Puricon 40 Sheets Paper Filter Pour Over Coffee Maker - An Alluring Addition to Your Morning Brew

Published on March 1, 2024, 10:26 a.m.

Tired of subpar coffee from pods and capsules? Elevate your morning ritual with the artisanal flair of the Puricon Porter Pour Over Coffee Maker. This borosilicate glass carafe and paper filter set provides an enriching sensory experience reminiscent of your favorite cafe.

 Puricon Pour Over Coffee Maker


The Puricon Porter is a 28oz pour over coffee maker crafted from durable, non-porous borosilicate glass. It includes 40 disposable paper filters sized for single use. The minimalist yet elegant design makes it ideal for brewing 4-6 cups at home or the office.

 Puricon Pour Over Coffee Maker

Ease of Use - A Soothing Manual Ritual

The Puricon Porter promotes a calming, hands-on pour over routine. Simply boiling water, loading the filter, and steadily pouring requires no special skills. However, controlling flow rate to balance extraction does take practice. The elegant manual process immerses you in the moment, unlike hasty automatic brewers. Take pleasure in the meditative preparation.
 Puricon Pour Over Coffee Maker

Suitable Coffee Types

The flat-bottom paper filter design suits various light to medium roast single origin beans. Fruity Ethiopian or floral Kenyan flavors shine through clean. Heartier Sumatran and Mexican brews also pair nicely. The borosilicate glass helps prevent over-extraction of dark roasts.

Materials - Pristine Clarity

Borosilicate glass is revered for smoothness, clarity, and purity. It won’t absorb residual flavors like plastic or metal. This inert material provides the ideal canvas to taste subtle coffee nuances without distortion. The wood collar lends an organic touch.
 Puricon Pour Over Coffee Maker

Design - Form Follows Function

The streamlined hourglass shape promotes proper water distribution during pouring. The wide mouth allows easy access for cleaning. Drip-free edges prevent messy counters. Measurements molded inside eliminate the need for separate brewing devices. An exemplar of functional simplicity.

Filter Design - Balanced Extraction

The flat-bottom paper filters offer balanced extraction speed and uniformity. Unlike cone filters, flow rate is slightly slowed allowing thorough wetting. The disposable papers prevent buildup of oils that impact taste. Overall an excellent match for the borosilicate glass.

Easy to Clean

The smooth non-porous glass avoids sticking and washes clean with just hot water. The carafe is top rack dishwasher safe for convenience. An occasional deep clean with vinegar removes any residual buildup.


Made from thermal shock-resistant borosilicate glass, the Puricon Porter is built to last years of daily use with proper care. Avoid extreme temperature changes and abrasives. The wood collar may require replacement from wear over time.
 Puricon Pour Over Coffee Maker

Cost of Ownership

With 40 paper filters included, the only recurring cost is more filters. Bulk packages keep cost down to pennies per cup. No other recurring expenses.


The Puricon Porter perfects the classic pour over carafe design. Borosilicate glass provides laboratory-level purity. Etched interior guides simplify brewing. The minimal parts feel decidedly modern yet familiar.


Puricon - a rising brand specializing in pour over and manual brewing gear. Their dedication to quality shows in the durable materials and thoughtful design of the Puricon Porter.

Use Cases

The Puricon Porter caters to pour over fanatics looking to emulate a barista-style routine at home. Its portable size also suits office workers desiring a midday pick-me-up crafted just to their taste. The 800ml capacity can serve a couple peaceful morning cups or fuel a familial breakfast. For novice and expert alike, the Puricon Porter promises satisfaction.

User Feedback

Overall, customer feedback indicates the Puricon Porter is a well-designed and fairly priced pour over brewer.

The elegant borosilicate glass carafe earns consistent praise for its durable construction and leak-proof spout. Many admire the aesthetic pairing of the smooth glass walls with the flat-bottom filter’s geometric shapes. They find the measurements molded inside eliminate the need for other accessories.

Users report the wood collar provides a comfortable, protected grip for pouring hot water. However, some note a slight odor from the wood that fades with airing out.

While reviewers find operation straightforward, a number point out controlling water flow rate takes practice to master. Novices may struggle pouring at the proper pace. Some indicate the included flat filters drain quickly compared to cone-shaped types. Conical paper filters can help achieve a slower, fuller extraction.

Nearly all who purchased the Puricon Porter consider it an excellent value for the quality. Many say it produces smooth, flavorful coffee equal to specialty shops at a fraction of the cost. They appreciate the generous 40 filters included.

In summary, feedback reveals the Puricon Porter is a thoughtfully designed manual pour over brewer that provides an engaging ritual minus complexity. Users praise the sturdy borosilicate glass construction and value. While beginners may require practice controlling flow rate, the Puricon Porter otherwise reliably delivers delicious coffee with artisanal flair. For pour over enthusiasts seeking to recreate a barista-style routine at home, it makes for an excellent and affordable choice.

Pros and Cons

- Durable borosilicate glass won’t retain odors/flavors
- Ergonomic wood collar for grip
- 40 paper filters included
- Sleek yet functional design

- Included filters may drain quickly
- Manual process requires pour control skill


For its exceptional construction and extras, the budget-priced Puricon Porter is a steal. With some technique honing, it can produce cafe-quality results for a fraction of the cost. This is an investment any pour over aficionado can appreciate.

So if you crave a morning ritual as satisfying as your local barista’s pour over, embrace the Puricon Porter. This well-designed manual brewer puts flavor first, without the fuss.

 Puricon Pour Over Coffee Maker


  • Materials: Borosilicate glass, wood collar
  • Capacity: 28 oz (800 ml)
  • Includes: Wood collar, 40 paper filters
  • Dimensions: 5.71” diameter x 7.68” height
  • Weight: 1.54 lbs

Box Contains

The Puricon Porter box includes:

  • 1 x Glass coffee carafe
  • 1 x Wood collar
  • 40 x Paper coffee filters
  • Instructions