly. This provides users with more options, especially for those who enjoy experimenting with different types of coffee powder. Using the powder bowl is also very simple: just pour the coffee powder into the bowl and follow the normal brewing steps.

When using the powder bowl, the MEROL ME-720 automatically adjusts the brewing parameters to suit the characteristics of the coffee powder, ensuring optimal extraction.

Milk Frothing

The milk frothing performance of the MEROL ME-720 Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine is unknown, since the standard model does not include an automated milk frother. Users must purchase the higher priced MEROL ME-720 Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine model with built-in frother to produce foamed and steamed milk for cappuccinos and lattes.

While the standard model does not include a milk frothing feature, for those who love frothy coffees like cappuccinos and lattes, MEROL offers a higher-end model with an automated milk frother. The frother adds rich foam to the coffee, enhancing its creamy texture and complexity.

Conical Burr Grinder

The MEROL ME-720 Super Automatic Espresso Machine is equipped with a high-quality stainless steel conical burr grinder that optimizes the coffee grinding process. It ensures precise grinding of coffee beans every time, enhancing the overall quality of the coffee. The grinder is designed with the following features:

  • Adjustable Grind Size: Users can easily adjust the grind size of the grinder from extra fine to coarse, accommodating different types of coffee preparation needs.
  • Uniform Grinding: The conical design helps grind the beans more evenly, ensuring consistent taste in every cup of coffee.
  • Reduced Noise: The optimized mechanical structure design reduces noise during operation, providing a more comfortable user experience.
  • Easy to Clean: The components of the grinder are easily detachable, allowing users to perform regular cleaning and maintain the machine in optimal condition.

These features not only improve the quality of the coffee but also ensure convenience and comfort during use.

250g Sealed Bean Hopper

The MEROL ME-720 comes with a 250g large capacity sealed bean hopper, ensuring the freshness and aroma of your coffee beans. The sealed design effectively prevents the beans from moisture and oxidation, maintaining their optimal flavor. The large capacity reduces the need for frequent refills, allowing you to enjoy fresh coffee more conveniently.

1.8L Removable Water Tank

The MEROL ME-720 is equipped with a generous 1.8L removable water tank, reducing the need for frequent refills. The tank is designed with a convenient handle, making it easy for users to remove and reinstall. The transparent design of the tank allows you to monitor the water level at a glance and refill it in time.

The removable water tank also makes cleaning a breeze. You can take out the tank completely and thoroughly clean the inside, ensuring clean water and, therefore, the best tasting coffee.

Powder Bowl and Other Features

MEROL ME-720 Super Automatic Espresso Machine comes equipped with a 250g large capacity sealed bean hopper, ensuring freshness and aroma of the coffee beans. Additionally, the machine features an adjustable grinding coarseness function, allowing users to customize the strength and flavor of their coffee according to personal taste. Beyond basic coffee-making capabilities, the ME-720 also offers the following special features:
- Dual Cup Function: Capable of making two coffees at once, perfect for busy mornings or when hosting guests.
- Energy Saving Mode: Automatically reduces power consumption when not in use, helping to save on electricity.
- Programmable Settings: Users can set the volume, temperature, and strength of their coffee according to personal preferences for a customized coffee experience each time.

Energy Saving Mode

The MEROL ME-720 is equipped with an energy-saving mode that automatically reduces power consumption when not in use. This feature not only helps save electricity and reduce energy consumption but also reflects MEROL’s commitment to environmental protection. Even in energy-saving mode, the coffee machine maintains its core functions, ready to brew delicious coffee for you at any time.


The main noise generated by the MEROL ME-720 Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine comes from the grinding burrs when processing whole coffee beans. Like most super-automatic machines, reviewers note the grinding sound is quite loud. However, the machine itself produces minimal noise during the brewing process once grinding is complete. The grinding may be distracting in close quarters, but is a reasonable trade-off for fresh, flavorful grounds.

 MEROL ME-720 Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine

Maintenance Tips

To keep your MEROL ME-720 Super Automatic Espresso Machine in optimal condition, descaling every two months is recommended, especially in areas with hard water. Regular cleaning ensures every cup of coffee is as fresh and delicious as the first. Here are some simple maintenance steps:
1. Clean the bean hopper and water tank weekly.
2. Clean the drip tray and waste bin monthly.
3. Descale using the specified descaling solution as per the manual.

Brand & Origin

Founded in 2019, MEROL is committed to delivering high-quality coffee solutions with excellent product design, functionality and durability. The MEROL ME-720 Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine is manufactured using imported components, ensuring reliable quality.

 MEROL ME-720 Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine

Usage Scenarios

The MEROL ME-720 Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine is ideal for coffee lovers who want to enjoy high-quality espresso-based drinks at home without the effort of manual preparation.

Making restaurant-worthy cappuccinos, lattes, americanos and more is as easy as touching a button. Customize strength, volume and temperature for drinks tailored to your taste. The quick heat up time delivers authentic espresso flavour even when you’re rushing out the door in the morning.

Entertain guests with delicious homemade espresso creations. The adjustable spout accommodates everything from tiny espresso cups to tall travel mugs. Thanks to the generous 1.8L water tank, you can brew cup after cup without constant refilling.

User Feedback Analysis

Overall, customers are thrilled with the café-caliber drinks the MEROL ME-720 Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine delivers right at home. Many reviewers say it rivals or even exceeds the espresso quality from expensive chain coffee shops. They love the thick, aromatic crema topping each shot as proof of the machine’s top-notch extraction capabilities.

Enthusiasts praise the intricate customization enabled by the MEROL ME-720 Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine. The ability to tweak grinder settings, water temperature, pre-infusion time, pump pressure and brew volume allows dialing in drinks to exact personal preference. Users call the 19 bar pump “a game changer” for pulling flavorful shots on par with professional equipment.

Regarding design, owners describe the machine as “sleek and modern” with a relatively compact footprint perfect for small kitchens. They appreciate the intuitive touchscreen and clear display icons making operation nearly foolproof. The adjustable spout accommodates travel mugs and large latte glasses with ease.

In terms of convenience, the fully automated workflow earns rave reviews. Several compare it to their previous manual machines and report the automatic grinding, tamping and milk frothing is a huge timesaver. The rapid heating and programmable schedule allow waking up to a perfect shot ready and waiting.

The most common complaint is the loud grinding noise, which some users find disruptive. A few mention the plastic exterior attracts fingerprints, but this is considered a minor downside. Some reliability issues emerge after prolonged use, liketemperature fluctuations and pump leaks, although Merol’s customer service is generally responsive.

For home baristas seeking an affordable super-automatic that can compete with professional machines costing thousands more, the prevailing opinion is the MEROL ME-720 Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine is a phenomenal value and a must-buy. It earns consistent 5-star reviews as an essential everyday kitchen appliance.


  • Café-quality espresso from fresh beans
  • Intuitive touchscreen operation
  • Fully adjustable drink customization
  • Rapid heating time under 60 seconds
  • Height-adjustable spout
  • Large 1.8L removable water tank
  • Easy maintenance with removable brew group


  • Loud when grinding beans
  • Potential reliability issues over time
  • Self-cleaning can cause spout leaks
  • Small drip tray


With professional barista-level performance and convenience features like the integrated burr grinder and milk frother, the MEROL ME-720 Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine delivers outstanding value. For an affordable super-automatic that makes crafting espresso drinks simple, this machine exceeds expectations.

Compared to other similar products on the market, MEROL ME-720 offers unique features like a 19 bar pressure pump and adjustable grind size within its price range, which are typically found in more high-end coffee machines. Thus, for consumers looking for a cost-effective coffee machine, MEROL ME-720 is an excellent choice.

 MEROL ME-720 Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine


For those looking for exceptional homemade espresso with push-button convenience, the MEROL ME-720 Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine is an excellent choice. It produces cafe-quality drinks, is easy to use and maintain, and has a durable build. The smart design provides great value for the price. It’s a great option for espresso lovers without the hassle.


  • Model: ME-720
  • Dimensions: 14” H x 8.7” W x 18.3” D
  • Weight: 25.1 lbs
  • Power: 1250 watts
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Pressure: 19 bars
  • Bean Hopper Capacity: 250g
  • Water Tank Capacity: 1.8 L
  • Maximum Cup Height: Adjustable from 3.9” to 5.5”
  • Grinder: Stainless steel conical burr
  • Interface: Touchscreen
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Warranty: One-year manufacturer’s warranty

Box Includes:

  • MEROL ME-720 Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine
  • Water tank
  • Bean hopper
  • Measuring scoop
  • Tamping tool
  • Cleaning brush
  • Water hardness test strip

Customer Service and Warranty

MEROL ME-720 Super Automatic Espresso Machine comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Our customer service team is available 24/7 to provide technical support, ensuring your coffee machine operates smoothly. Should you encounter any issues, feel free to contact our customer support; we promise swift and effective solutions.

User Manual

The steps to use the MEROL ME-720 Super Automatic Espresso Machine are as follows:

  1. Prepare the Machine: Ensure the water tank and coffee bean hopper are filled.
  2. Select Coffee Type: Choose the type of coffee you wish to make (e.g., espresso, Americano) on the touchscreen.
  3. Customize Settings: Adjust the coffee strength, temperature, and volume according to personal preferences.
  4. Start the Machine: Press the start button to begin making coffee.
  5. Wait for Coffee to Brew: Depending on the selected coffee type, the machine will complete brewing in a few seconds to a few minutes.
  6. Enjoy Your Coffee: Once the coffee is brewed, enjoy your freshly made cup.

Tip: Regularly clean the machine and descale to maintain the best coffee flavor and machine performance.