Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker: A Feature-Packed Manual Espresso Machine

Published on Jan. 26, 2024, 11:23 a.m.

For espresso aficionados, a good home espresso machine is essential equipment in the kitchen. The rich, concentrated coffee from high-pressure extraction not only tastes amazing, but also makes classic drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. This review will take an in-depth look at the Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker to see how it performs on features, build quality, espresso taste and more.

A Deep Dive into the Cuisinart CBC-200SA: Unleashing Café-Quality Espresso at Home

For coffee aficionados, the aroma of freshly brewed espresso is an irresistible invitation to a world of rich, intense flavors. The Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker stands as a testament to the art of crafting exceptional espresso at home, transforming ordinary mornings into extraordinary coffee experiences.

This comprehensive review delves into the heart of the Cuisinart CBC-200SA, exploring its features, performance, and overall value proposition for discerning espresso enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned barista or an aspiring homebrewer, this review will equip you with the knowledge to make an informed decision about your next espresso machine.


The Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker is a stainless steel manual espresso machine from Cuisinart designed for home use. It uses 15 bars of pressure for extraction and has a 53oz removable water reservoir. The machine can brew 1-2 cups of espresso from ground coffee or pods. It also comes with a stainless steel steam nozzle for making frothy milk drinks. The espresso maker has a sleek, stainless steel body and straightforward controls for easy use.

Key Features

  • 15 bars of pressure for rich espresso extraction: This professional-level pressure ensures that the full flavor and aroma of the coffee beans are extracted, resulting in a rich, concentrated espresso shot with a thick, velvety crema.
  • Large 53 oz water reservoir: The generous water tank allows you to brew multiple cups of espresso without having to refill frequently, making it convenient for entertaining guests or enjoying several espressos throughout the day.
  • Stainless steel steam nozzle makes frothy milk drinks 
  • Warming plate preheats cups
  • Removable parts for easy cleaning – making cleanup efficient and convenient.

Understanding Espresso

Espresso is the foundation of countless popular coffee beverages. It’s a concentrated coffee shot brewed by forcing hot water through tightly packed, finely ground coffee under high pressure. The intense flavor and characteristic ‘crema’ – a thin, reddish-brown foam layer – make proper espresso shots the key element in lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and more.

 Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker


The Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker has a sleek stainless steel exterior with chrome accents that will look sharp in any kitchen. The styling is relatively minimalist with an embossed logo on the front. It has a compact footprint measuring 12.56 x 8.19 x 10.94 inches. The removable 53oz water reservoir has convenient fill lines inside.
The durable stainless steel exterior is not just visually appealing. It ensures longevity, an important factor for home espresso machines which see frequent use.

Ease of Use

As a manual espresso maker, the Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker requires more hands-on effort than automated machines. However, controls are simple and straightforward. Just fill the tank, tamp ground coffee, lock the portafilter and press the brew button. The steaming takes some practice to master microfoam texture. But overall it’s easy enough for beginners to produce quality espresso and milk drinks.

Brewing Flexibility

The Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker is designed for brewing ground espresso coffee. The portafilter basket holds enough for making 1-2 shots. It cannot brew coffee pods. You have the option to pull single or double shots. The steam wand allows making cappuccinos, lattes and other milk-based drinks.

In addition to classic espresso, you can also use this machine to create:

  • Americanos: Dilute espresso with hot water for a milder coffee beverage.

  • Macchiatos: Add a small amount of steamed milk to espresso for a slightly creamy drink.

  • Mochaccinos: Combine espresso, steamed milk, and chocolate syrup for a decadent treat.

  • Flat Whites: Similar to lattes, but with a thinner layer of microfoam for a more intense coffee flavor.

 Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker

Coffee Quality

Thanks to 15 bars of pressure and a capable brewing system, the Cuisinart makes smooth espresso with a nice tan crema on top when beans are properly ground and tamped. Flavor has depth with balanced acidity. Milk frothing produces silky, uniform texture. Overall it makes cafe-quality espresso drinks at home.

Crema is the rich, foamy layer that forms on top of a properly extracted espresso shot. It is composed of tiny oil droplets and air bubbles and is a sign of a well-extracted espresso. The crema should be thick, velvety, and persistent, slowly dissipating over time. A thin or weak crema can indicate under-extraction, while a coarse or bubbly crema may suggest over-extraction.


The Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker generates 15 bars of pressure for extraction. This professional level pressure extracts the full flavor from ground coffee.

Milk Frothing

The Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker comes with a stainless steel steam wand for frothing milk for cappuccinos, lattes, and other coffee drinks. Here are some tips for frothing milk with this machine:

  1. Use cold milk: Cold milk froths better than warm milk.

  2. Start with the steam wand submerged just below the milk surface.

  3. Slowly lower the pitcher as the milk expands and foams.

  4. Keep the steam wand moving constantly to prevent the milk from burning.

  5. Stop frothing when the milk reaches the desired consistency.

  6. Swirl the pitcher to distribute the foam evenly.

For best results, use whole milk with a high fat content. This will produce the thickest, creamiest foam. You can also experiment with different types of milk, such as 2%, 1%, or skim milk.

Water Capacity

The 53oz removable tank holds enough water to pull several shots before refilling. Exact capacity depends on single or double shot volumes. The tank is easily removed for refilling and cleaning.


The Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker doesn’t have many standout innovations. It’s a well-made classic manual machine focused on solid performance and ease of use. The warming plate and accessories are nice extras.

Additional Features

The Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker is a straightforward machine with no electronic programming or fancy features. It relies on manual operation, giving users more control over the brewing process. This may appeal to those who prefer a more hands-on approach to espresso making.

Here are some additional features of the Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker:

  • Removable water reservoir: The water reservoir is easy to fill and clean.

  • Drip tray: The drip tray collects excess water and drips, keeping your countertop clean.

  • Stainless steel construction: The machine is made of durable stainless steel for a sleek and modern look.

  • Compact design: The machine is relatively small and takes up minimal counter space.


The Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker produces significant noise and vibration during the brew process. This could be disruptive early morning.


The stainless steel housing makes it durable and long-lasting. The electrical system meets North American standards. Care should be taken around the steaming wand.


It uses 120V, 60Hz electrical system. Power cord length is adequate at 3 feet. There is no auto shut-off function.


To ensure optimal performance and longevity, the Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker should be cleaned regularly. Here are the recommended cleaning steps:

Daily Cleaning:

  1. Empty the drip tray and rinse it with warm water.

  2. Wipe down the exterior of the machine with a damp cloth.

  3. Remove the portafilter and rinse it with hot water.

  4. Knock out any coffee grounds from the portafilter basket.

  5. Wash the portafilter basket and group head with warm, soapy water.

  6. Rinse all parts thoroughly and dry them with a clean towel.

Weekly Cleaning:

  1. Descale the machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  2. Clean the steam wand by steaming water into a small container until the water runs clear.

  3. Wipe down the steam wand with a damp cloth.

Monthly Cleaning:

  1. Deep clean the machine by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Additional Cleaning Tips:

  • Use a mild dish soap to clean the machine.

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners.

  • Do not immerse the machine in water.

  • If the machine is not used regularly, it should be cleaned and stored in a dry place.

By following these cleaning instructions, you can help keep your Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker in good working condition and enjoy delicious espresso for years to come.


No paper filters required. Backflushing every few weeks helps keep internal parts clean. Descaling solution recommended to remove mineral buildup.

Brand & History

Cuisinart is an American home appliance pioneer dating back to 1971. They are renowned for food preparation appliances and kitchen electrics.

Use Cases: A Versatile Companion for Coffee Lovers

The Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker is more than just a tool for crafting espresso; it’s a versatile companion for coffee lovers of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned barista seeking to expand your home brewing repertoire or a novice espresso enthusiast eager to explore the world of specialty coffee drinks, the Cuisinart has something to offer.

Beyond Espresso:

While espresso is at the heart of the Cuisinart’s capabilities, its versatility extends beyond this classic beverage. With the help of the steam wand, the Cuisinart can transform your espresso into a variety of milk-based drinks, including:

  • Cappuccinos: The perfect balance of espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk, cappuccinos are a delightful way to start the day or indulge in an afternoon treat.

  • Lattes: For those who prefer a milder coffee experience, lattes feature a larger proportion of steamed milk, creating a smooth and creamy beverage.

  • Macchiatos: A simple yet elegant drink, macchiatos consist of a shot of espresso topped with a dollop of foamed milk, offering a delicate contrast of flavors.

Experiment and Explore:

The Cuisinart’s versatility doesn’t stop at traditional milk-based drinks. With a bit of creativity and experimentation, you can use the machine to craft unique concoctions that suit your taste preferences. Try adding flavored syrups, spices, or even a touch of chocolate for an extra layer of indulgence.

Whether you’re a seasoned coffee aficionado or just starting to explore the world of espresso, the Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker is a versatile companion that will help you create café-quality coffee drinks in the comfort of your own home.

User Feedback

Overall, reviews indicate the Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker is a dependable, easy-to-use manual espresso maker that satisfies most home baristas. When used properly, it consistently brews rich, aromatic espresso with a lovely crema layer on top. Many users find it whips up cafe-quality beverages to jumpstart their mornings.

The majority of buyers praise the Cuisinart for its straightforward operation, sturdy construction and delicious espresso. They find it brews smooth, intense espresso shots when freshly ground beans are tamped correctly. The steam wand, while requiring some technique, makes surprisingly silky milk foam for cappuccinos. Several mention how the warming plate keeps their cups piping hot.

Numerous reviewers adore this machine for fuss-free espresso brewing with professional 15 bar pressure. They say it’s an excellent value for those wanting quality espresso without spending a fortune. Many note how the removable parts like the drip tray and tank simplify cleaning. Some do wish the controls were a bit more intuitive or offered programmable volumes.

The most common complaint by far is the loud noise when pulling shots. Many are startled by the initial roar and find it disruptive first thing in the morning. A few warn prospective buyers that mastering the tamping process has a learning curve. And some say the frothing wand could be easier to manipulate.

In conclusion, the vast majority of feedback indicates the Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker is a smart choice for home espresso enthusiasts seeking a budget-friendly but capable manual machine. For those willing to master its operation, it reliably delivers cafe-caliber espresso drinks. Just be prepared for some noise in the brewing process.

Pros and Cons

- Produces rich, aromatic espresso
- Versatile for making other drinks like lattes
- Durable stainless steel build
- Removable parts make cleaning easy

- Very noisy in operation
- Button controls could be improved
- Beginners may need practice to master


With a price around $150, the Cuisinart offers solid performance and features for making quality espresso-based drinks at home. For a manual machine, it’s competitively priced versus similar products. The brand name and quality build make it a worthwhile investment for serious espresso lovers.


For its solid build, versatile performance and ease of use, the Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker is recommended for anyone wanting a capable manual machine to make quality espresso and milk drinks at home. It’s a great choice for espresso aficionados.


  • Pressure: 15 bar
  • Reservoir capacity: 53 oz (unknown material)
  • Housing material: Stainless steel
  • Product dimensions: 12.56 x 8.19 x 10.94 inches
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Extracts ground coffee or pods
  • Included accessories: Tamp, measuring spoon, frothing cup

Box Contains

  • Cuisinart CBC-200SA espresso machine
  • Tamping tool with measuring spoon
  • Stainless steel frothing cup
  • Instructions/recipe book

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of the Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker?

The Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker is a feature-packed machine that allows you to make café-quality espresso drinks at home. Some of its key features include:

  • 15 bars of pressure for optimal espresso extraction
  • 53-ounce removable water reservoir for multiple uses
  • Brews one or two cups of espresso using ground coffee or ESE pods
  • Professional-grade stainless steel housing with embossed Cuisinart logo
  • Stainless steel steam nozzle for frothing milk for cappuccinos and lattes
  • Portafilter holder with locking mechanism for easy disposal of wet grounds
  • Removable drip tray and cover for easy cleanup
  • Warming tray on top to keep your espresso drinks hot

Is the Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker easy to use?

Yes, the Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker is easy to use. It comes with a detailed instruction manual that walks you through the brewing process step-by-step. The machine also has a user-friendly control panel with intuitive buttons and indicators.

How do I clean the Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker?

The Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker is easy to clean. The water reservoir, drip tray, and portafilter holder are all removable and dishwasher safe. The steam nozzle and frothing cup can be cleaned with hot, soapy water.

What are some tips for making great espresso with the Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker?

Here are some tips for making great espresso with the Cuisinart CBC-200SA Stainless Steel Manual Espresso Maker:

  • Use fresh, high-quality espresso beans.
  • Grind your beans to a fine grind.
  • Use filtered water.
  • Tamp the ground coffee firmly into the portafilter.
  • Extract the espresso for 25-30 seconds.
  • Use steamed milk to make cappuccinos and lattes.


  • For best results, use fresh, cold water.
  • Preheat the machine by running a water cycle without coffee grounds.
  • Use the correct amount of coffee. Too much or too little coffee can affect the taste of your espresso.
  • Tamp the coffee grounds firmly into the portafilter. This will help ensure a consistent extraction.
  • Extract the espresso for 25-30 seconds. This is the optimal time for extracting the most flavor from the coffee beans.
  • If you are making a cappuccino or latte, steam the milk before adding it to the espresso.
  • Enjoy your delicious espresso!