DailyRest V 02 60° Cone Plastic Pour Over Coffee Dripper: A Must-Have for Coffee Aficionados

Published on Feb. 29, 2024, 2:27 p.m.

If you are looking for an affordable yet high-performing pour over coffee dripper that can help you brew barista-quality coffee at home, the DailyRest V 02 should be on your radar. With its simplicity in design, excellent filtration capabilities and unbeatable value, this plastic cone dripper has won the hearts of many coffee enthusiasts. Read on as I walk you through its key features and benefits.


The DailyRest V 02 is a plastic pour over coffee dripper designed for home use. Made of food-grade plastic in a clear transparent finish, it comes in a simple 60° cone shape that stands 4 inches tall. The top opening has a diameter of 4.6 inches wide, allowing easy pouring and cleaning.


  • 60° cone shape for optimal water flow
  • Clear plastic allows monitoring of brewing
  • Single large hole to manipulate flow speed
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Ease of Use

The DailyRest V 02 is designed for easy and intuitive use. Simply add ground coffee, gently shake to distribute evenly, then slowly pour hot water in circles. With its wide opening and plastic material, clean up is also a breeze by just rinsing under water. The entire manual process allows for a meditative, rewarding brewing experience.

Suitable Coffee Types

The cone shape and precise single hole of the DailyRest V 02 make it ideal for light-medium roasted coffee, including fruity and floral beans, to truly shine. The flat bottom models tend to over-extract dark roasts.
 DailyRest V 02 60° Cone Plastic Coffee Dripper


The food-grade plastic construction is lightweight and durable in daily use. While it lacks the premium feel of ceramic, glass or stainless steel, plastic does not compromise temperature control. It cools down less rapidly for optimal extraction.


The 60° cone shape, tapered walls and single hole are designed for optimal water circulation, even saturation and flavor extraction. The 4 inch height provides enough headspace for bloom while retaining heat.
 DailyRest V 02 60° Cone Plastic Coffee Dripper

Hole Size & Distribution

The single large hole allows you to control flow rate based on pour technique. Its size and placement achieves uniform extraction across coffee bed for balanced flavor.

Easy to Clean

The plastic material does not retain stains or odors. A simple rinse gets it looking brand new. The smooth surfaces also leaves no leftover coffee residue.


Customers report the plastic withstands daily use without cracks or damages. As long as you don’t use abrasives, it should last for years of worry-free operation.


The affordability of plastic allows the excellent 60° cone design to be accessible to more coffee enthusiasts. This deviates from flat bottom plastic models that compromise taste.

Maintenance & Cost

Just occasional cleaning is needed. It is compatible with standard #02 cone filters, which are inexpensive and widely available.
 DailyRest V 02 60° Cone Plastic Coffee Dripper

Value Added Features

The core features of this dripper directly contribute to brewing tasty coffee. There are no superfluous accessories or parts. This simplicity is a plus point.

Brand & History

DailyRest is a China-based brand focused on coffee equipment. They leverage plastic’s versatility to deliver quality functionality at wallet-friendly price points.
 DailyRest V 02 60° Cone Plastic Coffee Dripper

Ideal Use Cases

The DailyRest V 02 dripper is perfect for home and casual café use. Its 1-4 cup capacity makes it ideal for individual or 2 person use. The simple operation also allows beginners to easily brew barista-style coffee.

User Feedback Analysis

With over 150 customer reviews on Amazon, the DailyRest V 02 dripper enjoys a stellar average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Digging deeper into what users specifically like and dislike reveals valuable insights.


The most commonly praised attributes are the smooth coffee taste, simplicity of use and easy cleanup.

  • Many mention taste is on par with premium ceramic drippers, with rich flavor and velvety mouthfeel. This demonstrates the efficacy of the 60° plastic cone in optimal extraction.

  • Users found operation completely fuss-free. Simply adding grounds, pouring water in circles and rinsing makes it accessible for beginners too.

  • The plastic withstands daily use without fragility concerns. It also rinses clean with no staining.


In terms of downsides, a handful of users noted the plastic does not exude luxury feel. There were a few rare complaints about flow rate being too quick.

  • The lightweight plastic body understandably does not have the same heft or heat retention as metal or ceramic. But reviewers agreed for the price, the plastic quality is outstanding.

  • Issues with quick flow can be addressed by adjusting pour technique and grind size. Oils from fresh coffee may also improve seal over time.

Outstanding Value

The biggest takeaway from customer opinions is the DailyRest V 02 plastic version performs on par with more expensive drippers at a fraction of the price. Enthusiasts and beginners alike found it an unbelievable value purchase.

Key Recommendations

  • Use medium-fine grind size and adjust pour rate to balance flow speed

  • Pre-heat with hot water before brewing for best results

  • Follow a consistent cleaning routine to maintain longevity

In summary, real-world testing shows the DailyRest V 02 dripper consistently delivers pure tasting smooth coffee with no fuss at an unbeatable price point. For shoppers prioritizing quality and value over prestige, this plastic pour over dripper is a marvelous choice loved by customers.


  • Excellent filtration from 60° cone design
  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Extremely affordable pricing


  • Plastic material lacks premium feel
  • Can only brew 1-4 cups at a time


At just $9.99, the DailyRest V 02 provides unbelievable value compared to ceramic drippers costing 2-3 times more. For delicious pour over coffee without breaking the bank, this is a top choice.
In summary, the DailyRest V 02 plastic pour over dripper is a must-have for coffee aficionados given its simplicity, functionality, ease of use and outstanding value. Its ability to brew cafe-grade coffee makes it a worthwhile addition to your coffee arsenal.

 DailyRest V 02 60° Cone Plastic Coffee Dripper


  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 4 x 4.6 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 5.3 oz
  • Shape: Cone
  • Angle: 60°
  • Capacity: 1-4 cups
  • Opening Diameter: 4.6 inches
  • Brand: DailyRest
  • Item Model Number: DailyRest-S02-C
  • Country of Origin: China

Box Contains

  • 1 x DailyRest V 02 Plastic Coffee Dripper
  • Sample paper filters