Teglu CM-506R Coffee Maker: Grind, Brew and Savor Fresh Coffee Every Morning

Published on July 20, 2023, 2:12 p.m.

The Teglu CM-506R Coffee Maker is an innovative all-in-one coffee maker that grinds fresh beans and brews a pot of coffee with programmable options. With a built-in grinder, 12-cup capacity, self-cleaning function, and adjustable brew strength, this machine aims to provide convenience and customize your perfect cup. In this review, we’ll take a comprehensive look at the features, performance, design, and overall value of the Teglu CM-506R coffee maker.

Brand and Market Background

Teglu, as an emerging brand, has quickly risen in the North American and European home appliance market. Since focusing on the kitchen and household sector in 2019, Teglu is committed to providing a more convenient and healthier lifestyle for consumers worldwide. Understanding Teglu’s history and how its products stand out in the competitive coffee maker market is crucial for assessing the value of the CM-506R coffee machine.

 Teglu CM-506R Coffee Maker


The Teglu CM-506R Coffee Maker is a programmable drip coffee maker with a built-in conical burr grinder. It has a 12-cup capacity glass carafe and a large 60oz water tank. The machine allows you to customize grind size, brew strength, and schedule auto-brew up to 24 hours in advance. Convenient features include a backlit LED screen, self-cleaning mode, brew pause function, and 4-hour warming plate.


Some of the great features that make the Teglu CM-506R Coffee Maker stand out include:

  • Built-in Coffee Grinder: The stainless steel blade grinder freshly grinds beans for each pot.

  • 12 Cup Capacity: The 60oz water tank allows you to brew up to 12 cups of coffee at a time.

  • Programmable Timer: Set the 24-hour programmable clock to automatically start brewing whenever you want.

  • Keep Warm Plate: The heating plate keeps your brewed pot hot for up to 4 hours.

  • Adjustable Settings: Choose coarse or fine grind and brew strength for customized flavor.

  • Intuitive Interface: An easy-read LED screen and buttons make operation a breeze.

  • Safety Features: Auto shutoff prevents overflow or overheating.

Technical Deep Dive

The conical burr grinder is a significant technology in coffee machines, providing even and precise grinding of coffee beans, thereby extracting optimal flavor and aroma. The Teglu CM-506R employs not just any grinder but a high-quality conical burr grinder, which is uncommon in coffee machines of the same price range.


The Teglu CM-506R Coffee Maker has a sleek modern design with a black and stainless steel exterior. The build quality feels solid and durable with no plastic parts touching hot water. The backlit LED screen clearly displays settings and programming options. Easy to use button controls are conveniently located on the front.

Ease of Use - Fully Automatic Operation

With preset programs and one-touch buttons, the Teglu coffee maker is simple and intuitive to operate. Just add beans, water, select your settings and it delivers a perfectly brewed cup of coffee with no effort. The automatic grinder dispenses precisely the right amount of grounds.

Brewing - Drip Coffee Only

This Teglu CM-506R Coffee Maker is designed for drip coffee and does not support coffee pods or capsules. It excels at traditional drip brewing methods.

Coffee Quality - Smooth and Rich

The Teglu CM-506R Coffee Maker brews a smooth, well-balanced cup of coffee with pleasing aroma and rich taste. The integrated burr grinder evenly grinds the beans to extract optimal flavor and body.

During the roasting process, coffee beans undergo chemical changes that greatly influence their flavor profile. The Teglu CM-506R Coffee Maker’s grind-and-brew feature takes full advantage of this by starting with whole beans, which preserve more of their natural oils and aromatic compounds than pre-ground coffee. Roasting tends to bring out rich, caramelized flavors, and the freshness preserved in whole beans translates into a more flavorful cup of coffee when brewed immediately after grinding. This process ensures that the volatile aromatics and essential oils, which contribute to the coffee’s flavor, are maintained until the brewing stage.

Grinder - Convenient and Consistent

The built-in burr grinder delivers consistent grounds and preserves the beans’ flavor and oils. The bean hopper holds enough for multiple pots of coffee.

The granularity of coffee grinding plays a pivotal role in the extraction process during brewing. A finer grind can lead to a more intense extraction, resulting in a stronger flavor and increased bitterness. Conversely, a coarser grind might under-extract, leading to a milder flavor and potentially sour notes. The Teglu CM-506R Coffee Maker’s ability to adjust grind size allows users to fine-tune this aspect, catering to their taste preferences and the type of coffee beans used. This feature ensures that whether you prefer a bold or mild cup, the grinder can be adjusted accordingly for optimal flavor extraction.

Capacity - Brews for a Crowd

The 60oz water tank allows brewing up to 12 cups of coffee at a time. With regular cleaning, the machine can produce several pots per day.

Temperature Control - Keeps Coffee Hot

The warming plate keeps coffee hot at the ideal drinking temperature for up to 4 hours after brewing completes.

Added Features - Programmable and Intelligent

Features like the programmable timer, auto-shutoff, self-cleaning, and adjustable keep warm time add convenience.


With its removable, dishwasher safe brew basket, carafe, and filter, the Teglu CM-506R Coffee Maker is easy to clean after each use. The self-cleaning cycle also helps remove mineral buildup over time. Overall, keeping this coffee maker clean takes minimal effort.

Noise Level

The grinder and brew process aren’t silent, but owners haven’t reported excessive noise while the Teglu CM-506R Coffee Maker is operating. The sound level seems typical for a home grind-and-brew coffee machine.

Safety - BPA Free Materials

The Teglu CM-506R Coffee Maker is constructed of BPA-free plastic and stainless steel for safety. It has overheating protection.

 Teglu CM-506R Coffee Maker


This Teglu CM-506R Coffee Maker requires 950 watts of power from a 120V outlet. There is no battery option. The keep warm plate uses less energy to maintain temperature after brewing.

Brand - New But Promising

Teglu is a relatively new brand but is establishing a reputation for quality and performance in kitchen appliances.

Use Cases

The Teglu CM-506R Coffee Maker is perfect for:

  • Coffee lovers who want freshly ground beans for robust flavor
  • Busy households that need to brew multiple cups
  • Those who love waking up to ready coffee
  • Frequent entertainers who want piping hot coffee for guests
  • Office settings where employees take breaks for fresh coffee

 Teglu CM-506R Coffee Maker

User Feedback Analysis

The Teglu CM-506R coffee maker receives mostly positive feedback from customers for producing a robust and flavorful brew when used properly. Many reviewers compliment the programmable timer, adjustable grinder, and keep warm plate as handy features.

The self-grinding mechanism is reported to work efficiently, yielding consistent grinds especially on the coarse setting. Users mention the coffee comes out piping hot and remains warm for hours after brewing.

Several customers note the brew strength control allows customization of regular or bold coffee intensity. The permanent filter is said to be easy to clean and use with any type of ground coffee.

However, a common complaint is that very fine coffee grounds tend to seep through the filter into the finished brewed coffee in the carafe. This affects taste and requires extra filtering before drinking the coffee.

Some reviews mention the grinder requires thorough and frequent cleaning to prevent buildup of old grounds affecting flavor. A few customers report malfunctions of the grinder or brewing mechanics after a short period of use.

While the programming options and adjustable settings add convenience, some users feel the instructions are not intuitive and the controls require a learning curve to master. But most agree the Teglu coffee maker produces an overall satisfying brew once they determine optimal settings.

Pros and Cons

Here is a quick rundown of the main pros and cons of the Teglu CM-506R Coffee Maker grind and brew coffee machine:


  • Freshly grounds beans for each pot
  • Brew strength control
  • Programmable timer
  • Permanent filter included
  • Keep warm plate
  • Easy to use controls


  • Fine grounds can seep into coffee
  • Needs frequent cleaning
  • Carafe not insulated
  • Max 12 cup capacity

 Teglu CM-506R Coffee Maker


Considering its robust feature set, the Teglu CM-506R coffee maker provides good value at its price point of around $110. The ability to grind whole beans fresh before brewing is a premium feature not found in most basic drip coffee machines.

The flexible programming, strength control, keep warm plate, and generous 60oz water reservoir add functionality for the price. The self-cleaning cycle and permanent filter also increase convenience.

While occasional issues with grounds in the coffee or malfunctions after prolonged use lower value, the 1-year warranty provides peace of mind. For serious coffee enthusiasts who prefer grinding their own beans and want programmability, the Teglu CM-506R Coffee Maker is a reasonably priced all-in-one coffee making solution.

 Teglu CM-506R Coffee Maker


The Teglu CM-506R Coffee Maker is a great option for coffee aficionados who want the convenience of grinding whole beans at home for fresh taste. Its grind-and-brew design results in robust, aromatic coffee that you can program to brew anytime.

The coffee it produces is piping hot and stays warm for hours after brewing. The permanent filter and programmable timer add to the convenience. Keep in mind that the grinder requires regular cleaning and the carafe is not insulated. But overall, the Teglu CM-506R Coffee Maker delivers solid performance and great tasting coffee that makes it worth the investment for frequent coffee drinkers.

 Teglu CM-506R Coffee Maker


  • Power: 950 watts
  • Dimensions: 12.72” x 8.35” x 13.5”
  • Capacity: 12 cups (60 oz)
  • Carafe Material: Glass
  • Weight: 8 lbs

Box Includes:

  • Main coffee maker unit
  • Glass carafe
  • Reusable filter
  • Removable brew basket
  • Measuring spoon

How to Use:

  1. Add desired amount of coffee beans into grinder basket
  2. Fill water tank with desired amount of water
  3. Select grind size and brew strength
  4. Program timer if needed
  5. Press the power button to start grind and brew
  6. Coffee will brew directly into glass carafe
  7. After brewing, stir coffee before serving

Frequently Asked Questions about the Teglu CM-506R Coffee Maker

What kind of coffee maker is the Teglu CM-506R?

The Teglu CM-506R is a programmable coffee maker with a built-in grinder, allowing you to brew fresh coffee from beans. It has a 12 cup capacity and many useful features like brew pause, keep warm plate, etc.

How do you operate the coffee maker?

Operating the Teglu coffee maker is very simple. First add coffee beans and water. Choose your grind setting - coarse or fine. Set the keep warm time if desired. Then press the On/Off button to start the brewing process. The grinder will grind the beans and brewing will begin automatically.

Does the Teglu coffee maker have a self-cleaning function?

Yes, the Teglu CM-506R coffee maker has a self-cleaning function to remove mineral deposits that build up over time from brewing coffee. Simply fill the water reservoir, press the “Clean” button, and run the cleaning cycle. It is recommended to clean every 1-2 weeks.

What safety features does this coffee maker have?

The Teglu coffee maker has overheat and boil-dry protection that will automatically shut off the machine if the temperature exceeds normal levels or if the water tank is empty. This prevents potential fires or damage to the machine.

What is included in the box with the coffee maker?

The box includes the coffee maker unit, a 12-cup glass carafe, a reusable filter, a removable brew basket, a coffee spoon, and an instruction manual. Everything you need to get started brewing!

Does the coffee maker only use whole beans or can it use pre-ground coffee?

The built-in grinder is designed for whole coffee beans. However, you can brew with pre-ground coffee using the “Brew Only” setting, which will bypass the grinder. This allows flexibility in the coffee you use.

What is the warranty for the Teglu coffee maker?

Teglu offers a 1 year limited warranty on the CM-506R coffee maker, covering defects in materials and workmanship. Contact Teglu customer support for more details on warranty coverage.