CHULUX QF-CM804 Single Serve Coffee Maker: A Portable Single Serve Coffee Machine

Published on Jan. 27, 2024, 8:58 a.m.

Coffee culture has evolved into a vibrant tapestry of traditions, rituals, and preferences around the world. In Italy, espresso is savored in quick, standing-only bars, while in Turkey, coffee is prepared and served with elaborate rituals. In Scandinavia, coffee is an integral part of hygge, the concept of cozy contentment, while in the United States, coffee shops serve as social hubs and places of work.

For coffee lovers who want the convenience of brewing one fresh cup at a time, a single serve coffee maker like the CHULUX QF-CM804 is a great choice. Single serve brewers have exploded in popularity for their speed, simplicity, and lack of waste. Let’s take a closer look at this compact and portable coffee machine.

 CHULUX QF-CM804 Single Serve Coffee Maker


The CHULUX QF-CM804 Single Serve Coffee Maker is a capsule-style brewer that makes one cup of coffee at a time. Key specs:

  • Brand: CHULUX
  • Model Number: QF-CM804
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 10 oz
  • Power: 1000W
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Dimensions: 8.7” x 5.1” x 9.8”

Features - Convenient Single Serve

The CHULUX QF-CM804 Single Serve Coffee Maker has many convenient features tailored for single serve brewing:

  • Compatible with capsules or ground coffee
  • One button operation with indicator light
  • Auto shut-off for safety
  • Large 10 oz water reservoir with measurement markings
  • Fast 1000W heating for quick brews
  • Removable drip tray to accommodate travel mugs

The Science Behind Coffee Brewing

The magic behind a delicious cup of coffee lies in the intricate interplay of science and craftsmanship. Coffee beans, the seeds of the Coffea plant, undergo a meticulous process of roasting, grinding, and brewing to release their complex flavors and aromas.

Roasting: During roasting, coffee beans are subjected to heat, transforming their chemical composition and developing their signature characteristics. Light roasts retain subtle flavors and bright acidity, while dark roasts produce bold, intense flavors and a rich aroma.

Grinding: The grind size of coffee beans plays a crucial role in the brewing process. A finer grind extracts more flavor and produces a stronger cup, while a coarser grind results in a lighter, more delicate brew.

Brewing Methods: The chosen brewing method dictates the interaction between hot water and coffee grounds, influencing the extraction of flavor compounds. Drip coffee makers allow hot water to slowly filter through the grounds, while French presses immerse the grounds in hot water, resulting in a full-bodied cup. Espresso machines force hot water through finely-ground coffee at high pressure, producing a concentrated, intensely flavorful shot.

Design - Sleek and Simple

The CHULUX coffee maker features a sleek stainless steel design with clean lines. It has a modern, minimalist look that would fit nicely in any kitchen. The compact footprint doesn’t take up much counter space.

The CHULUX QF-CM804 Single Serve Coffee Maker features an auto shut-off function, which means the coffee maker will automatically turn off after brewing is complete, ensuring safety and saving electricity. This feature is particularly suitable for users who may forget to turn off appliances, providing convenience for busy mornings or office settings.

 CHULUX QF-CM804 Single Serve Coffee Maker

Ease of Use

With quick one-touch operation, the CHULUX QF-CM804 Single Serve Coffee Maker makes coffee in just 2-3 minutes. The automatic shut-off means you don’t have to monitor it while brewing.

It is compatible with K-Cup pods for no-fuss brewing. There are no complicated settings or programming.

Coffee Quality

The fast 1000W heating system brings water to the optimal brewing temperature for rich, robust coffee flavor. Reviewers praise the coffee for being consistently hot and full-bodied.

How Coffee Makers Work

The basic principle of a coffee maker is to heat the water source and pass the hot water through high-pressure pumps over the coffee grounds, ultimately extracting concentrated coffee liquid. The CHULUX QF-CM804 single-cup coffee maker uses a 1000-watt heating element to quickly heat water and employs an internal high-pressure pump to pressurize the water to the ideal level, ensuring full extraction of coffee essence while maintaining its aroma and flavor.

 CHULUX QF-CM804 Single Serve Coffee Maker

Brewing Technology

The CHULUX QF-CM804 Single Serve Coffee Maker uses K-Cup pod brewing technology. It includes a reusable filter basket so you can use your own ground coffee if desired. The machine is designed for single serve coffee pods.

Temperature Control

There are no customizable temperature controls. The preset heat brings water to the ideal brewing temperature.


The brewing pressure is not adjustable. It uses standard pressure for K-Cup pod brewing.

Water Reservoir

The 10 oz reservoir allows brewing 1-2 mugs before refilling. The reservoir is not removable. It must be refilled directly in the machine.


This straightforward model focuses on convenience and simplicity rather than innovative features. It delivers hot, fast brewing in a compact machine.

Additional Functions

The only function is brewing coffee. There are no other programmable settings like a timer, clock, or warming plate.


It operates quietly, especially compared to models with grinders. The only noise is the water heating up.
 CHULUX QF-CM804 Single Serve Coffee Maker


The stainless steel construction and concealed piercing tips ensure safe operation. Auto shut-off prevents overheating.

Power Source

It uses a standard 120V power cord with an unknown length. No battery or portable operation.


Cleaning your CHULUX QF-CM804 Single Serve Coffee Maker is straightforward. After each use, it is recommended to dispose of the used capsule and wipe the machine with a damp cloth. To maintain optimal performance and hygiene, it is advised to run a cleaning cycle with a solution of water and vinegar once a week. Additionally, the removable drip tray and filter basket can be rinsed with water or placed in the dishwasher.

Detailed maintenance steps include:
1. After each use, clean the exterior of the machine with a damp cloth.
2. Perform a deep cleaning weekly by running a rinse cycle with a solution of 4 parts water to 1 part vinegar.
3. Check and clean the water tank regularly to prevent scale and coffee residue buildup that can affect the machine’s performance.


Little maintenance is required other than rinsing out the parts. No paper filters or other consumables needed.

Brand & History

The CHULUX brand is committed not only to providing efficient and convenient coffee machines but also to promoting coffee culture. Originating in Africa, coffee has become one of the most popular beverages worldwide after centuries of evolution and dissemination. Our goal is to merge this rich drinking history with modern technology to deliver the best coffee experience to every household.

 CHULUX QF-CM804 Single Serve Coffee Maker

Use Cases

The CHULUX QF-CM804 Single Serve Coffee Maker is perfect for:

  • Travel - With its lightweight and compact size, it’s easy to pack in your suitcase and brew fresh coffee in your hotel room. No need to rely on subpar lobby coffee.

  • Small households - Single serve is ideal for one or two person households who don’t want to brew full pots of wasted coffee. Brew just what you need.

  • Office use - Coworkers can each brew their preferred coffee pod at their desk. No more coffee runs needed!

User Review Analysis: Unveiling Customer Sentiment and Insights

Delving into the depths of user reviews for the CHULUX QF-CM804 Single Serve Coffee Maker reveals a symphony of praises and a few murmurs for improvement. Overall, the coffee maker strikes a harmonious chord with a resounding 4.2 out of 5-star rating, showcasing its ability to brew satisfying cups of joe.

Melody of Praises:

A chorus of users applauds the coffee maker’s speed and convenience. The swift brewing time of 2-3 minutes is a sweet note for busy mornings, while the one-touch operation is a harmonious melody for those seeking simplicity. The compact size and portability are further applauded, making the machine a travel companion for coffee enthusiasts on the go.

The coffee quality receives rave reviews, with users praising the bold, rich flavor that rivals coffee shop brews. The ability to use both K-Cup pods and ground coffee adds versatility to the experience, catering to diverse preferences.

Price Harmony:

The affordable price tag is music to the ears of budget-conscious shoppers, making the CHULUX QF-CM804 a compelling choice for those seeking value for money. Users appreciate the high performance-to-price ratio, especially when compared to pricier brands.

Room for Improvement:

Amidst the positive feedback, a few discordant notes emerge. Some users lament the small water reservoir, which requires frequent refilling. Occasional reports of leaks and splattering during brewing suggest areas for potential refinement.

Overall Sentiment:

Despite these minor imperfections, the CHULUX QF-CM804 Single Serve Coffee Maker strikes a harmonious chord with users, garnering a positive reputation for its convenience, coffee quality, and affordability. For those seeking a fuss-free, budget-friendly way to brew delicious coffee, the CHULUX QF-CM804 is a melody worth considering.


  • Fast brew time
  • Hot coffee temperature
  • Compact and portable
  • Simple one-button operation
  • Reusable filter included
  • Affordable price point


  • Small 10 oz water reservoir
  • Lid can drip when opened
  • No programmable features
  • Reports of occasional splattering


At well under $100, the CHULUX QF-CM804 Single Serve Coffee Maker costs a fraction compared to popular brand name models but produces coffee nearly as good. For shoppers who want tasty coffee without the premium price tag, this machine delivers excellent value.


With its fast brew time, hot temperature, and easy portability, the CHULUX QF-CM804 Single Serve Coffee Maker is a smart choice for coffee lovers on the go. It brews a delicious cup of coffee in minutes with no fuss. For an affordable but high performing single serve machine, the CHULUX QF-CM804 is hard to beat.

 CHULUX QF-CM804 Single Serve Coffee Maker


  • Brand: CHULUX
  • Model Number: QF-CM804
  • Brewing Technology: K-Cup pod
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 8.7 x 5.1 x 9.8 inches
  • Reservoir Capacity: 10 oz
  • Power: 1000W
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Weight: Unknown

Box Contents

The CHULUX QF-CM804 Single Serve Coffee Maker box includes:

  • Main coffee maker unit
  • Removable drip tray and cover
  • Filter basket
  • Instruction manual

Instruction manual

Setting Up Your Coffee Maker

  1. Unpack and Inspect: Carefully unpack the coffee maker and its accessories, checking for any damage.

  2. Choose a Location: Place the coffee maker on a flat, level surface away from direct sunlight, heat sources, and water sources.

  3. Remove Protective Films: Remove any protective films or stickers from the machine.

  4. Clean Before First Use: Wipe down the exterior surfaces with a damp cloth. Wash the drip tray and reusable filter in warm, soapy water.

  5. Fill the Water Reservoir: Open the water tank lid and fill it with fresh, cold water up to the desired level. Close the lid securely.

  6. Prime the Machine: Run a brewing cycle with water only, discarding the water afterward. This will remove any factory residue and prime the machine for regular use.

Brewing Your Coffee

  1. Insert a Capsule or Ground Coffee: Lift the capsule lid and place a K-Cup pod into the brew basket. Alternatively, fill the reusable filter with 1-2 tablespoons of ground coffee and place it in the brew basket.

  2. Close the Capsule Lid: Lower the capsule lid and make sure it’s securely latched.

  3. Place a Mug: Position your mug on the drip tray, ensuring it’s centered under the spout.

  4. Select Brew Size: Press the brew button once to select a small (6 oz) cup or twice for a large (10 oz) cup. The indicator light will turn blue to indicate the selected size.

  5. Initiate Brewing: Press the brew button again. The machine will heat the water and begin the brewing process. The indicator light will turn white while brewing.

  6. Enjoy Your Coffee: Once the brewing cycle is complete, the indicator light will turn off. Carefully remove your mug and enjoy your freshly brewed coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the CHULUX QF-CM804 Single Serve Coffee Maker use both coffee capsules and ground coffee?

Yes, the CHULUX QF-CM804 Single Serve Coffee Maker is designed to be versatile. You can use your favorite coffee capsules for convenience or switch to ground coffee with a reusable filter (not included).

How much water does the CHULUX QF-CM804 Single Serve Coffee Maker hold?

The machine features a graduated water tank that holds between 4-10 ounces. This allows you to precisely control the strength and volume of your coffee.

Is the CHULUX QF-CM804 Single Serve Coffee Maker easy to clean?

Yes! The CHULUX QF-CM804 Single Serve Coffee Maker is designed for easy maintenance. After brewing, simply discard the used capsule. For deeper cleaning, periodically run the machine with water and vinegar to remove buildup. The removable drip tray also ensures your brewing space stays tidy.

How quickly does the CHULUX QF-CM804 Single Serve Coffee Maker brew my coffee?

Thanks to its powerful 1000W heating element, the CHULUX QF-CM804 Single Serve Coffee Maker brews a fresh cup of coffee in approximately 2-3 minutes.

Is the CHULUX QF-CM804 Single Serve Coffee Maker suitable for travel?

While its compact size makes it more portable than traditional coffee makers, there are smaller, specifically travel-oriented coffee makers on the market. It depends on your travel needs and how much space you have.


  • Experiment with different water amounts: The water reservoir’s measurement lines let you customize the strength of your coffee.
  • Preheat your mug: Rinse your mug with hot water before brewing for an even hotter cup of coffee.
  • Pair with a milk frother: Expand your drink options by using a frother to make cappuccinos or lattes.
  • Clean regularly: To ensure optimal performance and flavor, run a cleaning cycle with water and vinegar on a regular basis.