Nespresso EN560S Lattissima Touch Espresso Machine: A Must-Have for Latte Lovers

Published on Sept. 19, 2023, 6:11 a.m.

Coffee Culture and History

Italy is renowned as the homeland of coffee, with a rich coffee culture dating back centuries. Since the 17th century, Italian coffeehouses have served as social hubs and centers of cultural exchange, where people gather to savor robust Italian espresso and enjoy leisurely moments. Italian coffee is celebrated worldwide for its unique richness and flavor, making it an integral part of global coffee culture.

As an Italian-made coffee machine, the Lattissima Touch embodies the essence of Italian coffee tradition. Inspired by Italian aesthetic principles and coffee culture, it aims to provide users with an authentic Italian coffee experience. Therefore, the Lattissima Touch is not just a coffee machine but also a tribute to and continuation of Italian coffee culture.

As a latte lover, I was thrilled to get my hands on the new Nespresso Lattissima Touch. This sleek and compact espresso machine makes crafting creamy, cafe-quality lattes easier than ever with its one-touch operation and automatic milk frothing - no barista skills required! After testing it extensively, I’m confident it deserves a permanent spot on any latte addict’s counter.


The Lattissima Touch features a gorgeous, minimalist Italian design with a metal and plastic construction. Buttons for six drink options are intuitively laid out on the front. The sliding drip tray accommodates glasses and mugs of various sizes.
 Nespresso EN560S Lattissima Touch Espresso Machine

Key Features:

  • One-touch operation: Pre-programmed buttons for 6 coffee drinks including espresso, latte, cappuccino
  • Rapid 25 second heat up time
  • 19 bars of pressure for optimal espresso extraction
  • Automatic milk frothing with adjustable texture dial
  • Removable 16oz milk container for lattes and cappuccinos
  • Easy insertion and ejection of capsules
  • Descaling alert and pipe for easy maintenance

Design Style and Materials

The Lattissima Touch embodies the classic Italian design style, combining metal and plastic materials to create an elegant and minimalist appearance. Its streamlined silhouette and intricate detailing reflect the unique aesthetic vision of Italian designers. Moreover, the product emphasizes the texture and durability of materials used, providing users with a long-lasting experience.

Ease of Use

The simplistic one-touch button operation makes the Lattissima exceptionally easy to use. With no dialing in pressure or temperature, no steaming wands or manual frothing, it provides incredible convenience. The intuitive buttons and clear user manual make it accessible for complete beginners. The ease of capsule insertion and ejection adds to the fuss-free experience.

 Nespresso EN560S Lattissima Touch Espresso Machine

Features and Performance

Heating up in just 25 seconds, the 19 bars of pressure extract bold, aromatic espresso from Nespresso capsules with a rich crema. The automatic milk frother is truly game changing - with the touch of a button, it heats and aerates milk to silky perfection. The froth texture can be customized via a twistable dial. Multiple family members can make drinks back-to-back thanks to the large milk reservoir.

In addition to its rapid heating and one-touch operation, the Lattissima Touch is renowned for its rich coffee flavor and complex layers. With its 19-bar high-pressure system, it extracts the essence of coffee beans to create espresso with a full-bodied taste and creamy foam. Compared to other models, the Lattissima Touch excels in coffee concentration and taste, providing users with a more satisfying coffee experience.

Pressure Control

The Lattissima Touch utilizes advanced pressure control technology to ensure the ideal pressure level is achieved when brewing espresso. This high-pressure extraction process helps fully extract the flavor and aroma of the coffee beans, resulting in rich and intense Italian espresso.

Temperature Regulation

Equipped with a precise temperature regulation system, this coffee machine ensures consistent temperature throughout the brewing process, ensuring each cup of coffee maintains optimal taste and quality.

Capacity Design

The Lattissima Touch features a moderate capacity design, with a large enough water tank to meet the needs of multiple users in households or offices. Additionally, the design of the milk container ensures an ample supply of frothed milk, allowing users to easily create indulgent milk-based beverages.

Multi-Functional Control Panel

With an intuitive multi-functional control panel, users can easily select different types of coffee and customize their brewing preferences with simple button presses, catering to personalized taste preferences.

 Nespresso EN560S Lattissima Touch Espresso Machine

Noise Level

Users note the frothing and brewing process is impressively quiet, especially compared to steam wand models. While not silent, the low hum allows early morning latte preparation without disturbing households. The lack of loud steaming reduces unwanted attention in office settings.


Many appreciate the automatic capsule ejection and removable milk container for simplified cleaning. While requiring more maintenance than single espresso machines, daily rinsing of the milk reservoir is quick. The descaling alert eliminates guesswork, and the included pipe minimizes messes. All parts cleanly come apart for occasional deep cleaning.

In addition to regular cleaning and maintenance, users can take some extra measures to keep the coffee machine clean and hygienic. Firstly, it is recommended to clean and disinfect the milk frother and milk storage container regularly

Who It’s For

This machine is ideal for espresso drinkers who want the speed and convenience of one-touch operation. The reasonable price point makes it accessible to beginners, yet it still delivers quality on par with pricier models. The automatic milk frothing makes it a dream for latte and cappuccino aficionados.

User Feedback Analysis

The Lattissima Touch has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from buyers, with 75% awarding it 5 stars. Satisfied customers praise its ability to deliver convenient, consistent, and delicious lattes and cappuccinos with minimal effort.

The simplicity of the one-touch operation makes it accessible to novices and seasoned espresso drinkers alike. Users rave about the “foolproof” automatic milk frothing that “rivals expensive coffee shops” for its velvety, long-lasting foam texture. Many report making multiple milk-based drinks back-to-back thanks to the large detachable reservoir.

Flavor receives high marks, with many feeling the 19 bars of pressure extract bolder, richer espresso than cheaper models. Parents enjoy preparing their morning lattes without waking the whole household like noisy steam wands. The fast 25-second heat up enables barista-speed drink making.

While most agree it’s an excellent value for money, some acknowledge the higher price point compared to basic Nespresso machines. However, they feel the automated frothing capability justifies the cost. Some expected more metal parts for the price but admit the plastic still looks sleek.

A minority of critical reviews cite leaking, pump failures, and poor long-term durability, likely from manufacturing defects. Many wishing for added features note the lack of a hot water outlet to make Americanos. Some felt the pre-programmed buttons lacked customization options.

Overall, the vast majority praise the Lattissima Touch’s ability to deliver easy, delicious, consistent results on par with expensive espresso bars. It satisfies regular latte drinkers with its speed, simplicity and top-notch foam frothing. For those seeking the convenience of at-home specialty coffee, the Touch represents an affordable luxury.


  • Delivers café-quality lattes and cappuccinos effortlessly
  • One-touch operation is easy for beginners
  • Makes consistent drinks time after time
  • Heats up quickly
  • Automatically froths milk perfectly


  • Durability issues like leaks reported after prolonged use
  • Plastic construction feels less premium than metal
  • No hot water dispenser for Americanos
  • Higher price point than basic Nespresso machines


Given its ability to craft cafe-quality lattes and cappuccinos at the touch of a button, most agree the Lattissima Touch provides superb value for money. While pricier than basic espresso machines, its one-touch operation and automatic milk frothing justify the investment for latte enthusiasts. When calculating the savings from daily coffee shop trips, many find the machine pays for itself over time.

 Nespresso EN560S Lattissima Touch Espresso Machine


The Lattissima Touch is a coffee machine that combines traditional Italian craftsmanship with modern technology, providing users with a convenient and high-quality coffee experience. Its simple operating interface and one-touch functionality make coffee preparation easy and enjoyable, while its durability and stability have received unanimous praise from users. Whether at home or in the office, the Lattissima Touch is a reliable choice that can meet the diverse coffee needs of users, bringing them delicious Italian coffee enjoyment.


  • Dimensions: 9.4 x 14.6 x 12.7 inches
  • Weight: 16.9 pounds
  • Reservoir Capacity: 37 oz
  • Milk Container Capacity: 16 oz
  • Material: Plastic and metal
  • Color: Available in black, white, or silver
  • Pressure System: 19 bars
  • Heat Up Time: 25 seconds
  • Automatic Power Off: After 9 minutes
  • Milk Frothing: Integrated automatic system
  • Adjustable Milk Texture: Twistable dial
  • Used Capsule Capacity: 14
  • Power: 1260 watts
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Warranty: 2 years

Coffee Customization:

  • 1 Espresso button (1.35 oz)
  • 1 Lungo button (3.7 oz)
  • 1 Cappuccino button
  • 1 Latte button
  • 1 Macchiato button
  • 1 Milk Froth button

Included Accessories:

  • Milk container
  • Descaling pipe
  • Cleaning brush
  • Water hardness test strip
  • Welcome set of 16 Nespresso capsules

Usage Guide

Operating Steps

  1. Prepare coffee beans and dairy products, and ensure there is enough water in the water tank.
  2. Open the control panel of the Lattissima Touch and select the desired type of coffee.
  3. Place a cup under the coffee machine and press the corresponding button to start brewing coffee.
  4. Once the coffee is ready, remove the cup and enjoy.

Maintenance Methods

  • Clean the milk frother and milk storage container after each use to prevent bacterial growth.
  • Regularly clean the machine’s pipes and water tank on a weekly basis to ensure smooth operation.
  • Periodically check the grinder and filter of the coffee machine to remove impurities and residues.


  • If the coffee flows too slowly, it may be due to a blocked pipe. Clean the pipes and try again.
  • If the milk foam is not rich or uniform, it may be due to inadequate cleaning of the milk frother. Thoroughly clean the frother and try again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Nespresso EN560B Lattissima Touch Espresso Machine with Milk Frother by De’Longhi make iced coffee drinks?

While the machine isn’t specifically designed for iced coffee, you can achieve delicious results. Here’s how:

  • Brew Concentrated Espresso: Use a double shot of espresso for a stronger flavor that won’t get diluted by ice.
  • Froth Cold Milk: Use the milk frother on the coldest setting to create a refreshing, creamy foam.
  • Chill Before Serving: Pour the espresso over ice and top with the frothed milk. Let it sit for a moment for optimal chilling.

Is it easy to clean the Nespresso EN560B Lattissima Touch Espresso Machine with Milk Frother by De’Longhi?

Fortunately, yes! The machine features several cleaning-friendly features:

  • Automatic Milk Frother Rinsing: After each use, the milk frother has a built-in rinsing function for quick cleanup.
  • Dishwasher-Safe Milk Container: The milk container can be disassembled and most parts are dishwasher-safe.
  • Descaling Alerts: The machine alerts you when it needs descaling, and the process is simple using the included descaling pipe.

How big is the water tank of the Nespresso EN560B Lattissima Touch Espresso Machine with Milk Frother by De’Longhi?

The specifications are not provided in the given material, so the water tank size is unknown.

Does the Nespresso EN560B Lattissima Touch Espresso Machine with Milk Frother by De’Longhi have adjustable cup sizes?

Yes, the sliding drip tray allows you to use different sizes of cups or glasses. This ensures you can make your favorite drinks without worrying about spillage.

Can you use non-Nespresso brand pods with the Nespresso EN560B Lattissima Touch Espresso Machine with Milk Frother by De’Longhi?

While it’s generally recommended to use Nespresso pods for optimal performance, some third-party brands make compatible capsules. Be sure to research specific brands and check their compatibility with your machine before buying.


  • Experiment with Milk Types: Different kinds of milk (whole, skim, almond, oat, etc.) will produce varying foam textures. Find your favorite!
  • Use High-Quality Coffee: The quality of your espresso pods heavily influences the final taste. Nespresso offers a wide selection of flavors and intensities.
  • Clean Regularly: Even with the convenient cleaning features, regular maintenance ensures optimal taste and machine longevity.
  • Customize Your Drinks: Get creative and adjust the amount of coffee, milk, or froth to personalize your beverages.