Neretva PE3660U 20 Bar Espresso Machine - Just Right for Home Italian Flair

Published on Jan. 27, 2024, 10:03 a.m.

History and Culture

Espresso, particularly the espresso shot or “short black,” originated in Italy and has become an integral part of Italian coffee culture. Over time, espresso has gained popularity worldwide and has become an indispensable component of modern life.

Want to DIY an authentic Italian-style coffee at home? The Neretva PE3660U Espresso Machine is just the ticket. As a feature-packed yet affordable espresso machine, it can help you whip up a variety of delicious coffee drinks right in your own kitchen. Let’s take a comprehensive look at what makes this coffee machine special.


The Neretva PE3660U 20 Bar Espresso Machine is an automatic espresso machine with a 20 bar pump encased in a stainless steel body. It combines espresso extraction, milk frothing, and heating into one appliance, allowing you to make intense Italian espresso, silky lattes, and airy cappuccinos. Its 1.8L water tank reduces the hassle of frequent refilling. The machine also comes with a dual-spout portafilter and two filter baskets to customize espresso shot volumes per your taste.


  • 20 bar pump pressure
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Steam wand for frothing milk
  • Dual wall filters
  • Large 1.8L water tank

 Neretva PE3660U 20 Bar Espresso Machine


The Neretva PE3660U 20 Bar Espresso Machine features a sleek and modern stainless steel exterior that will look elegant on any kitchen countertop. The top cover, water tank, and control knobs are black plastic for an accent contrast. It has a relatively compact footprint, measuring just 11” x 12” x 9.1”. The packaging showcases the machine’s streamlined silhouette with minimal text.

 Neretva PE3660U 20 Bar Espresso Machine

Ease of Use

This is a fairly automated espresso maker, with preset one and two shot volumes at the touch of a button. It can deliver espresso in around 25 seconds thanks to its rapid heat up time and 20 bar pressure pump. The steam wand automatically steams and froths milk with a simple rotating knob to adjust foam texture. Overall, it is easy to operate for beginners while still allowing some customization for more advanced users.

Brewing Types

The Neretva PE3660U 20 Bar Espresso Machine is designed for ground coffee only and does not support coffee pods or capsules. It can brew single or double shots of espresso, as well as froth milk for cappuccinos and lattes.

Coffee Quality

Users report the espresso shots have an excellent mouthfeel - rich and velvety with a hazelnut crema. The 20 bar pressure extracts maximum flavor for an authentic Italian espresso profile.

Educational Insights

High-pressure espresso machines extract the essence from coffee beans by passing hot water through them at high pressure, resulting in the production of rich and flavorful coffee. This method of preparation allows for the extraction of more solubles from the coffee beans, resulting in a more intense coffee flavor.

Temperature Control

Unknown specific temperature control details, but an auto-heating system keeps water and cups at optimal brewing and drinking temperatures.

 Neretva PE3660U 20 Bar Espresso Machine


20 bars of pressure.

The Role of Pressure in Espresso Machines

Pressure, measured in bars, where one bar is equivalent to atmospheric pressure at sea level, is crucial in forcing hot water through finely-ground coffee. This process extracts the flavors and oils that are essential for a full-bodied espresso. Here’s a breakdown of how pressure works in this context:

  1. Optimal Extraction: The Neretva PE3660U’s 20-bar pressure ensures that water is pushed through the coffee grounds at an optimal rate. The high pressure is necessary to overcome the resistance of the tightly packed grounds and to facilitate the extraction of soluble compounds that contribute to the taste and aroma of espresso.

  2. Speed and Efficiency: High pressure shortens the brewing time, which is critical in preventing over-extraction—a common issue that can lead to bitterness. The rapid extraction process allows for capturing the essence of the coffee, including desirable flavors and aromatic oils, while minimizing the extraction of unwanted bitter compounds.

  3. Crema Production: Crema, the creamy, light-colored foam on top of an espresso, is created by the high-pressure emulsification of oils and air in the coffee. The presence of a good crema is often considered a sign of a well-extracted shot of espresso and is cherished for its rich texture and flavor-enhancing properties.

  4. Control and Consistency: The ability to maintain consistent high pressure, as seen in the Neretva PE3660U, ensures uniformity in extraction from one cup to another. This consistency is vital for both personal and commercial settings, where predictability in quality is key.

The Physics Behind Espresso Extraction

The physics of espresso making is fundamentally about the dynamics of fluid flow and solubility. Under high pressure, hot water rapidly saturates the coffee grounds, dissolving the soluble solids. The pressurized environment inside an espresso machine facilitates a greater interaction between the water and coffee particles, effectively increasing the solubility rate of the coffee solutes.

 Neretva PE3660U 20 Bar Espresso Machine

Milk Frothing

The built-in steam wand can quickly froth milk for lattes and cappuccinos. The frothing pitcher capacity is unknown.

Water Tank

The 1.8L water tank capacity allows brewing multiple drinks before needing a refill. The tank is removable for easy cleaning and filling.


The dual wall filter system allows customization of shot volumes and strength. The powerful 20 bar Italian pump delivers exceptional flavor extraction.


The 20 bar pump produces noise during extraction that some users find loud.


Made of BPA-free materials. Unknown other electrical safety certifications.


1350 watts. Power cord length unspecified.

Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Clean the drip tray and filter basket after each use.
  • Regularly clean the espresso machine with a mixture of cleaning solution.
  • Follow the user manual for maintenance and upkeep to ensure long-term reliable operation of the espresso machine.

Value Added Features

The core espresso brewing, steam wand, and heating abilities provide excellent functionality without unnecessary extras.

Brand & History

Neretva is a global kitchen appliance brand founded in 2008 known for quality and innovative design. Their espresso machines are new to the market but offer good performance for the price.

 Neretva PE3660U 20 Bar Espresso Machine

Use Cases

The Neretva PE3660U espresso machine is perfect for home use. Its compact size takes up minimal counter space, making it ideal even for small kitchens. Enjoy a handcrafted shot of espresso to start your mornings, or make lattes and cappuccinos for afternoon coffee breaks. With the power of its 20 bar pump, the Neretva PE3660U 20 Bar Espresso Machine can keep up with the coffee demands of the whole family, from parents rushing off to work to teens cramming for exams. Its simple interface and automatic features mean anyone can use it, not just trained baristas. The Neretva PE3660U 20 Bar Espresso Machine also shines during dinner parties and family gatherings - guests will be impressed with your homemade latte art creations.

User Feedback

Overall, customer reviews indicate high satisfaction with the Neretva PE3660U 20 Bar Espresso Machine as an affordable home espresso machine that can brew cafe-quality drinks. The vast majority of users praise its ease of use, performance, durability, and value.

In terms of ease of use, reviewers say the machine is straightforward to operate even for beginners. The buttons and knobs provide intuitive control over brewing and frothing. First-time users report mastering the machine in just a few tries. The included manual provides clear guidance as well.

Users consistently highlight the machine’s excellent espresso extraction capabilities. It brews smooth, full-bodied espresso with a thick, hazelnut crema that rivals far more expensive models. Many attribute this top-notch performance to the 20 bar Italian pump, which rapidly builds pressure and infuses rich flavor.

The steam wand earns acclaim for quickly frothing milk to the perfect texture for silky cappuccinos and lattes. While latte art takes practice, many reviewers were able to pour presentable hearts and rosettas after some use.

In terms of build quality, customers describe the Neretva PE3660U 20 Bar Espresso Machine as well-constructed from durable stainless steel that feels solid and robust. They report it holding up well over years of daily use without any issues. The water tank and drip tray are convenient to remove and refill as needed.

Nearly all reviews say this machine provides tremendous value at its accessible price point. For buyers wanting high-end home espresso without a high price tag, it delivers everything needed for delicious espresso and milk drinks passable to a coffee shop.

Complaints about the Neretva PE3660U 20 Bar Espresso Machine are rare and tend to involve defective units or missing parts - however Neretva appears very responsive about replacing flawed machines and providing missing accessories. Otherwise, potential downsides mentioned are the noisy operation and difficulty removing the portafilter for cleaning. But these do not seem to outweigh the machine’s overall ease of use and performance for most purchasers.

In summary, real-world testing by customers confirms the Neretva PE3660U 20 Bar Espresso Machine performs excellently as a home espresso maker that punches far above its weight class. It earns consistent praise as an affordable workhorse able to compete against far costlier models when it comes to making cafe-quality coffee beverages accessible right from your own kitchen. For the price, users say it provides everything needed for delicious espresso drinks and has the power to keep up with the demands of daily home use for years. Considering its reasonable price tag and robust feature set, customer consensus is that the Neretva PE3660U 20 Bar Espresso Machine is a fantastic value purchase for home baristas wanting great espresso without breaking the bank.


  • Powerful 20 bar pressure pump provides robust espresso extraction
  • Heats up in just 1 minute for quick coffee on demand
  • Compact and lightweight stainless steel body is durable and easy to clean
  • Automatically keeps shots at optimum drinking temperature
  • Large 1.8L tank requires less frequent refilling
  • Easy to master with simple 1-button operation
  • Consistent results rival expensive commercial machines
  • Great value for features and performance


  • Steam wand can be tricky for beginners to master latte art
  • Louder than some models when extracting espresso
  • Portafilter is difficult to remove for cleaning
  • Maximum pump pressure less than advertised 20 bars according to some reviews


At around $160, the Neretva PE3660U espresso machine packs impressive performance and features for the price. It can rival machines costing twice as much when it comes to flavor and function. For an affordable, everyday home model that makes cafe-quality coffee drinks, the Neretva PE3660U 20 Bar Espresso Machine delivers tremendous value. The combination of its 20 bar pressure pump, efficient heating system, dedicated steam wand, and convenient 1.8L tank provide everything needed to make espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos just like a professional barista. While premium commercial-grade units remain the domain of coffee enthusiasts, the Neretva PE3660U 20 Bar Espresso Machine hits the sweet spot for the average home user. For the majority of kitchens, it’s an ideal single-machine solution for delivering delicious espresso drinks passably on par with your local coffee shop.

So if you’re looking for cafe-quality espresso drinks from the comfort of home, the Neretva PE3660U Espresso Machine delivers on all fronts. With excellent pressure extraction, flexible customization, and easy milk frothing, this machine makes it possible for anyone to be a home barista.

 Neretva PE3660U 20 Bar Espresso Machine


  • Pump Pressure: 20 bar
  • Boiler Material: Stainless Steel
  • Steam Wand: Stainless Steel
  • Water Tank Capacity: 1.8 L
  • Dimensions: 11” D x 12” W x 9.1” H
  • Weight: 5.3 kg
  • Power: 1350 watts
  • Frothing pitcher material: unknown
  • Portafilter material: unknown

Box Contains

  • Espresso machine
  • Portafilter
  • Coffee spoon
  • 2 filter baskets
  • Milk frothing pitcher
  • User manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Neretva PE3660U 20 Bar Espresso Machine easy to use?

Yes, the Neretva PE3660U 20 Bar Espresso Machine is easy to use. It has a simple control panel with just a few buttons, and it comes with a detailed instruction manual that walks you through the brewing process step-by-step.

What kind of coffee drinks can I make with the Neretva PE3660U 20 Bar Espresso Machine?

You can make a variety of coffee drinks with the Neretva PE3660U 20 Bar Espresso Machine, including espresso, cappuccino, latte, and macchiato. It also has a steam wand for frothing milk.

How do I clean the Neretva PE3660U 20 Bar Espresso Machine?

The Neretva PE3660U 20 Bar Espresso Machine is easy to clean. The water tank, drip tray, and portafilter are all removable and dishwasher safe. The steam wand can be cleaned by wiping it down with a damp cloth.


  • Use fresh, cold water for the best results.
  • Grind your coffee beans just before brewing.
  • Tamp the coffee grounds firmly into the portafilter.
  • Use the steam wand to froth milk for cappuccinos and lattes.
  • Clean the machine regularly to keep it in good working condition.