Miele CM 6360 MilkPerfection Automatic Coffee Machine: A Comprehensive Review

Published on Jan. 25, 2024, 4:24 p.m.

Coffee connoisseurs, are you looking to elevate your home brewing experience with café-quality drinks? Look no further than the new Miele CM 6360 MilkPerfection automatic coffee machine. With its advanced brewing system and frothing capabilities, this machine promises professional-barista level coffee drinks from the comfort of your kitchen. Let’s dive in to see what makes this model stand out.


The Miele NEW CM 6360 MilkPerfection Automatic Wifi Coffee Maker is a fully automatic coffee maker with integrated grinder, milk frother and other exciting features that produce amazing coffeehouse beverages. It uses Miele’s unique AromaticSystem brewing technology and has a durable built-in steel grinder. The soft BrilliantLight LEDs create a welcoming ambiance. This powerful machine can make two drinks with one touch, stores up to 8 custom profiles, and enables remote control via WiFi. The sleek, user-friendly design completes the package.

 Miele NEW CM 6360 MilkPerfection Automatic Wifi Coffee Maker

Key Features

  • AromaticSystem brewing technology for exceptional flavor
  • Built-in steel conical burr grinder for uniform grinding
  • OneTouch for Two function to make two drinks simultaneously
  • 8 customizable user profiles to save preferred settings
  • Mobile control, monitoring and automatic re-ordering via WiFiConn@ct
  • Height-adjustable central spout (3.1-5.5 in) for different cup sizes
  • DoubleShot function instantly doubles beverage volume
  • Automatic rinsing and cleaning programs for convenience

Coffee Machine Development History

The history of coffee machines can be traced back to the mid-19th century when Italian Angelo Moriondo invented the first coffee machine that used steam pressure. This machine was called the “steam coffee machine” and laid the foundation for the birth of the modern espresso machine.

In 1901, Italian Luigi Bezzera improved on Moriondo’s patent and launched the first truly “Espresso Machine” espresso machine. Bezzera’s machine used stronger pressure and higher temperatures to produce thicker, more flavorful coffee.

Coffee machines became popular in the United States and Europe in the 1920s and 1930s. The advent of electric coffee makers made coffee making more convenient, allowing people to easily enjoy delicious coffee at home.

The 1950s saw the emergence of instant coffee, which revolutionized the way coffee was consumed. Instant coffee is convenient and quick, requiring no special equipment to brew, and quickly became a favorite among the masses.

In the 1970s and 1980s, coffee machine technology was further developed. The introduction of automatic coffee machines made coffee making more automated, allowing people to enjoy fresh coffee with just a few button presses.

Since the 21st century, coffee machines have become more intelligent and diversified. Today, the market is flooded with various types of coffee machines to meet the needs of different consumers.

Here are some important milestones in coffee machine development:

  • 1884: Italian Angelo Moriondo invents the first coffee machine that uses steam pressure.
  • 1901: Italian Luigi Bezzera invents the first truly “Espresso Machine” espresso machine.
  • 1920s and 1930s: Electric coffee makers become popular in the United States and Europe.
  • 1950s: Instant coffee emerges.
  • 1970s and 1980s: Automatic coffee makers emerge.
  • 21st century: Coffee machines become more intelligent and diversified.

The development of coffee machines has not only changed the way people drink coffee but has also promoted the rise of coffee culture. Today, coffee has become a globalized beverage loved by people all over the world.

 Miele NEW CM 6360 MilkPerfection Automatic Wifi Coffee Maker

Design - Sophisticated Style

The Miele NEW CM 6360 MilkPerfection Automatic Wifi Coffee Maker comes in an elegant premium package reflecting its high-end quality. The contemporary stainless steel body with clean lines and metallic accents give it a sophisticated look perfect for modern kitchens. The bean hopper, water tank and milk flask integrate seamlessly into the body for a streamlined appearance. The intuitive central display provides at-a-glance information.

Ease of Use - Push-Button Simple

A hallmark of the Miele NEW CM 6360 MilkPerfection Automatic Wifi Coffee Maker is effortless ease of use. At the touch of a button, it can deliver coffee, espresso, cappuccino and other specialties in seconds. Fully automatic operation from grinding to brewing and milk frothing means no effort is required. The height-adjustable spout accommodates various cup sizes. Making two drinks simultaneously saves time.

 Miele NEW CM 6360 MilkPerfection Automatic Wifi Coffee Maker

Coffee Quality - Bold, Rich Flavor

The coffee quality that the Miele NEW CM6360 MilkPerfection delivers relies on a process called extraction. During extraction, hot water interacts with the ground coffee, dissolving soluble flavors and oils to create the delicious beverage you enjoy. Factors like water temperature, brew time, and grind consistency have a significant impact on whether you achieve balanced, full-flavored coffee, or a weak, sour, or bitter cup.

Every cup produced by the Miele NEW CM6360 MilkPerfection Automatic Wifi Coffee Maker stands out in taste and presentation and is remarkably consistent. Expect your coffee to have an incredibly bold, rich flavor profile, with hints of dark chocolate and roasted nuttiness. Notes of sweetness balance out the richness for a satisfying flavor punch.

Best Beans and Brews: If you truly love the bold flavor this machine produces, we recommend opting for medium to dark roast coffee beans. Their inherent roast flavors beautifully complement the intense coffee character. This machine handles traditional espresso drinks flawlessly, but also produces exceptional long blacks and Americanos. Beans from Central and South American origins often have the flavor profiles that suit this type of extraction.

The Science of Coffee Extraction

Coffee extraction is the process of extracting soluble substances from coffee beans into water to form coffee. The key factors that influence coffee extraction include:

  • Grind size: The finer the grind, the greater the surface area of coffee powder in contact with water, resulting in a stronger coffee.
  • Water temperature: The ideal coffee extraction water temperature is between 90-96 degrees Celsius. Too low a temperature will result in underextraction, leading to a weak coffee; too high a temperature will result in overextraction, producing a bitter taste.
  • Pressure: The pressure in the coffee machine pushes hot water through the coffee grounds, promoting extraction. Higher pressure can improve extraction efficiency but may also make the coffee taste too strong.
  • Extraction time: Extraction time is the amount of time hot water is in contact with coffee grounds. Too short an extraction time will result in an under-extracted coffee; too long an extraction time will result in overextraction, producing a bitter taste.

Coffee machines work by controlling parameters such as grind size, water temperature, pressure, and extraction time to optimize the coffee extraction process and produce delicious coffee.

Brewing Technology - For Espresso Perfection

This Miele NEW CM 6360 MilkPerfection Automatic Wifi Coffee Maker is optimized for brewing superb traditional espresso using freshly ground coffee beans. The steel burr grinder and 19-bar pressure system extract maximum flavor for an intense, aromatic espresso with thick golden crema - just like a café. It also shines at making milk-based drinks like cappuccinos and lattes.

Temperature Control - Optimized Brewing

Advanced PID technology regulates brewing temperature to within 1°F for impeccable temperature stability. The optimal default settings are designed for extracting the best flavors, while barista mode gives control to customize temperature. The heated cup tray maintains ideal serving temperature.

Pressure - Cafe-Quality Extraction

With 19 bars of pressure for extraction, the Miele NEW CM 6360 MilkPerfection Automatic Wifi Coffee Maker achieves the gold standard in espresso machines for coaxing the richest flavors and aromas from ground coffee. This professional-level pressure contributes to the intense, full-bodied taste.

 Miele NEW CM 6360 MilkPerfection Automatic Wifi Coffee Maker

Innovation - Personalized Drinks

A standout innovation is the 8 customizable user profiles for one-touch preparation of personalized drinks exactly to individual preferences. Just program the parameters once for each profile and then get the same perfect custom drink every time.

 Miele NEW CM 6360 MilkPerfection Automatic Wifi Coffee Maker

Milk Frothing - Perfected Microfoam

The integrated auto milk frother with 0.7 L capacity is a star feature, creating feather-light cappuccino foam that looks and tastes like a professional barista’s work - significantly better than previous Miele models. The handy milk flask has a spout for easy pouring. Keeping the system clean is a breeze with the automatic rinse program.

Grinder - Consistent Fine Grind

The built-in conical steel burr grinder grinds beans just before brewing for incredibly fresh and full flavor extraction. The durable, hardened steel construction ensures precise grinding for years of daily use. Beans are ground to an ideal fine texture for espresso and stored in the 10.6 oz hopper.

Capacity - Large Volumes

The sizable 1.8 L removable water tank allows brewing large batches without frequent refilling. Paired with the hopper’s 10.6 oz capacity, the machine can produce dozens of drinks before needing a refill. This high-volume capacity suits home and office use.

Additional Features

  • OneTouch for Two function makes two drinks simultaneously
  • BrilliantLight LED lighting sets the ambiance
  • 60-minute auto-off timer
  • Powder chute for pre-ground coffee
  • 360° sound from built-in speakers
  • Descaling alert reminds when to de-lime

Noise - Quiet Operation

The quiet grind and brew process produces around 70dB of noise, comparable to a typical conversation. It will not disturb or overwhelm even in close settings.

Safety - Durability and Protection

With commercial-grade steel and alloy construction, the Miele NEW CM 6360 MilkPerfection Automatic Wifi Coffee Maker is built to last through years of daily service. Overheating prevention protects the machine. Electrical leakage prevention enhances safety. The 4.6 ft power cord features auto-resettable circuit breakers for peace of mind.

Power - Dependable Performance

The 1450W system provides ample stable power for grinding, brewing, steaming and all functions. The length of the power cord allows flexible positioning. To save energy, eco-mode reduces standby usage.

Cleaning - Automated Maintenance

Several automatic cleaning and descaling programs simplify maintenance. The milk frother self-rinses after use. Decalcification and rinsing cycles ensure inner cleanliness. Removable parts like the brew unit are dishwasher safe. Overall, the machine is very easy to keep clean and hygienic.

Maintenance and Cost

Other than coffee beans, the only recurrent cost is descaling tablets every 3-6 months. No expensive filters needed. The automatic alerts and cleaning programs minimize manual maintenance.


Miele is a prestigious German home appliance brand founded in 1899. With its motto “Forever Better”, Miele is dedicated to producing premium household appliances including dishwashers, washing machines, ovens and now, coffee machines. Miele coffee makers inherit the brand’s long tradition of engineering excellence and unmatched performance.

Use Cases

The Miele NEW CM 6360 MilkPerfection Automatic Wifi Coffee Maker caters to a range of home and office use cases. Its one-touch double serving is perfect for families or entertaining guests. Remote monitoring and re-ordering via WiFiConn@ct suits busy professionals. Large water tank and bean container provide the capacity for continuous office use. With simple maintenance and intuitive controls, it can be operated by novices and experts alike.

User Reviews Analysis

Overall, reviews indicate the Miele NEW CM 6360 MilkPerfection Automatic Wifi Coffee Maker delivers excellent coffeehouse-quality drinks and intuitive ease of use, although some reliability concerns exist.

On performance, the overwhelming positive feedback highlights the incredible flavors, aromas, and crema achieved by the machine. Many users say it makes the best tasting coffee they’ve had at home with professional espresso and frothed milk. The simple one-touch operation and maintenance programs also draw consistent praise for convenience.

Regarding areas for improvement, a number of reviewers faced “Rinse milk pipework” errors that halted use. This issue was resolved by using the proper milk cleaning agent sample that should have been included but often wasn’t. Ensure this sample is present before use.

A small but noticeable number of users also reported failures or malfunctions right out of the box, indicating potential quality control issues in some units. However, Miele customer service was responsive in quickly addressing these problems.

In summary, when functioning properly, the Miele NEW CM 6360 MilkPerfection Automatic Wifi Coffee Maker proves capable of brewing incredible espresso-based drinks surpassing competitors, with convenient automation that makes daily use a pleasure. But quality control issues causing early failures in a subset of machines remain a concern to be aware of. Be sure to buy from a reputable seller with a good return policy and confirm all cleaning samples are included.


  • Superb coffee flavor and aromas from AromaticSystem
  • Consistent uniform grind with durable steel burr grinder
  • Convenient one-touch double serving
  • 8 customizable profiles for personalized drinks
  • Remote monitoring and ordering through WiFiConn@ct
  • Height-adjustable spout accommodates various cup sizes
  • DoubleShot function instantly increases drink volume
  • Automatic cleaning programs simplify maintenance


  • Expensive price tag
  • Complex initial setup and programming
  • Milk pipework cleaning needs special agent (should be included)
  • Quality concerns over reports of early failures in some units
  • Lacks user-friendly features like editable drink names


With a premium price of $2,799, the Miele Miele NEW CM 6360 MilkPerfection Automatic Wifi Coffee Maker is a serious investment. But for coffee aficionados who want high-end, café-style drinks and best-in-class performance at home, the price may be justified. This machine produces incredible coffee and milk beverages you won’t get from lower tier brands. The automatic operation, customization and maintenance make it easy to use daily. For those demanding superb drinks without hassle, the Miele NEW CM 6360 MilkPerfection Automatic Wifi Coffee Maker delivers professional quality and convenience that can enhance the whole coffee experience.

With its blend of innovation, versatility and durability, the Miele NEW CM 6360 MilkPerfection Automatic Wifi Coffee Maker empowers anyone to easily prepare café-quality coffee drinks at home. Its professional capabilities and elegant design make it a standout appliance for coffee enthusiasts.

 Miele NEW CM 6360 MilkPerfection Automatic Wifi Coffee Maker


  • Brewer type: automatic espresso machine
  • Grinder: built-in steel conical burr grinder
  • Milk frothing system: integrated auto milk frother
  • Capacity: Bean container 10.6 oz, water tank 1.8 L, milk container 0.7 L
  • Display: DirectSensor display
  • Spout height: adjustable 3.1-5.5 in
  • Output: Espresso, coffee, cappuccino, latte, Americano, macchiato, milk foam
  • Serving size: adjustable 20-300 ml
  • Profiles: 8 customizable user profiles
  • Cleaning programs: automatic milk cleaning, descaling, rinsing
  • Connectivity: WiFiConn@ct enabled
  • Materials: stainless steel body
  • Dimensions: 9.9 x 14.1 x 16.8 in
  • Weight: 21.8 lb
  • Electrical: 120V, 1450W

Box Includes

  • 1 x Miele CM 6360 MilkPerfection automatic coffee machine
  • Glass milk container
  • Descaling tablets
  • Cleaning tablets
  • Operating instructions

Miele NEW CM6360 MilkPerfection Automatic Wifi Coffee Maker User Manual

Safety Instructions

Before using your Miele NEW CM6360 MilkPerfection Automatic Wifi Coffee Maker, please read all safety instructions carefully. To ensure safe operation, follow these guidelines:

  • Place the machine on a level, stable surface.
  • Do not operate the machine if the power cord is damaged.
  • Do not immerse the machine in water or other liquids.
  • Unplug the machine before cleaning or descaling.
  • Keep the machine out of reach of children.

Setting Up the Machine

  1. Unpacking and Inspection: Carefully unpack the machine and all accessories. Inspect the machine for any damage. If any damage is found, contact Miele customer support immediately.

  2. Placement: Place the machine on a level, stable surface that can support its weight. Ensure adequate ventilation around the machine.

  3. Power Connection: Connect the power cord to a grounded electrical outlet. The voltage must match the machine’s specifications.

  4. Water Tank: Fill the water tank with fresh, cold water up to the indicated mark.

  5. Coffee Filter Basket and Permanent Filter: Insert the permanent filter into the coffee filter basket. Place the coffee filter basket into the brew group.

Using the Machine

  1. Grinding Coffee Beans: If using whole coffee beans, grind them to the desired coarseness using the built-in grinder.

  2. Measuring Coffee Grounds: Measure the desired amount of coffee grounds into the filter basket.

  3. Selecting Brew Size and Strength: Choose the desired brew size and strength using the control panel.

  4. Brewing Coffee: Press the brew button to start the brewing process. The machine will automatically grind and brew the coffee according to your selected settings.

  5. Frothing Milk: For espresso-based drinks, use the steam wand to froth milk to your desired consistency.

  6. Making Espresso-Based Drinks: To make espresso, cappuccino, latte, or other espresso-based drinks, follow the instructions in the included recipe booklet.

  7. Making Coffee with Pre-Ground Coffee: If using pre-ground coffee, skip the grinding step and proceed to measure the desired amount of coffee grounds into the filter basket.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  1. Regular Cleaning: After each use, clean the removable parts of the machine, such as the carafe, brew group, and milk frother.

  2. Descaling: Descale the machine regularly to remove mineral buildup. Use the Miele descaling solution according to the instructions provided.

  3. Troubleshooting: If you encounter any problems with the machine, refer to the troubleshooting section of this user manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this machine produce a variety of milk-based drinks?

Yes! The Miele NEW CM 6360 MilkPerfection boasts impressive versatility for milk-based beverages. Its integrated milk frother lets you create creamy cappuccinos, velvety lattes, and more. It even has a dedicated hot milk setting for comforting drinks on chilly days.

How easy is it to clean the Miele NEW CM 6360 MilkPerfection?

Miele prioritizes convenience with this machine. It features several automated cleaning programs, including:

  • Milk Line Rinsing: An automatic rinse with water from the tank ensures hygiene after each milk-based drink.
  • ComfortClean: This system makes cleaning dishwasher-safe components a breeze.
  • Removable Brew Unit: Easy to remove and rinse under running water for thorough cleaning.

Can I customize my coffee strength and water temperature?

Absolutely! The Miele NEW CM 6360 MilkPerfection offers personalization for your perfect cup. You can adjust:

  • Coffee Strength: Fine-tune coffee intensity to your liking.
  • Water Temperature: Select your preferred brewing temperature.
  • Milk and Froth Quantity: Tailor the amount for your ideal beverage.

Does this machine have a built-in coffee grinder?

Yes, it features a quiet, high-quality conical grinder made from wear-resistant steel. Additionally, you can adjust the grind setting to achieve your desired coarseness.

Can the Miele NEW CM 6360 MilkPerfection make two drinks at once?

Yes, it features the convenient “OneTouch for Two” function. With a single button press, you can prepare two identical specialty coffee drinks simultaneously, saving you precious time.


  • Experiment with Settings: Take time to explore the various customization options to discover your ideal coffee profile.
  • Utilize User Profiles: The machine allows you to save up to 8 individual user profiles, so everyone in the household can have their favorite drink ready at a touch of a button.
  • Regular Maintenance: Follow the recommended cleaning and descaling schedules in the user manual to ensure longevity and optimal performance.
  • Quality Beans: The quality of your coffee beans significantly impacts flavor. Invest in freshly roasted, high-quality beans for the best results.