Miele CM 5510 Silence Automatic Coffee Maker: Quality Coffee with Personalized Settings

Published on Jan. 25, 2024, 6:26 p.m.

Coffee Culture and History

Coffee is not only one of the most popular beverages worldwide, but it also holds rich historical and cultural value. From the initial discovery of coffee beans in Africa to the spread of coffee across the globe, each step has influenced various aspects of modern society, including art, politics, and economics. Understanding the history of coffee can help us appreciate the stories behind each cup of coffee more deeply.

The Miele CM 5510 Silence is a fully automatic coffee maker that delivers café-quality drinks with customizable settings. This integrated bean-to-cup machine combines a conical burr grinder, milk frother and brewing system to create everything from espresso to lattes. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this Miele coffee maker a compelling choice for home baristas.

 Miele NEW CM 5510 Silence Automatic Coffee Maker


As a mid-range super automatic espresso machine from Miele, the Miele NEW CM 5510 Silence Automatic Coffee Maker provides intuitive one-touch operation and personalized profiles for your favorite coffee creations. Its understated design in a Rose Gold Pearl Finish adds elegance to your countertop.

Key Features:

  • Fully Automatic Coffee Making: One-touch operation from grinding to brewing.
  • Integrated Burr Grinder: Ensures freshly ground beans for optimal flavor.
  • AromaticSystem: Unique brewing system maximizes coffee aroma extraction.
  • Quiet Grinding Technology: Enjoy delicious coffee while maintaining a peaceful morning.
  • OneTouch for Two: Prepare two drinks simultaneously with a single touch.
  • Dual User Profiles: Save individual preferences for personalized coffee.
  • ComfortClean: Automatic cleaning for hassle-free maintenance.
  • Variety of Drinks: From espresso to latte macchiato, cater to various tastes.

The Global Spread of Coffee

The history of coffee’s spread dates back centuries, initially from Ethiopia to the Arabian Peninsula, later becoming a significant beverage in Europe and the Americas. Over time, coffee culture has evolved to include various drinking styles and rituals, reflecting different cultures’ unique perspectives and appreciation of coffee.

 Miele NEW CM 5510 Silence Automatic Coffee Maker

Design - Sleek Exterior, Intuitive Interface

The Miele NEW CM 5510 Silence Automatic Coffee Maker features a slim and modern exterior design in an elegant Rose Gold Pearl finish. Its minimalistic interface comprises backlit touch buttons and a color display for programming drinks. The neatly arranged spouts, frother and accessories give it an orderly look. It is thoughtfully packaged to prevent damages.

The Miele CM 5510 Silence is not only aesthetically modern but also showcases Miele’s high standards in material selection and craftsmanship. The body is primarily made of stainless steel, ensuring durability and ease of cleaning. Every detail of the coffee machine is meticulously designed; for instance, the water tank and bean hopper are easily removable for daily cleaning and maintenance.

Ease of Use - One-Touch Simplicity

With programmable one-touch buttons and intuitive menu navigation, the Miele NEW CM 5510 Silence Automatic Coffee Maker makes it easy for anyone to brew custom drinks in moments. Its automation takes care of grinding, dosing, tamping and milk frothing with no barista skills required.

 Miele NEW CM 5510 Silence Automatic Coffee Maker

Brewing Types and Compatibility

This bean-to-cup model has an integrated conical burr grinder that freshly grinds whole coffee beans. It does not support ground coffee pods or capsules. The bypass doser allows pre-ground coffee.

Coffee Types

The Miele NEW CM 5510 Silence Automatic Coffee Maker can brew regular coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, and more. Its strength settings let you tailor the intensity.

 Miele NEW CM 5510 Silence Automatic Coffee Maker

Coffee Quality

Thanks to optimal extraction parameters, the Miele NEW CM 5510 Silence Automatic Coffee Maker produces smooth coffee with thick crema and robust aroma. The integrated frother makes silky milk foam for topping specialty drinks.

OneTouch for Two - Double the Convenience

One of the standout features of the Miele CM 5510 Silence is its OneTouch for Two function. With a simple touch of a button, you can prepare two identical drinks simultaneously, whether it’s espresso or a milk-based beverage. This is especially handy for busy mornings or when sharing coffee moments with a partner.

Personalized Customization - Dual User Profiles

The Miele CM 5510 Silence offers dual user profiles, allowing you and your partner to save your preferred coffee settings individually. From grind level and water temperature to milk foam amount, everything can be adjusted to your personal taste. Simply select the corresponding user profile, and the coffee maker will automatically brew a perfect cup tailored to your preferences.

Understanding Coffee Extraction

During coffee extraction, water temperature and pressure are key factors determining the taste and aroma of the coffee. The PID control technology used in the Miele CM 5510 Silence precisely manages water temperature, combined with a 15-bar high-pressure pump, ensures that oils and aromas from the coffee grounds are fully extracted, making each cup of coffee rich in layers and depth.

Technological Features of the Coffee Machine - AromaticSystem and Quiet Grinding Technology

The Miele CM 5510 Silence coffee machine features the AromaticSystem technology that maximizes the release of coffee aromas by optimizing the grinding and tamping processes, ensuring that each cup of coffee reaches the best taste and aroma. Additionally, its unique quiet grinding technology reduces noise during the grinding process, making morning coffee preparation quieter and not disturbing the rest of the family.

PID Temperature Control - Consistent Extraction

The Miele CM 5510 Silence utilizes PID temperature control technology to precisely maintain the ideal brewing temperature, ensuring consistent and optimal extraction every time. Additionally, the coffee spouts are heated to keep your drinks warmer for longer.

Pressure - 15 Bar Pump

Pressure - 15 Bar Pump

Its 15 bar pressure pump optimizes the brewing process from extraction to dispensed coffee stream.

 Miele NEW CM 5510 Silence Automatic Coffee Maker

Milk Frothing - Adjustable Foam

The automatic milk frother has a container with 0.5 liter capacity. It steams and foams milk directly from the carton then self-cleans with auto-rinsing. The amount and texture of foam can be adjusted.

 Miele NEW CM 5510 Silence Automatic Coffee Maker

Grinder - Quiet and Precise

The low-noise conical steel grinder consistently grinds beans to the chosen fineness. Its wear resistance retains sharpness and flavor. The 7 oz bean hopper has an aroma seal for freshness.

Brewing Unit - The Heart of Extraction

The Miele CM 5510 Silence’s brewing unit is crafted from high-quality materials, and its precise design ensures optimal contact between water and coffee grounds for the best extraction. The brewing unit is easy to remove and clean, simply rinse it under running water for convenient daily maintenance.

Water Tank - Reduces Refills

The 1.3 liter removable tank allows brewing up to 8 cups before needing a refill. Many owners wish it were larger to require less frequent filling.

Innovations - Personalized Drinks

The Miele NEW CM 5510 Silence Automatic Coffee Maker stands out with its dual user profiles for saving customized recipes and settings like strength, temperature, foam level etc.

Additional Features

It has a programmable auto-start timer. The descaling and cleaning functions are automated for convenience.

Noise - Quieter Operation

The Silence design reduces noise during grinding and brewing for peaceful mornings. Some owners still find it louder than expected.

Safety Assurance - UL Certified

The Miele CM 5510 Silence is built to UL safety standards, with a BPA-free housing and an automatic shut-off feature for the heating system, ensuring user safety.

Power - 1500W with Long Cord

Its 1500W power output plugs into a 120V outlet. The 3.9 ft cord length provides flexibility in placement.

Voltage Requirements

The Miele CM 5510 Silence requires a 120V power outlet. Before purchasing and using the coffee maker, ensure that your home or office power supply meets this requirement to ensure the proper functioning of the machine.

ComfortClean - Automatic Cleaning for Peace of Mind

The Miele CM 5510 Silence’s ComfortClean feature is a major highlight. After each milk-based beverage preparation, the coffee maker automatically cleans the milk lines, eliminating the need for manual disassembly and cleaning. This saves time and effort, ensuring the hygiene of the milk system and extending the lifespan of the coffee maker.

Cleaning - Simple Maintenance

The brew unit is dishwasher-safe. The automatic rinse cycles and removable parts allow straightforward cleaning. Milk lines are self-rinsing.
In addition to routine cleaning, regular lubrication of the coffee maker’s moving parts is also important. It is recommended to lubricate the moving parts of the brewing unit every six months using food-grade lubricant. Be careful not to over-lubricate, as this could cause the lubricant to seep into your coffee.

Maintenance Time and Cost

The machine handles rinsing itself. Owners recommend descaling every 2-3 months with inexpensive tablets. No paper filters needed.

Value of Additional Features

The personalization and convenience features like OneTouch for Two seem useful rather than gimmicky. But smaller tank requires more work.

Brand and History

Miele is a prestigious German appliance brand founded in 1899. Their coffee machines have a reputation for quality.

Suitable Usage Scenarios

The Miele CM 5510 Silence automatic coffee maker is ideal for coffee lovers who want to enjoy high-quality, customizable drinks at home. Its intuitive operation and variety of recipes make it a user-friendly choice for households that prepare coffee daily. The quiet performance also makes this Miele machine well-suited for early morning coffee without disrupting others.

User Feedback Analysis:

Overall, most owners of the Miele NEW CM 5510 Silence Automatic Coffee Maker are pleased with its ability to brew high-quality coffee drinks at home with convenient customization. Many reviewers compliment the smooth, rich taste of the coffee thanks to factors like the precision conical grinder and optimal brewing temperature. The simplicity of the one-touch interface and programmable user profiles also receive positive mentions for their ease of use. Cleaning the machine is frequently described as quick and straightforward as well.

However, a common downside highlighted in reviews is the machine’s small water tank capacity. Because it only holds 1.3 liters of water, owners report needing to refill it frequently, sometimes after just a few cups. This issue seems particularly prominent for users who drink a higher volume of coffee. The required cleaning and rinsing cycles also apparently drain the tank rapidly. Having to refill the tank so often is noted as an inconvenience by many.

The alarms and alerts to empty the drip tray or to insert the milk pipe are another oft-cited annoyance, as they cannot be disabled and interrupt operation. Some owners feel maintenance tasks like emptying the drip tray come up too frequently as well, though others don’t mind the quick cleanings.

While the capacity limitation is a disadvantage, most users emphasize that the Miele NEW CM 5510 Silence Automatic Coffee Maker still creates delicious customized coffee with little effort. For people who only make a few drinks per day, the smaller tank doesn’t pose as much of an issue either. Overall, owners seem to value the quality, personalization, and simplicity the Miele model provides for brewing espresso-based drinks at home.


  • Extracts flavorful coffee with conical grinder
  • User-friendly interface and programming
  • Minimalist beauty with elegant finish
  • Easy to disassemble and clean


  • Small water tank requires frequent refilling
  • Cleaning cycles consume a lot of water
  • Drip tray fills quickly and causes alarms
  • Milk frothing could be improved

Value for Money:

As a mid-priced super automatic coffee machine from premium brand Miele, the Miele NEW CM 5510 Silence Automatic Coffee Maker provides solid performance and features for the price. While not perfect, it delivers convenience and quality that generally matches its price point. For those wanting customizable drinks at home without needing top-tier capabilities, it offers a reasonable value.


With customizable options and reliably delicious drinks, the Miele CM 5510 Silence Automatic Coffee Maker is a solid choice for quality home coffee. While it has a smaller tank size, its convenience features and performance satisfy most owners. For those wanting café-style beverages daily, it’s a strong contender.

 Miele NEW CM 5510 Silence Automatic Coffee Maker


  • Product Dimensions: 9.5”D x 18.1”W x 14.2”H
  • Capacity: 1.3 Liters
  • Power: 1.45 KW
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Weight: 21 Pounds
  • Grinder: Conical steel burr grinder
  • Water Tank Capacity: 1.3 liters
  • Bean Hopper Capacity: 7 oz
  • Milk Frothing: Integrated milk frother
  • User Profiles: 2
  • Programmable Settings: Coffee strength, temperature, milk amount, etc
  • Colors: Obsidian Black, Tayberry Red, AluSilver Metallic, Rose Gold Pearl
  • Model Number: CM 5510 Silence

Box Contains:

  • Miele CM 5510 Automatic Coffee Machine
  • Water filter
  • Descaling tablets
  • Cleaning tablets
  • Milk container
  • Measuring scoop
  • Instructions manual

User Manual - Miele CM 5510 Silence Coffee Machine

Initial Setup

  1. Installation Location: Ensure the coffee machine is placed on a stable, flat surface away from moisture.
  2. Power Connection: Connect the coffee machine plug to an appropriate power outlet.
  3. Filling the Water Tank: Open the lid on the top, fill with clean water up to the maximum indicator.
  4. Adding Coffee Beans: Open the bean hopper lid, pour in coffee beans, close the lid.

Daily Use

  1. Power On: Press the on/off button on the front panel to start the coffee machine.
  2. Select Coffee Type: Use the touchscreen to select the type of coffee you wish to make.
  3. Custom Settings: Adjust the coffee strength, water temperature, and volume via the settings menu.
  4. Start Brewing: After confirming settings, press the “Start” button to begin brewing coffee.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  1. Routine Cleaning: Clean the drip tray and coffee grounds container daily after use.
  2. Regular Descaling: Descale the water system as prompted by the machine using a descaling agent.
  3. Grinder Cleaning: Clean the grinder monthly to ensure the purity of coffee flavor.


  1. Coffee Not Hot: Check if the heating system is working properly, contact service if necessary.
  2. Machine Leaking: Ensure the water tank is installed correctly and all connections are tight.

Technical Support

For any usage issues, contact Miele Customer Service directly or visit the official website for support.