Hario V60 Metal Coffee Dripper Size 02 – A Durable and Delicate Manual Pour Over Brewer

Published on March 1, 2024, 1:12 p.m.

The Hario V60 is a beloved pour over coffee dripper for manual brewing enthusiasts. Its delicate yet durable design delivers pure and flavorful coffee conveniently.


  • Brand History: Hario, meaning “King of Glass” in Japanese, has been making quality glass products since 1921. They are recognized worldwide by coffee aficionados for their pour over brewers.

  • Product Details: The V60 Metal Coffee Dripper is made of stainless steel and heat-resistant borosilicate glass. It has a 6 cup capacity and weighs just 0.14 kg.

 Hario V60 Metal Coffee Dripper

Key Features

  • Manual pour over brewing: Allows you to control flow rate and temperature
  • Cone shape design: Optimizes extraction and flavor
  • Durable stainless steel: Won’t rust or break
  • Heat-resistant glass: Ensures pure coffee flavor

Ease of Use - Effortless Manual Brewing

The Hario V60 is designed for easy and intuitive manual pour over brewing. Simply place a filter and grounds, then pour heated water in a slow, circular motion. The whole process takes just a few minutes and lets you actively control brewing variables. Compared to automatic drippers, the V60 gives a smooth, meditative ritual.

Suitable Coffee Types

The V60’s cone shape and flow rate control work great for light to medium roasts. You can highlight fruity and floral notes in a Ethiopian Yirgacheffe or balance the chocolaty body of a Guatemalan Antigua. The V60 isn’t ideal for dark roasts which need higher extraction.

Materials - Purity and Durability

The V60 combines stainless steel and heat-resistant borosilicate glass. This ensures durability while also maintaining purity - no paper or plastic touches the brew. The glass doesn’t absorb odors like ceramic. Stainless steel provides even heat distribution for extraction.

Design - Optimized for Extraction

The V60’s cone shape and ridges are engineered to control flow rate and agitate the slurry, optimizing extraction. Its large single hole produces cleaner flavored coffee. The 02 size makes 2-4 servings. The wide opening also allows easy cleaning.

Filter & Hole Size - Balanced Filtration

The V60 uses standard #2 cone filters. The paper filters have a balanced pore size that prevents over or under extraction. The giant single outlet hole at the bottom speeds drainage while filtering fines.

Easy to Clean

The V60 takes just a quick rinse to clean - simply discard the filter and grounds. The stainless steel and glass don’t absorb odors or flavors either. Note the V60 is hand wash only.

Durability - Built to Last

The stainless steel body means the V60 won’t easily crack or break with daily use. No need to worry about chipping or staining like with ceramic drippers. Just avoid abrasive cleaning.

Cost of Ownership - Affordable Quality

The only ongoing cost is paper filters. Hario filters are inexpensive - about $8 for 100. Overall the V60 offers an affordable entry point into quality manual brewing.

Innovation - Signature Flow Rate Control

The V60’s signature innovation is its cone shape and ridges that elegantly control flow rate and extraction. This produces a remarkably clean and bright cup not achievable with other drippers.
 Hario V60 Metal Coffee Dripper


Hario - a leader in specialty coffee gear since the 1940s. Renowned for their innovative and quality products.

Usage Scenarios

The Hario V60 is perfect for pour over coffee anytime, anywhere. Enjoy a manual brewing ritual at home on lazy weekends. Bring it camping or traveling to make a delicious cup with your favorite beans. Set up a pour over bar at your cafe or office for guests to get creative. The V60 allows for an engaging sensorial experience.

User Feedback Analysis

Overall, customer reviews indicate the Hario V60 is a beloved pour over coffee dripper due to its durable design, ease of use, and outstanding taste when brewed properly.

The majority of users give the V60 5-star ratings and highlight its quality stainless steel build that prevents rusting, staining, or breaking. Many mention they chose the V60 after ceramic drippers broke. The durability provides peace of mind for daily use and travel.

Many reviewers also praise the V60’s simplicity - just place a filter, add grounds, and pour water in a circular motion. The process is straightforward yet engaging. Users appreciate the ability to actively control variables for a personalized cup.

When used properly, the V60 excels at producing complex, flavorful coffee that highlights tasting notes. Users mention being able to brew fruity, floral, or chocolaty notes more than with other methods. Fans love experimenting with factors like grind size, water temperature, and pour technique.

Some users do note a learning curve to mastering the V60’s technique, especially beginners. Following online recipes and guides helps shorten the trial and error phase when starting out. With a little practice, most get consistently good results.

In summary, the well-constructed Hario V60 earns consistent positive reviews for making delicious pour over coffee accessible. Its quality and durability match its stellar taste. For coffee aficionados, the V60 is a trustworthy manual brewing companion.


  • Durable stainless steel body
  • Portable and easy to clean
  • Allows control over brewing
  • Great heat retention
  • Produces flavorful coffee


  • Takes practice to master technique
  • Filters sold separately
  • Hand wash only


The Hario V60 is reasonably priced for its quality and durability. For about $25 you get a specially designed brewer that will last for years and make coffee shop-worthy brews at home. It’s an investment for coffee lovers.


The Hario V60 Metal Coffee Dripper is a must-have for pour over aficionados, with its sleek design and exceptional brewing experience.

 Hario V60 Metal Coffee Dripper


  • Brand: Hario
  • Model Number: VDM-02HSV
  • Dimensions: 5.31 x 3.66 x 4.84 inches
  • Weight: 4.9 ounces
  • Capacity: 6 cups
  • Material: Stainless Steel and Borosilicate Glass
  • Color: Silver

Box Contains

  • 1 x Hario V60 Metal Coffee Dripper
  • Instructions