MEROL ME-715 Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine: A Premium Coffee Experience for Your Home

Published on July 16, 2023, 6:17 p.m.

The MEROL ME-715 is an elegantly designed, 19 bar automatic espresso machine that allows you to brew cafe-quality espresso drinks at home. With customizable options, a built-in grinder, and milk frother, this versatile machine can craft everything from straight espresso shots to creamy cappuccinos. Keep reading this review for an in-depth look at the features, performance, and ease of use of the MEROL ME-715 Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine.

 MEROL ME-715 Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine


  • Product Name: MEROL ME-715
  • Brand: MEROL
  • Model Number: ME-715
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 11”D x 16.8”W x 14.4”H
  • Weight: 25.7 lbs

The MEROL ME-715 Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine is a stylish, fully automatic espresso coffee machine that delivers cafe-quality drinks with the convenience of home use. With a sleek LCD screen and control knob, 19-bar high pressure pump, and fast heating system, this machine can brew delicious espresso, cappuccino, latte and more in under 60 seconds. The adjustable grinders, temperature controls, and milk frother allow you to customize your beverages exactly to your taste.

 MEROL ME-715 Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine


  • LCD display - An intuitive display lets you easily program single/double shots, espresso temperature, coffee volume, and more.

  • 19 bar pressure - The high-performance pump creates ideal pressure for rich, aromatic espresso.

  • Built-in grinder - Freshly grinds beans right before brewing to preserve flavor and aroma. Includes 300g bean hopper.

  • Powder spout - Use pre-ground coffee with the handy powder spout.

  • Adjustable spouts - Dial in the perfect height for your cup or mug.

  • Manual milk frother - Easily steams milk to create creamy foam for cappuccinos and lattes.

  • 2L water tank - Large capacity is easy to fill, with no need to move the machine.

  • Automatic cleaning - Self-cleans when powered on and off to keep things hygienic.

  • Removable parts - The brew group and drip tray come out for quick cleaning.

Design and Build Quality

The MEROL ME-715 Automatic Espresso Machine boasts a vintage yet elegant design, and its use of stainless steel materials ensures durability and longevity. The attention to detail in the design, such as the solid brew head and sturdy stainless steel portafilter, demonstrates a commitment to quality. Additionally, the machine’s compact size not only saves space but also easily integrates into any kitchen setting.


With 19 bars of pressure, the MEROL ME-715 Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine extracts maximum flavor for full-bodied espresso. The built-in burr grinder gives you freshly ground beans, and its adjustable settings let you customize coarseness. The manual milk frother steams milk to microfoam perfection for latte art quality foam.

Heating up in under a minute, this quick boiler makes espresso drinks in less than 60 seconds. The intuitive controls and LCD screen make operation a breeze. Simply select your drink, choose single or double shot, and the MEROL ME-715 Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine does the rest for fast, consistent results.

Ease of Use

Despite its commercial-grade power, the MEROL ME-715 Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine is easy to use in any home kitchen. The water tank is conveniently located on the side for quick refills. The drip tray, portafilter, and brew group all detach for simple cleaning. The LCD display has straightforward menus, and the knob dial allows you to smoothly scroll through options.

There are both pre-programmed and customizable settings so you can get your perfect cup every time. You can adjust grind amount, coffee dose, temperature, volume, and more. The adjustable spout fits everything from espresso cups to travel mugs.

Environmental Impact

The MEROL ME-715 Automatic Espresso Machine is designed with environmental impact in mind. The materials used aim to reduce waste and enhance recyclability. Additionally, the machine’s energy-efficient design helps to reduce energy consumption, aligning with the modern pursuit of environmentally friendly appliances. Users can further reduce their environmental footprint by opting to grind whole beans, minimizing the use of pre-packaged coffee capsules.

Coffee Quality

Beneath the MEROL ME-715’s vintage exterior lies advanced engineering that optimizes the quality of each cup. The 19-bar Italian pump ensures optimal pressure and extraction, delivering a robust coffee experience. Freshly grinding beans maximizes aroma and flavor retention. Precise temperature control allows each drink to be fine-tuned to ideal taste preferences. Moreover, this machine supports user adjustments based on personal taste or different coffee beans, offering greater flexibility compared to systems that use fixed coffee capsules.

Milk Frothing

The manual steam wand makes frothing milk for creamy cappuccinos and lattes easy. Just immerse the wand in milk and allow the machine to steam it to the perfect temperature and texture. The results are smooth, light foam worthy of a high-end cafe.


Keeping the MEROL ME-715 Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine clean is straightforward thanks to its removable, dishwasher-safe brew group, drip tray, water tank, and milk container. The machine also features automatic cleaning cycles for the brew group upon powering on and off.

Noise Level

While grinding beans produces expected noise, the brewing process itself is relatively quiet. The pump operates at normal volumes without irritating whistling or rattling sounds.


The 1400 watt machine offers ample power for quick heat-up times around one minute. It runs on a standard 120V outlet and includes a 5 foot power cord.

 MEROL ME-715 Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine

Ideal Usage Scenarios

The MEROL ME-715 Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine is ideal for espresso lovers who want to recreate cafe drinks at home. It has the power and precision for crafting cappuccinos, lattes, americanos and more. The automatic operation and one-touch drink menu make it perfect for busy households and getting everyone out the door on hectic mornings. It can keep up with hosting dinner parties or book clubs that call for after dinner espresso.

Customer Feedback

With 73% 5-star ratings, it’s clear the MEROL ME-715 Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine delivers an excellent at-home espresso experience for most customers. They describe rich, aromatic espresso with thick golden crema topping each shot. Many highlight the convenience of automatic grinding, brewing, and milk frothing, allowing them to enjoy cappuccinos and lattes every morning with no fuss.

Satisfied owners love customizing the grind size, brew strength, and volume to create their perfect drink. The ability to adjust the settings to match different beans or personal taste is a major plus over pod systems with no flexibility. Many say they can finally make espresso drinks as good as their favorite café right in their own kitchen.

Customers do note the grinder is loud, which is expected with fresh grinding. Some report occasional jamming issues with larger or oily coffee beans not fully feeding into the grinder. This may require manually encouraging the beans into the burrs. Also, the bean hopper could have a better loading design to prevent overfilling. Otherwise, users are very pleased with the performance and ease of use.

Considering the quality construction, pressure pump, frothing wand, and great customization, the MEROL ME-715 Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine punches far above its price point. For under $400, it truly brings commercial-level espresso into homes.


  • Excellent price point for a super-automatic espresso machine
  • Compact footprint
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Delivers consistently high quality espresso drinks
  • Allows customization to personal taste preferences


  • Bean hopper could have better loading design
  • Instruction manual could be more detailed
  • Grinder is noisy during operation


The MEROL ME-715 Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine delivers exceptional value at just $369, especially compared to prosumer models costing $600+. You get excellent pressure and temperature control, adjustable grind settings, simple maintenance, and delicious espresso. The helpful accessories like a tamper, cleaning brushes, and single/double shot filters make it easy to get started. With just the machine, you can pull flavorful shots and make basic milk drinks.

Factor in the burr grinder for fresh beans and manual steaming wand, and the MEROL ME-715 Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine essentially combines an espresso machine plus grinder for less than the price of either alone. This makes it highly affordable for entry level enthusiasts to step up their home brewing game. Overall, it’s hard to find comparable performance and customization at this reasonable price point. For incredible espresso without the huge investment, the MEROL ME-715 Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine is a top choice.

 MEROL ME-715 Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine


With its sleek countertop footprint, the MEROL ME-715 Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine adds style and substance to your morning routine. This powerful, versatile machine crafts espresso-based drinks just as good as your favorite cafe. The 19 bar pressure and integrated grinder extract bold, flavorful coffee that any enthusiast will love. For under $400, the MEROL ME-715 Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine brings commercial quality and customization to home brewing.


  • 120V, 1400W
  • 19 bar pump pressure
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 300g bean hopper capacity
  • 2L removable water tank
  • Automatic cleaning cycle
  • Dimensions: 11” x 16.8” x 14.4”
  • Weight: 21 lbs

Box Includes

  • MEROL ME-715 Espresso Machine
  • Single Portafilter Basket
  • Double Portafilter Basket
  • 1.5L Glass Carafe
  • Metal Milk Frothing Pitcher
  • Scoop/Tamper
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Water Hardness Test Strip

How to Use

  1. Fill water tank with cool, filtered water.
  2. Fill bean hopper and adjust grind setting if needed.
  3. Place cup under portafilter and select your drink.
  4. For milk drinks, use steam wand to froth milk before brewing.
  5. Customize options like volume, strength, temperature as desired.
  6. Run cleaning cycle when prompted.
  7. Descale regularly based on water hardness.

Enjoy cafe-style drinks at home with the MEROL ME-715! Its commercial grade power and simple controls let anyone go from coffee novice to barista in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does water always leak out from the spout when I turn on the machine?

This is the automatic self-cleaning function. The machine will do this operation when it starts up.

Does this machine have a milk frother?

Yes, the ME-715 has a manual steam wand for frothing milk.

How do I fix a stuck brew unit?

Try restarting the machine. If that doesn’t work, try pushing the brew unit harder back into position - there should be an audible “ka” sound when it’s in the right spot.

Why doesn’t coffee come out or only hot water comes out?

The grinder may be grinding too fine. Adjust the grind setting knob to a coarser grind. Clean out any oily bean residue. Adjust bean quantity to 1 and try brewing again.

How do I make a regular cup of coffee instead of espresso?

While brewing, rotate the main dial to choose milliliters up to 250mL for a cup of coffee. The max brew is 250mL.

How do I access the hidden menu to adjust water flow rate?

The hidden menu sometimes appears with “Power” and “Flow” options. Leave these settings unless you want to adjust coffee quantity and water volume. Press ESC to exit the menu.


  • Use fresh, quality coffee beans for optimal flavor. Local roaster beans are recommended.

  • Adjust the grind setting, temperature, coffee strength and volume to customize your perfect cup.

  • Clean the machine regularly including backflushing to maintain performance. Disassemble and wash removable parts.

  • Use filtered water to help prevent mineral buildup and extend machine lifespan.

  • Run water through the steam wand after frothing milk to keep it clean.

  • For best results, use coffee bean setting instead of pre-ground coffee. Fresh grinding is key.

  • Contact customer service for troubleshooting help and take advantage of the 1 year warranty.