Segarty #2 300ml White Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Dripper: A Portable & Durable Single Cup Brewer

Published on Feb. 28, 2024, 10:11 a.m.

Pour-Over Coffee: An Embodiment of Slow Living Philosophy

In the fast-paced modern life, pour-over coffee attracts more and more coffee lovers with its unique charm. As a time-honored coffee brewing method, pour-over coffee emphasizes meticulousness and attention to detail, allowing coffee lovers to find a moment of tranquility in their busy lives and enjoy the pleasure brought by a carefully crafted cup of coffee.

The Segarty #2 300ml white ceramic pour-over coffee dripper is designed for this very purpose. It is not only a simple and easy-to-use coffee brewing tool but also an embodiment of the culture and philosophy of pour-over coffee.

Brewing a fresh, flavorful cup of coffee quickly and easily is a dream for many busy coffee drinkers. The Segarty #2 300ml white ceramic pour over dripper offers a portable, durable, and foolproof solution for making delicious single cup coffee. In this review, we’ll take a close look at how this product delivers on convenience and taste.


The Segarty pour over dripper is made from thick, white ceramic that can hold up to 10oz (300ml) of coffee, perfect for one large mug. It has a simple cone shape with three small holes in the flat base to control water flow and optimize extraction. The white ceramic won’t impact flavor like plastic drippers can. Overall, the streamlined design focuses on portability and functionality.

 Segarty #2 Pour Over Coffee Maker

Key Features

  • 300ml capacity, perfect for single-serve brewing
  • White ceramic material won’t impact flavor
  • Flat bottom with 3 holes for optimal extraction
  • Slim, tapered shape feels sturdy and stable
  • Lightweight and portable for travel and camping
  • Product dimensions: 4.2” mouth diameter, 3.8” base diameter, 3.1” height
  • Product weight: 1.01 lbs

Design - Focus on Extraction

The conical design of the Segarty #2 pour-over coffee dripper is not only aesthetically pleasing but also aligns with the scientific principles of coffee brewing. The cone shape allows the coffee grounds to form a uniform “coffee bed” during brewing, enabling hot water to evenly penetrate from the center outwards, fully extracting the coffee’s flavor compounds. Additionally, the conical design increases the contact area between the coffee grounds and water, further enhancing extraction efficiency.

 Segarty #2 Pour Over Coffee Maker

Material - Pure Flavor

The Segarty #2 pour-over coffee dripper is made of white ceramic. Ceramic is a naturally porous material that, after high-temperature firing, becomes hard, non-absorbent, and resistant to odors. These properties make ceramic drippers ideal for brewing coffee as they do not absorb the aromatic substances of the coffee nor transfer any off-flavors to the brew, ensuring that the original flavor of the coffee is preserved. In addition, ceramic has good heat retention, which helps to maintain a stable temperature during the brewing process, resulting in better extraction of coffee flavors.

Ease of Use - Fast and Simple Brewing

This Segarty pour-over coffee dripper allows for incredibly fast and easy single-cup coffee brewing. Simply set the filter in place, add medium-grind coffee grounds, and slowly pour hot water over. The flat bottom provides a wide, stable surface for water to saturate the grounds evenly. The 3 small drain holes regulate flow so no special pouring technique is required. Clean up takes seconds by dumping grounds and rinsing. The simple cone shape and ceramic material make this an unfussy, user-friendly brewer.

Suitable Coffee Types

The cone shape and flat bottom are ideal for brewing medium to coarse ground coffee. This allows excellent water circulation for full flavor extraction. The 300ml capacity can accommodate enough grounds for robust coffee styles like French press. Slow drips from the 3 holes give light, fruity coffee the time to fully develop. Overall, this pour over dripper can expertly brew a wide variety of coffee types.

Why Three Holes Make a Difference

The design of three small holes in the base of the dripper is not arbitrary. This configuration slows down the water flow, allowing it more time to extract flavors from the coffee grounds. It’s a delicate balance to strike - too fast, and you’ll under-extract, leading to a weak coffee; too slow, and you risk over-extraction, resulting in bitterness. Segarty’s three-hole design ensures that you get a perfect brew every time.

Coffee extraction is a complex process involving the interaction of water with the compounds in coffee grounds. Water temperature, flow rate, coffee grind size, and extraction time all influence the final coffee flavor. Segarty’s three-hole design, by controlling the water flow rate, ensures optimal extraction time, allowing the coffee’s flavor to be fully released.

The Science Behind Ceramic and Coffee Flavor

Ceramic is renowned for its heat retention properties, which is crucial for a consistent brewing temperature. Unlike metal or plastic, ceramic does not impart any foreign tastes or odors to the coffee, ensuring that the brew’s flavor is as pure and unaltered as possible. This material choice reflects Segarty’s commitment to delivering a high-quality coffee experience.

Hole Size and Placement - Balanced Flow

The Segarty #2 pour-over coffee dripper is designed with three small holes at the bottom, and this design is not by chance. The three small holes effectively control the water flow rate, ensuring that the coffee grounds are fully saturated while preventing the water from flowing too quickly and resulting in under-extraction. According to the scientific principles of coffee brewing, a moderate water flow rate is key to ensuring the perfect extraction of coffee flavor. Water flowing too fast will result in a weak coffee, while water flowing too slowly may lead to over-extraction and bitterness. The three-hole design of the Segarty dripper aims to strike a perfect balance between water flow rate and extraction time, ensuring that every cup of coffee achieves its optimal flavor.

300ml Capacity

The 300ml capacity is perfect for brewing a single serving of coffee. Compared to larger coffee makers, the Segarty pour-over coffee dripper saves space and allows for personalized control over coffee strength and flavor. This is especially important for those who enjoy fresh coffee anytime, anywhere.

White Ceramic Material

The Segarty pour-over coffee dripper is made of white ceramic, a material known for its excellent heat conduction and retention properties. This ensures that the coffee maintains a stable temperature during the brewing process, resulting in better flavor extraction. Additionally, ceramic material, unlike plastic or metal filters, does not affect the taste of the coffee, allowing you to enjoy the purest coffee flavor.

Flat Bottom Design

The flat bottom design is a highlight of the Segarty pour-over coffee dripper. It allows the dripper to sit securely on cups or other containers, preventing spills and ensuring safety. Additionally, the flat bottom ensures that hot water evenly saturates the coffee grounds, resulting in better extraction of coffee essence.

Slim and Stable Shape

The conical design of the Segarty pour-over coffee dripper is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical. This design helps to distribute the coffee grounds evenly, allowing hot water to make better contact with the coffee grounds, resulting in better flavor extraction. Furthermore, the conical design allows the coffee grounds to form a “coffee cake” during the brewing process, helping to maintain the coffee’s temperature and flavor.

Lightweight and Portable

The Segarty pour-over coffee dripper is made of lightweight ceramic material, weighing only 1.01 pounds, making it very light and portable. Whether at home, in the office, or on the go, you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee brewed by yourself anytime, anywhere.

 Segarty #2 Pour Over Coffee Maker

Easy to Clean

The cone’s smooth ceramic glazing stops grounds from sticking. The simple shape allows easy scrubbing. It holds up well to washing without retaining odors or stains. Being dishwasher safe also makes cleaning a breeze.


The thick ceramic material is highly durable and resistant to cracks or chips even with daily use. It should maintain its integrity for many years of service. The included foam padding also protects it from damage in transit.


The tapered sides provide a sturdy grip, while the flat bottom distributes water optimally. The 3 drain holes are innovatively placed to balance controlled flow and complete drainage. This results in a well-engineered dripper for easy, great tasting pour over coffee anytime.

Microwave and Dishwasher Safe

The Segarty #2 pour-over coffee dripper is not only dishwasher safe but also microwave safe. This offers great convenience to users, making it easy to clean or preheat the dripper.

Affordable and Low Maintenance

The Segarty #2 pour-over coffee dripper only requires standard #2 filter papers, eliminating the need for additional accessories and keeping the cost of use very low. Furthermore, it has no complex electronic components or moving parts, requiring no special maintenance other than regular cleaning, making it very economical.

Includes Reusable Filter and Foam Padding

The Segarty #2 pour-over coffee dripper comes with a reusable filter and foam padding, which effectively prevents damage to the dripper during transportation. These thoughtful designs reflect Segarty’s emphasis on user experience.

Brand & History

Segarty is a US-based home goods company focused on quality and simplicity. Their pour over dripper debuted on Amazon in 2019 and became an instant top seller for its reliability and performance. Segarty drippers quickly earned a reputation for durability and great tasting coffee.

 Segarty #2 Pour Over Coffee Maker

Suitable Scenarios

This pour over dripper is ideal for:

  • Travel - The lightweight ceramic design makes it easy to toss in a suitcase or backpack without taking up much space. The 300ml capacity lets you brew a fresh cup anytime, anywhere.

  • Camping - When space is tight, this little dripper packs a punch. Bring it along on your next outdoor adventure to enjoy hot, delicious coffee in the morning.

  • Office - Tired of subpar office coffee? This pour over dripper gives you total control over brewing a mug of coffeehouse-quality coffee right at your desk.

  • Home - For those who only want one fresh cup at a time, this dripper is perfect for single servings so you don’t waste coffee brewing a whole pot.

Customer Feedback Analysis

Analyzing the user reviews for the Segarty #2 Pour Over Coffee Maker, a pattern of satisfaction and specific preferences among consumers becomes evident. Users consistently praise the product for its sturdiness and ease of use, with several highlighting the simplicity and efficiency of the single-cup brewing process as a significant advantage. The ceramic material receives positive remarks for not affecting the coffee’s flavor, which is a critical factor for coffee enthusiasts seeking a pure and rich taste in their daily brew.

A notable point of appreciation is the ease of cleaning, a feature that users find particularly convenient, reflecting the product’s design aimed at user-friendliness. However, some users mention the size of the pour-over coffee maker and its compatibility with different mug sizes as a consideration, suggesting a potential area for user education or product adaptation.

The versatility of the Segarty #2 Pour Over Coffee Maker is also highlighted, with users appreciating its suitability for various settings, from home use to travel, emphasizing its portability and the convenience of being microwave and dishwasher safe. This versatility aligns with the growing trend of consumers seeking products that adapt to their dynamic lifestyles.

While the overall sentiment is overwhelmingly positive, there are mentions of the color discrepancy and the size of the base, which indicates a slight gap between user expectations and the product’s attributes. These insights could serve as valuable feedback for the manufacturer for potential enhancements or clearer communication regarding the product’s specifications.

In summary, the Segarty #2 Pour Over Coffee Maker garners praise for its functionality, ease of use, and the quality of coffee it produces, with minor feedback on physical attributes and user compatibility. These reviews serve as a testament to the product’s success in meeting the needs of a diverse range of coffee lovers, while also providing constructive feedback for future product development and marketing strategies.


  • Delivers robust, flavorful coffee
  • Durable ceramic build
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Works with standard #2 filters


  • Ceramic material is heavy
  • Base may not fit some mugs

Value for Money

For just $13.99, this pour over dripper is a great value considering its quality construction and reliable performance. The durable ceramic material far outlasts cheaper plastic models and doesn’t impart any flavors or odors over time. For on-the-go coffee lovers who value convenience and taste, the Segarty pour over dripper delivers an impressive brewing experience at an affordable price point.


For an unfussy, portable brewer that can produce coffeehouse-quality single cups, the Segarty #2 300ml ceramic pour over dripper is a great choice. Its clever design focuses on convenience without sacrificing taste. For coffee lovers who want to brew the perfect cup anywhere, it’s a smart buy.

 Segarty #2 Pour Over Coffee Maker


  • Capacity: 300ml
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Dimensions: 4.2” diameter mouth, 3.8” diameter base, 3.1” height
  • Weight: 1.01 lbs
  • Number of holes in base: 3
  • Includes: 1 ceramic pour over dripper

Box Contains

  • 1 x Ceramic pour over coffee dripper
  • 1 x Reusable stainless steel filter
  • Foam padding