Jura E4 Automatic Coffee Machine: One Touch Barista Quality Brews

Published on Jan. 25, 2024, 3:05 p.m.

Coffee is believed to have been discovered in Ethiopia in the 9th century before spreading across the Arab world and into Europe. By the 17th century, it had become a popular beverage worldwide. Today, coffee is cherished globally, with countless variations and brewing methods.

For coffee lovers who want the quality and convenience of delicious, authentic espresso drinks made fresh with the touch of a button, the Jura E4 Automatic Coffee Machine is the perfect solution. This sleek, fully automatic machine from the Swiss innovators at Jura allows anyone to easily brew café-caliber lattes, cappuccinos, and more like a professional barista.


The Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine combines sophisticated styling with simple one-touch operation. With the Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine, coffee drinkers can enjoy everything from ristretto shots to coffeehouse favorites to custom creations, all made precisely and freshly on demand. The built-in conical burr grinder uses whole beans for maximum flavor and aroma in every cup.

 Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine

Key Features

  • One-touch simple operation - Make 5 barista drinks like espresso and cappuccino at the push of a button
  • Built-in professional conical burr grinder - Ensure ideal grind for maximum aroma
  • Fully automatic - Grinds, tamps, brews and cleans with minimum effort
  • Sleek piano black design - Modern, elegant look in any kitchen
  • Large capacity - 64 oz water tank and 10 oz bean container for daily use
  • 5 levels of strength - Customize your coffee’s intensity
  • Height adjustable spout - Accommodate cups of various sizes
  • Intuitive display - Easy to select desired drink with symbols

Coffee Brewing Techniques

Coffee can be brewed in various ways, each delivering a distinct flavor and experience:
- Espresso: Made by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water through finely-ground coffee beans. Espresso is the base for many other coffee drinks, like lattes and cappuccinos.
- French Press: Known for its rich and robust flavor, the French press method involves steeping coffee grounds in boiling water and then pressing them out.
- Drip Coffee: Water is poured over coffee grounds and filtered, resulting in a clear and consistent coffee flavor.

Evolution of Coffee Machines

The technology behind coffee machines has evolved significantly:
- Manual Machines: The earliest coffee machines required manual operation to brew coffee.
- Automatic Machines: Modern automatic coffee machines, like the Jura E4, handle everything from grinding the beans to frothing the milk, providing a complete coffee-making experience with the press of a button.
- Smart Machines: The latest trend includes smart coffee machines that can be connected to Wi-Fi and controlled via smartphone apps, offering customizable brewing options and maintenance reminders.


Encased in a beautiful full-black finish, the Jura E4 Automatic Coffee Machine features a contemporary design that will elevate any countertop. The machine combines durability and elegance with its plastic and metal construction. For portability, the Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine has a sleek footprint that takes up minimal space.

The Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine’s packaging showcases Jura’s sleek minimalist aesthetic. All accessories and components are neatly packed to ensure secure transport.

 Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine

Ease of Use

With its one-touch operation, the Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine makes it incredibly simple for anyone to prepare delicious espresso drinks in under 60 seconds. The intuitive user interface allows you to select your desired coffee creation with just the push of a button. Thanks to the Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine’s fully automatic functionality, it grinds, tamps, brews, and even cleans itself with zero effort on your part.

Brewing Types

The Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine uses Jura’s sophisticated brewing technology to extract maximum flavor from freshly ground beans to craft authentic espresso-based drinks. It does not support coffee pods or capsules.

You can make Espressos, Coffees, Ristrettos, 2x Espressos, 2x Coffees, and Hot Water on demand. The machine is optimized for espresso drinks.

Coffee Quality

Using Jura’s exclusive Pulse Extraction Process, the Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine delivers coffeehouse-worthy espresso with thick, hazelnut colored crema and robust flavor in every single cup. The integrated conical burr grinder preserves the beans’ full aroma and oils for smooth body and taste.

The “Pulse Extraction Process” (PEP) used by the Jura E4 is an innovative technology specifically designed by Jura for short drinks such as espresso. It works by rapidly injecting water at high pressure for a short duration, allowing the coffee grounds to more fully release their complex flavors and aromas under the effect of the water flow. This technology significantly enhances the aromatic layers and taste quality of espresso, making every sip rich with the essence of coffee.

Jura’s “Pulse Extraction Process” (PEP) technology, introduced in 2009, was an innovation aimed at optimizing the coffee extraction process in home coffee machines. This technology varies the water flow pressure to mimic the hand-pulled techniques of professional baristas making espresso, infusing each cup with perfect aroma and taste. The introduction of PEP not only improved the quality of espresso but also enhanced the overall efficiency of the machines, demonstrating the revolutionary role of technology in traditional coffee-making.

 Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine

Grinder Technology

The Jura E4 coffee machine is equipped with a professional-grade conical burr grinder, designed to deliver the best grinding results, ensuring that each grinding of the coffee beans is uniform and precise. The advantage of the conical burr grinder lies in its lower speed, which not only reduces the heating of the coffee beans during grinding, preserving the coffee’s original flavor, but also minimizes clogging with coffee grounds. The use of this grinding technology ensures that each cup of coffee reaches the best taste and aroma release.

Water Tank

The 64 oz water tank allows you to prepare multiple coffees before needing a refill. With average daily use, the tank only needs to be refilled every 1-2 days.

Temperature Control

Jura’s Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System maintains the optimal 95°C brewing temperature for fullest flavor and aroma extraction.


Using 15 bars of pressure and pulse extraction, the Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine perfectly balances pressure and time to draw out the best flavors.


Jura machines pioneered the Pulse Extraction Process which optimizes extraction time and pressure. The Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine uses intelligent preheating to ensure the hot water is always at the ideal temperature. Jura’s AromaG3 grinder optimally preserves aromas.

Additional Features

The Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine allows you to adjust the coffee spout height to accommodate cups of different sizes. The HEIGHT setting on the display guides you.

Noise Level

With its quiet grinder and brewing operation, the Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine produces approximately 45-55dB of noise which is comparable to normal conversation.

Safety Features

Made in Switzerland, the Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine meets strict European safety and EMC standards. The housing is BPA/BPS-free plastic.


The Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine runs on 1450 watts of power. The 5 foot power cord allows flexible placement.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Considerations

The Jura E4 not only pursues elegance and efficiency in its design but also embodies a deep sense of environmental responsibility. This coffee machine is equipped with an energy-saving mode, which reduces energy consumption when not in use. Additionally, Jura’s intelligent water system ensures that only the necessary amount of water is heated each time, thus minimizing the waste of water and energy. Through these designs, the Jura E4 helps coffee enthusiasts embrace a greener lifestyle, enjoying the satisfaction of each cup while also contributing to the protection of our planet.


The Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine automatically rinses itself before and after each coffee. With the integrated cleaning programs, the machine guides you through descaling and rinsing for simple maintenance. All parts are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


Other than coffee beans, the only maintenance required is changing the replaceable water filter every 2 months to protect the machine. No other cartridges needed.


For over 30 years, Jura has been revolutionizing the coffee world with their innovative home and commercial espresso machines. Headquartered in Switzerland and with operations around the globe, Jura is widely recognized for their premium automatic coffee makers that deliver authentic café-style drinks with convenience. Their cutting edge technologies like Pulse Extraction Process bring commercial quality crema and flavor into the home.

Usage Scenarios

The Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine is ideal for coffee aficionados who want the luxury of enjoying customizable espresso-based drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and flat whites any time at home. With the Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine’s one-touch operation, brewing hand-crafted coffeehouse beverages for family and friends is simple and mess-free. The Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine allows you to relax and savor exquisite coffee creations without the hassle.

User Feedback Analysis

Overall, the vast majority of owners are exceptionally pleased with the Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine and find it delivers gourmet coffeehouse-caliber drinks with unparalleled convenience. Many enthusiastic users describe the Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine as being easy to operate, even for beginners, thanks to the intuitive touch panel that makes drink selection “a breeze.” Customers consistently rave about the “mind-blowingly delicious” espresso and cappuccinos the Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine brews, noting the smooth flavor and thick, long-lasting crema rival any specialty cafe. Numerous reviewers comment that the Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine makes the “best latte they’ve ever had” and provides professional barista quality right from the comfort of home.

Many customers specifically praise the integrated conical burr grinder for producing incredibly aromatic and flavorful coffee that’s always freshly ground. Users love exploring the Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine’s expansive drink menu with the ability to fine-tune the strength and size as desired. Numerous owners remark how quiet, fast, and mess-free the one-touch automatic preparation is. They highlight that clean-up is quick and hassle-free with the Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine’s self-cleaning programs. Satisfied customers also comment on the aesthetically pleasing, space-saving design that looks elegant in any kitchen.

While a few users faced technical issues, Jura’s responsive customer service was typically able to promptly resolve them. Some reviewers did report occasional clogging problems but found this could be mitigated by adjusting grind size, using filtered water, and cleaning regularly per manufacturer guidelines. Overall though, the vast majority agreed the Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine consistently performs superbly with minimum maintenance required. Most considered the Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine a worthwhile investment that paid for itself with its ability to craft customized coffee drinks cheaper than shops. Many reported the machine still functions flawlessly even after years of daily use, demonstrating its durability and longevity.

In summary, the feedback reveals that the Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine satisfies even discerning coffee-lovers with its simple operation and café-caliber brews. For those seeking the ultimate automatic espresso machine, the Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine clearly delivers on performance, convenience, and quality available at the push of a button.


  • One-touch simple operation and programming
  • Built-in professional conical burr grinder grinds beans fresh
  • Brews authentic espresso-based drinks like cappuccino
  • Minimal coffee waste compared to pods
  • Large 64 oz water tank and 10 oz bean hopper
  • Height adjustable spout to fit different cup sizes
  • Easy to use intuitive display panel
  • Sleek modern aesthetics fit any kitchen décor
  • Eco-friendly and energy efficient technology


  • Spouts may clog over time if not cleaned regularly
  • Fairly expensive initial investment
  • Bean hopper could be larger for heavy use


Considering the Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine’s superb performance, convenience, and ability to craft café-caliber espresso drinks, the $1299 price point is a worthwhile investment for serious coffee lovers. When factoring in the cost savings from preparing specialty drinks at home versus purchasing them daily, the machine can pay for itself over time. Given its durability and Jura’s reputation for quality, the Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine is likely to provide years of trouble-free service and incredible coffee that makes the price tag worthwhile.


With its sleek design, customizable drinks menu, and easy one-touch functionality, the Jura E4 Automatic Coffee Machine enables anyone to make professional-tasting lattes, cappuccinos, and espressos at home. For those seeking the ultimate convenient coffee experience, the Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine is an excellent choice.

 Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine


  • Product Dimensions - 11”D x 17.6”W x 13.8”H
  • Item Weight - 22 Pounds
  • Power - 1450 watts
  • Voltage - 120 Volts
  • Capacity - 4 lb bean hopper, 64 oz water tank
  • Brewer Type - Automatic with built-in grinder
  • Coffee Drink Types - Espresso, coffee, ristretto, 2x espresso, 2x coffee, hot water
  • Housing Material - Plastic and metal
  • Color - Piano black
  • Number of Grind Settings - Aromatic, Medium, Strong
  • Adjustable Spout Height - 3 settings
  • User Interface - LED display with symbol buttons
  • Water Filter - CLARIS Smart (included)
  • JURA Cleaning Products - Included
  • JURA Descaling Agent - Included
  • JURA Milk System Cleaner - Included
  • Bean Container Protection - Aroma preservation lid
  • Grounds Container - Included
  • Milk Container - Not included
  • Other key accessories - Measuring scoop, water hardness test strips

Box Contents

  • 1 x Jura E4 Automatic Coffee Machine
  • Instructions manual
  • 1 x JURA Smart Connect app (for wireless connectivity)
  • 1 x Milk container
  • 1 x Milk tube
  • 1 x CLARIS Smart mini filter cartridge
  • 1 x Water hardness test strip
  • 1 x Cleaning tablet
  • 1 x Descaling tablet
  • 1 x Measuring scoop
  • 1 x Ground coffee funnel

User Manual

Getting Started

  1. Set Up Your Machine: Place the Jura E4 on a flat, stable surface. Connect it to a power source.
  2. Fill the Water Tank: Remove the water tank, fill it with fresh, cold water, and then reattach it to the machine.
  3. Fill the Bean Container: Lift the cover of the bean container, add fresh coffee beans, and close the cover.

Daily Use

  1. Turning the Machine On: Press the power button to turn on your Jura E4. The machine will heat up and perform a quick rinse.
  2. Selecting Your Coffee: Use the display and buttons to select your desired coffee type and strength. You can choose from espresso, coffee, ristretto, and more.
  3. Adjusting Cup Size and Strength: Adjust the amount of water and coffee strength using the intuitive display controls.
  4. Brewing Coffee: Place a cup under the coffee spout. Press the start button to begin brewing. The machine will grind, tamp, and brew your coffee automatically.


  1. Cleaning: After each use, it is advisable to wipe down the machine and empty the drip tray. Use a damp cloth for the exterior.
  2. Descaling: Regular descaling is vital to maintain the performance of your Jura E4. Follow the prompts on the machine to start the descaling process when indicated.
  3. Changing the Filter: Replace the water filter every two months or as indicated by the machine to ensure the best coffee taste and protect the machine from limescale.


  1. No Coffee Coming Out: Ensure that the water tank is filled and the bean container has enough beans. Check if any blockages are in the coffee spout or grinder.
  2. Machine Not Turning On: Check the power connection. Ensure the machine is plugged in and the outlet is functioning.
  3. Irregular Coffee Flow: Adjust the grind setting to ensure the coffee is not too finely ground. Descale the machine if the problem persists.

By following these steps, you will be able to enjoy the full range of functions offered by the Jura E4 and ensure it operates effectively for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine brew other drinks besides coffee and espresso?

Yes, the Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine offers several barista-quality specialty drinks, including:

  • Espresso: The foundation for many coffee drinks
  • Coffee: A classic brewed coffee
  • Ristretto: A shorter, more concentrated espresso shot
  • Café Barista: A slightly longer espresso with delicate crema
  • Lungo Barista: A larger, milder espresso-style coffee

Is the Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine easy to use?

Yes! The Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine is designed for simplicity. Its intuitive symbol display allows you to select your desired beverage with just one touch. You can even adjust strength and volume settings to customize your drinks.

How do I maintain the Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine?

The Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine makes cleaning and upkeep a breeze with its integrated rinsing, cleaning, and descaling programs. These automated programs help preserve the machine’s functionality and ensure delicious coffee for years to come.

What type of coffee beans are best for the Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine?

The Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine works best with whole bean coffee. Freshly grinding your beans right before brewing ensures the best possible flavor. Experiment with different types of whole beans to find your favorite!

Can you adjust the grind settings on the Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine?

Yes, the Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine features the Professional Aroma Grinder. This allows you to customize the fineness of the grind to match your coffee bean type and desired drink. A finer grind is generally better for espresso, while a coarser grind works well for standard coffee.


  • Start with high-quality beans: The quality of your beans impacts the flavor of your coffee. Invest in high-quality whole bean coffee for the best results.
  • Use filtered water: Filtered water helps remove impurities that can affect the taste of your coffee.
  • Clean regularly: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for running the cleaning and descaling cycles on your Jura E4 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine to keep it in optimal condition.
  • Experiment with settings: Play around with different grind settings and strength levels to find your ideal coffee preferences.