Crux 17642 espresso coffee machine: A Compact and Programmable Coffee Maker for Nespresso Pods

Published on Sept. 19, 2023, 4:45 a.m.

The Crux 17642 espresso machine is an excellent option for those looking for a compact, easy-to-use capsule coffee maker. With its sleek design and robust brewing capabilities, this little machine packs a punch when it comes to making delicious espresso drinks.


Brand: Crux
Model: 17642
Type: Espresso machine
Special Features: Programmable, compatible with Nespresso pods
Capacity: 1.5 lbs
Power: 1450 watts

The Crux 17642 espresso coffee machine features a stylish black and silver exterior that will look great on any kitchen countertop. Its compact footprint takes up minimal space but offers maximum functionality. It’s compatible with Nespresso Original line capsules and can brew single or double shots at the touch of a button. The 24oz removable water tank provides plenty of capacity.

 Crux 17642 espresso coffee machine

Key Features:

  • Compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine capsules
  • 19 bars of pressure for premium espresso extraction
  • Removable 24oz water tank
  • Adjustable cup size for single or double shots
  • Programmable brewing
  • Automatic cleaning alerts

 Crux 17642 espresso coffee machine

Design and Build

This Crux 17642 espresso coffee machine has a sleek and modern look with its black and silver exterior. It is compact in size, measuring 11.22” H x 14.17” W x 4.99” D. The machine only weighs 6.2 lbs making it easy to move around and store. The water tank is transparent so you can view the water level and it is removable for easy filling and cleaning. There is also a removable drip tray to catch any spills or drips after brewing.

Brewing Performance

With 19 bars of pressure and a fast 25 second heat up time, the Crux 17642 espresso coffee machine can produce premium tasting espresso similar to what you would get from your favorite coffee shop. The espresso comes out smooth and full-bodied with a nice crema on top. The single and double shot volumes are programmable, allowing you to customize the brew size.

The Science Behind Espresso Extraction

Understanding the science of espresso extraction can greatly enhance one’s appreciation of the Crux 17642’s capabilities. Espresso is created by forcing hot water through finely-ground coffee at high pressure. This process, known as extraction, pulls flavors, oils, and aromatics from the coffee grounds. The 19 bars of pressure mentioned in the Crux 17642’s specifications is significantly higher than the minimum required to make a true espresso, which stands at 9 bars. This ensures a richer and more intense flavor profile, characteristic of premium espresso shots.

Ease of Use

Operation is simple with one-touch buttons for espresso and lungo. The buttons can be programmed for your desired shot volumes. Cleaning is also easy since the water tank and drip tray conveniently detach. The capsules are inserted into the top of the machine. Used capsules are ejected into a holding tank that needs to be emptied occasionally.

Performance - Pressure for Perfect Espresso

With 19 bars of pressure, the Crux 17642 espresso coffee machine extracts the ideal aromatics and flavors from Nespresso pods to create exceptional espresso drinks. The fast heat-up system is ready for coffee brewing in just seconds. Choose between single or double shot volumes.

Brewing Capabilities

The Crux 17642 espresso coffee machine is compatible with Nespresso Original capsules to brew your preferred espresso, lungos and other coffee styles. It cannot use ground coffee or other capsule systems.

Coffee Quality

The 19 bars of pressure and fast heating system extract bold and aromatic espresso with a rich crema layer on top. The resulting coffee has an intense, robust flavor.

Water Tank

The 24oz (710ml) water tank allows brewing 3-4 shots before refilling. For daily use, the tank should be refilled every 1-2 days.

Pressure & Temperature

It generates 19 bars of pressure and uses a thermoblock heating system to quickly achieve optimal brewing temperature.


The Crux 17642 espresso coffee machine’s rapid water heating allows coffee brewing to begin in just 25 seconds, much faster than competitor models.

Advanced Cleaning Features

The Crux 17642 espresso coffee machine not only prioritizes brewing quality but also emphasizes ease of maintenance. Its removable components, such as the 24oz water tank and drip tray, are dishwasher safe, simplifying the cleaning process. Furthermore, the machine’s intelligent descaling alert system is a standout feature. It notifies users when it’s time for a descaling cycle, ensuring the machine’s longevity and consistent coffee quality. This automated alert system reflects the machine’s user-friendly design, catering to both novice and experienced espresso enthusiasts.


The Crux 17642 espresso coffee machine produces approximately 65-70 decibels of sound when brewing. This is comparable to other domestic espresso machines. The noise comes mainly from the internal pump which provides the 19 bars of pressure for espresso extraction. While not silent, the noise level is reasonable and less than many full-size automatic machines. The pump sound is a low hum that runs for about 30 seconds when pulling a shot. For most home kitchen use, the noise should not be disruptive. However, some users may prefer a quieter machine if making early morning coffee while others are sleeping nearby. Considering its affordable price and small size, the moderate noise output is understandable.


The housing is BPA-free plastic and the machine meets electrical safety standards.


It has a 36 inch power cord and consumes 1450 watts. There is no auto shut-off feature.


Descaling every 2-3 months is recommended. No other regular maintenance is required besides rinsing and wiping.


The Crux brand focuses on delivering affordable and reliable kitchen appliances that simplify food preparation. Founded in 2002, Crux introduces thoughtful product designs optimized for everyday use.

 Crux 17642 espresso coffee machine

Use Cases:

  • Home use for daily coffee and espresso drinks
  • Office coffee station for employees
  • Small café or restaurant serving espresso-based drinks
  • Travel and mobile coffee maker for trips

User Feedback Analysis:

Reviews of the Crux 17642 espresso coffee machine show a range of customer experiences. Positive feedback from satisfied buyers praise the convenience, ease of use, and portability of the machine. Many like the fast heat up time, compact size that saves counter space, and quality espresso it brews from Nespresso capsules. Customers mention it’s an affordable option compared to higher-end Nespresso makers while still delivering delicious coffee drinks.

However, a common complaint from critical reviewers is water leaking from the machine. Several users reported defects causing internal water lines to disconnect and spill water within the housing. This points to potential quality control issues with a subset of units that slipped through before shipping. Thankfully, the water leaks out of the exterior vents rather than onto the counter. But it still results in a non-functional device that requires replacement.

Beyond the water leaks, some reviews suggest improvements like making the espresso hotter, reducing the noise during brewing, and using a larger used capsule container. The machine appears louder than some buyers expected for home use. And the espresso it brews may not be piping hot for those who prefer extra high temperatures.

In summary, when functioning properly the Crux 17642 espresso coffee machine earns praise for being an affordable, compact, and easy-to-use single serve espresso maker. But quality control problems causing internal water leaks disappoint a number of customers who receive defective units. Addressing these manufacturing issues would improve overall satisfaction and ratings.

Pros and Cons:

- Compact size
- Fast heat up time
- Adjustable shot volumes
- Removable water tank
- Automatic cleaning

- Only works with Nespresso capsules
- Small used capsule bin
- Quality control issues reported


The Crux 17642 espresso coffee machine provides exceptional value for the price. At under $100, it’s one of the most affordable espresso machines compatible with Nespresso capsules. You get convenient single-serve brewing and adjustable shot volumes along with programmable options, automatic cleaning alerts, and a fast 25-second heat up time. For the price, it’s hard to beat the features and performance this compact machine delivers. The combination of small footprint, quality espresso, and easy maintenance makes this an extremely cost-effective option for brewing cafe-style drinks at home.

 Crux 17642 espresso coffee machine


Overall, the Crux 17642 espresso coffee machine is a great option for Nespresso pod brewing at home. It produces authentic, full-flavored espresso drinks in a compact and highly programmable machine. The ease of use and maintenance makes it ideal for beginners and experienced users alike. Just be aware that there have been some quality issues reported with leaking. If you receive a properly functioning unit, it can be an excellent everyday espresso maker at an affordable price point.


  • Product dimensions: 12.7 x 36 x 28.5 cm
  • Weight: 6.2 kg
  • Water tank capacity: 24 oz / 710 ml
  • Heat up time: 25 seconds
  • Pump pressure: 19 bars
  • Color: Black exterior, silver accents
  • Power: 1450W

Box Contents

The Crux 17642 espresso machine box includes:

  • Crux 17642 Espresso Machine unit
  • Removable 24oz water tank
  • Removable drip tray
  • User manual
  • Descaling kit
  • Scoop/tamper

How to Use:

  1. Fill water tank with fresh water up to max fill line
  2. Turn on machine power and allow to preheat for 60 seconds
  3. Insert Nespresso capsule into brew head and close handle
  4. Place cup under dispensing spout
  5. Press brew button to start extraction
  6. Enjoy freshly brewed espresso!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of coffee makers are available?

Based on the documents provided, there are several main types of coffee makers on the market:

  1. Drip coffee maker: Also known as American-style drip coffee makers, which brew coffee by sending hot water through ground coffee beans.

  2. Pod-based systems: Fully automatic espresso machines that are compatible with pre-portioned coffee “pods”, such as Nespresso Original Line capsules. The Crux 17642 belongs to this category.

  3. Stovetop/French press: Coffee is brewed by steeping grounds in a pot then pressing them to separate grounds from liquid.

  4. Percolator: Uses the percolating principle to continually circulate water over grounds, with the boiling process creating a stronger brew.

How do I select a coffee maker?

When selecting a coffee maker, first consider your specific coffee drinking needs and preferences. Factors include the type of drink (espresso, drip coffee etc.), desired strength, automatic/manual features, capacity and size. Pod machines like the Crux 17642 prioritize convenience but offer less customization, while manual methods allow for more control over the brewing process.

Usage Guidance

Based on the product description, here are some tips for using the Crux 17642 Espresso Machine:

  • Fill the large 1.5lb water reservoir for multiple cups before refilling.

  • Utilize the programmability feature to set your preferred brew settings.

  • For single or double shots, use the adjustable volume control option.

  • Empty and clean the removable drip tray and water tank after each use to maintain hygiene.

  • Use only genuine Nespresso Original Line capsules for best results and safety.

  • Refer to the user manual for instructions on maintenance and troubleshooting.


  • Descale the machine regularly based on water hardness to prevent limescale buildup.

  • Wipe down exterior surfaces with a damp cloth as needed to keep the machine clean.

  • Store unused capsules in an airtight container in the freezer to maintain freshness.

  • Purchase a variety of capsule flavors to explore different brews.