Pure Over Glass Pour Over Coffee Maker: Sophisticated Simplicity and Refined Taste

Published on March 1, 2024, 8:48 a.m.

Ditch the paper filters and experience the pour over ritual with Pure Over - the sophisticated glass coffee maker taking simplicity to the next level. Keep reading for an amusingly thorough review of this expertly crafted brewer.


The Pure Over coffee maker comes in a 6-piece pour over set, with a glass dripper, adjustable lid, stir stick, ceramic base, signature mug, and coaster. Its sleek borosilicate glass build and reusable filter mesh make it the sustainable choice for pour over perfection.

 Pure Over Glass Pour Over Coffee Maker Kit


  • Built-in reusable glass filter - no need for wasteful paper filters!
  • Durable borosilicate glass construction
  • Adjustable flow rate lid for optimal extraction
  • Produces a smooth, clean flavor similar to French press
  • Compact 6-piece set perfect for single serving
  • Sleek, minimalist Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic

Ease of Use

The Pure Over promotes a slower, more mindful pour over ritual. The manual process takes more time than automated machines, requiring 5 minutes total to bloom, pour, and allow complete drainage. However, the operation is simple - just add grounds, gently pour water in circular motions, let drain. The adjustable flow rate lid provides more control over extraction compared to traditional filter holders. This meditative process yields greater engagement in the brewing experience.

Suitable Coffee Types

The Pure Over excels at highlighting subtle flavor notes and brewing fuller-bodied coffee thanks to its immersion steep and paperless filter. Light or medium roasts can shine, while dark roasts risk overextraction. Delicate cold brews and manual pourover techniques like Rao and Hoffmann benefit from its slow, controlled brewing.
 Pure Over Glass Pour Over Coffee Maker Kit


The borosilicate glass construction allows more flavor oils to pass through compared to metal filters. The chemical resistance prevents absorption of tastes/odors. Durability and thermal stability enable boiling water usage without damaging the borosilicate dripper. Glass also enables a clear view of the brewing process.


The cone shape and wide base facilitate even water distribution and coffee contact. The handle provides stability when pouring and serving. The 10 oz capacity makes 1-2 servings. A smaller vessel highlights the individual ritual. The exposed brewing also adds to the experience.

Filter Pore Size and Distribution

The glass filter’s fine laser-etched pores allow for filtration without paper waste. Their distribution evenly strains out grounds while permitting oils/sediment. The metal stand secures the filter for consistent results.

Easy to Clean

The glass construction resists stains and odors. All parts are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. No paper filters to dispose of makes cleanup simpler.


Made of thermal shock-resistant borosilicate glass, the Pure Over can withstand rapid temperature changes. However, being glass, chips or cracks are possible if handled roughly. The exterior lacks protective rubber coating. With proper care, the glass parts should maintain integrity.


The Pure Over distinguishes itself with its sleek built-in glass filter removing the need for wasteful paper filters. This reusable filtration system provides eco-friendly convenience. The craftsmanship of its glass form elevates the brewing experience.

Maintenance and Cost

Without disposable paper filters, the only maintenance is washing. This reduces long-term costs and waste versus traditional pourover setups requiring recurring filter purchases. The upfront investment is higher than plastic pourover drippers, but competitive for stainless steel options.

Value Added Features

The flow restrictor does help control brewing, but a skilled hand can mimic this. The glass filter enables sustainability. The aesthetic design and glass craftsmanship add value for those seeking beauty and uniqueness.

Brand History

Pure Over was founded in Portland, Oregon by ceramicist Etai Rahmil in 2022. Rahmil previously designed glassware and wanted to create an artistic coffee ritual devoid of paper waste. The brand values creative solutions and philanthropic partnerships.

 Pure Over Glass Pour Over Coffee Maker Kit

Suitable Uses

The Pure Over is ideal for:

  • Solo morning coffee rituals - brew a perfect single cup
  • Slow sipping - the full immersion brings out subtle flavors
  • Gifting coffee aficionados - makes a great present for design-loving java nerds
  • Craft coffee techniques - glass filter highlights tasting notes

Due to its single cup capacity, the Pure Over is less suited for:

  • Entertaining large groups - can only make 1-2 servings
  • Busy mornings - manual pour over takes more time
  • Clumsy users - the glass build requires gentle handling

User Feedback Analysis

Overall, customer reviews indicate the Pure Over delivers an elevated pourover experience, but has a learning curve and fragility concerns.

Positive reviews heavily praise the Pure Over’s sleek aesthetic and smooth taste. Users find the minimalist glassware fashionable and satisfying to use. Many describe it brewing a cleaner, sweeter cup versus plastic or metal drippers. Fans appreciate the eco-friendly glass filter reducing paper waste. Many comment on the high-end experience the Pure Over provides through its craftsmanship and considered design. Satisfied customers confirm it makes an impressive gift for design-focused coffee lovers.

Critical reviews mostly cite durability issues and tricky operation. A common complaint is the fragility of the glass parts, especially the handle’s stability. Multiple users experienced cracks, chips or breakages during normal use. Others say the brewing has a learning curve to optimize grind size and pouring rate. Some note inconsistency in filtering all grounds despite adjusting grind coarseness. A few disappointed users felt the Pure Over didn’t live up to its high price in performance.

In summary, when functioning properly, the Pure Over delivers on providing a sustainable, visually pleasing pourover ritual that makes smooth, flavorful coffee. However, the glass construction remains fragile in practice despite its borosilicate makeup. New users should expect a break-in period to master the brewing workflow and prevent accidents. As a premium artisanal product, the Pure Over best suits meticulous coffee drinkers who prioritize taste, eco-consciousness and design flair over convenience. For pourover purists who don’t mind investing time in mastering technique, the Pure Over’s qualities outweigh its limitations. Discerning sippers thrilled by artfully crafted glassware will find its unique brewing experience worth the effort required.


  • Beautiful, minimalist design
  • Reusable glass filter reduces waste
  • Brews smooth, flavorful coffee
  • Durable borosilicate glass construction
  • Satisfying pour over ritual


  • Single serving capacity
  • Requires delicate handling
  • Optimizing operation has a learning curve
  • Expensive price point


The $90 price tag is a premium investment. However, the Pure Over offers excellent value for design-driven coffee lovers seeking an artfully crafted, sustainable pour over ritual. Ditching paper waste and savoring flavor make it worthwhile for quality-minded java enthusiasts.

 Pure Over Glass Pour Over Coffee Maker Kit


With its minimalist form and reusable filter, Pure Over modernizes pour over for a sustainable yet flavorful ritual. An artisan-made vessel merging innovation and craftsmanship, Pure Over makes an excellent gift for the style-seeking coffee purist. So scrap the outdated brewers and enjoy java artistry with Pure Over.

Box Contains

The Pure Over 6-piece set includes:

  • Borosilicate glass dripper
  • Adjustable flow rate lid
  • Glass stir stick
  • Ceramic dripper base
  • Signature mug
  • Mug coaster


  • Product Dimensions: 13.5”D x 9”W x 16”H
  • Material: Borosilicate glass
  • Capacity: 10 oz
  • Special Features: Built-in reusable glass filter, Dishwasher safe
  • Item Weight: 1.88 kg
  • Coffee Maker Type: Pour over
  • Human Interface Input: Buttons