The Coffee Gator 6-Cup Moka Pot: A Classic Italian Stovetop Espresso Maker

Published on Oct. 22, 2023, 4:47 p.m.

For espresso aficionados, there’s nothing quite like the rich, velvety taste of espresso brewed in a Coffee Gator 6 Cup Moka Pot. This classic stovetop espresso maker produces 6 servings of authentic Italian-style espresso to jumpstart your day.
 Coffee Gator 6 Cup Moka Pot


With its elegant matte gray exterior and traditional Italian design, the Coffee Gator 6 Cup Moka Pot adds a touch of European flair to your countertop. Crafted from premium aluminum with a cool-touch handle and steam safety valve, it brings together functionality and classic style.

 Coffee Gator 6 Cup Moka Pot

Design & Appearance

The Coffee Gator 6 Cup Moka Pot features a chic matte gray aluminum exterior and a traditional Italian octagonal shape. Its classic design harkens back to the original Moka Pot invented in Italy in 1933. The aluminum construction ensures even heat distribution, while the heat-resistant handle and steam safety valve make operation safe and easy.

Features & Functionality

This stovetop espresso maker uses steam pressure to push hot water from the base chamber up through the coffee grounds to extract maximum flavor. As the water boils, the pressure forces it to flow up through a filter basket containing your favorite finely ground coffee. The end result is 6 servings of rich, velvety espresso with a delicious crema on top.

The Coffee Gator 6 Cup Moka Pot can be used on any stovetop, whether gas, electric, ceramic or induction. The simple design makes it easy to operate - just fill the base with water, add coffee grounds to the filter basket, and place on the stovetop.

Brewing Process

Brewing coffee in the Moka Pot is wonderfully straightforward:

  1. Fill base chamber with water just below the pressure valve
  2. Add ground coffee to filter basket
  3. Assemble and tighten pot
  4. Place on stove and brew until gurgling sound
  5. Remove from heat and enjoy!

 Coffee Gator 6 Cup Moka Pot

Coffee Quality

The moka pot brewing process extracts rich, aromatic espresso by gradually pushing heated water and steam through the coffee grounds. Reviewers praise the Coffee Gator model for producing full-bodied espresso with a velvety texture and thick, long-lasting crema.


The Coffee Gator 6 Cup Moka Pot’s simple 3-piece design is easy to disassemble for cleaning. All parts are dishwasher safe except for the aluminum exterior which is recommended to be hand washed. Users appreciate the hassle-free cleanup.

Noise Level

As a purely stovetop operated appliance with no motor or pump, the Coffee Gator 6 Cup Moka Pot itself produces no noise. Some hissing or gurgling may occur when brewing or releasing pressure/steam.

Power Source

No batteries or electricity required! The Coffee Gator 6 Cup Moka Pot runs entirely off stovetop heat from your gas, electric or induction range. This makes it convenient for off-grid or alternative power situations.

Brand History & Reputation

Founded in 2015, Coffee Gator is committed to helping people brew high-quality coffee at home. They are renowned for their elegantly designed and highly functional coffee brewers that make it easy for anyone to become a coffee connoisseur.

Ideal Use Cases

The Coffee Gator 6 Cup Moka Pot is perfect for espresso drinkers looking to brew authentic, cafe-quality espresso at home. It’s ideal for making espresso shots to use in popular milk-based drinks like cappuccinos and lattes. The 6-cup capacity also makes it great for entertaining guests or when you need to fuel up with multiple shots of espresso. Its stovetop design suits any kitchen, and is especially convenient for RVs, boats, or off-grid living situations without electricity.

Customer Feedback Analysis

With over 3,400 global customer reviews, the Coffee Gator 6 Cup Moka Pot is one of the most widely reviewed stovetop espresso makers available. The overwhelmingly positive feedback provides valuable insights into users’ real-world experiences with this classic moka pot.

The vast majority of reviews glow with praise for the Coffee Gator’s ease of use, brewing performance and quality construction. Amateur and pro baristas alike are blown away by its ability to brew “smooth, velvety espresso” that rivals expensive café machines. First-time moka pot owners are pleasantly surprised at how their “kitchen is filled with the aroma of fresh espresso” every morning thanks to the Coffee Gator.

Many reviews compare the Coffee Gator favorably to traditional Bialetti moka pots in terms of durability and espresso flavor. Coffee aficionados note that the Coffee Gator’s thicker aluminum and tighter seal results in hotter brewing temperatures and more extraction from the coffee grounds. Several mention being able to coax a syrupy, complex espresso with heavy crema that “puts my old Bialetti to shame.”

Apart from rave reviews for taste and performance, users also praise the well-designed stainless steel decanter top that allows for easy pouring without scalding their hands. Likewise, the ergonomic handle makes it easy to transport the pot safely once brewing is complete. Parents trying to limit their coffee gadgets appreciate that the Coffee Gator does double duty as both a daily espresso maker and hot cocoa pot for kids.

For those few less enthusiastic reviews, common complaints cite issues using the moka pot on induction ranges or wish the capacity was larger than 6 ounces. However, the overwhelming majority of feedback concludes that the Coffee Gator 6 Cup Moka Pot brews an unbeatable cup of rich, aromatic, crema-topped espresso.

Pros & Cons


  • Makes 6 servings of rich espresso
  • Traditional Italian octagonal design
  • Durable aluminum and stainless steel material
  • Works on all stovetop types
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Small 6 oz capacity
  • May not work on all induction stovetops
  • Handwash only


With its premium construction and performance, the Coffee Gator 6 Cup Moka Pot is an excellent value for under $35. Compared to most electric espresso machines which cost hundreds of dollars, this stovetop maker is a budget-friendly option. For the price, you get a high-quality, Italian-made moka pot that makes smooth, authentic espresso for years to come.
 Coffee Gator 6 Cup Moka Pot


For an authentic Italian espresso experience, the Coffee Gator 6 Cup Moka Pot is an excellent choice. With its classic octagonal shape, premium aluminum body, and simple stovetop brewing method, this moka pot enables coffee lovers to easily brew smooth, rich espresso drinks at home.


  • Brand: Coffee Gator
  • Model Number: XPRSSO-ALUM-INDN-USA
  • Capacity: 350 mL
  • Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 9.02 x 7.9 x 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.95 lbs
  • Power: 230W
  • Maximum Pressure: unknown
  • Stovetop Compatibility: Gas, Electric, Ceramic, Induction

Box Contents

The Coffee Gator 6 Cup Moka Pot comes packaged with:

  • Moka pot main unit
  • 2 stainless steel espresso mugs
  • User manual

How to Use

To brew espresso in the Coffee Gator 6 Cup Moka Pot:

  1. Fill base chamber with water up to pressure valve
  2. Place ground coffee in filter basket
  3. Screw on top section tightly
  4. Place pot on stovetop over medium-high heat
  5. Remove from heat when gurgling sound starts
  6. Pour espresso and enjoy!

## Frequently Asked Questions

### Can I use the Coffee Gator 6 Cup Moka Pot on an induction stove?

Yes, the product description states it’s compatible with induction cooktops, along with gas stoves.

### What type of coffee should I use in the Coffee Gator 6 Cup Moka Pot?

To get the best flavor, use freshly ground espresso roast coffee. The coffee needs to be ground finely, slightly coarser than you’d use for a standard espresso machine, which helps build the appropriate pressure during brewing.

### How do I clean the Coffee Gator 6 Cup Moka Pot?

The manufacturer recommends simple handwashing with warm water and mild soap. Avoid abrasive cleaners as they can damage the finish. While it may seem convenient, it’s not recommended for the dishwasher, as the harsh detergents may affect the aluminum’s integrity.

### How much coffee does the Coffee Gator 6 Cup Moka Pot make?

While labeled as a 6-cup pot, keep in mind that a moka pot “cup” is traditionally much smaller than a standard coffee cup. It yields roughly 350 ml or 12 ounces of espresso-style coffee. This will be enough for several small espresso shots or a couple of larger lattes.

### Does the Coffee Gator 6 Cup Moka Pot come with a warranty?

Unfortunately, the provided product description doesn’t specify warranty information. You’ll likely find details on the manufacturer’s website or in the packaging it arrives in.

## Tips

  • Experiment with grind size: The perfect grind for your moka pot makes a big difference. Start with a medium-fine grind and adjust coarser or finer as needed to get the flavor you prefer.
  • Preheat your water: Warm water helps speed up the brewing process, preventing your coffee from having a burnt taste.
  • Don’t tamp the grounds: Unlike an espresso machine, tamping the coffee in the filter basket can block the water flow.
  • Remove from heat immediately: Once your coffee begins to gurgle out the top, take it off the stove to avoid over-extraction and bitterness.
  • Enjoy with the included cups: The stainless steel cups with a vacuum layer will help keep your delicious coffee warmer for longer.