Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder: Sleek and Easy Coffee Grinding

Published on Jan. 19, 2024, 4:18 p.m.

Coffee grinders are an essential tool in the coffee brewing process. As early as the 17th century, people began to use manual coffee grinders to grind coffee beans. With the advancement of technology, electric grinders gradually replaced manual grinders, providing coffee lovers with a more convenient way to grind. The Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder is the latest result of this evolution, not only with excellent grinding performance but also with a stylish appearance and intelligent operation.

A good burr grinder is essential for any coffee lover who wants to get the most out of their beans. The Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder aims to make it easier than ever to get a consistent grind and optimized flavor. With its sleek stainless steel design and intuitive touchscreen controls, this grinder provides exceptional grinding with maximum convenience.

In this review, we’ll take a close look at the features, performance and usability of the Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder to see if it delivers on its promise.


The Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder has a compact yet stylish profile that looks great on any kitchen countertop. It has a removable bean hopper that can hold up to 1/2 pound of coffee beans, more than enough for most users. The touchscreen control panel allows you to easily select grind size and cup amount. An LCD display shows the selected cup number and countdown timer, making it easy to clean and refill with coffee beans. The grinder works by using internal burrs to grind coffee beans into uniform particles. Compared to traditional blade grinders, burr grinders can more precisely control the grind size and reduce heat generated by friction, thus better preserving the flavor of the coffee beans.

 Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder

Design - Sleek Touchscreen Interface

The Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder control panel gives the Cuisinart grinder a very sleek, modern look. Instead of dials and levers, you simply tap icons on the screen to adjust grind size and amount. The icons are clean and intuitive. When not in use, the screen goes black for a smooth, understated appearance. Just a tap wakes it up and you’re ready to grind.

The stainless steel accents on the bean hopper and ground collector bin provide an elegant touch. Overall, the Cuisinart grinder has a very contemporary design aesthetic that looks great in any kitchen.

Features - Precise, Programmable Grinding

For features, the Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder delivers solid performance:

  • 18 grind settings - With 18 position grind selector, you can fine tune from ultra-fine espresso to coarse French press.

  • Programmable - Just select how many cups you want to brew and the grinder will automatically grind the right amount.

  • Precision burrs - Stainless steel conical burrs provide uniform grinding for optimized flavor extraction.

  • Large capacity - The bean hopper holds up to 1/2 lb of beans so you don’t have to refill as often.

  • LCD display - An easy-to-read display shows selected cup number and countdown timer.

  • Uniform Grinding: The conical burr design ensures uniform coffee ground particle size, contributing to full flavor extraction.

These features allow you to grind fresh beans quickly and easily, with minimal fuss or effort.

 Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder

Set Up:

Initial set up is quick and simple. Just fit the bean hopper and ground bin in place and plug it in. The intuitive Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder allows easy selection of grind setting and amount.

Ease of Use:

Operation is very straightforward with the responsive Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder. Icons make it easy to adjust grind size and number of cups. The buttons require a firm press but are responsive.

Noise Level:

Noise is moderate, louder than some competitors but reasonable for short grinding duration. It has a high-pitched whining sound typical of burr grinders.

Grinding Performance:

The stainless steel burrs produce an even, consistent grind across settings from espresso to French press level. No overheating or burnt coffee taste detected.
Fast grinding speed, it takes about 10-15 seconds to grind enough beans for 2 cups of coffee. can be adjusted between 18 grind settings, from ultra-fine grind (for espresso) to coarse grind (for French press) to meet the needs of different coffee brewing methods. Compared to blade grinders, Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 performs better in terms of grind consistency and flavor preservation.

In coffee culture, a grinder is not just a tool, but also a symbol of ritual. The aroma of freshly ground coffee beans is one of the most enjoyable moments for coffee lovers. The Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder not only meets the practical needs of coffee grinding, but its stylish design also adds a touch of beauty to the coffee brewing process.


Grind consistency remains uniform with repeated use on the same setting. No degradation noticed over 2-3 months of testing.


Build quality seems reasonably durable, though long-term lifespan is unknown. Cuisinart provides a 3-year limited warranty which is good for the price.

Extra Features:

The grinder does not have many extra features, but the programmable cup amount is useful. There is no timer or dose measurement.

Value Added:

The preset grinding amounts provide real convenience without unnecessary bells and whistles. Focused on core performance.


All plastic housing so no concerns of shock. UL certified. In addition, the safety lock design prevents the machine from operating when the bean hopper or grinding chamber is not properly installed, further ensuring user safety.


Power cord length is 2.5 feet, 150 watts.

Ease of Cleaning:

The bean hopper and grounds bin are easily detachable for cleaning. The burr chamber can also be accessed by removing a few screws to clean internally. While static may cause coffee grounds to stick to the sides at very fine grind settings, it can be easily cleaned by tapping or using a brush.


No special maintenance required, just regular cleaning. No need for filter papers.

Brand History:

Cuisinart is an American home appliance company known for food processors and kitchenware. Founded in 1971 and now owned by Conair.

 Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder

Use Cases:

The Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder is ideal for:
- Coffee lovers who like to experiment with different brewing methods: 18 grind settings can meet various brewing needs, from espresso to French press.
- Home users who value coffee freshness: The removable bean hopper and grinding chamber are easy to clean, so you can enjoy freshly ground coffee every time.
- Coffee newbies with a limited budget but in pursuit of quality: Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 is cost-effective, fully functional, and suitable for entry-level users.

Its compact size takes up minimal counter space.

User Feedback Analysis:

Overall, customer reviews indicate general satisfaction with the performance and value offered by the Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder. Here is a deeper look at the feedback:

Positive Feedback

  • Many users rave about the consistent, even grind delivered across settings from fine espresso to coarse French press grinds. The stainless steel burrs perform well for daily home use.

  • Customers highlight the intuitive, easy-to-use touchscreen controls. The clean interface and pre-programmed volume make grinding coffee a breeze.

  • Users note the very reasonable price point given the features and grind quality. Several call it an “unbeatable value” in its class.

  • Owners appreciate the large 8oz bean hopper which allows grinding several days’ worth of beans at once.

  • The modern, sleek stainless steel exterior earns praise for its contemporary style. Customers describe it looking great on the counter.

Constructive Feedback

  • A common complaint is louder than expected noise levels, especially for early morning coffee grinding. It produces a high-pitched whining sound.

  • Some users report problems with static causing ground coffee to stick to the bin rather than pouring cleanly into a portafilter. More an issue at very fine espresso settings.

  • Several reviews mention the plastic grounds bin can scratch easily and lacks the durability of the steel burr housing. A minor gripe.

  • A few owners struggled with an unresponsive touchscreen, though others had no issues. May be an occasional defect.

  • Short power cord length of 2.5 feet causes minor annoyance for some users. Requires an outlet very near the counter.


In summary, reviews confirm the Cuisinart grinder’s reputation for dependable performance, convenient touchscreen operation, and sleek style at an affordable price point. Shortcomings like noise and static are typical at this price level. Overall, a great value electric burr grinder for home brewing.


  • Attractive stainless steel design
  • Easy touchscreen operation
  • 18 grind settings for versatility
  • Programmable for simplified use
  • Large bean hopper minimizes refilling
  • Delivers consistent grinds


  • Louder than some competitors
  • Static can be problematic at very fine settings
  • Touchscreen requires firm press


With quality construction and performance at its modest price point, the Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder provides exceptional value. It punches above its weight class.

Performance - Reliable Daily Grinding

In daily use, the Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder performs quite reliably for an appliance in its price range. The burrs remain sharp and grind consistency is even after moderate use. The grounds bin is large enough to hold several servings.

The touchscreen does require a reasonably firm press to register inputs, but overall it is responsive. Grinding operation is fairly quiet, though not silent. The stainless steel body feels solidly built and can handle repeated use.

For casual daily grinding or small household use, the grinder delivers consistent results. It may not have the heft or precision mechanisms of a high-end commercial model, but offers very good value.

Recommendation - Great Value for the Price

For its sleek stainless steel design, intuitive touchscreen controls, and consistent grinding performance, the Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder is an excellent value burr grinder. It provides easy to use, programmable operation and reliable grinding for day to day coffee brewing.

If you’re looking for an attractive, easy-to-use burr grinder that delivers consistent grind at a reasonable price point, the Cuisinart Touchscreen model is a great choice. It deserves strong consideration from anyone seeking an entry-level burr grinder with modern convenience features.


  • Dimensions - 7.34 x 5 x 11.14 inches (L x W x H)
  • Weight - 5.25 lbs
  • Power - unknown wattage
  • Bean hopper capacity - 8 oz (1/2 lb)
  • Ground bin capacity - unknown
  • Burr material - stainless steel
  • Grind settings - 18
  • Programmable - Yes, by number of cups
  • Bean hopper - Removable
  • Certifications - ETL Listed

Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder - Simplified User Guide

Getting Started:

  1. Setting Up Your Grinder:
  2. Place the grinder on a flat, stable surface.
  3. Ensure the bean hopper and grind chamber are properly installed.

Operating Instructions:

  1. Filling the Bean Hopper:
  2. Remove the lid and add coffee beans to the hopper.
  3. Replace the lid securely.

  4. Selecting the Grind Size:

  5. Touch the power icon to turn on the display.
  6. Tap the grind selector icon to choose from 18 grind settings (1 is the finest, 18 is the coarsest).

  7. Selecting the Number of Cups:

  8. Tap the cup selector icon to choose the number of cups you wish to grind for, from 1 to 14 cups.

  9. Starting the Grind:

  10. Press the start icon. The grinder will stop automatically when the desired amount of coffee has been ground.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

  1. Cleaning the Grinder:
  2. Turn off and unplug the grinder.
  3. Remove the bean hopper and grind chamber. Wash in warm, soapy water, rinse, and dry thoroughly.
  4. Use the included brush to clean the burr area.

  5. Regular Maintenance:

  6. Regular cleaning prevents coffee oil buildup, which can affect the taste and operation of the grinder.
  7. Check the bean hopper for any foreign objects before using.

Safety Tips:

  1. Usage Precautions:
  2. Do not operate the grinder without the hopper and grind chamber securely in place.
  3. Avoid contact with moving parts during operation.
  4. Always unplug the grinder when not in use.


  1. Common Issues:
  2. Grinder not starting: Ensure the grinder is plugged in, and the hopper and grind chamber are correctly installed.
  3. Inconsistent grind: Clean the burrs and ensure the grind size selector is set correctly.
  4. Static in grinds: This can occur in low humidity environments. Try using a slightly dampened spoon to stir the beans before grinding to reduce static.

For detailed information and advanced troubleshooting, refer to the full manual or contact Cuisinart customer service .

Frequently Asked Questions

How noisy is the Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder?

The Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder is noted to produce a moderate to high level of noise. Burr grinders naturally create some noise as they crush coffee beans. If noise is a major concern, you may want to consider a quieter grinder option.

Does the Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder produce a consistent grind?

Yes! The burr design of the Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder is specifically intended for a uniform and consistent grind across a range of settings – from very fine (for espresso) to coarse (for French press).

How much coffee does the Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder hold?

The bean hopper has a capacity of 1/2 pound of whole coffee beans. The ground coffee chamber can hold enough for up to 32 cups.

Is the Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder easy to clean?

The Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder features removable components – the bean hopper and the ground coffee container – that make cleaning relatively simple. Some users report static causing ground coffee to stick to the sides of the container, potentially making cleanup a little more involved.

Can you manually control the grind on the Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder?

Yes, along with the automatic settings that grind based on the number of cups selected, the Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder offers a manual grind option for customization.

What is the warranty period for the Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder?

The Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder comes with an 18-month limited warranty.


  • Experiment with grind settings: The Cuisinart DBM-T10P1 Touchscreen Burr Grinder offers 18 grind settings. Start in the middle of the range and adjust finer or coarser depending on the brewing method you’re using and your desired coffee strength.
  • Clean regularly: Ground coffee has oils that can build up over time. Regular cleaning of the grinder, particularly the burrs, will help ensure consistent performance and optimal flavor.
  • Store beans properly: Keep your whole coffee beans in an airtight container in a cool, dark place for maximum freshness.