Melitta VES4337 Aroma Enhance Coffee Maker : Innovating Your Coffee Experience

Published on Dec. 24, 2023, 7:48 a.m.

Start your day off right with a deliciously brewed cup of coffee from the Melitta Aroma Enhance VES4337. This innovative drip coffee maker combines Melitta’s century-long coffee expertise with smart features to give you café-quality coffee in the comfort of your home.


The Melitta VES4337 Aroma Enhance Drip Coffee Maker is a 10-cup programmable coffee maker with a beautiful white and glass design. It allows you to customize brew strength and schedule auto-brew thanks to innovative features like the AromaSelector and 24-hour programmable timer.

Melitta VES4337 Aroma Enhance Drip Coffee Maker

Melitta Brand Introduction

Melitta, a brand with a century-long history originating from Germany, is renowned worldwide for its innovative coffee filtering technology and high-quality coffee equipment. Since inventing the first coffee filter paper in 1908, Melitta has been dedicated to enhancing the coffee drinking experience, earning trust and admiration from consumers globally.

Key Features

  • AromaSelector for customized brew strength
  • 24-hour fully programmable timer
  • Precise temperature control
  • Insulated thermal carafe
  • Built-in alerts for descaling

Melitta VES4337 Aroma Enhance Drip Coffee Maker


The Melitta VES4337 Aroma Enhance Drip Coffee Maker features a sleek and modern design with a white plastic exterior and glass carafe. The intuitive LCD screen seamlessly blends into the front interface. The materials feel high-quality and the machine looks elegant on any kitchen countertop.

Melitta VES4337 Aroma Enhance Drip Coffee Maker

Ease of Use

This drip coffee maker is very easy to operate. Inserting a filter and ground coffee then pressing start results in deliciously brewed coffee in just minutes. The programmable timer enables completely automated brewing for rushed mornings.

Brew Type

This is a traditional drip coffee machine that takes cone filters. It does not support K-cups or other single-serve pods. The water is heated and dripped over the coffee grounds to extract maximum flavor.

Coffee Types

The Melitta VES4337 Aroma Enhance Drip Coffee Maker excels at brewing regular filtered coffee. The AromaSelector allows customization between regular and bold strength. It is not ideal for specialty drinks like espresso.

Coffee Quality

Reviewers praise the coffee flavor produced by the Melitta VES4337 Aroma Enhance Drip Coffee Maker. It brews at the optimal temperature for rich, aromatic coffee that stays hot for hours without burning. The glass carafe allows you to see the coffee color.

Melitta VES4337 Aroma Enhance Drip Coffee Maker

Energy Efficiency

The Melitta VES4337 Aroma Enhance Drip Coffee Maker is designed not only for user experience but also with an eco-friendly approach. It features an automatic shut-off function, ensuring no electricity is wasted when the device is not in use. This energy-saving feature reduces electricity costs and reflects Melitta’s commitment to sustainability.

Water Tank

The water reservoir holds enough water to brew up to 10 cups before needing a refill. For moderate daily use, occasional refills are needed.

Temperature Control

The Melitta VES4337 Aroma Enhance Drip Coffee Maker precisely controls water temperature during brewing for optimal extraction.


Unique features like the AromaSelector for adjustable strength and specialized brewing process optimize flavor.

Extra Functions

Auto-brew programming and an insulated thermal carafe that keeps coffee hot for hours provide added convenience.


The removable filter basket and carafe are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. De-scaling alerts inform you when to decalcify.


Reviewers comment this machine is quiet with little disruptive noise when brewing.


Made from BPA-free plastic and glass. The machine has electrical safety certification.


900 watts of power. Includes a 36-inch power cord.


Requires paper coffee filters as the only recurring cost. Occasional de-scaling is recommended.

Melitta VES4337 Aroma Enhance Drip Coffee Maker

Sustainability Commitment

Melitta is dedicated not only to producing high-quality coffee-making equipment but also to reducing its environmental footprint and supporting sustainability. From product design to packaging, Melitta seeks to reduce resource consumption and increase recyclability, contributing to the protection of the planet’s environment.


The Aroma Enhance coffee maker is made by Melitta, a prestigious German brand with over 100 years of experience crafting high-quality coffee equipment. Melitta pioneered the drip coffee filter and is known globally for exceptional innovation and design when it comes to coffee preparation.

Use Cases

The Melitta VES4337 Aroma Enhance Drip Coffee Maker is perfect for busy professionals, families, and anyone who wants to wake up to a fresh, hot pot of coffee already prepared. Its programmable features allow you to automate the brewing process so your morning coffee ritual is simplified. It’s also great for entertainers who want to effortlessly serve delicious coffee to guests.

User Feedback Analysis

Overall, customer reviews indicate high satisfaction with the Aroma Enhance’s performance and ease of use. Many users specifically praise the great-tasting coffee produced by this machine. They note the coffee comes out rich, robust, and flavorful every time.

The programmable timer for auto-brew is also a major hit with customers. They love waking up to a fresh pot of hot coffee ready to go. This feature perfectly fits the lifestyles of busy professionals and families who need to get out the door quickly in the morning.

Users also comment positively on the Aroma Enhance’s simple interface and quiet operation. They find it very easy to set up and use even for those who aren’t tech-savvy. The quiet brewing means it doesn’t disrupt conversations or morning routines.

When it comes to downsides, a few customers experience minor leaking from the carafe or filter basket. However, these seem to be isolated incidents that don’t reflect overall product quality.

The most common complaint is difficulty fully emptying the last bit of coffee from the uniquely shaped carafe. The narrow mouth makes pouring out every last drop tricky. This carafe design could be improved in future models.

In terms of durability, customers are pleased with how the Aroma Enhance holds up over years of frequent use. Multiple reviewers mention having the machine for several years with no issues.

Overall, the vast majority of feedback indicates the Aroma Enhance brews excellent coffee that lives up to Melitta’s renowned reputation. Convenient auto-features and durable construction make this a coffee maker that satisfies users long-term.


  • Delicious coffee flavor
  • Programmable auto-brew
  • Precise temperature control
  • Keeps coffee hot for hours
  • Customizable brew strength
  • Sleek, elegant design


  • Carafe design makes pouring tricky
  • Water reservoir not removable
  • No water filter option


While priced on the higher end, the Melitta VES4337 Aroma Enhance Drip Coffee Maker delivers outstanding performance, durability, and features that coffee aficionados will appreciate. For those who are serious about their daily cup of joe, the taste and convenience provided by this machine make it well worth the investment.


For those seeking innovation and customization for their perfect morning coffee, the Melitta VES4337 Aroma Enhance Drip Coffee Maker hits all the right notes. Its combination of intelligent technology, quality materials, and simple operation makes it a coffee maker worth raving about.


  • Brand: Melitta
  • Model Number: VES4337
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 8.5 x 13 inches
  • Capacity: 10 cups
  • Material: Glass, plastic
  • Wattage: 900 watts
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Programmable timer: Yes, 24-hour
  • Auto-brew: Yes
  • Adjustable brew strength: Yes, AromaSelector

Box Contains

  • Aroma Enhance coffee maker
  • Glass carafe
  • Built-in filter basket
  • 5 Melitta #4 cone filters
  • Instruction manual

How to Use

  1. Fill water reservoir with desired amount of water.
  2. Place filter in basket and add ground coffee.
  3. Adjust brew strength using AromaSelector.
  4. Program timer if wanted for auto-brew.
  5. Press start.
  6. Coffee will brew directly into glass carafe.
  7. Enjoy immediately or store in insulated carafe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the Melitta VES4337 Aroma Enhance Drip Coffee Maker offer adjustable brewing strength?
A: Yes! The AromaSelector feature allows users to fine-tune the strength of their coffee, ensuring the perfect cup every time. Whether you enjoy a mild or bold brew, this coffee maker has you covered.

Q: Is the Melitta VES4337 Aroma Enhance Drip Coffee Maker programmable?
A: Yes, the coffee maker includes a 24-hour programmable timer. Prepare it the night before, and the delicious aroma of freshly brewed coffee will greet you in the morning.

Q: How hot does the Melitta VES4337 Aroma Enhance Drip Coffee Maker brew coffee?
A: This coffee maker is explicitly designed to brew coffee at a temperature of 198 degrees Fahrenheit, the optimal temperature to extract the rich, complex flavors from your coffee beans.

Q: Can I interrupt the brewing cycle on the Melitta VES4337 Aroma Enhance Drip Coffee Maker?
A: Absolutely! The pause-and-serve feature allows you to sneak a cup of coffee before the brewing process is fully complete.

Q: How do I clean the Melitta VES4337 Aroma Enhance Drip Coffee Maker?
A: The Melitta VES4337 Aroma Enhance Drip Coffee Maker includes a helpful descaling alert to remind you when it’s time for cleaning. Many key components are also dishwasher-safe, making cleanup a breeze.


  • Utilize the AromaSelector: Experiment with different strength settings to discover your ideal flavor profile with the Melitta VES4337 Aroma Enhance Drip Coffee Maker.
  • Use Quality Coffee Beans: Freshly ground, high-quality coffee beans will make a significant difference in the taste of your coffee.
  • Clean Regularly: Regularly clean the removable components and descale your Melitta VES4337 Aroma Enhance Drip Coffee Maker to ensure optimal performance and delicious, fresh coffee.