Calphalon Automatic Coffee Maker: A Reliable and Customizable Brew for Coffee Lovers

Published on Oct. 18, 2023, 9:16 a.m.

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the morning not only awakens the body but also sets the tone for a great day. Coffee has become a daily essential for millions worldwide, and the advent of home coffee makers has made it easier than ever to enjoy a professional-grade brew in the comfort of one’s own home. Calphalon, a leading brand in cookware, has consistently strived to provide consumers with high-quality, high-performance kitchen appliances. Leveraging their expertise in temperature control, Calphalon has applied their innovative technology to the coffee maker domain, introducing the Calphalon Automatic Drip Coffee Maker - a convenient and customizable brewing solution for coffee enthusiasts.

Discover the precision of modern brewing with the Calphalon Automatic Drip Coffee Maker, an appliance designed to enhance your morning ritual. As more households choose to bring the café experience home, Calphalon has responded with a machine that combines convenience with customization, appealing to both novice and seasoned coffee lovers alike. This model not only offers a generous capacity but also a host of programmable features, setting it apart in a crowded market of coffee machines.

Looking for a reliable drip coffee maker that can brew a customizable, flavorful cup of joe? The Calphalon Automatic Coffee Maker delivers consistent results and robust features for the discerning coffee drinker. Let’s dive into the details on this multifunctional brewer.

 Calphalon Automatic Drip Coffee Maker


The Calphalon Automatic Drip Coffee Maker, with its 14-cup capacity and stainless steel and aluminum construction, combines durability with modern style. Its multi-functional programming allows you to adjust brew strength, size, and temperature for the perfect personalized cup. The coffee maker comes equipped with a reusable gold-tone filter, but you also have the option to use #4 paper filters for added convenience in cleanup. Additionally, it features an auto-pause function, allowing you to grab a cup before the brewing cycle is complete.

Key Features

  • Precise Temperature Control: High-performance heater and dual-walled heating tube ensure water is heated and maintained at the optimal brewing temperature (195-205\u00b0F) throughout the entire brewing cycle.
  • Customizable Brew: Strong Brew option for bolder coffee and 1-4 cup option for smaller batches.
  • Even Water Distribution: Enlarged showerhead uniformly disperses water over coffee grounds for optimal flavor extraction.
  • Programmable Features: Brew Later feature for scheduling brews and Auto-Off Timer Selector.
  • Adjustable Warming Plate: Features low, medium, and high heat settings and a durable aluminum construction for even heating.

 Calphalon Automatic Drip Coffee Maker


The brushed stainless steel exterior gives a polished look that complements any kitchen d\u00e9cor. The glass carafe also adds to the modern aesthetic. The coffee maker’s sleek design features a stainless steel finish that resists corrosion, ensuring it remains a stylish addition to your kitchen for years to come. However, fingerprints and smudges can show on the metal surfaces. Overall, the dimensions of 9.69\u201d x 11.57\u201d x 13.32\u201d provide a large capacity without taking up too much counter space. The water window makes it easy to see the water level in the reservoir, which helps to prevent overfilling.

Coffee Quality

Users praise the Calphalon Automatic Drip Coffee Maker for hot, flavorful coffee. The precise temperature control and wide shower head distribution optimize extraction, ensuring that every cup is brewed to perfection. The programmable strength and size settings also let you customize the brew for robust coffee taste. Whether you prefer a milder brew or a bolder cup, the Calphalon coffee maker allows you to tailor the strength to your liking. The “Strong Brew” option is perfect for those who crave a more intense coffee experience.

Innovation and Expertise

Traditionally known for their high-quality cookware, Calphalon has applied their expertise in precise temperature control to the design of their coffee makers. This commitment ensures that each cup of coffee not only tastes great but is brewed to perfection. The Calphalon 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker incorporates innovative technologies, such as its high-performance heater and double-insulated water tubing, to achieve precise temperature control for optimal flavor extraction. Their approach to integrating advanced heating technologies into home coffee makers sets the Calphalon 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker apart, catering to those who seek professional-grade equipment in their home kitchen.


According to most reviews, the Calphalon Automatic Drip Coffee Maker delivers reliable performance and consistently great tasting coffee. The coffee maker’s 1050-watt heating element ensures rapid brewing, so you won’t have to wait long for your morning cup. Key positives are the fast brew time, even saturation for full flavor, and precise temperature control for optimal extraction. The warming plate also excels at keeping coffee hot for hours. However, some note the brew can be too hot initially and advise adjusting down from the default high setting.

Advanced Heating Technology

The standout feature of the Calphalon Coffee Maker is its advanced heating technology, which is not commonly found in coffee makers at this price point. This technology ensures that water quickly reaches the optimal brewing temperature of 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit, crucial for extracting the full flavor and aroma from coffee beans. The dual-insulated heating tube is a critical component, maintaining this temperature consistently throughout the brewing process, unlike some competitors that experience temperature fluctuations that can adversely affect the taste of the coffee.

High-Performance Brewing and Temperature Control

The Calphalon 14-Cup Automatic Coffee Maker stands out with its high-performance heating system, which quickly heats water to the ideal brewing temperature. This ensures that every cup of coffee is brewed to perfection, capturing the full essence and complexity of the coffee beans. By incorporating an advanced dual-insulated heating system, the coffee maker maintains a consistent temperature throughout the brewing process, keeping the ideal heat level from the moment water hits the grounds to the final drip. This precision prevents the common pitfalls of under-extraction or over-extraction, leading to a perfectly balanced cup every time.

Even Water Dispersion

Beyond precise temperature control, the Calphalon 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker features an enlarged showerhead to ensure water is evenly distributed over the coffee grounds. This even saturation is key to achieving consistent and optimal flavor extraction. Each coffee particle is fully engaged with the hot water, releasing its full aroma and taste, resulting in a balanced and flavorful cup.

Customizable Brews

The Calphalon Automatic Drip Coffee Maker offers multiple brewing options to suit your preferences. You can choose the “Strong Brew” setting for a bolder cup or the “1-4 cup” mode for smaller batches. Whether you prefer a milder brew or a bolder cup, the Calphalon coffee maker allows you to tailor the strength to your liking. The “Strong Brew” option is perfect for those who crave a more intense coffee experience.

Adjustable Warming Plate

The expertly crafted warming plate features High, Medium, and Low heat settings, and an adjustable 4-hour timer for customized heating control and consistently great taste. You can customize the temperature to your preference, ensuring your coffee stays at the perfect temperature for hours.

14-Cup Coffee Carafe

The Calphalon 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker comes with an ergonomic 14-cup glass carafe that is designed for precise pouring, right down to the last drop. The carafe is designed with convenience in mind, ensuring that you can easily serve coffee for multiple guests or enjoy it throughout the day.

Fully Programmable

The Calphalon Automatic Drip Coffee Maker offers fully programmable features, allowing you to customize your coffee brewing experience according to your schedule. With the Brew Later function, you can program your brew ahead of time, ensuring that you have fresh coffee ready when you wake up or come home from work. Additionally, the Warming Timer Selector allows you to choose when the machine turns off, saving energy and preventing your coffee from overheating.

Enjoy a Cup Mid-Cycle

The Calphalon Automatic Drip Coffee Maker features a Grab-and-Go Auto Pause function that halts the brewing process when you remove the carafe. This allows you to enjoy a cup of coffee without having to wait for the entire brewing cycle to complete, perfect for those rushed mornings or when you need a quick caffeine fix.

Precision Cleaning

To maintain optimal performance, the Calphalon coffee maker is equipped with a decalcification sensor that illuminates when it’s time for a cleaning cycle. This reminder helps prevent mineral buildup, ensuring that your coffee tastes its best every time and extending the lifespan of the machine.

More Quality Features

The Calphalon 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker is more than just its main features. It also boasts a durable, reusable gold-tone filter, a cone-shaped brew basket that helps optimize the extraction process, and an advanced water filtration system that reduces impurities in tap water, ensuring you get a clean, delicious cup of coffee every time. Additionally, it includes a measuring scoop for precise coffee ground measurements.

Noise Considerations

While the Calphalon Coffee Maker operates at normal brewing noise levels, some users have noted occasional gurgling sounds. This is typical for many coffee makers but is something potential buyers might want to consider.


The Calphalon Automatic Drip Coffee Maker uses a 1050 watt power rating for quick heating and brewing. It does not have a battery or portable power option. While it has a relatively high wattage for a coffee maker, the actual energy consumption will depend on the frequency and duration of use.


While the exterior wipes clean easily, the internal components like the brew basket and carafe require more thorough cleaning. A cleaning cycle helps remove mineral buildup, but some users note difficulty fully rinsing the carafe.

To ensure optimal performance and longevity, the Calphalon coffee maker features a decalcification sensor that alerts you when it’s time for a cleaning cycle. This proactive maintenance feature helps prevent mineral buildup, which can affect the taste of your coffee and the machine’s efficiency.

Addressing Longevity and Maintenance Concerns

While some users have reported concerns about the longevity and maintenance of their units, it’s important to highlight the coffee maker’s built-in features designed to combat these issues. For instance, the Calphalon Coffee Maker comes equipped with a decalcification sensor that alerts the user when it’s time for a cleaning cycle, which helps in maintaining the machine’s optimal performance and extending its lifespan. Users can further ensure the longevity of their coffee maker by following the recommended cleaning protocols detailed in the user manual, thus preventing common issues related to scale buildup and wear.

 Calphalon Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

Use Cases

The Calphalon Automatic Drip Coffee Maker is ideal for:

  • Large families who need to brew multiple cups at once. Its 14-cup capacity ensures that everyone gets their caffeine fix without the need for multiple brewing cycles.
  • Office settings where many people will drink coffee throughout the day. The programmable features and warming plate make it perfect for keeping a fresh pot ready for the entire team.
  • Entertaining when you need to make coffee for guests. The large capacity and consistent brewing quality will impress your guests with delicious coffee.
  • Coffee lovers who want maximum flavor and customization. The adjustable settings allow for a personalized brewing experience to suit individual preferences.
  • Busy individuals who want to wake up to freshly brewed coffee. The “Brew Later” feature allows you to set the machine to automatically start brewing at your desired time.

With its large capacity and robust warming plate, the Calphalon Automatic Drip Coffee Maker allows you to brew coffee for a crowd and keep it piping hot for hours.

User Feedback Analysis

Overall, the Calphalon Automatic Drip Coffee Maker receives generally positive reviews for its ability to produce hot, rich, flavorful coffee that can compete with high-end barista brews. Many users laud the precision temperature calibration and wide saturation showerhead for coaxing the maximum aroma and taste from the grounds. The programmable panel elicits joy and wonder from reviewers as they customize and experiment with brew size and boldness settings to find their perfect cup.

However, some challenges around the carafe and long-term durability emerge. Multiple owners report in their feedback the stubborn tendency of drops to cling to the inside of the glass carafe after pouring, resisting all attempts to fully empty the last precious ounces of liquid gold. The dripping vexes users as they search for travel mugs or position the carafe at physics-defying angles to claim every last sip.

A few consumers also voice concerns around longevity, citing previous experiences with Calphalon Automatic Drip Coffee Maker models that failed too soon, or noticing the warranty is not as generous as higher-end brands. They wonder if the gleaming stainless exterior masks the use of cheaper internal components and materials compared to pricier equivalents. While the Calphalon Automatic Drip Coffee Maker wins on convenience and customization, some are uneasy about whether it will continue functioning flawlessly over years of daily use.

However, defenders point to the affordable price compared to competitors given the robust features. They happily accept needing to replace it after a few years for the convenience of brew-strength personalization and rapid heating. The Calphalon Automatic Drip Coffee Maker endears itself to no-fuss coffee enthusiasts who prioritize a fast, hot brew over elegance and longevity. For those desiring more than a basic pot but below professional grade, it hits the sweet spot on price and capabilities.

In summary, those favoring customization, speed, and heat will find gratification in the Calphalon Automatic Drip Coffee Maker’s abilities, though long-term durability remains a question mark for some based on past Calphalon Automatic Drip Coffee Maker products and reviews. But its capabilities delight those seeking good coffee fast without committing to premium cost.

Pros and Cons


  • brews flavorful, aromatic coffee
  • precise temperature control
  • programmable features add convenience
  • large capacity good for crowds
  • keeps coffee hot for hours
  • sleek and modern design
  • user-friendly interface
  • option to use paper filters


  • carafe may drip and be tricky to empty fully
  • runs very hot initially
  • past models had some durability issues
  • fingerprints show easily on stainless steel exterior


With a $80-100 price point, the Calphalon Automatic Drip Coffee Maker offers solid value given its generous size and premium features like customizable brewing. Comparable programmable coffee makers often cost more. For those needing a large capacity maker with strong performance, it’s a worthwhile investment.

 Calphalon Automatic Drip Coffee Maker


For coffee aficionados that want customization and consistent results from a durable, multifunctional brewer, the Calphalon Automatic Coffee Maker hits the mark. With its precision temperature control and flavor maximizing features, it’s a reliable choice for a daily cup of joe.


  • Brewing Capacity: 14 cups
  • Material: Stainless steel, aluminum
  • Dimensions: 9.69′′D x 11.57′′W x 13.32′′H
  • Weight: 4.8 lbs
  • Wattage: 1050 watts
  • Warranty: 1 year limited

Box Includes

  • Coffee maker unit
  • Glass carafe
  • Reusable filter
  • Single serve scoop
  • Instruction manual

Warranty and Support

The Calphalon 14-Cup Coffee Maker comes with a 3-year warranty, assuring buyers of its durability and the manufacturer’s commitment to quality. This warranty period is competitive, providing extra peace of mind when purchasing this appliance.

User Manual

Before First Use:

  1. Wash carafe, lid, brew basket, filter, and filter holder with mild detergent and water. Rinse thoroughly.
  2. Soak water filter cartridge in cold water for 15 minutes.
  3. Assemble parts and run a brew cycle with water only. Discard water and rinse components.

Setting the Clock:

  1. Plug in the coffee maker. The clock will flash.
  2. Press HR/MIN buttons to set the current time.
  3. OK will appear to confirm the time is set.

Brewing Coffee:

  1. Fill carafe with desired amount of cold water and pour into the reservoir.
  2. Add coffee grounds to the filter (use the included scoop for measurement).
  3. Place carafe on the warming plate.
  4. Press BREW/OFF to start brewing.
  5. For stronger coffee, press STRONG BREW before brewing.
  6. For smaller batches (1-4 cups), press 1-4 CUPS before brewing.

Brew Later Function:

  1. Press BREW LATER.
  2. Use HR/MIN buttons to set desired brew time.
  3. BREW LATER light will illuminate to confirm.

Warming Plate:

  1. Press WARMING TEMP to choose High, Medium, or Low heat.
  2. Press WARMING TIMER to set how long the plate stays on (1-4 hours).


  1. Unplug and let cool before cleaning.
  2. Wash removable parts with mild detergent and water.
  3. Wipe the exterior with a damp cloth.


  1. When the CLEAN light illuminates, fill the carafe with equal parts water and vinegar.
  2. Pour into the reservoir and press CLEAN.
  3. After the cycle, discard the solution and rinse.
  4. Run another cycle with water only.

Important Safeguards:

  1. Do not immerse the coffee maker in water.
  2. Do not operate with an empty water tank.
  3. Unplug when not in use and before cleaning.
  4. Keep away from children.


If you experience any issues, refer to the full user manual or contact Calphalon customer service.