Brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine - The Artisan's Guide to Coffee Bliss

Published on Jan. 17, 2024, 8:58 a.m.

The Culture and History of Coffee

The history of coffee can be traced back to ancient Ethiopia, where, according to legend, a shepherd noticed his flock became unusually active after eating certain berries. These berries were later found to be grindable into a powder, brewed into the drink we know today as coffee. Starting in the 15th century, coffee spread from Africa to the Arabian Peninsula, becoming a staple of the Arab world. By the 17th century, coffee had made its way to Europe, quickly becoming a symbol of the Renaissance. Coffeehouses became the meeting spots for philosophers, writers, and artists, greatly facilitating the exchange of ideas and cultural dialogues during this period.

As life moves faster, sipping a steaming cup of aromatic coffee has become an indispensable morning pleasure for many. Choosing an espresso machine with stable performance and easy operation can not only help you effortlessly create café-quality coffee, but also enhance your quality of life. Today, I’m excited to recommend a user-friendly, cost-effective automatic espresso maker – the Brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine.


As an integrated automatic espresso machine, the brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine boasts a rugged stainless steel exterior and perfect combination of woodgrain accents, delivering an industrial-chic aesthetic. It houses an imported Italian pump that can extract up to 19 bars of pressure to capture the fullest coffee flavor and aroma. The commercial-grade 360° steam wand creates velvety microfoam milk textures. The hot water dispenser satisfies various beverage needs. With its high integration and strong professional configuration, the brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine is a foolproof choice for beginners and coffee aficionados alike.

 brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine

Precision Control, Professional Experience

  • 19 Bar Italian High-Pressure Pump: The optimal pressure for extracting coffee, ensuring the full release of coffee aroma and rich flavor, restoring café-quality taste.
  • Commercial-Grade Steam Wand: 360° swivel design, easily froths creamy milk foam, making lattes, cappuccinos and other fancy coffees a breeze.
  • User-Friendly Programming: Customizable single and double shot volumes to meet individual needs, one-touch operation, saving time and effort.
  • Thoughtful Details: Equipped with a hot water outlet to meet various beverage needs; cup warming plate to maintain coffee temperature; pressure gauge for real-time monitoring to ensure stable extraction.

Brim: A Legacy of Coffee Innovation

Since its inception in 1961, Brim has consistently pushed the boundaries of coffee technology, merging time-honored traditions with modern innovations. Their dedication to quality and craftsmanship is evident in every product, including the 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine. This model, a testament to Brim’s legacy, encapsulates the brand’s commitment to delivering café-quality espresso experiences to the comfort of your home.

 brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine

Craftsmanship Design, Elegant Presentation

The Brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine features a robust stainless steel body with a warm wooden handle, perfectly blending industrial style with natural elements for an elegant look. The commercial-grade group head and portafilter are not only durable but also add a professional touch. The control panel uses intuitive icons and durable buttons, paired with an analog pressure gauge, making operation simple and easy to understand, even for beginners.

Easy to Use, Enjoy Professional Results

The Brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine is easy to operate, even for beginners. With preset single and double shot volumes, you can make your favorite espresso with one touch. Simply press the button to start automatic extraction, no manual timing needed. The 360° swivel steam wand is flexible to operate and quickly froths creamy milk foam, making lattes, cappuccinos and other specialty coffees a breeze. The included accessories and instructions allow you to start your coffee journey right out of the box.

Rich Extraction, Superior Quality

The Brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine uses 19 Bar high-pressure extraction, combined with freshly ground coffee beans, to extract espresso with rich crema and intense aroma. The stainless steel components effectively maintain temperature stability, ensuring that every cup of coffee has the same perfect quality.

Brew Types

The brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine is designed for ground coffee only and does not support pods or capsules. It includes single and double wall filter baskets for brewing one or two espresso shots at a time. The pressurized and non-pressurized baskets allow experimentation with grind size and tamping pressure.

Compatible with Various Coffee Beans, Satisfying Diverse Tastes

The Brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine is compatible with a wide range of coffee beans, from light roast single origins to dark roast espresso blends. The 19 Bar high pressure and 1300 watts of power optimize extraction for the unique flavor characteristics of different coffee beans.

  • Light Roast: Highlights the origin flavors and acidity of the coffee beans, with a bright and refreshing taste.
  • Medium Roast: Moderate acidity, balanced taste, with caramel and nutty aromas.
  • Dark Roast: Lower acidity, full-bodied taste, with rich chocolate and smoky notes.

Coffee Bean Types and Their Impact

Selecting the right type of coffee beans is crucial for defining the flavor of the coffee. The primary types of coffee beans include Arabica and Robusta. Arabica beans typically have higher acidity and a richer array of flavors, commonly found in premium coffees, while Robusta beans are widely used in stronger coffee drinks like espresso due to their robust body and higher caffeine content. The choice and treatment of these bean types directly affect the taste and quality of the coffee.

19 Bar Pressure: The Gold Standard of Coffee Extraction

19 Bar pressure is the gold standard for espresso extraction. The Brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine’s high-pressure extraction can penetrate the fine pores of the coffee grounds, fully releasing the aromatic oils and flavor compounds in the coffee beans, giving each espresso a rich aroma and mellow taste. At the same time, 19 Bar pressure can also produce a delicate and dense crema, an essential sign of high-quality espresso.

Pressure and Extraction: The Art of Flavor

19 Bar pressure is considered ideal for making espresso because it ensures that hot water passes through the coffee grounds at the optimal rate, maximizing the extraction of oils and flavors. If the pressure is too low, it will lead to under-extraction, resulting in a weak and flat coffee taste. On the other hand, excessive pressure can cause over-extraction, making the coffee taste bitter and lose its original sweetness and complexity. The Brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine precisely controls the 19 Bar pressure, allowing you to easily master the art of extraction and enjoy the perfectly flavored espresso.

Precise Temperature Control, Unleashing Aroma

Precise temperature control is key to perfect coffee extraction. The Brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine uses a thermal coil heating system to quickly heat water to the ideal extraction temperature and ensure temperature stability throughout the extraction process. Excessively high temperatures can lead to over-extraction, causing the coffee to taste burnt and bitter; while low temperatures can result in under-extraction, preventing the coffee flavors from being fully released. The Brim 50027’s precise temperature control technology allows you to easily enjoy barista-level extraction results at home.

The Importance of Temperature Control

Accurate temperature control is key to achieving perfect coffee extraction. Too high temperatures can lead to over-extraction, making the coffee taste bitter and burnt; too low temperatures can cause under-extraction, resulting in a taste that is too weak. The ideal temperature range for coffee extraction should be between 90°C to 96°C, which helps maximize the extraction of aromatic and flavor compounds from the coffee beans without compromising their natural sweetness and complexity.

 brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine

Innovative Technology, Accessible to All

The innovation of the Brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine lies in bringing the 19 Bar Italian high-pressure pump and commercial-grade steam wand, usually only found in high-end commercial coffee machines, into homes with a more affordable price and compact design. This allows more coffee lovers to enjoy a professional coffee experience at home without having to spend a fortune. The Brim 50027 is not just a coffee machine, but also a tribute and innovation to coffee culture.

Thoughtful Details, Showing Care

The Brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine not only has powerful core functions but also demonstrates the ultimate pursuit of user experience in every detail:

  • Cup Warming Tray: Preheats your coffee cups at any time, keeping every cup of coffee at the optimal temperature and enhancing the coffee taste.
  • Hot Water Outlet: In addition to making coffee, it can also meet your needs for tea, hot chocolate and other beverages, making it a multi-functional machine.
  • Pressure Gauge: Monitors extraction pressure in real time to ensure stable extraction and give you more control over the coffee making process.
  • Removable Drip Tray and Water Tank: Easy to clean and maintain hygiene, allowing you to enjoy coffee while easily maintaining the machine.

 brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine

Milk Frothing

The powerful 360° swivel steam wand on the brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine can quickly froth milk for cappuccinos and lattes in the included 12oz pitcher, or larger volumes in a separate container.

Water Tank

The 2.7 liter water tank allows brewing multiple drinks before needing a refill.exact cups capacity unknown. Daily refilling is recommended.

The 2.7-liter water tank is not only ample for multiple brews but also designed for easy removal and cleaning. This user-friendly feature ensures that maintaining the espresso machine is as straightforward as brewing your favorite coffee.

 brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine


Typical espresso machine noise level during brewing and steaming.


1250 watt power consumption. 5 foot power cord length.


Removable parts like the portafilter and steam wand are top-rack dishwasher safe for convenience. Backflushing helps maintain the brew head.

Long-Term Maintenance and Cost-Effectiveness

The Brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine is designed with easy maintenance in mind. Its removable components such as the filter basket and steam wand can be easily detached for cleaning, which not only extends the machine’s lifespan but also reduces potential repair costs. Additionally, due to its low power consumption, the daily operating costs are lower than many comparable products, making the Brim 50027 not only a beginner-friendly but also a cost-effective long-term investment.

Value Added Features

The cup warming tray and hot water dispensing provide extra functionality, while the wood accents add aesthetic appeal. Core performance is most important.

 brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine

Use Cases

The brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine is ideal for home baristas looking to craft café-quality espresso drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and more without spending a fortune. It’s perfect for the morning rush when you need rich, aromatic espresso fast. The steam wand makes it easy to top milk drinks with velvety foam worthy of your favorite coffeehouse. It also saves money by enabling you to skip the coffee-shop line. The brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine brings authentic espresso enjoyment to home kitchens, offices, dorm rooms or anywhere you desire gourmet coffee drinks.

Customer Feedback Analysis

Many satisfied customers praise the brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine for its easy operation and ability to produce coffee-shop quality espresso with thick, aromatic crema. They find the instructions clear and appreciate the commercial-grade parts like the 19-bar Italian pump and 360-degree swivel steam wand that allow them to make customized milk foam textures. Some users note occasional issues like slow hot water dispensing or small two-cup filter baskets. However, most agree the machine delivers tremendous value overall and makes learning to craft specialty espresso drinks accessible and fun.


  • Produces smooth, rich espresso
  • Heats up quickly
  • Intuitive controls
  • Makes excellent milk foam
  • Durable stainless steel design
  • Great value for performance


  • Hot water can be slow
  • Two-cup filter size is small
  • Short power cord


With exceptional espresso and steaming performance rivaling more expensive machines, the brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine offers tremendous value. It’s built to last using commercial-grade components. For new home baristas, it’s an affordable starting point to begin crafting café-quality espresso drinks. Considering its quality materials, power and long-term durability, the brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine provides outstanding value.


The Brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine, with its exceptional performance, elegant design, easy operation, and affordable price, is the ideal choice for a home espresso machine. Whether you are a coffee novice or a seasoned enthusiast, the Brim 50027 can satisfy your pursuit of coffee quality. Start your coffee journey now and create your own café-quality enjoyment with the Brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine!

 brim 50027 19 Bar Espresso Machine


  • Pump Pressure: 19 bars
  • Power: 1250 watts
  • Water Tank Capacity: 2.7 liters (71 fluid ounces)
  • Steam Wand: 360° swivel commercial wand
  • Dimensions: 11.22”D x 10.74”W x 13.14”H
  • Weight: 17.4 pounds
  • Coffee Maker Type: Espresso Machine
  • Special Feature: Programmable
  • Material: Stainless Steel and wood
  • Included components: Espresso Machine, Universal Portafilter Holder, 12oz Stainless Steel Milk Frothing Pitcher, Filter Cleaning Tool, Heavy Duty Metal Tamper, Measuring Scoop

Brim 19 Bar Espresso Machine User Manual

Important Safeguards

  • Read all instructions carefully before use.
  • Never leave the machine unattended while in use. It operates under pressure and contains hot water and steam.
  • Do not touch hot surfaces. Use the handles and knobs provided.
  • Keep the machine away from children.
  • Unplug the machine when not in use and before cleaning.
  • Do not immerse the machine, cord, or plug in water.
  • Do not operate the machine with a damaged cord or plug.
  • Do not use accessories not recommended by Brim.

Getting Started

  1. Unpack and Assemble: Remove all packaging materials. Attach the drip tray and fill the water tank with cold, filtered water.
  2. Prime the Pump: Run a few cycles of water through the machine without coffee to prepare it for use. Refer to the detailed instructions in the “Before Using for the First Time” section of the manual.
  3. Choose Your Filter Basket: Your machine comes with pressurized and non-pressurized filter baskets. If you’re new to espresso or using pre-ground coffee, start with the pressurized baskets.
  4. Grind Your Coffee: For the best flavor, use freshly ground coffee beans. Grind to a medium-fine consistency for espresso.
  5. Dose and Tamp: Use the provided scoop to measure the correct amount of coffee and the tamper to gently pack it into the filter basket.
  6. Insert and Lock Portafilter: Align the portafilter handle with the “INSERT” symbol on the brew head, then turn counter-clockwise to lock it in place.
  7. Brew: Place your cup under the portafilter spouts and press the single or double shot button. The machine will automatically stop when the desired volume is reached.

Milk Frothing

  1. Fill and Purge: Fill the milk frothing pitcher no more than 1/3 full with cold milk. Purge the steam wand by briefly turning the function dial to “STEAM.”
  2. Preheat: Press the “STEAM PREHEAT” button and wait for it to illuminate.
  3. Froth: Submerge the steam wand tip just below the milk’s surface. Turn the dial to “STEAM” and gently move the pitcher to create a swirling motion.
  4. Stop and Wipe: When the milk reaches your desired temperature, turn the dial to “STANDBY” and wipe the wand clean.


  • Empty Drip Tray: Regularly empty and clean the drip tray to prevent overflow.
  • Clean Portafilter and Baskets: Rinse after each use. Use the cleaning pin to clear any blockages.
  • Descale: Every 6 months, descale the machine with a vinegar solution (see manual for details).
  • Clean Steam Wand: Purge and wipe down after each use. Remove and clean the tip regularly.
  • Wipe Exterior: Keep the machine’s exterior clean with a damp cloth.


Refer to the “Troubleshooting” section of the manual for solutions to common issues like:

  • Coffee leaking from the portafilter
  • No crema on your espresso
  • No steam from the steam wand

Tips and Tricks

  • Experiment with different coffee beans and grind sizes to find your perfect flavor.
  • Use a scale to measure your coffee dose for consistent results.
  • Preheat your cups on the warming plate.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun!