MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 Manual lever Espresso Maker: A New Portable Hand-Cranked Espresso Experience

Published on Jan. 26, 2024, 3:32 p.m.

The History and Culture of Manual Lever Espresso Machines

Manual lever espresso machines originated in early 20th century Italy and quickly became a symbol of Italian coffee culture due to their unique design and operation. Early lever machines required significant physical force to operate the lever to generate sufficient pressure through finely ground coffee. This not only improved the efficiency of coffee extraction but also enhanced the richness and concentration of the coffee flavor. The use and proliferation of lever espresso machines played a crucial role in the global spread of coffee culture, especially in the artisan coffee movement, where it has been revitalized with new life.

Manual espresso makers are gaining popularity among coffee enthusiasts who want the hands-on experience of pulling their own shots. In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 Manual lever Espresso Maker and see how it performs for home and travel use.


The MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 Manual lever Espresso Maker is a purely manual, lever-operated espresso machine with a sleek, one-piece metal design for portability. It’s aimed at coffee lovers who want the fun of manually extracting their own espresso.

Key Features

  • Manual lever operation: Allows you to experience the process of making espresso and enjoy the fun of manual extraction.
  • Pressure gauge: Monitors extraction pressure in real-time to ensure a perfect espresso every time.
  • Pre-infusion function: Wets the coffee grounds to release coffee aroma and enhance the taste of the coffee.
  • Portable all-metal design: Durable and easy to carry, allowing you to enjoy delicious espresso anytime, anywhere.
  • Unibody metal body: Stylish and easy to clean, while also having good heat preservation performance.
  • 58mm commercial-grade portafilter: Compatible with a variety of brands of tampers and filter baskets to meet your individual needs.
  • Bottomless portafilter: Helps you observe the coffee extraction process, diagnose and improve extraction techniques.

 MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 Manual lever Espresso Maker

Philosophy and History

The design philosophy of the MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 is rooted in the tradition of Italian manual lever espresso machines, blending classic and modern elements to enhance user interaction with the coffee-making process. Every aspect of its design reflects a deep respect and love for coffee culture, aiming to preserve the essence of traditional hand brewing while improving usability and stability through modern craftsmanship. Moreover, the Sonic S7 features an all-metal body, enhancing durability and giving the machine a sleek, refined look.

Design - A Fusion of Classic and Modern

The MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 Manual Lever Espresso Machine features a retro-style lever design, reminiscent of old-school cafe machines. The sleek metal body and prominent pressure gauge give it a professional look. Its streamlined shape and clean lines make it easy to wipe down and keep clean. The heft of the all-metal construction gives it a sturdy, quality feel.

Unibody Metal Body

The MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 boasts a sleek one-piece metal body, making it not only visually appealing but also durable and easy to clean. The metal construction also acts as a heat sink, helping to maintain a consistent brewing temperature.

 MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 Manual lever Espresso Maker

Ease of Use - Enjoy the Manual Fun

The MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 is easy to get started with, but it takes some practice to master the right pressure and flow. However, the ability to manually control the variables and see real-time pressure feedback makes the coffee-making process enjoyable. Compared to automatic coffee machines, the Sonic S7’s operation is slower and more hands-on. This is undoubtedly a pleasure for those who enjoy the process of hand-crafting coffee.

Brew Types - Focused on Espresso

The MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 Manual Lever Espresso Machine is designed specifically for brewing espresso. It comes with a single shot basket, double shot basket, and bottomless portafilter. The 58mm commercial size portafilter allows for the use of tampers and baskets from many brands. However, due to its manual operation, it does not support pod brewing.

 MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 Manual lever Espresso Maker

Coffee Quality - Pure Espresso Depth

With practice, the MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 Manual Lever Espresso Machine can produce espresso with an intense, syrupy mouthfeel and multi-layered flavors. The pre-infusion helps extract the sweetness and aromas. The coffee is a deep, dark brown with a rich crema. The metal body ensures the water stays hot for optimal extraction.

How It Works

The MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 operates on a simple yet effective principle. You start by grinding your favorite coffee beans to a fine consistency. Then, you fill the portafilter with the ground coffee and tamp it down to create a level surface. Next, you add hot water to the machine’s reservoir and lock the portafilter into place. Now comes the fun part: you pull down on the lever, which forces the hot water through the coffee grounds at a pressure of up to 9 bars. The pressure gauge on the machine allows you to monitor the extraction process in real-time, ensuring optimal flavor extraction. Finally, you release the lever, and your freshly brewed espresso shot flows into your cup.

Manual Lever Operation

The manual lever operation of the MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 is one of its most notable features. Unlike traditional electric espresso machines, the Sonic S7 relies entirely on human power to generate the pressure needed to extract coffee. This manual operation gives you complete control over the extraction process, allowing you to precisely adjust the pressure and water flow rate according to the type and roast of the coffee beans, thus making espresso that best suits your taste.

In addition, manual lever operation adds a sense of ritual and fun to the coffee-making process. Pulling the lever and feeling the coffee slowly flowing out under pressure is not only a pleasure but also a tribute to coffee culture.

Temperature Control

While the MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 doesn’t have an electronic temperature control system, you can still achieve consistent water temperature through preheating. Preheating the group head and portafilter with hot water before extraction helps maintain a stable brewing temperature, which is crucial for optimal flavor extraction. Additionally, the machine’s all-metal body acts as a heat sink, helping to retain heat and further stabilize the brewing temperature.

Pre-infusion Function

The MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7’s pre-infusion function is a professional-grade feature usually found only in high-end coffee machines. Pre-infusion refers to the process of slowly wetting the coffee grounds with a small amount of hot water before the actual extraction begins. This process helps to release trapped gases in the coffee grounds, allowing the coffee puck to absorb water more evenly, thus improving the uniformity and stability of the extraction.

The pre-infusion function allows you to make espresso with a richer flavor and aroma. At the same time, it can also reduce the possibility of channeling during the extraction process, thereby improving the quality of the coffee.

 MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 Manual lever Espresso Maker

Pressure - Up to 9 Bars

The pressure gauge gives real-time feedback as you manually build pressure up to 9 bars. This allows adjusting pressure based on coffee type.

Pressure Gauge for Precision

The MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 is equipped with a mechanical pressure gauge, a feature not commonly found in manual espresso machines. This gauge allows you to monitor the extraction pressure in real-time, ensuring that you’re applying the optimal pressure for your chosen coffee beans. This level of control is essential for achieving the perfect espresso shot, as different beans require different pressures for optimal extraction.

Bottomless Portafilter

The MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 is equipped with a bottomless portafilter, which is a very practical tool that can help you diagnose your espresso extraction technique. The bottomless portafilter allows you to directly observe the coffee liquid flowing out of the coffee puck, so as to judge whether the extraction is even and whether there are problems such as channeling.

By observing the flow state, color and speed of the coffee liquid, you can adjust parameters such as grind size, powder amount and tamping force in time to continuously optimize your extraction technique and make a more perfect espresso.

Quiet Operation

Unlike electric espresso machines, the MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 operates silently, as it doesn’t have a motor or pump. This makes it ideal for use in quiet environments like offices or early mornings at home without disturbing others.


One of the standout features of the MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 is its portability. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to take with you wherever you go, whether it’s camping, traveling, or simply moving from room to room. The all-metal construction ensures durability, so you can enjoy your favorite espresso even in the great outdoors.

 MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 Manual lever Espresso Maker

Cleaning - Quick Rinsing

Cleaning under the group head is tool-free. The lack of exterior tubing prevents build up. Wiping down the steel body and rinsing parts is quick and easy.
e. It’s quiet enough for use in shared spaces.

Safety - Durable Materials

The steel body is durable and stable for safe use. The lack of electricity eliminates electrical hazards. The short height makes it unlikely to tip.


The MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 comes with a reusable filter, eliminating the need for disposable paper filters. This not only reduces waste but also saves you money in the long run.

Maintenance - Infrequent Upkeep

Just occasional backflushing to clean internal parts. No paper filters or cartridges to replace. The durable steel construction requires little maintenance.


MHW-3BOMBER is a boutique brand focused on optimizing the coffee brewing experience. Their goal is to enable anyone to brew high-quality coffee with ease.

Ideal Use Cases

The MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 Manual lever Espresso Maker is perfect for:

  • Home baristas who want to manually craft their morning espresso
  • Coffee enthusiasts who love the hands-on process of lever extraction
  • Campers and RVers seeking great espresso on the go
  • Anyone who wants delicious espresso without electricity

Customer Feedback

Based on reviews, users love the ability to manually control pressure and the rich, full-bodied espresso from the MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 Manual lever Espresso Maker. Some found it took practice to master the lever motion. Portability is another plus. Overall, it delivers a satisfying hands-on ritual.

 MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 Manual lever Espresso Maker


  • No electricity required
  • Portable design
  • Pressure gauge for precision
  • Pre-infusion capability
  • Quality metal construction
  • Engaging, hands-on experience


  • Lever operation has a learning curve
  • Only includes single and double shot baskets


Given its sturdy build, precise pressure control, and pre-infusion feature, the MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 Manual lever Espresso Maker provides excellent value at $730 for hands-on espresso lovers.

Market Positioning and Target Consumers

The MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 is positioned in the high-end home coffee machine market, particularly appealing to coffee enthusiasts who seek the joy of handcrafting their brew. This machine combines the tradition of manual operation with the convenience of modern design, making it an ideal choice for both homes and small cafes. Its target consumers are those who pursue high-quality life and wish to enjoy the ritual of hand-poured coffee at home, as well as professional baristas who are deeply engaged and passionate about manual coffee crafting.


The MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 Manual Lever Espresso Maker is more than just a coffee machine; it’s an invitation to a hands-on coffee brewing experience. Its classic lever design, combined with modern features like the pressure gauge and pre-infusion function, makes it a unique and valuable addition to any coffee lover’s toolkit. Whether you’re a seasoned barista or a curious beginner, the Sonic S7 offers a rewarding journey into the world of manual espresso making. While it requires some practice to master, the results are well worth the effort: a rich, flavorful, and personalized espresso shot that rivals those from your favorite cafe. If you’re looking for a portable, durable, and engaging way to make espresso at home or on the go, the MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 is an excellent choice.

 MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 Manual lever Espresso Maker

Box Contains

The MHW-3BOMBER Sonic S7 Manual lever Espresso Maker box includes:

  • 1 x Manual espresso machine
  • 1 x 58mm Bottomless portafilter
  • 1 x Coffee scoop
  • 1 x Tamper


  • Capacity: 17 Pounds
  • Material: Metal
  • Special Feature: Portable
  • Coffee Maker Type: Espresso Machine
  • Filter Type: Reusable
  • Specific Uses: Espresso
  • Operation Mode: Manual
  • Product Dimensions: 10”D x 9”W x 15”H
  • Item Weight: 17 Pounds