The Hamilton Beach 46899A Programmable Coffee Maker - Your Morning Brew Buddy

Published on Aug. 3, 2023, 8:38 p.m.

Coffee Culture and History

Coffee brewing has evolved significantly since its discovery in Ethiopia over a thousand years ago. Initially consumed for its stimulating effects, coffee has developed into a global cultural phenomenon. Machines like the Hamilton Beach 46899A reflect centuries of innovation, from primitive roasting over open fires to sophisticated programmable machines that brew coffee to exact specifications, reflecting the modern consumer’s desire for convenience and quality.

For coffee lovers who want the convenience of programming their morning brew, the Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker with 10 Cup Thermal Carafe is an excellent option. With its stainless steel thermal carafe, programmable timer, and multiple brew strength options, this drip coffee machine delivers delicious coffee that stays hotter for longer.

 Hamilton Beach 46899A Programmable Coffee Maker


The Hamilton Beach 46899A Programmable Coffee Maker is a premium programmable coffee maker with a thermal carafe designed to keep coffee hot and tasting fresh for hours. It brews directly into a stainless steel thermal carafe with double-wall insulation that locks in heat. The thumb-activated lid makes pouring easy and drip-free.

Key Features

  • Thermal Carafe Insulation: Keeps coffee hot and fresh for hours.
  • Programmable Timer: Wake up to freshly brewed coffee.
  • Multiple Brew Strengths: Choose regular, bold, or robust.
  • Pause & Serve: Grab a cup before brewing is finished.
  • Cone-Shaped Filter: Ensures optimal flavor extraction.

 Hamilton Beach 46899A Programmable Coffee Maker

Sleek Design and Durable Materials

The Hamilton Beach 46899A is designed with a focus on both aesthetics and durability. Its sleek stainless steel exterior not only adds a touch of modern elegance to your kitchen but also ensures long-lasting performance. The coffee maker’s compact footprint makes it a perfect fit for any countertop, while its sturdy construction guarantees years of reliable service.

 Hamilton Beach 46899A Programmable Coffee Maker

Ease of Use

Operating the Hamilton Beach 46899A is a user-friendly experience. The intuitive control panel features clearly labeled buttons for power, brew strength selection, and programming the auto-brew timer. The water reservoir is easily accessible for refilling, and the swing-out filter basket simplifies the process of adding coffee grounds. The carafe is designed for comfortable pouring, and the automatic pause-and-serve function allows you to grab a cup before the brewing cycle is finished.

Coffee Quality

The Hamilton Beach 46899A excels in delivering high-quality coffee. Its cone-shaped filter basket ensures even water distribution over the coffee grounds, resulting in optimal flavor extraction. The coffee maker’s precise temperature control maintains the ideal brewing temperature throughout the process, preventing over-extraction and bitterness. This combination of factors produces a consistently flavorful cup of coffee with a well-balanced taste profile.

Maximizing Flavor Diversity

The Hamilton Beach 46899A empowers you to explore a world of coffee flavors. Experiment with different coffee bean origins, roast levels, and grind sizes to discover your perfect cup. Whether you prefer a bright, fruity Ethiopian blend or a rich, chocolatey Sumatra, the 46899A’s versatility allows you to customize your brew to suit your individual taste. For those who enjoy iced coffee, the coffee maker’s robust brewing options enable you to create a concentrated brew that remains flavorful when poured over ice.

Programmable Auto Brew Setup:

Effortlessly set your brewing schedule with the intuitive interface that allows you to program your desired brew time up to 24 hours in advance. This feature empowers you to wake up to freshly brewed coffee, tailored exactly to your taste preferences.

Filter Type

The Hamilton Beach 46899A utilizes a cone-shaped filter which offers significant advantages over the more common basket-shaped filters. The cone design allows for a more uniform extraction as water flows through all the coffee grounds evenly, reducing the chances of over-extraction and bitterness. This results in a smoother, richer coffee flavor and makes the most of your favorite coffee blend.

The Science Behind Cone-Shaped Filtration

The science behind the cone-shaped filter lies in its ability to optimize water flow and extraction. As water passes through the coffee grounds in a cone-shaped filter, it follows a more uniform path, ensuring that all the grounds are evenly saturated. This even saturation leads to a more consistent extraction of coffee solubles, resulting in a balanced and flavorful brew. In contrast, basket-shaped filters can create channeling, where water takes the path of least resistance, leading to under-extraction of some grounds and over-extraction of others.

Technology Behind Brewing

The Hamilton Beach 46899A utilizes state-of-the-art brewing technology to ensure optimal flavor extraction from coffee grounds. This coffee maker features a programmable system that controls water temperature accurately within the optimal range of 195°F to 205°F, which is critical for proper flavor extraction without bitterness. The showerhead water dispersal system ensures even saturation of coffee grounds, mimicking the pour-over method to enhance flavor and aroma extraction.

Thermal Carafe Insulation

The Hamilton Beach 46899A’s thermal carafe is a standout feature, designed to keep your coffee hot and flavorful for hours. Unlike traditional glass carafes that rely on a hot plate, the thermal carafe uses double-wall vacuum insulation to maintain the coffee’s temperature. This means you can enjoy your last cup just as hot as your first, without worrying about the coffee becoming burnt or stale. The stainless steel construction of the carafe not only contributes to its insulation properties but also adds to its durability and sleek appearance.

Multiple Brew Strengths

The Hamilton Beach 46899A offers three brew strength options: regular, bold, and robust. This allows you to customize the flavor of your coffee to your liking. Whether you prefer a milder brew or a stronger, more intense cup, this coffee maker has you covered.

Pause & Serve

The pause-and-serve feature is a thoughtful addition that lets you pour a cup of coffee before the brewing cycle is complete. This is ideal for those who can’t wait for the entire pot to brew or who want to enjoy a quick cup while the rest of the coffee finishes brewing. The coffee maker automatically pauses the brewing process when the carafe is removed and resumes when it’s placed back on the warming plate.

Cone-Shaped Filter

The Hamilton Beach 46899A uses a cone-shaped filter, which is known for its superior extraction capabilities compared to flat-bottom filters. The cone shape allows for better water flow through the coffee grounds, resulting in a more even extraction of flavors and aromas. This leads to a richer, more flavorful cup of coffee.

Automatic Shut-Off

The Hamilton Beach 46899A’s automatic shut-off function is a valuable safety feature that helps prevent accidents and conserve energy. After two hours of inactivity, the coffee maker will automatically turn off, ensuring that it doesn’t overheat or waste electricity. This feature is especially beneficial for those who tend to forget to turn off appliances or who want to save energy.

Water Level Indicator

The coffee maker’s water reservoir is equipped with a clear water level indicator, making it easy to fill the reservoir to the desired amount. This feature eliminates the guesswork and helps prevent overfilling or underfilling, ensuring that you brew the perfect amount of coffee every time. The markings on the indicator correspond to the number of cups you intend to brew, simplifying the process further.

Drip Tray

The Hamilton Beach 46899A features a removable drip tray that catches any spills or drips, keeping your countertop clean and tidy. This is particularly useful when you’re in a hurry or when you’re not paying full attention while pouring coffee. The drip tray is easy to remove and clean, making maintenance hassle-free.

Easy-Pour Carafe

The coffee maker’s carafe is designed with user convenience in mind. The comfortable handle provides a secure grip, while the specially designed spout ensures a smooth, drip-free pour. This eliminates the frustration of spills and messes, making your coffee-pouring experience enjoyable and effortless.

Brew Pause Feature

The brew pause feature is a thoughtful addition that allows you to sneak a cup of coffee before the brewing cycle is finished. Simply remove the carafe, and the coffee maker will automatically pause the brewing process. You can then pour yourself a cup and return the carafe to resume brewing. This feature is perfect for those mornings when you need a quick caffeine fix.

Noise Level

The Hamilton Beach 46899A Programmable Coffee Maker operates at normal noise levels for a drip coffee machine. Some gurgling and dripping sounds are to be expected during the brewing process. It does not have an extremely loud or disruptive noise output.

Power Source

The Hamilton Beach 46899A is designed to operate on standard household electricity. It plugs into a standard 120V AC outlet and has a power rating of 1025 watts. This ensures compatibility with most kitchens and offices without the need for special wiring or adapters. The coffee maker’s power cord is conveniently stored in a compartment at the back of the unit, keeping your countertop clutter-free.

 Hamilton Beach 46899A Programmable Coffee Maker

Use Cases:

  • Early risers who want hot coffee ready when they wake up
  • Households that go through multiple pots per day
  • People who want their coffee to stay hot for hours
  • Those who want the flexibility of different brew strengths
  • Iced coffee lovers using it to brew concentrated coffee

Versatile Brewing Options

Whether you’re in the mood for a strong espresso or a refreshing iced coffee, the Hamilton Beach 46899A meets all your needs. Explore its robust settings to tailor your coffee’s strength, temperature, and even brewing speed to your taste.

User Feedback:

By analyzing the insightful reviews from hundreds of verified purchasers, we gain a granular understanding of the Hamilton Beach 46899A Programmable Coffee Maker’s performance in real-world kitchens.

The overwhelming consensus is that this coffee maker consistently churns out piping hot, robust brews bursting with complex flavor notes that delight the taste buds. Many laud the enticing aromas and balanced acidity produced by the cone-shaped filter basket’s superior extraction capabilities. Customers seeking a bolder punch appreciate the range of adjustable brewing intensities that allow catering a cup to each coffee connoisseur’s desires.

Regarding convenience, owners celebrate the programmable timer that magically transforms their mornings by having fresh java ready the moment they wake. Not having to wait for a full pot, the auto-pause feature earns praise for instantly gratifying one’s coffee craving. The insulating properties of the thermal carafe keep caffeine addicts satisfied all day long by maintaining steamy temperatures for hours on end.

When it comes to design, users compliment the fingerprint-resistant stainless steel housing that lends a sophisticated, yet durable aesthetic. However, some do wish the water reservoir was angled differently to simplify filling. Many comment on how the compact size occupies minimal counter real estate in their kitchens.

Taking value into consideration, buyers consistently express pleasant surprise at the abundance of capabilities offered for the reasonable price. Given the high-end performance, stylish looks, and smart features, most agree this Hamilton Beach model provides remarkable bang for your buck.


  • Keeps coffee hot for hours
  • Programmable timer
  • Drip-free thumb-activated pouring
  • 3 brew strength options
  • Easy to use controls
  • Removable parts make cleaning easy


  • Clock display is very bright
  • Water reservoir awkward to fill
  • Carafe handle can get hot
  • No replacement gold-tone filter


Priced at around $60, the Hamilton Beach 46899A Programmable Coffee Maker delivers exceptional performance and durability at an affordable cost. For a feature-packed programmable coffee maker, it’s a great value for the money.

Social Impact of Coffee Consumption

The widespread popularity of coffee machines like Hamilton Beach 46899A highlights the social role of coffee as a communal beverage that fosters interaction and conversation. Moreover, the development of such appliances has socio-economic implications, including the support of sustainable coffee farming practices and the promotion of fair-trade coffee products, reflecting a growing consumer awareness of ethical consumption.


With flexible programming, triple brewing options, and a thermal carafe, the Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker excels at letting you brew coffee your way, anytime. It makes up to 10 cups of great tasting drip coffee that stays hot for hours. This high-performing and easy-to-use coffee maker is highly recommended for households that want hot coffee ready when they wake up.


  • 10 cup capacity
  • Stainless steel thermal carafe
  • Cone filter
  • Programmable 24-hour timer
  • Regular, bold, and robust brew strengths
  • Pause & serve function
  • Automatic shutoff

Box Includes:

  • Coffee maker unit
  • 10 cup thermal carafe
  • Cone filter
  • 4 paper cone filters
  • Instruction booklet

Hamilton Beach 46899A User Manual

Getting Started

  1. Unpack and Clean: Carefully unpack your Hamilton Beach 46899A Coffee Maker. Wash the carafe and removable parts with warm, soapy water to remove any residue from manufacturing.

  2. Initial Setup: Place your coffee maker on a flat surface away from direct heat sources. Plug the power cord into an appropriate outlet. Ensure that your coffee maker is dry before turning it on.

How to Brew Coffee

  1. Filling Water Reservoir: Open the lid and pour fresh, cold water into the reservoir. Use the markings on the side to fill to the desired level, but do not exceed the maximum fill line.

  2. Adding Coffee: Insert a cone-shaped filter into the filter basket. Add one tablespoon of ground coffee for each cup of coffee you wish to brew. Adjust the amount according to your taste preference.

  3. Setting Brew Strength: Select your preferred brew strength by pressing the ‘Brew Strength’ button. Choose from regular, bold, or robust options.

  4. Starting the Coffee Maker: Press the ‘On/Off’ button to start brewing. The LED indicator will light up to show the coffee maker is in operation.

  5. Pause & Serve: If you need a cup before the brew cycle completes, remove the carafe. The brewing will pause, allowing you to pour a cup. Replace the carafe within 20 seconds to resume brewing.

Programming Auto Brew

  1. Setting the Clock: Press the ‘Hour’ and ‘Minute’ buttons to set the current time. This is necessary to use the Auto Start feature.

  2. Programming Brew Time: Press and hold the ‘Program’ button until the display flashes. Set your desired brew start time using the ‘Hour’ and ‘Minute’ buttons.

  3. Activating Auto Brew: Press the ‘Program’ button again to save the settings. Your coffee will automatically start brewing at the set time each day.

Maintenance and Cleaning

  1. Regular Cleaning: Clean the carafe and filter basket after each use. These parts are dishwasher safe on the top rack.

  2. Descaling: To maintain optimal performance, descale your coffee maker every 1-2 months. Fill the reservoir with a mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar, run a brewing cycle, then run two more cycles with clean water.

  3. Storing: When not in use, store your coffee maker in a dry place away from dust and direct sunlight. Keep the carafe lid open to avoid mold and mildew buildup.


  • Coffee Maker Not Starting: Ensure it is plugged in and the power outlet is functional.
  • Brewing Too Slow: Check if the coffee maker needs descaling or if the filter is clogged.
  • Coffee Not Hot Enough: Ensure the carafe is correctly placed on the keep-warm plate.

For more detailed information or troubleshooting, refer to the full manual or contact Hamilton Beach customer service.


By following these instructions, you can enjoy perfect coffee every time with your Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker. Customize your coffee experience and maintain your machine to keep it functioning at its best.